: I agree, but let's be serious the probability of a child being a child is a lot higher than a man being a man-child ;) Queue time in a 1+ (don't really know might be even more) million people game shouldn't ever be an issue
Toxic person, just perm banned so can give a pretty good opinion. I am 18/19 and we are generally toxic because we get emotionally invested in the game way to much. Now I am not one of the toxic people that insults your family and all that. But in terms of calling people idiots etc I have done my fair share. There isn't a way to filter us out because we are generally not toxic in real life but our personalities when merged with league lead to frustration on our part. More often than not (for me anyway) I feel I have to let a bad player know they are doing bad (if it's costing the game). The real question, is if your getting flamed etc what is the reason for. I know people love taking the moral high ground in these situations and going all "There is no excuse for being toxic" however tell me. In real life when you do something stupid does someone point it out. Yes. In real life what do you do to stop this, stop being stupid or ask for the person who called you stupid to leave. Now in terms of the strong flamers (cancer, etc) they can be anyone. Adults like to pretend they are all mature and that only man children are immature. But let me tell you this. At what age did you wake up and realise you were completely different to your 18 year old self. There isn't a time. You are just forced to act mature when at work etc. You will find most adults once they get home can be pretty loony.


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