: Patch 9.2 "A Joke"
> [{quoted}](name=Waith,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=nIGEcBZs,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-01-25T03:01:19.941+0000) > > (still waiting for the role-rank on euw) Literally says in the exact same patch notes that you linked in your post: POSITION RANKS We're previewing position ranks in Korea and North America for split 1 and plan to roll them out globally in split 2. Each position has its own matchmaking rating and rank, with matches rewarding LP and rating for the position you played, plus a little for your other positions to recognize overall improvement as you climb. As for {{champion:24}} and {{item:3508}}, the item is gonna get changed as well as other crit items in next patch-two or so. {{champion:63}}. Why should say have changed his play style? He had (and still has, Imo) too much damage. The only thing they need to do - lower the base damage on his passive (and transfer/buff his ap scaling) to make him ore ap dependent. But well, who am I to tell anyone what to do? {{champion:39}}. I doubt those change will make her weaker. The only huge difference is removing disarm from her ultimate. {{champion:497}} shouldn't be hurt much as well. {{champion:69}} not big deal. {{champion:3}} deserved, though they should focus more on nerfing his tankiness, if they want to keep him as ap carry mid laner (but again, who am I to tell who and what should do?). {{champion:6}} less safe early game. Still nothing changes later on.
: https://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/patch/patch-92-notes >POSITION RANKS We're previewing position ranks in Korea and North America for split 1 and plan to roll them out globally in split 2. Each position has its own matchmaking rating and rank, with matches rewarding LP and rating for the position you played, plus a little for your other positions to recognize overall improvement as you climb. It's a good idea to actually read the patch notes and other articles riot posts. They explain things so you wouldn't have to come here and ask them. Especially when you are playing ranked, you should be reading patch notes.
Apparently, some people are just too smart to read some shitty patch notes that nobody needs. Sigh...
DylxnBK (EUW)
: This has probably been asked already. When is Sylas coming out?
I literally says in the client under SEASON 2019 tab. You get it open whenever you log in into your account. Is it that hard to just look?
: So basically thay compleatly screwed up? Oh well. ;-;
How and where did they screw up? After first promo match you get your PROVISIONAL (aka the lowest you can finish your promos in) rank visible to you and ONLY YOU ALONE. During the rest of the matches you gain lp for wins, but don't lose when you lose game. After finishing you promos (there should be 8 matches now, if I understand it correctly), you get your ACTUAL RANK visible to everyone.
Brokenhz (EUW)
: What champ to play botlane!
Anything you're good on.
: Same as 2018, 10 games, only difference is that now after first game you see the lowest rank you are placed in and after that you have 9 games in which you only gain lp for wins and not lose lp for loss, so you can only rise not grow below the provisional rank you were placed after first game.
Wasn't it changed to 8 or smth like that? At least, the end-game notification says so.
: 9.2 Channeled Abilities don't cast after releasing the button
I thought it was either packet loss or ping spike when I was playing {{champion:254}} earlier today. Happy to know it's not on my side, though it still sucks...
eThot (EUW)
: Placements d4+
Quick catch up: 1. Monster hunter (or w/e it is, the anti funneling passive on jungle item) is back. 2. There are 8 placement games now.
Access (EUNE)
: What is that?
Your progress towards one of (the first one) your split 1 rewards.
Snowbrand (EUW)
: I think it was probably downvoted at first because of all the negative posts about the "1 BE scandal" and ppl didn't care to read this at first.
Yea, this also might be the case.
Naqqinator (EUNE)
: When will account transfers be up again?
: 8 of 8 ranked wins placed iron 1
It works like it should. All NEW accounts are being placed in iron regardless of how you went in your promotion series. This is how it is now.
: about my rank and mmr
No, it's only regarding returning players, i.e. if you played ranked before, but for some reason didn't play last season. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/XqxKvJ4p-ranked-changes-update-known-issues-2
: Sylas
Next week.
