: Why we can't have nice things
>There is no punishment to those that repetitively troll and target users on the boards. What? Those mod hounds won't get off my cock rofl, I have to switch accounts every time i use the boards almost.
: s9 only win if you're lucky ?
The Devil doesn't like cute things then he gives you that rofl xD
: Greetings from Romania, seems we have a problem with Language Filter in Romanian Language
What? Because it's sometimes used as die? What?? xDDD Rito you fk tards xD
: It's just sort of depressing for support mains to constantly eat nerfs and quality-of-life downgrades because other lanes abuse their items for stupid cheese strats. Same thing for the Frost Queens Claim/Face of the Mountain/Talisman of Ascension back in the day. There has to be better ways of dealing with it.
: Tell me how this makes any f*cking sense. (matchmaking)
I think it's about MMR. i.e last season's plat players starting in silver/gold this season but they still gain like 50 per win and lose 15 or something because their MMR is actually a lot higher then their given rank.
: sometimes i know that i could do more in order to win but am just like "do i really want to put that much time and energy onto this one?" knowing that i might still lose it and waste it all and also that if i win it will only be to get these poor 20 lps that my toxic/dumb/afk/or else teamate is gonna get as well on my back. Maybe if they instaure a system more fair like 100lp by game to get as a total to share and so the guy that went hard feeding but still win has to give half his lp to the guy that carried him so his average 20 lp share goes down to 10 but the guy that hard carried get 30. Could even go deep like if your team win but you went 0/15 you still lose lp but if your team lost while you were a 15/0 you still win some lp. Like some sort of incentive that rewards you for tryharding even on a "ff15" kind of game.
This would be totally against the snowflake mentality that everyone is equal/ born equally etc. whatever and so on so nah, daddy Riot caters to those ppl. But like, it could cause some problems still, like everyone wanting to play certain styles over the detriment of others and such. One thing I think it would actually help with the salt in the community is simply keeping the lp hidden and only being allowed to know your rank.
: I think im done with ranked this season
I don't know about you all but I don't even feel like playing for the win (without caring for the trolls and such) I mean, I could play things I know for a fact I can climb with and yet I just don't. I don't wanna win, I just wanna play mindlessly, auto pilot whatever. Fk the lp. fk ranks , fk everything.
: Advices for Karma`s itemization on solo lane
Karma solo lane doesn't work that good cuz she gets outshoved easily, the Q base dmg it's both kinda low and hard(er) to hit on multiple cs which will lead you to position disadvantageously sooner or later and if you use it for poke without hitting any cs you'll be stuck under your tower before long but anyways. 1. Luden's is pretty good for Karma, Mantra Q Luden's is a LOT of dmg after you pick up some AP and it gives a bit of wave clear also, the only time I wouldn't get it is if I ever trusted my team to be dmg therefore building something like Athene's instead. So I'd stick with Luden's unless I'm going for a supportive type of Karma mid. 2. Rod of Ages can somewhat work for top lane Karma, I wouldn't build it on mid though. As for tear, like idk, it looks/ sounds good once you stack it and get the shield active but like, from the very premise Karma is weak(er) in a solo lane and especially in the early levels, her saving grace would be dmg mitigation but you need to pick up some AP asap, with a tear start you'd essentially prolong that time span in which she's at her weakest and allow your opponent to steam roll you, trust me. 3. I'd stick to burst itemization; void staff and rabbadon's in particular and maybe Mejai's if you're confident enough, one thing related to AA'ing on Karma you could try for solo lanes is the shield bashing rune if you feel like experimenting.
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: Some adcs are CLEARLY stronger than others.
: Garen in URF
Ban him. Kappa
: Do You Ever Just Lose All Ability To Play The Game?
I usually play worse after just having sex.
: Game.cfg
... that file is mostly personalized for every and each one of us. Plus it should re-write itself when you start a game in case it's missing.
: You need to look into keystones hurting champion balance
> We need to remove or rework conqueror because it's made Jax , and many other out of control. While you mention 'many other' it's real funny how you put Jax at the top, which is fine; but without mentioning {{champion:23}} like lol.
noobitup (EUW)
: where are SHEN buffs? was RITO lying to us ? does it know that shen exists ?
