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: Loads of people have played on it. We took part in one of the EUNE tournaments and although we didnt place, I know teams won money from it, so its legit. The admins are all really freindly and helpful and answer questions super quickly.
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Hi If you have been having internet connection issues, then please troubleshoot by following [this ]( Let me know how it went!
It was only once as I had to move my PC upstairs and I didn't have a CAT6 ethernet cable that is long enough to reach the router (needed to order it online to get one long enough), but I used to play fine with wifi on a different computer, so it was just the wifi dongle being dodgy. No more problems so far, except occasional lag.
: They do not ban someone for being afk 1 time...
: That wasnt punishment it was just an warning from riots system and you have to only click i agree and you are free to go dont worry that comes always after first afk report
Seanyr (EUW)
: The leaver busters are really reasonable, anyone who says different is an entitled belligerent cretin. So don't worry OP! As a person who's dealt with bad connections I've experienced a few of the 5 20 minute bans and as long as if doesn't persist (You play when your connection is good) then you'll be fine.
I agree, I do feel bad about ruining the game for the team. It was only once as I had to move my PC upstairs and I didn't have a CAT6 cable that is long enough to reach the router (needed to order it online to get one long enough), but I used to play fine with wifi on a different computer, so it was just the wifi dongle being dodgy. No more problems so far, except occasional lag.
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: > they look pretty, but the gaming experience is horrible Actually, there are people other than you who might like those games... > Archeage Archage sucked because of a massive paywall, not comparable at all to LoL > (I'm looking at you, League of Angels Wouldnt call that a MMO but fine > I don't understand how such incompetent game makers get rich enough to buy Riot No wonder, youre looking at their biggest failures, not their successes(QQ is probably the most used chinese IM, seems pretty decent to me)
I suppose it's a matter of opinion, though not many people will enjoy being stuck in a mission that refuses to let you proceed without spending money on something (aka the paywall you are talking about). I understand that they need to earn money, though it's a different story if alternate missions and boosts are locked by a paywall, but the basic mission itself is free to play. I'm just talking in general about Tencent's games which they developed themselves. LoL was developed by Riot before being taken over by Tencent so that's a different ballpark. Funny how Wikipedia describes it as an MMORPG. Again, not that I am deliberately being contrarian for the sake of it, it's a matter of opinion. I tried QQ many years ago and find the user experience really poor.
Najns (EUW)
: You don't get punished for leaveing 1 game :D You get punished if you go afk a lot (: So you have no punishment^^ The message you got is just a reminder for new players that you are not allowed to leave games, but since you haven't left a game yet, it happened at level 26 :P
Ah, I see. Explains why there's no duration stated. Thanks! :)
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SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest nr 26
Top: {{champion:157}} I know that he also belongs mid, but I find it harder to counter him at top lane. He's basically impossible to kill 1v1. The moment I extend too far when alone, even when he's low on health and I am not, he can kill me in no time. Mid: {{champion:55}} She's hard to play well, but if you meet a good Kat, she can stand around killing minions without poking you much, and the moment she reaches level 6, jumps at you and spams all her blades at you, killing you and your jungler in quick succession. It's also very hard to catch her. Jungle: {{champion:11}} I haven't played much jungle, but the most annoying jungler has got to be him. He always surprises very well, is difficult to catch and gets fed quite well easily. A team fight is basically a feast for him. I am not sure if the Yis I met are better than me or I am just doing a poor job at countering him. ADC: {{champion:202}} ADC was always a difficult role for me, but after Jhin's release and he became a very popular pick, bot is hell. Basically, he is very good with poking and can be aggressive easily, often pushing me to hiding under the turret. In a teamfight, he can sit back and let the teammates poke, then ult and finish everyone off. Support: {{champion:412}} I don't know how many times I was sure that I am safe when he snares me and his ADC finishes me off. I wouldn't say that he's very strong, but is incredibly annoying. He's the Blitzcrank of supports.
candoodle (EUW)
: omg is this the first ever case of someone stuck in elo heaven?
It's not quite heaven for him, as he find his opponents too strong and isn't enjoying it.
SentisM (EUNE)
: ***
Nice guy =/= loser, jerk =/= winner. He may suck at the game now, but he may improve one day and still be a nice guy.
oFabian (EUW)
: Bronze 3 MID main deboosting people for free!
Can I join? I am pretty bad as well.