: Yeah and it's my choice now as well to not give a single cent on this company ever again. Jealous ? I ain't jealous of anything when I work hard to get my stuffs. By the way, yes I've lost all the value of my collection, hard work for years, feels completely trash and worthless now. Within 14 minutes people got x100000000 stuffs that I've collected for years with money, ofc I'll be upset and disappointed. It's normal lol. Ofc no one force me to buy things, I never said I was forced, but here is the difference, we want justice towards the players who actually paid "with real money" to support that game and got stuffs from it. (Me included) They can fix the BM Aatrox purchased with BE but not the rest ? Eh hahaha ok.
Value of the skins haven't changed in any way. Only your personal view towards it. There aren't even enough people to actually show off that they got something for free, why can't you get it? Have you even read the ToU? There's nothing about special treatment, or anything like that. You're same player as millions of others whether you bought stuff from them or not whether you like it or not. Because, as already been said, BM Aatrox is a single skin purchase. All such type purchases can be reverted quickly. But, capsules are different. How are you gonna revert capsule purchases? They don't exist anymore. How can you revert something that doesn't exist? And in order to actually do it, they need to MANUALLY look into every single account and every single loot operation that was made - rerolling, disenchanting, upgrading. As already been said, it will take months and the game literally will be frozen for that period of time because it requires manpower. AI can't do such things yet.
Snowbrand (EUW)
: Yes, it has been like that for a year. Idk what happened or why you got downvoted for asking that question???
Probably, because it's on the wrong boards to begin with. Though, as for now, I don't see any downvotes.
Xomort10 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kabakadamn,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=ZjtGf6sv,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-01-13T12:58:20.426+0000) > > The new way is finding a bug, and abuse it :) There was a bug where capsules were saled on 1 BE, and they didn't even do anything about it. > > WHy pay whan you can basically find a bug and abuse it.. DOn't understand people who pays XD there's no pay in PBE but how to find a bug ?
Don't mind him. He's just whining that some people got lucky and he missed his chance.
radetari (EUNE)
: "soon"
Well, there is deadline, after which it will be enabled for sure. So yea, soon after the deadline.
QUT Kosmish (EUNE)
: Do you know how much would it cost ?
The cost won't change, though I don't know how much it is. Tbh, I've never even opened that section of the shop.
: WE LOST NOTHING????????? seriously lmfao, we lost our money and our time trying to collect and support riot games lmaao. Is it hard to revert the capsules ? Or establish some justice ? They are still on shop tho, this is just insane... This being said, I won't purchase RP again that's for sure.
Yes, you lost nothing. Did you pay and not get your skin? No. Did you lose your rp? No. Did you lose your owned skins or anything else in game? No. So what did you lose then? Yes, it is hard. As Smerk already said, both scenarios will have even more negative impact on the game than this so called bug. In first case, the game will basically be FROZEN. No new content, no balancing, no fixing stuff, no patches for, as Riot themselves said, at least, months. In second case, everyone will be punished by it. Literally EVERY SINGLE PLAYER that plays this game. And why? Because bunch of jealous monkeys (how many are you here, on the boards complaining? I literally saw like 3-5 of you.) decided that it will be, on THEIR opinion, fair. Justice? What justice are you talking about? Riot did mistake. They got punished for it already. What else do you want? They are and they will be until the event is over. Like it always has been with every event before. And no one forces you to, in the first place. It's solely your choice.
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: People are paying money for them to keep this game clean. They are paying to create difference between normal players with that fancy limited skins etc. YOu can play for 10000000 to get the content these people steal or pay redicilous amouth of money get what they steal. THEY DO MİSTAKE; and they are the one who suppose to fix it. This not the way of fixing we want. What is the point to do missions? WHat is to point to pay for game if you know when you see bug; abusing it won't have any consequences.
You forgot one simple fact: NO ONE FORCES YOU TO PAY. It's solely your choice to do so. This game is FREE TO PLAY, after all. And no one forces you to do missions either. This isn't the type of bug that in any way impacts your gameplay or worsens the game in general. Yes, Riot did mistake and they did get punished for it. No one stole anything from anyone.
: And how nasus and irelia have the same paystyle?