They nerfed his Q to be exactly as you described so it was 100% intended, but yeah.. my mastery points stood as they were ever since, I'd love to get my Shen back but nah, I'm not touching him in that state, Rito can suck a D lol.
: Freezing system,forced restart issue
Did you try updating drivers maybe? Also runtime, direct x, net framework, visual c++ just in case? Also, try disabling the client while in game *(low end settings or whatever it's called) maybe the issues comes from the client.
: Feel The Climbing is based to highly on SMURFS or a Big MMR miss match?
While I can agree with the presence of smurfs in your games I can't say the same about the rest of your message. > some players deserving of there current rank are essentially being unknowingly and unnervingly boosted, whilst players who can surpass the current rank are just being held back due to a complete fluctuation of MMR and Skill roulette which is completely out of that players control This only holds a semblance of truth on a game by game basis, when taken as a whole(say 1000 games) it falls apart since everyone has to deal with this sh!t, some people will adapt but also react better to the situation. If you want to blame skill alone I have a different proposal. Some players will keep calm and do their best to learn and improve despite these facts while others will rage trip themselves being waaaay too busy finding excuses, pointing fingers and just generally raging at the situation. So now take these two opposite groups of people and try to imagine their separate progresses over a course of a hundred games for example. I'll tell how it goes, the ones that rage (I'm not blaming or whatever, it's just their nature with some ppl) will find themselves loosing lp maybe let's say brand new players starting in Silver, they'll be way lower then where they landed after provisionals while the other group would've at the very least kept close to their provisional rank and will surely start climbing soon if they hadn't already. So what I'm trying to say is, sure, the rules of the game are skewed a little (or a little more depending on who you ask) but even in this given environment your own skill will show, maybe they're a different kind of skill set then what you imagined but that's a different story.
: The Problem With New Champion Releases
Make it mastery 3 so smurfs have more frustrations to deal with hah xD
ImSpray (EUW)
: Never getting my main role?
Enchanters too stronk, let's nerf them, now ppl only play dmg, they might as well play mid instead lol. Whenever they try to fix something it only leads to the next apocalypse lol.
Fîedler (EUW)
: Ranked ,how to improve in EUW?
Trying to be positive is like shooting yourself in the knee, try being neutral like a fkin robot to all the goods and bads alike then you can keep your mental health in this game.
CJXander (EUNE)
: Why are new champions still allowed into ranked environment from day 1?
I voted yes but 2 weeks it's overkill for these kids, they have the patience of a mental patient.
Hansiman (EUW)
: > There is no real penalty for making mistakes (even huge ones) or intentionally feeding Yet both today, and yesterday, there were posts from people that were caught intentionally feeding, and issued a 14 day ban. Their ban specifically states that they were punished for that. So claiming that there's no penalty for it is simply false.
It took the community calling out on those support slackers a multitude of times before they started doing some work lmao.
tiutea (EUNE)
: New Ranked season / demoted from plat 4 to bronz 1
You forgot to pray to RN Jesus rofl xD
: What's with the rank system atm?
Maybe your MMR is just that higher compared to your current rank?
Lari (EUNE)
: Ninja support idea
Give Kennen a try.
: so you basically want to rework Shen in your own image? That is what this is Q: basically Shen E E: OP Version of Shen W R: Strange version of Shen R
> E: OP Version of Shen W Idc how much larger the AoE would be Shen's W it's the more OP of the two even if that other spell would be 20% of all sources which it's probably the case.
Tenjiin (EUW)
: I could not resist
Dude, Jim Carey would slay a Yasuo role, didn't realize it before this lol.
bleyzet420 (EUNE)
: How to stop being agro in chat
You should stop using explicit words and aside from that if you're gonna spend time writing type something constructive in between that cussing.
: The Client is killing my PC
I used to keep software that limit CPU and RAM usage just cuz of this tarded client lol.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: I never understood the appeal of wanting to get a penta kill and the emotional pain when they don't
DunQ (EUW)
Idk. I've flash on V lol.