: Okay, I'd like to clear up some shizzle here. First of all, why is bot a duo lane? The adc is the late game damage dealer, dealing most damage of the team with his auto-attacks, a good adc is determined by his positioning and ability to kite mostly. However, The adc is useless alone, early game he would get crapped upon without a support, this is why supports exist, support is the one who keeps his carry alive especcialy throught early game when his itemization is crappy and he doesn't have enough attack speed to kite properly. Who wins the lane botlane? Never ever ever the adc. Except in cases where you play an adc with outplay potential like Vayne, Jinx, Tristana. These 3 CAN win lane even without the support being a complete retard (some may say vayne is shit in lane etc, trust me, I main her, she is one of my favorite adc simply cuz she is one of the adc where I can carry myself with no matter how many retards there are in silver elo who don't know about minion aggro, turretdiving at early levels, etc. When I get a good support, I really thank god every single time since it's pretty rare at my elo. I won't say im great adc, i make huge mistakes, can't kite perfectly, and greed sometimes, but my teams don't really help climbing the ladder (which I am doing atm slowly) but I'm definitly above the average silver adc having watched tons of guides. If I get a good support, I honor him and add him, most of the time. However, with a bad support, they CAN ruin an adc his entire game, + they can blame you, and people will believe it much more than believe an adc say this support, because that's such a frequently blamed person. I think this is very annoying. I respect all roles, people should start stop blaming others and look up their own mistakes, I feel like if people would actually listen when you give them some advice, I would probably be silver 1 atm or even low gold. People are just stubborn at lower elo, at higher elo people understand the roles more, which is the reason support is played more frequently as well there.
Some people would rather blame the entire team for mistakes, even though they are the one responsible for it.
: So, i started to play support more. And now, i know this.
I never cared about getting the credit, but playing support gets boring pretty fast. It's also annoying if your ADC keeps committing suicide that it leaves you wondering whether they are deliberately feeding the enemy. Usually they don't blame you, but sometimes if you meet a toxic player, they get mad at you for not saving their lives, when they could play safer. Then the team blame you for not warding sufficiently, when sometimes I am either waiting for the cooldown because I can't go back to base to buy more wards, or the enemy killed it and it's too dangerous to go and replace it. It's not like I can buy 20 wards and ward the whole map for them, or I can, but my heals would be useless.
: You can't be serious calling League of Angels an MMORPG game. While it theoretically may be one, it is a browser game. If you compare it to some true MMORPGs (like WoW, for example), then you wouldn't really call that steaming pile of P2W crap a game at all. I mean, I do not play it, but I used to play Wartune (LoA is a Wartune ripoff, and Wartune is x ripoff, and x is y ripoff and so on), and I know the hell of it. And it has nothing to do with real MMORPGs. As for my contribution to the topic, my solution is just stop playing ranked. I did my placements, got to gold V and now I am waiting for my skin (if it gold ever makes it for skin threshold) and that's pretty much it. I understand that there are people who like to brag about their rating (once you play, say 150 TT games, you will know what I'm talking about (you get faced with challengers who play on mid gold level)) but I'd stay out of ranked and keep playing normals and arams for fun.
I am going by how it classifies itself, and I tried it once when someone sent me an invite, but its missions were written in broken English and refuses to let me proceed (I guess it wants me to buy something), so I quit after 10 mins. I honestly think that it's pretending to be an MMORPG, it looks like something that a bunch of university students put together as a side project. I think I get enough trolls, rage quitters and flamers in normals, and ranked will be a lot worse, so I guess I won't bother with it.
: It's different depending on the skills/ranks. bronzies ban kata/yi while you'll rarely see that in higher ranks.
Though I am technically unranked, I am pretty sure that my skill level is that of Bronze V, so that makes sense that I often see Kat banned, though Yi was never banned and isn't a popular pick either
: Not playing rankeds, but it's usually malzahar/zed/darius/lucian
Zed almost always gets the ban, Malzahar sometimes. The other two never does, though.
DeoFac (EUW)
: riot is not making the decissions.....its tencent.... Riotgames doesnt belong to Riotgames anymore dude...... they sold to tencent at dec 2015. (when all this shit started)
I have to say that I looked at reviews of other tencent games and they just suck (eg. Archeage, Blade and Soul). Superficially, they look pretty, but the gaming experience is horrible. Then again, most MMORPGs are just terrible (I'm looking at you, League of Angels). I tried downloading their Smite client, and not only does it not work, it gave my computer some nasty trojans. I don't understand how such incompetent game makers get rich enough to buy Riot. If League of Legends ever becomes like Smite, I am probably not returning.
