: thats not far enough make pll under honor 3 not able to play the game! that would solve everything!
If you have no honor it means you were toxic and got punished so you gotta learn from it and just use the chat to give info about the game (if needed). PPl with less than honor 2 keep with their toxicity. So idk why would it be unfair. Ofc it would be unfair for ppl who got banned. But iddk in which elo do you play, in diamond is insane. You can see everyone letting their respective champion afk to just chat and flame instead of playing the actual game. It's just a suggestion.
Shozis (EUNE)
: It won't work for the same reason chatbans didn't work - because once they won't be able to flame they will start expressing their toxicity by inting and trolling games. System detects negative chat much easier than inting/trolling so just let them flame so that they can get a fast permaban because if they will resort to inting and trolling the system will have much harder time punishing them.
Anyways, this game will never get fixed. Because most toxicity comes from what you said: inting and trolling games. And system can't detect that. People keep leaving games when they decide it's lost (When it's probably winnable) and that's the issue. The game is just dying due to this (this season)
: so what he's silver 3 ? Doesn't mean he's %%%%%%ed, mr plat 1 , you ain't high elo unless you're high diamond, so get off your high horse : 3
It doesn't matter what elo he is or not. But i don't think it's a bad idea since every toxic player lose THEIR HONOR but they keep doing it. So being not able to USE CHAT unless you get high Honor it would prevent every toxic player to tilt people or to write "ff min 2" when they just died 1 time 1v1 or got ganked 1 time. It's just a suggestion and I don't wanna start a fight with this. JUST A SUGGESTION :/
dino0 (EUW)
: Lol hahaha if I wanna chat I am gonna chat sometimes it helps team morale, why can't I joke around and be nice guy ? Flame it's not a good ideia but chhating isn't bad
What is the purpose of joking or chatting at all? You can ping the summoners and co mmunicate with pings everything now. And in Diamond I see all the time ppl asking: "WHY DO YOU DO THIS!!! OMG MIMIMI GET CAN... etc". I don't see chat is useful, not anymore. Everyone is toxic and have such a big ego. You can't write anything because everyone will take it wrong. But as I see I confirm that what I said it's true that "players use chat like if it was a chat room and not a videogame" (like you) :/ so please, take it serious. Don't answer like a kid ^^
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