Angrex (EUW)
: He's a type of noob who takes Electrocute on Sivir. He's a type of noobish Bronzie who takes BotRK on top of BT. He's a type of noobish Bronzie who keeps dying to Morgana+Kalista lane and Yi jungle. He's just bad and refuses to admit that so there's no point trying to argue with such a person. It's sad cause Riot will see such thread and say to themselves "we should buff ADCs even more" because they're clueless themselves (they confirmed that with Kayle rework and Yuumi). I wouldn't agree about Pyke, this game needs more of such supports. You can outplay Pyke in a lot of ways (you can dodge his Q, you can dodge his E, you can dodge his R or use Stopwatch/Zhonya) but what can you do about Yuumi except buying heal reduction? Yuumi is the biggest cancer of this game that should be nerfed into oblivion ASAP and then reworked. It's like Riot hasn't learned their lesson with Ardent Janna/Lulu meta and made another Janna/Lulu but now untargetable because that's what this game needed, right?
Nice YI game, move on scrub your match history shows how bad you are, how do you mess up jungling with YI... going in 1v2 when your under leveled, BRONZE.
Player 00 (EUW)
: That's not the matter of opinions, it's a matter of facts. Now I am not a high elo at all, but you appear to have just reached lvl30 and haven't played much ranked. If that is your smurf then I would really like to know what your main account elo is, because no one above bronze would complain about mages in the botlane. The only kinda toxic support is Pyke. But I do see where you are coming from. I am not trying to offend you, but you kinda don't seem the right person to call people oblivious for not seeing the non existent problem of getting molested left and right by mage supports ?
No it's a matter of opinion, also i have been played for 9 years, this is an alt my normal account is level 320 and D1, im not new and believe me i know more about this game than you.
: Dude u talk so much crap its depressing. No one has any idea how the game works except an unranked player(you), and challangers... Sorry Sir, but you are a joke... Please stop wasting my time.
The guys a moron, ignore him, he posts so much crap on these boards and his match history shows how bad he is, smile and move on with your day!
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Kurotsu (EUW)
: TFT Mobile?
Hopefully they will take it off the client and pc completely and just put it on mobile, then i wont have to deal with how shit the client is because TFT is a pile of shit.
: U saying that while adc are the most broken role and everyone of them can go bot mid top or jungle because it works I think adc actually need nerfs not because they are too broken
I think they are far from the most broken, but even if they were my point isnt about adc's being strong its about how crap the lane is.
: I Agree 100% with OP. Bot lane atm is a joke, and unless you duo with someone there is no reason to pick either ADC nor support. The days where an ADC would scale hard and carry the late game is long gone. RIP BOT lane 2018/19 My advice is don't play bot, and if you get auto filled there, play whatever champ you want, just make sure it makes sense. Playing ADC as rammus might be a bad idea, but i can tell from experience that ziggs, heimer,lux,morgana,leblanc works pretty well as ADCs. The reason why they work is because they don't really rely on a support to babysit them after they hit level 2-4, they do however require that you learn wave management very well. When i play traditional ADCs i almost never carry the game, maybe 1 out of 10 games, there are too many factors involving, bad support, no one wards, someone starves the ADC by perma pushing everything for no reason, etc etc. So a big NO, ADCs are not the most powerfull role in low ELO unless you duo with someone who actually cares to help the ADC scale, then u have a small chance to carry the game. And even then you will still get 1 shot by the fed zed.....
I'm glad someone see's my point... Some people on this thread are just oblivious.
Player 00 (EUW)
: But it's not tho {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
That's your opinion, my opinion is that it is.
: its not harder, ADC's just don't know how to position in low elo {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
You say that yet even when matched with Plat ADC's its exactly the same...
Player 00 (EUW)
: This entire post feels like you being salty over one game you recently lost :D I mainly play ADC only, and even then I only play Jhin and Lucian and I have never had any experiences you described. Feels to me as if you described one game that went badly.
No... It's botlane in general.
Haze97 (EUW)
: That's cute. You should take a look at top lane sometime later.
