Evoki11 (EUNE)
: Sylas
He is kind of like Swain, right?
Shamose (EUW)
: > Garen, Illaoi, Darius, or Yorick They aren't tanks.
Call them whatever, the point remains the same.
: They aren’t tanks they are juggernauts... high damage, high durability, low utility, low mobility.... where as tanks are high durability, high utility, low damage and medium mobility. As for fighting them they suck at range so that helps, you’ve also got a plethora of anti tank items to help invalidate them, and building armour reduces their damage
Even as such, why do they still do so much damage? Its impossible to do anything as a mage.
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FallczE (EUNE)
: Naskon is true, when you are Darius you ult her she goes to W and your ultimate is on cooldown without damage. You want to basic attack it, no you will not... You ignite her and want to basic attack her again, you can't... The champion is very easy and ultra strong + she is unhittable by basic attacks etc.. In W
Dude, you should have stayed out of shroud if that is the case. Geez, learn to stay back and ask for ganks if you are hugging turret. The turret will reveal where she is going to escape from.
naskon (EUNE)
: Even so, I still believe that, we should be able to target them, while they are under our turrets, when we are hugging the tower, making it harder for them to towerdive, due to them taking the aggro of the turret.
Riot wanted her to be really aggressive. If the Akali plays her cards right, she will not catch turret aggro. If she doesn't, she can die because she defeated the whole purpose of towerdiving with shroud.
Awsane (EUW)
: I think over all its okay but in Special scenarios she shoud be visible. Like cait traps shoud reveal her or she shoudnt disapear If Malz ulted her.
Holy crap. Does that remove the Suppression? If it does not, sorry I don't see any Malzahar anymore. I do agree, Suppression and caitlyns traps should have some effect. It won't make too big of a difference for Cait but it will for Malzahar. He could potentially become a counter.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Is your main role mid? Everyone wants mid after the Gold Orianna Skin
Yes. And for some reason every game a support is Autofilled. They are almost always either mid or top.
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