: Pre rework she used to be very good as a support and was mainly centrered arround her ult. Her new ult is still good but not as strong as it used to be. For that reason she kinda lost the reason to be picked as a support over others.
Yeah I know but my issues are with her laning, this guy is bypassing that by not even being there I guess but at the expense of his adc.
: Sejuani support build (??)
I was playing Sej support in low plat/ high gold before. Not viable. Sure, she'll still be the team fighting monster she's meant to be later into the game, if you even get there. Laning won't be that ez for her, even though she has strong all in she's super easy to poke and if you go in once you'll usually he half hp after and can't afford to do so for a 2nd time then they just poke you down slowly and keep you irrelevant in that lane. She can work if you 2nd pick sometimes but I wouldn't exactly call her viable. So yeah, she'd be real good if laning wouldn't be in the way lol. Edit: just looking at your history that Varus died 11 times that game, it might've worked leaving the Ez to 1v2 before but can't expect to leave Varus 1v2 in an Alistar lane dude. Still you won so idk, explore some more maybe and see how it goes but yeah.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ashe mage AD,realm=EUW,application-id=jeJYsmwG,discussion-id=gzPsG3jL,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-01-21T18:12:25.234+0000) > > Dude Ionia is pretty fkin cancerous now that you think about it, they got Yi, Irelia, Akali, Yasuo, adopted Riven, Jax too I think, OP as fk. gg Rito nerf Ionia. I think Jax is Shuriman, if the Void lore stories are any indication.
He from Icathia but I always thought he wounded up in Ionia after it's destruction, could be wrong tho.
: botlane lux+morgana
I played vs that, it wasn't that bad. If you chicken out and concede lane control to them or they just good enough to force you into it then you're fked but as long you're controlling the waves you control the lane, if you have poke to deter them from walking up much that'd be nice and keep your wave pushed so you have your own minions to block the Qs or at least prevent them to chain them while giving them work to thin the wave/ farming under tower instead of murdering you. And don't walk much past half lane also just for tiny bits to shove the lane then back off and wait for it to bounce back, double binds plus a jungler isn't fun at all. And if you know you're gonna play vs that get some sustain via runes then you don't have to worry so much about the poke, the scaling life steal instead of AS, fleet footwork but it's not 100% necessary, maybe Taste of blood from domination but these are both optional, they will however allow you to kinda ignore much of the poke tho. Another thing was building a life steal item 1st so you can sustain and control the wave but then hit your power spike later. I usually go for scaling life steal rune and vamp scepter + long sword/s and maybe boots on 1st back then I don't have to care much at all about the pokes and I can control the wave to my advantage without any drawbacks while they go 0 mana trying to poke me.
PhoPhoW (EUW)
: Attack move is so difficult for me...
I use attack move on click 1 as well but if it's for Vayne idk, you don't wanna drop your stacks by attacking someone else by mistake.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Awaken (ft. Valerie Broussard) | League of Legends Cinematic - Season 2019
Dude Ionia is pretty fkin cancerous now that you think about it, they got Yi, Irelia, Akali, Yasuo, adopted Riven, Jax too I think, OP as fk. gg Rito nerf Ionia.
Zetenji (EUW)
: I also have played some AI matches, but idk. I just play AI to tryout a new champion. I play jungle atm, and I know this is a hard job to do. Much decisions and every lane want you for a gank. But Idk if this would help to get better, If I would start AI. Maybe to lvl, but not to get better. What lane did you play, when you were platin?
