: {{champion:32}} I read your entire story, and I must say am deeply touched by the way you are unfairly treated by the matchmaking system. I felt it like it was my own story, being a long-time player of League myself. I couldn't help but wonder though - how come the enemy team should surrender when you have an afk? Does it make any sense for them to be unfairly treated because you are 'unlucky' enough to have an afk? AFK's cannot be predicted ahead of time by any matchmaking system, but if you have an idea that works, I'm sure Riot would be very happy to listen. I understand your frustration, but it's something that happens to everyone. We all use the same matchmaking system. Sometimes it feels unfair, sometimes it feels fair, sometimes it feels biased towards you. But one fact cannot change - if you are not the source of your team's problem, more often than not AFK's should happen on the enemy team, and not on yours. The system is basically mathematically biased towards good players, and that's how it should be. Sure, you may have to be a lot better than your current skill level to rank up in it, all in all it feels like walking through a swamp. It slows you down considerably, but if you have enough skill, knowledge and strength, you will prevail eventually.
Yeah i am sorry i should not have said that i was just too angry when we lost so i wrote this as soon after.. And well the thing is i just want them to make a system where if you are out of luck and the player that is afk more than 20 mins it shouldnt count as lose for us because its really unfair when your whole team is ahead but you lose cause its 4v5.. And if you are old player like me you would understand that the division and such things drained all the fun from league i dont mean from the riot but from comunity because this became a game where players laugh about their divisions while in past you couldnt speak untill you faced him.. I just disslike this but i still play it in hope it will change and be fun again
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