Top is bad i will admit, but no where near as bad as bot...
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Kurotsu (EUW)
: Some stuff I didn't know that I found out (League Facts)
Is there any data to back this up? Not saying it's fake i would just like to read more about them
: New Name?
- IAmUncreative
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: Poppy support is very much a thing, and way better than tahm at the moment... you’ve got better lane presence, better damage, tankier, better engage, better pick, better peel, and better isolation Lulu in a 2v2 polymorphis and you’ve got a 2v1... that’s faster, more reliable, and less punishable than tahm W. On top of lulu being ranged (safer and more presence in lane), and much better at peeling. Alistar is tankier (tankiness support by far...) has more engage, more damage, more cc, better peel, and more versatile, and is easier. Tahm is a difficult champion, and if you play him right your still a discount version of other champions... it’s just not worth it. And he used to be fun, now he’s just sad when you use any of his strenghs and they just aren’t strong anymore... he used to be strong at bulling now it’s juat painful landing the Q and watching it be useless, he used to be amazing at saving an adc and getting those clutch saves now he’s just a sitting duck and gets both of them killed (plus they %%%%ed up by removing the time before they get spat out, now anyone you eat accidentally gets straight back out again), he used to be able to 1v1 carries if done right and now he can only kill them if they are dumb. Your way of using him requires people to be dumb, anyone with half a brain won’t let a tahm get 3 hits onto them, especially in a teamfight.... the nerfs to his Q killed off how you play him as well, if it’s still working that’s got nothing to do with you playing him right, but the enemies playing against him wrong.
Have to agree to disagree as i don't agree with your opinion, have a good day and happy gaming!
: Tahm shouldn’t resort to being an aggressive isolation support... he’s a defensive peel support. And if you want isolation {{champion:53}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:78}} all do that job better, faster, and more reliably. Also Braum does more damage than tahm in realistic fights, is better in a fight thanks to his passive, and is tankier (Braum E is stronger than tahm E). So again, there’s nothing tahm does which other champions don’t do better... hell mordekaiser support is better than tahm support in every aspect.
But then id disagree and say Lulu is a poor isolation support and id argue poppy isnt even a support, tahm is still great and better then lulu by a mile, id also argue hes better than Ali, just have to use him right...
: He really isn’t viable. He can’t supply pressure in lane, he’s not that tanky compared to other supports, his peel comes at a massive drawback, he requires skill to mitigate that drawback, and there’s no longer any payoff for that drawback. Again why play tahm over Braum... Braum is tankier, applies lane presence, applies better cc, applies better engage, gives peel without stopping dps, peel doesn’t make him and his ally a sitting duck, and can protect multible allies at once. There’s no reason to pick tahm anymore, there’s nothing he does which someone else doesn’t do better, and everything he attempts to do comes with massive costs. His niche is armoured personal carrier, he’s meant to be able to carry allies across dangerous areas without harm... now he can’t move while he’s eaten someone so he can’t fufill that niche, and that was a few patches ago, with last patch he lost all lane presence and damage, and this patch he’s lost tankiness. At this point they might as well save us tahm players the pain and just delete him, it’d be a mercy kill at this point.
I still disagree... hes still fun to play, hes still tanky and he does damage, braum on the other hand has 0 damage, hes about as useless as they come and one of the worst supports out there, part of Tahm's kit is being able to isolate someone while your team focus's the rest to which he can still do, the only thing that's changed is his skill level really... his movement speed is a bit of a killjoy i will agree but saying hes no longer viable is just nonsense
: Aatrox is a 100000% better riven and u cry about riven ?
: For all the Kids crying that Riven is too Broken
: But that’s just tanks in general, if you pick full ad vs any kind of tank they are gonna become unkillable... that doesn’t mean that tahm had to die. The issue at the moment is that he’s got no niche, he’s really bad at peeling and protection now as you can’t move while someone is inside you meaning trying to save them will result in both of you dying while you still have to stop their dps... litterally no reason to pick him over a Braum, morg, or Janna.
