Snades (EUW)
: Rising Storms Is recruiting Now! New community Looking for Diamond players
Applying Role ADC Age 17 Name (Nickname)Atonis Online Time daily After 5(CET) for 2-3 hours Why are you suitable for the role chosen? Have Team expercience + Tournaments Great Atitude Never gives up{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Team Night - Recruitment!
Atonis (EUW)
: Rating Bug
true but 90 farm and 6/4 and jhinis s ??????????????
Eambo (EUW)
: Hi TheMartines, You can find the explanation [HERE]( but the tl;dr is that people have got a better score with that champion in that role than you did. The mastery system compares you with others playing the same champion in the same role, and gives you a score based on your percentile. This means that the exact same score can result in different results with different champions, depending on how well others are playing them.
So i needed 30/1 ?
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: Not in a ranked game, that would be pointless ofc. But we can talk about our role with people who understand it well. we can play aram, we can play normals, we can do custom games etc. Just use your fantasy =)
Main Adc 2nd Supp Id like to join
: Plat Support/Mid looking for fun people to play with
Ayyy hello Ill add you after teemo screwed my game :D
cúsoon (EUW)
: Newly created team looking for an coach
Why would anyone do this for free ?
Eveninn (EUW)
: Patch 6.5~ Because... hell why not.
Really nice post ^^ But i think Warlord is as useless as before because only certain can actually use it well,adc dont have alot to heal and trynda want the dmg, maybe an olaf can use it but tbh i dont like the new one!
: i feel like you can't go wrong with fervor of battle on most adcs. but there are a few that feel like they would be missing out on a lot of power if you wouldnt pick it. {{champion:429}} is very good at long fights, which gives her rend a lot of potential damage. {{champion:96}} can stack fervor in a few autos so its pretty much obligatory on him {{champion:18}} can stack it easily and safely from her long range {{champion:21}} makes her damage even more stupid but lately i've been trying out warlords bloodlust on some adcs and here are the ones that i think synergise th best with it: {{champion:15}} putting yourself in auto attack range means danger, so i dont find fervor that usefull for her. but instead bloodlust is very nice on her and gives her insane sustain. the thing is that she has a lot of aoe dammage, from which she gets lifesteal. think of it as an {{champion:103}} q. use it on a minion wawe and it heals you up a lot. same thing here, you clear the wawe super fast and get a lot of hp back. this makes sivir's splitpushing super annoying for the enemy team, because its so hard to get her out of lane. {{champion:67}} im not really a wayne player, but as far as i see, vayne has more than enough damage already, so switching that overkill damage from fervor to the ridiculous added sustain from bloodlust is a very good choice in my opinion. {{champion:236}} can clear wawes quicly as well, just like sivir, so he gets to utilise the lifesteal very well, especially since his build mostly consists of a single lifesteal item, because of how much crit he builds. {{champion:119}} his high damage makes him lifesteal a ton
: Patch 6.4 Analyzed And Explained
gj well done keep it up buddy
: You obviously payed attention only to the heading of the thread. There is no teamfighting when your toplane/ the only tank is 0/7. Or when enemies got a protect the hypercarry comp and their kog is 5/0 min 10
Dood watch the tsm vs c9 game Kog was really fed
LeJoke (EUNE)
: New TEAM (EUW) Plat+
D5 eune: Enofod Add Themartines on euw
EXR Frost (EUW)
: Team Hawk Recruiting
adc main here s5 g1
: Tips/coaching for other supports
what kind of msg ? maybe im up for it ? naaa ill take it :D
: support lf duo dia east (main) or smurf west (gold)
: well while it is sad for you, it is a punishment you could expect in such conditions. This game REQUIRES stable internet connection.
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Récòn (EUW)
: Bring back Ranked teams
I would suggest dynamic que can only be played by a group of 2 or 3. And bring Teamranked back {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Looking for Gold+ Jungler and ADC for a newly established team
Lembontsync (EUNE)
: Kennen Skins
Kennen got The Artic Orbs one
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: Daydream Insomnia (Gold +) Looking for members!
Role:Adc Champion pool:Can play everyone Rank:Gold II Age:16 Language:En Motivation:I really like watching the lcs and i would like to play more teambased.(I started Silver 3 thies Season and im lf improving till i get atleast diamond) Time you can play: Most of the tim e after 3 pm and while holidays
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Fishbones (EUW)
: Mine :P. Well... maybe amongst Jinx players. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Wouldnt the correct anwer be FishBone ?{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: you can play with 300kbps I think but you need side host programms for have good ping(no delay in game)
I dont have any ... WTFast doesent work deinstalled
: if you can't deal with your ISP change it Disconnects are your own problem my 50% lost are special thx to dummys like you trying to play league of legends with 250+ pings if you have weak I-net play offline games or buy better I-net
got 300 kbps and it works ... cant buy better there is no better
: Same skins in showdown shop...
I got only adc so idk
: punished for what? playing a video game? hahahaha
I ment the negative ones that makes you lose you cause you(our one of your teammate) play worse then them They are like you dont deserve to win ,i dont care if i losse its just a smurf . If you ban their smurf they dont care about it . Thats what i ment
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Atonis (EUW)
: Hhahaa thats nothing im playing regulary against diamond and high plats.
: This matchmaking is getting a little out of hand lately
Hhahaa thats nothing im playing regulary against diamond and high plats.
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Emillie (EUW)
: You. I like you.
Same problem
4Ø4 (EUNE)
: Quinn's nerf...
The Blind is just op
: Creating a new team to improve, have fun and beat the rift. [EUW]
Ya seems like you might be looking for someone like me. Ill add tomorrow cause my client keeps on crashing xD Im an openminded funny german adc main. Seeya tommorow if the client wants to {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Is it alright to troll during games because it's " Only normal " ?
Same happened to me in rankedd the last days i think ppl dont take the game serious at all. It feels like ppl flame just cause they enjoy it. If your team is slighlty behind they constanly blame eachother or throw when ahead(kinda hard in this meta) And im sitting infront of my pc facepalming how ppl can be so stupid or what happend to ranked everything was so enjoyable 5.22. Most of the time i tell them to calm down cause the game aint over yet. Seems like they ignore it 100% i stopped playing reanked cause i think is useless its more troll then in normals so i went on to play improve there and get ready for s6 to rech my goal of getting diamond on euw (dia eune:enofod) as an adc. See you are not the only one who wishes that s6 would already be live {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Crux of Fate Recuiting
Themartines 17 Adc Gold 2
Ne3Me4Sis (EUW)
: Gold support/top LFT
Whats wrong with you ?
Enofod (EUNE)
: Euw:Themartines Ps: Thats my eune Dia account
: EUNE New ranked team LF (MID/TOP/ADC) Diamond +
: Almost Evil [656] needs new members
Well i d ont know if i have a whole brain or not (never looked into my head cause it always worked fine){{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} But i know that im a decent adc{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Dia 5 looking for ranked team, Bronze V+
: You Meaning him or me?
Him Cause im also an carry und obwohl ich in meinen ranken spielen vayne Support gesehen habe zweifle ich daran
Atonis (EUW)
: Well we could duoq in you want to xD
: I meant, I would join you if I was ranked right now.
Atonis (EUW)
: Ill add you tomorrow
: Plat 5 Looking for anybody
Ill add you tomorrow
: New S6 Team Looking For Players
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