: By the way this idea of "we need to tell people what people want" is the biggest part of Apple. Wouldn't you agree apple went the right way with this strategy? And the other thing is that always 90 % of all people say no to everything new. There wouldn't be a television, there wouldn't be a computer or internet and there wouldn't be a glass door in my room at my work, which is pretty nice. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, even if haters gonna hate 8-)
I have no problems if they make it an option rather than forcing people to accept it. With all your examples, people who don't like it can opt out of it without taking it away from people who do.
: This is Riot
I don't understand why they can't just make it an option rather than forcing it on us. I have yet to reach level 30 but should reach there in a month or so. My friends are not always free to play with me, and I sometimes just want to queue alone. That may mean that I can't play ranked at all in the future. I am personally not ready for ranked as soon as I reach level 30, I'll probably end up in Wood V, but I can see other people with the same view as I do, and it's not fair for them.
: I've passed the lvl 22 mark long time ago :p I guess as the skill/rank goes up, the ban rate goes down as I rarely see him banned.
Who do you ranked guys ban instead?
Voidgate (EUW)
: Here some stuff that may help you: Vi is a latin word and means "force" or to be more exact "with force" Heimerdinger refers to 2 physicist: J. Robert Oppen**heimer** and Erwin Schrö**dinger** Mordekaisers name is made of two german words: "Mord"/"Mörder"->"murder"/"murderer" "Kaiser"->"emperor"
: The Yordle Country is a free country where all nationalities are accepted, cuz they're mixed :)
Hey, fellow Draven. Yes, maybe they could be USA or Canada.
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: Duh, Yasuo is far from OP, if he gets ahead yeah, then he can snowball hard, if he falls behind then it's unlikely he'll get back. There is counterplay, CC destroys him (so it does to every champion), if he goes glass cannon then a single stun will take him down. Not sure how's the stuff on ranked as I don't play that anymore. But so far from what I've seen on normal draft he rarely gets banned.
I am still at level 22, and he's basically permabanned in draft.
I am not sure how to determine the nationality of Yordles. What do you think? I think he's Norwegian, because he comes from [Hell](,_Norway).
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ThePompf (EUW)
: Im going to quit
Very good! :) All the best with quitting! See? Being a quitter isn't always bad.
: Humpels guide for almost everything - Chapter 1: Listening
1. For this thread, I think a better title would be 'Humpels guide for almost everything - Ideas?', you write very well but the title can be improved for clarity. 2. Maybe cover on MBTI types of champions (if you're familiar with MBTI), their lores, theories, etc. Most existing threads often end up with people throwing random MBTI types in and typing champions wrongly. I also like funny anecdotes of chat logs or silly things people do in a LoL game. 3. It should depend on the topic. 4. Not bad, but I prefer tea.
: Grills find names like that irresistible.. right?
: Yeah, considering he says the he has been in the same neighborhood as me at a party last summer. But the weird thing is that his profile is clearly german (because of german friends, he says he is from Germany and he has german names on his masteries). But I will be prepared though. Maybe I can buy {{item:3363}}, then I'm probably safe.
He could be a German immigrant, or someone who lived in Germany before. You should google his username and look up his reputation on other sites, hopefully it will give you clues as to his real identity. Also, keep tabs on anything embarrassing that he may have, that you can use as a trump card if he starts if he harasses you. Threaten to report him to the authorities and use the trump card if he approaches you again. If possible, move to a friend's house for the time being and warn your family members about the scammer.
: Should I buy Bard or Yasuo?
Benefits of Bard: 1. Almost nobody plays him, and most don't know how to counter him. 2. Never gets banned Disadvantages of Bard (based on what people say): 1. Hard to master 2. Lacks potential to carry game and snowball. Benefits of Yasuo: 1. OP and has potential of snowballing 2. Difficult to counter. Disadvantages of Yasuo: 1. Difficult to master and play well 2. Always banned. If you frequently play blind pick, buy Yasuo. If you play draft pick often, buy Bard. Edit: Think I will recommend Bard. Played with one yesterday who's a jungler and he seems really interesting, as well as managed to counter my lane's Teemo early game.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Good morning lovely community!
"Rito pls, get your stupid potato server to work again! How about you use the £30 I spent in skins to upgrade to a hamster serv- Oh, good morning! How nice of you to call us lovely, See? We aren't that bad!"
