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Atroix (EUW)
: [EUW] Looking For ACTIVE TEAM
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beMessiah (EUW)
: [UK] Silver Jungler Looking for team to get better as a team and as an individual
: 5v5 Ranked Team LFM
kykla (EUW)
: d1 last season, jungle, skype creativedog1
Do not join his team, [](
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: Jungler Wanted for my Team !
Octane (EUW)
: EUW Ranked 5's - Looking to start a team
Highly interested in Supp role, added you guys.
: I'm creating a serious team, looking for Top, Jungle and Support. [Silver+]
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Atroix (EUW)
: [Silver 2+ Ranked 5s Team]-[RECRUITING]-[Looking for ADC / SUPPORT / MID / JUNGLE / TOP]
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Rapidfall (EUW)
: Building a team!
IGN : Rito Phrik Age : 15 Position desired : Support / Jungle (Pref Support) Mains champs : Thresh, Nami | Nidalee, Lee Sin Rank : Silver 2, was Gold III last season.
Gullible (EUW)
: Team Shard Recruiting!
Euw Username: Rito Phrik Currently Rank: Silver 2/ Last Season Gold III, But this season messed up my placements, you can try me out Role: ADC Experience with 5v5 ranked: Won a few tournaments before (bronze - gold) (if N/A then just say you're new to 5v5 Ranked)
OMGwyneth (EUW)
: Ranked 5v5 team looking for ADC
BEWARE: Don't Join These Guys. All of them are extremely toxic, got chat bans and ranked restrictions. I got kicked for "Personality Clash with 2 other members" what the fuck does that even mean? They make cancer jokes all the time etc, beware dont join!
: Starting A New Serious Team Looking For All Candiates!
IG name: Rito Phrik Ranked Elo: Silver 2 / Last Season Gold V Age: 15 Nationality: Polish, Live in England English Fluency: Fluent Main Role: ADC Do you have Skype?: Yes, but prefer TS Most played Champions: {{champion:15}} , {{champion:42}} , {{champion:412}} , {{champion:201}} Playtime/availability: Weekends all day, Week Days 16:00 GMT - 22:30 GMT


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