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: I saw it and didn't do anything. Cuz I thought it won't matter they will remove the content anyway. + why it is wrong to want something right? Why you are okey with it? Now completing missions makes no sense. We all gonn abuse next bug. BUt if they try to revert it that is gonn abe real injustice. They all have to do is revert, do damage control that is it. We don't need perfect solution. Lİfetime source of orange essence is not normal.
I'm okay with it, because I neither gained nor lost anything. It literally haven't affected me at all. So I simply don't care. As I already said, the only ones this should matter to are Riot and Riot themselves. And such bugs aren't as common as you think. It might not even happen ever again.
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: 1BE Capsule Riot 14-21 January 2019
I simply don't understand why people are so %%%%ing jealous because someone got lucky? You haven't lost literally NOTHING. If anyone has to be pissed/mad etc. it's Riot, because they themselves lost tons of money. As I said, it has NOTHING to do with you. Not playing the game won't change anything because you'll come back to it eventually anyway. If you play it for so long, you just become addicted. I bet, you won't even last not playing League for a week. Also, even if those SMALL JEALOUS NUMBERS actually do stop playing - it won't affect anything. Literally. It won't neither impact matchmaking (queue times will stay the same) nor will the skill gap increase. Elo below g3-g1 is populated enough to compensate for you not playing and the ones in p5+ simply don't care about such bs.
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: YEah but we have spent days to do extreme hard Odeysia mission to get only 1 gem, we are spending time to do missions to get them etc. It is worthless to you, but for us they are throphies :) It is easy to defend us, not to company who makes mistake :)
And guess what? No one forces you to do it. You do it simply because YOU WANT it. Period.
Xomort10 (EUW)
: PBE Rp
First of all, this should've been posted on PBE boards and not here. Secondly, no, there won't be free RP anymore because all the new content (and that's what PBE is meant for - testing new things) on PBE is priced for 1 BE and you can get it simply by playing 1 game (the mission rewards you with 50 BE simply for playing 1 game).
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: 1BE Capsule Riot 14-21 January 2019
If you don't want to play the game just don't do it. No one forces you to play the game. Why are you even so pissed? Because someone got lucky and you didn't? I wonder how would you feel when you were lucky to get something and someone demanded it to be taken from you or even more - ban (let's not involve anything but games here) you. Would you like it? Obviously, no, because you did NOTHING wrong. You just got lucky. Nothings wrong with that. If anyone has to be pissed - that's Riot themselves because of one simple mistake they themselves lost tons of money. P.S. This just proves that this community can't even feel happy for some on else beside themselves and is becoming worse now not by day, but by minute. P.P.S. And by downvoting me here you're just proving it even more.
: Season 8 rewards
Already answered ^. Also, why does it matter so much for you? Previous rank borders will be removed next patch, when you will get new one after you finish your promotion series when season starts.
: End of year review
They are suggesting champions not for your specific role, but for your play style in general.
: What is this ?
It's a shield that prevents you from demotion after loosing a lot of games at 0 lp, but your mmr isn't low enough to get demoted. It's, probably, for either your Solo or Flex rank, where you are in 4th division.
QUT Kosmish (EUNE)
: Account Transfers ?
After the 2nd wave of end of season rewards. So sometime soon after February 11th.
Red Cøde (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Asher2406,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=TERyfAPP,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-12-16T22:07:29.284+0000) > > Every new account now starts in iron regardless. > 1. You won't be able to play with/against players way higher then your current mmr (as you said, you're playing with plat, you climb there pretty fast and will keep playing with them unless you improve drastically). In next patch-two RIot are gonna increase the lp gains and enable skipping promos/divisions for such people to be able to climb to their real mmr to prevent smurfs (no idea how they'll be detected, though) from destroying 'low elo' and matchmaking overall. > 2. Don't forget that all d5 players were moved to d4 while not filling the mmr gap they needed to do so. Basically, you're playing with/against the same rank as before, but with/against different mmr. Though, you still should be getting ~20 lp per win, I believe. Might get fixed, but it won't happen until patch 9.1. > > https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/XqxKvJ4p-ranked-changes-update-known-issues-2 thats somehow false, i made a new account and it got placed bronze 4 after 7 wins and 1 lose
Must be a bug or something. They clearly said, that everyone starts in Iron.