: Rito pls
Matchmaking is not perfect, out of a limited number of players queuing at the same time, 10 players of an approximate skill level need to be matched, and sometimes people bring their semi-pro or smurf friends to join a lower ELO game as well. Try queuing at a different time from when you usually play (weekend evenings are the most popular). Of course, creating a smurf is also a possibility,
: A message to rioters
Riot don't provide counselling services as they aren't qualified to. Seek help for gaming addiction from mental health professionals, and try to pinpoint what exactly in your life that you're running away from (from your post, it's mainly your low self-esteem). If you don't resolve that, you can quit LoL but end up getting addicted to something else as a coping mechanism. I wouldn't say that I am addicted, but I use it as a coping mechanism as well, so I know your feel.
Kush (EUNE)
: I am searching for a clan with a tag "Tits".
Admit it, you want to hit on the elusive female LoL player, don't you?
: Hellip im permbanned
: I think someone is stalking me. Help. Or is this just some evil prank?
Do not join this "club", this seems too good to be true and it's obviously a scam. All "opportunities" that approaches you is either a scam or something that nobody wants for a good reason. If you use the same username to accounts that identifies your identity, he may have been doxxing you and trying to use your information for blackmail for some sort of benefit. I am guessing that he may want you to buy RP for him to shut him up or make you give him money for your "training". Bronze players are extremely common, why would he seek you specifically? If anything, he would be targeting the top 100. Report him to LoL, block him and never add anyone who just appeared out of nowhere. Anyone whom send you a friend request but you don't know from elsewhere or IRL and never played a game with you before is usually a scammer. Be careful when going out too. But the simplest explanation would be someone you know is pranking you, let's hope that's the case and not some scammer targeting you,
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: Hellip im permbanned
Either go to another barber or self-perm if you're confident that it won't result in you looking like Ronald McDonald in the end.
: Yeah, you are right, but another factor is that people don't realise they are bad. It actually takes skill to notice you are not skilled enough, therefore it makes it impossible for you to know you are not skilled, if you are indeed not skilled :D There's a video explaining it well, but I didn't want to post it in the main post. It's quite hilarious, but it could be a bit offensive, because it speaks of stupidity, while I want it to represent actual skill level. There you go, though - I think here would be OK to post it. That should explain my point a bit better :P [CLICK HERE ](
I don't think anyone can lack self-awareness to that level. I often notice that the flamer is often the feeder with the worst score out of everyone in the team (probably because they are too busy typing on the chat than focusing on the game), but I think they're feeling insecure so they take out their frustration on others to feel better about themselves.
: WOTG Part 1: Why is everyone on my team so bad?
Though, to answer the question on the title, it could possibly mean one of two things: 1. The person asking the question isn't as good as he/she thought themselves to be. You usually get matched with people around your own skill level. If it's consistently the case, that's likely the reason. 2. The matchmaking is not perfect and both teams may not be balanced. Sometimes it's just bad luck, sometimes the enemy gets the less-skilled team so your team gets lucky. At times, you may end up matched with someone your level who is duoing with in their newbie friend, and your enemy team gets the benefit. However, this doesn't happen a lot. If you genuinely think that #2 is the reason, either choose to play at a different time from when you usually play LoL (weekend evenings are usually the best) so that you have more people to get matched with (higher chance to match 10 players of equal skill levels), or create a smurf, which will be a fresh start.
: Highly doubtful... sharing the same first name is likely just a coincidence and is hardly proof (plus if they where the same person you would suspect that he would change his first name... he is a master assassin he wouldn't leave a lose end like this). There is also the issue with genetics... garen is brown/black haired, lux is blond, Kat is a red head, and Cass we don't know. Honestly that's too much variation, especially as the gene for red head is recessive, Brown is dominant and I think blonde is in between (Brown hair is dominant over blonde but blonde is dominant over red)... this means that it would be pretty difficult to have siblings with this varying hair colour unless garen and lux have different mothers which is a completely different ball game. Not to mention their careers are mutually exclusive.. a master assassin would have be trained at a young age to get to where du'couteau is currently (being a General typically requires a pretty dam long service record), at the same time demacians are required to have mandatory service in the demacian army for several years... that makes them being the same person impossible as no way could he serve in both the demacian army and be serving in the noxian one at the same time. It would also be extremely dangerous... demacia is all about honour and status with the head of the house (in this case marcus) working to raise their families status... the crownguards are one of the highest clans in demacia, second only to the ruling clan the lightshields. There is no way in hell that the head of house crownguard would risk not only the dishonour and eventual death sentence of himself but also for his entire house to be exiled for a double life in noxus. And as he would have to be born into house crownguard that would mean du'couteau is the fiction. Like wise a noxian general having any ties with demacia would be seen as high treason which would be punishable by death... and as du'couteau is one of the bigger supporters for darkwill (son of the last grand general and was swain's biggest rival for the titles before swain killed him) swain and the black rose would have kept tabs on him at all times with spies following him, no way would he be able to leave the city without them knowing let alone have a second family (not to mention cass has usually got her personal guard keep an eye on his farther plus talon would be keeping a watchful eye as well)... and removing du'couteau from the equation would benefit swain greatly as it robs darkwill of a huge supporter and saves swain from having to get rid of him later anyway... disgracing him would be a very convenient way of doing so and saves him having to rely on assassins to kill an assasin. So there is no way Marcus is the same person as that would put everything he cares about at risk plus his professions can't coexist. Besides like you said that would make the whole Kat and garen thing incest... and this isn't game of thrones. > especially when their children are apparently rivals Not quite... cass doesn't serve in the army so she prob doesn't care (plus she might have a slightly bigger issue to attend atm aka her being a snake), lux is a spy so she would care, and garen and kat are in love. So not rivals per way, in fact crownguards and du'couteau are prob the friendliest of families of demaica and noxus thanks to the star crossed lovers.
