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: I didn't got my Mastery 7 token.
You actually aren't supposed to get a 7 Mastery token for S-. Only S and S+
I was wondering why the page is lagging. Then I saw all that "XD".
: Stop trying to make Dota 2 supports
Are you joking? Seriously, support in dota 2 is certainly not about doing tons of damage and carrying games in a regular way one thinks. They nurse carry, ward that huge map, stack creeps, pull creeps, they may have decent damage early, but anyway they become almost useless after carries finish their 40 minutes farmfest. In league, however, there are far less strategic goals to accomplish, and more of them concern player-player interaction. Support in league doesn't go far from the bot to ward but has greater chance to meet enemy bot/mid/jng since map in league is smaller. Drakes/Herald also in fact are strategic goals but also more about two teams contesting around them. League in fact, always cared that supports won't be left much behind even with less gold sources. That's why we have support items in the first place. League supports definitely can carry, and as a matter of fact, it has always been here. And nothing wrong with Senna except for a little high numbers.
: A swift 2 factor auth. would fix most of it yeah, the logistics for that must be horrible for them to not implement that feature after all this time..
Why though? It works perfectly fine with their site, so why there would be any problems implementing it in client?
krexkk (EUNE)
: My champion i have made
This'll do as the brand new fully fledged Ryze rework
: Unjustified perma-bans because of third-party software
It's a shame league STILL doesn't have 2 factor authentication. How can anyone be sure this thing won't happen to them? So many people got their acc stolen, and Riot just does nothing. This is really sad, I hope you will get your account back
: Lets talk about your toolset, Riot
why is this downvoted? This is so true, Riot do need to make fundamental changes about the game engine and how it works, not just fixing the same issues for a 100th time with spaghetti code
: Sudden FPS drops + Game Freezing After Recent Patch
I started having freezes and overall fps drop after today's hotfix
: Thoughts on the removal of Twisted Treeline @Riot
Exactly what i was thinking. TT isn't that popular mostly because Riot themselves stopped updating it long ago. I also hope they will change their mind and rework TT instead of just deleteing it.
This post is basically a quick guide of how to find a problem out of nowhere
: 🎃👻 Volunteer Halloween Quiz 👻🎃
Kiramekki (EUW)
: Is there any way to rebind A + Left / Right click to attack move, to just A
There is actually this exact hotkey, in player movement, set "player attack move click" to A. It is this exact thing. And I also recommend turning on "Attack move on cursor" in "game" section
: Unpopular Opinion: I like ARURF more than URF
Even more unpopular opinion : I don't like either one. Just not really fun to me, rather pointless fiesta
xZabaksx (EUW)
: What skin would you like to be made for your main?
Order of the banana Katarina (where the daggers are replaced by bananas)
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Teahyun (EUW)
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: Bought RP, recieved nothing and moneys been taken out
Same here! Just wanted to post the same
: Is typing GG/GGwp toxic?
No way it's bannable, but i still don't understand why would you type gg at every ocasion. As its been said, true lol player pings "?"
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: AFK in Nexus Blitz
Literally was in the same situation, with lucian as well. I was playing neeko having most kills and decent farm but this guy was the "best" one somehow. Seems strange
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Eambo (EUW)
: [EUW] 06-Dec-18 - Emergency Platform Restart
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: RIOT please fix settings saving
Has anyone had same bugs?
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That's completely true, so irritating they always have such problems. I had problems with ALL binds in replay mode, my colorblind option doesn't save, and most importantly, borderless mode always switches to fullscreen. Btw, there is a kinda solution. Change settings to what you want. Then go to C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Config and make files input.ini , game.cfg (and maybe persistedsettings.json) for "read only" (right click -> properties). After this, League will not be able to rewrite them. If it didn't work, you can try changing these files manually.
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WazinGold (EUW)
: ranked bug ?
Not just ranked, i have the same problem but i played a normal
Ruggig (EUW)
: Iam stuck in a so called "ghost game"
Me too, can't login for about 30 mins
: Bug
I have the same problem, though i see people who wasn't in the game can login now, hope they will fix it
jokka420 (EUW)
: bug with skipping stats
Exactly the same happens to me, hope it won't take long to fix it
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Altiverse (EUNE)
: Extremely impactful Lux bug on live - E costs double mana
Yes, it happens all the time, hope they'll fix it soon

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