Disagree, a lot of tanks still get shredded regardless off full armor build, hes still viable just have to play better...
: I have to disagree with you,if you are against a full ad team it's their fault for not taking some ap dmg as well, for sure if you are full build, they just kill themselves off your thornmail... a good team comp with cc etc can deal easily with a tahm kench in a team fight. And taking away some of his mobility, just makes him weaker in those scnearios. My point is they weakened even more his weakpoints (team fighting, getting to the backlane) and didn't touch his strong points ( sustain and 1 vs 1 )
I dont think the changes are that bad to be honest, id say hes more or less the same, hes still a very fun champ though
: Unbench the Kench
I think hes more balanced now, i used to play him a lot and if the enemy had a full ad team and you built full armor you could just dance around them and you were unkillable where as with other champs you can still take a fair bit of damage, i'd say hes where he needs to be now.
realKano23 (EUNE)
: Who's the most useless champion right now in your opinion and why?
Ivern... He's an awful champ with no place at all, the only time i see him is in aram and even that is rare...
iaapvper (EUW)
I'm almost tempted to send support a ticket to get you perma banned... is this a joke?
Hansiman (EUW)
: It's legit. It's one person who's leveled it.
Im seeing a lot of Bot TT... you're sure this persons legit?
: As I said: I am aware that such behavior is not conducive not. I just wanted to know if this punishment (perma ban) is justified in the eyes of the community.
Yes... as others have said being toxic is bad but in my opinion id rather have someone toxic than someone negative, the amount of games i have had someone go "this is not winnable FF" "Surr" "Noobs you all suck" and then we win is unbelievable, a negative attitude is more dangerous than a toxic one.
: Lifetime ban because of this?
Are you that obnoxious you don't recognise your own toxic behaviour?
: I just had a enemy teemo pulling a nubrac legit not knowing who nubrac is.
This isn't nubracs "creation" i was doing this back in 2011, as were a lot of people, i can smell the new car smell.
: is teamfight tactics taking over league?
Nah TFT is a pile of shit, it's a phase league players are going through because we are having a bad season, it will slowly fade away and soon become the next TT once the hype goes away and people get bored.
Shamose (EUW)
: People need to stop seeing TFT as a gamemode in league. It's a different game.
: PermaBan
My main was 9 years old and i spent well over £5000 on it and that got banned pretty quickly after only a few games with a bit of rage, money spent doesnt mean anything and neither does account age, i deserved my ban so im okay with it, are you sure it wasnt you? Seems like your just trying to use this as an escape goat.
: LMAO you know shit about the game you probably have like 5 games as Shaco in normal games and you act like the league of legends encyclopedia "ye leave the forums for big boys" you are a big ass ape full of oxygen thats it. Shaco is trash and only casual like you think he is good
Yawn... Come back at me when you actually know the game well enough, your lack of knowledge is noticeable, we have massive skill gaps, let me know when you can at least spell a sentence let alone play a game.
: Yea, until 23:59 is **still** August 1st.
Im confused... I dont know anything about the event but the way you worded your sentence made it sound like it started on the 1st August.
: Is on August 1st 2019. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
But it is August 1st 2019...
Ardyn IV (EUW)
: Was I suspended for a good reason or is this just BS?
My best friend is gay and we call each other %%%got all the time as a joke... stop being snowflakes.
: champion idea: James the butler
I used to think RIOT did a bad job of coming up with new champs but congrats you just earned top spot... i don't know what kind of crack you have been smoking but that Q AND R are absolutely stupid.
: Based on Riot's poor matchmaking in promos you can drop a hell of a lot. I left 3 of my promos because why get reported for int feeding in ranked when it wasn't me? So my actual placement is still incorrect as a smurf in NA was bronze, but in here I'm facing a lot of diamond + players. I wonder why is that? heck these players still make me leave games because my adc is just terrible.
By the sounds of it you're the terrible one...