Ceausescu (EUW)
You still can e + flash, but for some reason there is a big delay.
BleupizZ (EUW)
: Do you have FUN when you play League of Legends ?
Unless you're playing with friends, this game isn't even close to being fun.
iZeus (EUNE)
: Need help with changing language on my game...
It is possible, but you may (or may not) be having bug splats quite often during matches. Also, you'll need to do it every patch (if you change language/server to any other). P.S. In 'releases' folder open the latest one. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/alpha-client-discussion/EdF9AAZo-how-to-changing-language-pack-for-client
: As far as I know, it's when the new season officially start. Which means January 22. Let's wait for someone to confirm that in case I'm wrong
> [{quoted}](name=Doom emissary,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=HAqvQAAy,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-01-09T14:26:48.001+0000) > > As far as I know, it's when the new season officially start. > Which means January 22. > Let's wait for someone to confirm that in case I'm wrong Actually, January 23rd.
: Female champions are too sexualized.
I guess, you haven't heard {{champion:103}} death sounds in korean or japanese...
: Snowdown Tokens
It clearly said in the description of the even that it ends on January 9th. Idk where you get the info about 21th from.
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Isn't there MMR decay if you stop playing for a long time?
Nothing happens to your mmr. It decays only during season, only after you've finished your placements and are platinum or higher.
N00rage (EUW)
: Placement Bug from diamond to iron ?
It is a bug and will be fixed this patch (tomorrow) or next one. If you really want it to be fixed faster, write a ticket to support.
: everyone starts from bottom which is iron 4 I tihnk even if u win all 10 placements u will still be bronze X
Only NEW accounts start in iron. And no, you can not get bronze after your first ever placements.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Does anyone else often lose track of the new in-game cursor during fights?
You can switch back to the old one. Or did they remove it already?
Truxer (EUW)
: Change Region
All the ranked rewards have to be distributed before account transfer got enabled. No happening, at least, until February 11th.
: >Ok RITO you apes, listen _Meanwhile RIOT:_ https://media.giphy.com/media/4BvHSffsBtRJu/giphy.gif
: Pre Season 9 ranked division skipping
Your rank will be fixed with the rank reset before season starts. You won't have to climb from iron next season. Also, Riot's gonna increase even more lp gains and allow skipping more divisions (if your mmr is high enough) in next patch or two.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: I'm not playing ranked though, and nobody's tryharding while playing normals. So I don't really need to focus on the game all that much. And of course I won't start typing in the middle of a teanfight, but there's a lot of opportunities when you can just type.
If you're actually PLAYING the game, you'd have no such opportunities.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Why isn't there a /p command?
I pretty much understand what you mean and want, but please, if you're playing the game, then focus on it. Otherwise you're simply paying more attention to the conversation you have instead of the game itself and thus are ruining game for others, including your premades.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: When you drive a car, you drive the car. You don't pay attention to the other drivers or the traffic lights, you're not a policeman and you want to be focusing on driving. Have you heard of multitasking?
It's kinda off main topic, but driver actually should pay attention to other drivers, otherwise there would've been way more accidents the there are. You picked a bit wrong comparison here. Though, M3GTRDragon is quite right here. You yourself chose to queue up and play the game, so be responsible and do it and don't turn it into some kind of friends meeting simply to chat.
redmanyom (EUW)
: Region and language
Apparently, the number isn't quite enough to get your own server, thus, there won't be one. At least, not in the near future. As for language, there are literally only 10 (!) available languages that are spoken in Europe of 121 (according to wikipedia). If League would have been translated into every single one, we'd be stuck in season 2 at best, with all the changes to the game, and thus to all the translations. League is translated into the most used languages in every region.
: Is there any limit in the camera view ?
Camera view distance is limited for players, though can be changed by messing with game files. (Do note, that this is bannable) Although there should be an option somewhere to use it without this, since Rioters are using it. Might be just feature available to some devs accounts.
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