My point was I took it real slow with the admittedly massive learning curve League has to offer (and it only grows bigger as the time goes on). >But Idk if this would help to get better Let me put it like this, I was playing this other game for about 9 years and in these 9 years I've learnt all 48 champs in that game as the back of my hand, I'll quote Sun Tsu on this one “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” So I mean, if you find yourself in the last category then that's that, it's how Sun Tsu said and what I'm underlining here is the kit of the champions, only challenger players can hope to actually 'know' each other; just maybe. Ai games can do a tremendous job at filling you in on some of those knowledge gaps. I myself won't ever bother trying to become someone that fits the 1st category with this r3tarded game that releases new things and/ or changes old ones faster then you can learn (it'd be tedious even if you were a complete no lifer), that's why I like to focus more on the macro side of the game cuz that one isn't as susceptible to change but regardless the more you know the more you'll win. In fact because of how massive as well as fast changing LoL is most people settle down on more of a 'know yourself' kinda approach while knowing just enough about the enemy. So what I'm saying is you're currently one of those categories below most everybody else and Ai games could help more then you'd be willing to dare imagine. >What lane did you play, when you were platin? That would be mostly support. I can play about high gold/ low plat top lane, lower gold ADC and jgl, I could get so much better at ADC and I know it; if only I started investing time into the role lol. (Only ever played mid cuz of fill and that doesn't happen much as you'd imagine, last it happened I picked Shen mid vs a Yasuo lol, he treated me like I was some mage I swear, made my day, got so fed lol)
: Fix your stupid Punishment System
People : complain about toxicity. Riot : raises the bar for toxicity. People : Fix your stupid Punishment System.
Byrd Flu (EUW)
: I've spent more than 1000 eur on league
I'm mostly spending on 'My shop' but ONLY when I like the game state, goes without saying I spent 0 this whole friggin year. Like Rito pls, you're throwing good bait at me and I'd really love to send some $$$ your way but give me something in return, right now I'm not enjoying your product.
bPElva (EUW)
: Even if they get 6+ reports? with proof of inting? Chat restrictions are mean't for flamers tho? I think suspensions are for the inters and trollers etc.
It's been told lots of times around here, the number of reports it's a non factor.
yrknaqren (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ashe mage AD,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=5WovERkb,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-10-30T09:15:15.139+0000) > > Thematically it doesn't suit her one bit, she's immobile as fk and the void is supposed to be filled with predators, immobile it's the last thing that comes to mind when you say predator. {{champion:161}} and {{champion:96}} are also immobile and from the void..
At least that works for them since they melt everything that moves, Zyra isn't on their lvl.
: Can we get this Void Zyra skin?
Thematically it doesn't suit her one bit, she's immobile as fk and the void is supposed to be filled with predators, immobile it's the last thing that comes to mind when you say predator.
Dazaso (EUW)
: Fnatic takes the trofi
It's not over until it's actually over. For now go over to the NA boards and roast them lol.
: I beg for help with a prize winning game on my local radio.
Hansiman (EUW)
: There were plenty of people finding groups to do the missions with here on boards, and in various Discord communities.
Doing that over boards was entire tiers below team builder, that thing was awesome, just create a game and ask ppl that'd join if they wanna do missions lol.
: A Minor Varus In-Game Model Improvements
I like it how it is better tbh.
xTigax3 (EUW)
: General online behaviour
> there is barely any difference from level one to low diamond As someone that plays frequently across tiers varying from bronze up to mid plat (so can't talk about dia 5 and in between) I can clearly see it being more of an issue in the lowest tiers. They refuse to acknowledge that their mishap it's their own doing and blame others constantly, like I was coaching this guy once.. it was hilarious, he was blaming jungler and I was just sitting there laughing my ass off thinking if he knew what he was doing none of that would've happened, like; he kills his lane opponent 3 times then he keeps perma shooving without vision and gets raped by gank instead of focusing on denying farm which would've been so brain dead to pull off in his scenario if he only knew about it and how to and other similar things, he'd just blame and blame and if I told him his mistakes he was adamant his team were trash and didn't help or whatnot instead of even considering what I had told him rofl xD He was even furious for pointing those out like 'You only see me! Look at them *hard rage ensues* ' and I'm like xD b!tch, who am I coaching? You or them? xDDD
Piard (EUNE)
: yes but I assume that Q is active like Katarina R ( for example) which is stopped after silence (Cho W) right ? :)
That {{champion:107}} already replied to this but Kata R is actually a channeling ability. Garen Q it's something that you activate at one point in time and then it's like you get 1 single stack of 'something' that you can expend over the next 3 seconds or so by hitting something.
Piard (EUNE)
: cho W vs garen Q
The way you should be thinking about silences is that they can't press any button for the duration, Garen presses his Q before you hit the silence so yeah.
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