: Me of course not. I came from NA LV(60)since my main account got banned over there. I'm tired of running into smurf when i want too practice on different champions not my mains since i haven't used any BE on them. Like come on my last match i left again because of whatever. New players wouldn't get kills that fast anyways, especially the Jinx match. I gave up when Vayne had 5 deaths. IDC what type of smurf they are gold/plat/or diamond, but if their are creating new accounts after new accounts it's pathetic and shows me they are addicted and need to go outside
Then are you also technically a smurf? By definition a smurf is an experience player creating a low level account to play with new players which is what you're doing?
: But they are 2 different thing on twitch.
They are still both LoL... TFT is a game-mode within LoL just like SR... If you're going off twitch for statistics then your always going to be wrong.
: Useless? TFT has more views on twitch than LoL.
Keyane (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Astraeus Nix,realm=EUW,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=vEOsj5wu,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2019-07-26T10:19:13.989+0000) > > Add me in game and il sort the RP out :) il be on later tonight! OMG I totally overslept this. Im totaly fine if you choosed some1 else now. But i still hope i didnt add you to late now :x
It's fine :P Add me!
: Dude wtf are you talking about Shaco is trash from Iron 4 to Challenger. Worst assassin (outperformed by Rengar Khazix Evelynn and Master Yi) and he is obviously worst than other non-assassin champions such as JarvanIV Hecarim Olaf Lee Sin. In low elo you will mostly play against smurfs. Btw even OTP are not playing him anymore (eg Chase) expect some true lovers like Pink Ward and Shaclone. And I don't remember the last time he got buffed. He only get direct or indirect nerf since his mini rework ( early game hardly nerfed 1.5 stealth at Q lv 1 (outperformed by twitch) , ignite nerfed, Dark harvest nerfed and reworked, tiamat cost increased, Q damage and time to use the bonus reduced, His passive scales better on AP (expect maybe IE which is trash purchase on Shaco), his boxes scale on AP get one shotted, smited, devoured, activate after 2 sec to fear for 1.5 sec reduced of course by Tenacity. Clone explosion and boxes scales on AP and clone bugs af. I mean dude if you think he is op or viable because you played with/against Shaco that got fed and 2 shots (yes Shaco never one shots he only 2 shots or more) a squichy soraka then see what a fed Khazix Rengar Evelynn can do. All Assassins in the game are skill champions, Shaco is an autoattack assassin but without any ability that can boost his autoattack (eg Master Yi gets true damage for his autoattacks with his E and attack speed boost with his ult)
You have no idea what you're talking about... Leave the forums to the big boys.
Keyane (EUW)
: I miss to be able to see the ping of others and when we all went crazy because of the "new" frostblade Irelia skin just because of the Splashart [](
Add me in game and il sort the RP out :) il be on later tonight!
Ditzy Doo (EUW)
: Double toplane games with my buddy who introduced me to league. Junglers? whats that? we just played "big sword buddies " as {{champion:23}} and {{champion:92}} {{sticker:leblanc-funny}} btw,you really want to gift rp to some guys? thats very generous of you. I care more about the nostalgia :D
Add me in game and il sort the RP out :) il be on later tonight!
Hananim (EUW)
: Adc main detected.
Actually support... you had a 50/50 chance and you still %%%%ed it.
: why did i suddenly become worse
Making toast helps... toast fixes everything.
: Riot Games developers are so far from their game, Top Lane is broken and nobody cares.
Wait... are you saying fiora should be able to stun for 5 seconds? Did i read that right? You lost me...
JustClone (EUNE)
: Son, as main support here, I have to correct you. Do not compare "wards" with "vision score". It is a myth in low elo that you need to "place wards" to have good score. Clearing enemy vision is as important as providing vision, if not even more important. He was running oracle's lens. And he bought 4 {{item:2055}} , that for normal game is a lot. (In this game, no one else bought one). Just wanted to fix this part of the answer. The rest is kinda ok.
BangRos (EUNE)
: Is shaco agood champion right now s9
Depends, if hes played by your average player probably not, if hes played by someone who knows him inside out and is flawless with him then yeah 100%
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