For hair colour, it's possible that they dyed their hair. While some human champions have very unnatural hair colours (eg. Jinx with blue hair, Vi with pink hair), I am not sure if hair dye or hair-colouring spells exist in the LoL universe. It's possible that they are born with hair of such colours, due to the magic in Runeterra. Or, of course, wigs, but that doesn't seem very feasible when fighting. I was wondering if he knows magic like LeBlanc (she is able to duplicate herself so that she can be two places at one time, as well as change her appearance), but there doesn't seem to be any indicator that either of them practice dark magic that The Black Rose members practice. It can be pretty useful to be a double agent for both nations, but I agree, that's too dangerous to put himself and both of his families' lives on the line. Agreed about Cass, it's hinted that Lux not only has a lot of unresolved emotional issues of her own caused by years of abuse, she is not close to Garen due to both being taken away by the army at a young age. While she's been brainwashed, her judgment indicates that she has doubts about whether the Demacian army really know what's best for her so her loyalty might already be wavering, hence I doubt that she would care on a personal level. Based on their judgments, it seems that Demacia and Noxus are different kind of evils, one a communist military state, another a capitalist dictatorship. The Crownguards (at least Garen and Lux, their parents seem brainwashed beyond help) and the Du Couteaus are the ones who refuse to blindly follow the status quo, or at least, try not to. I was just referring to Garen and Kat specifically, meeting often on the guise of being "rivals", which is a thinly-veiled excuse if Blitzcrank and the Journal of Justice journalists saw through it. Indeed, I think that would make an excellent story. I ship them, because spinning babies. One of them shall be called Garena.
nawras77 (EUNE)
: is the game bugged? can't get into que.
It happens to me too sometimes. Either caused by a connection issue or it's an unresolved bug.
Shadow XIX (EUNE)
: So, you suggest that it's okay for people to ban their teammates' picks as long as they manage to ban and don't dodge? Ummm, excuse my silly question but why on earth did the new Champion Select be implemented apart from picking roles before queue? Let me answer. It was implemented as a result to see what your teammates pick and try to work around these picks and of course not to ban them. Just because some careless people do other stuff during the pregame lobby, that doesn't mean League shouldn't provide a warning. Countless of times I write "Don't ban X champion" and of course I pick him so that can be clear that I want to play him and there are still people on my team that ban him. This is very frustrating and has to stop.
Are they just not paying attention or deliberately do it to force you to play another champ? This is based on the assumption that you selected a champion that fits the role that you're assigned or at least tried to trade with someone else if you end up with a role you don't want.
Wilkatis LV (EUNE)
: This would make last second bans impossible meaning people would get kicked from lobby even more than they are now. Really not needed. Just deal with it and play another champ
No, the timer gives sufficient time to look through champs and decide who to ban. Most of the time people get kicked out because they either were not paying attention or have connection issues, both of which giving more time is not going to remedy. Upon this implementation they could give an extra 5-1o seconds per ban to prevent that from happening to people who are genuinely undecided. I think that teammates should be able to reserve their champs first (but not lock in) before banning begins, and when you accidentally select your teammate's champ to ban, the warning should pop up. Though mentioning on the chat who you want to play so that the banner don't ban it would be fine in most cases, your idea would improve it.
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