: you should start playing when you think you're good enough to get to the rank you want to achieve
Thats the thing its tough to have a idea when u play normals cuz everyone tells ranked its a different world
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: If you think you can handle the preassure and being extra low elo then go for it! A big part of the playerbase only plays soloq, since its so fun and you can see your improvement. Normals are kinda a waste of time since people afk there and don't really try at all
Thats what my friend actually told me. Once i get into ranks i'll see improvements cuz its a different way of playing
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RallerenP (EUW)
: They do it by the MMR system. If you are a smurf, you should absolutely destroy the opponents in COOP vs AI and in your first couple of 5v5's. After that, you're matched with other people that also did well in COOP vs AI and in their first 5v5's.
i may have done good against AI but that doesnt mean i should be put against high MMR players
Viavarian (EUW)
: Riot has some sort of system that attempts to keep real new players away from the others. So if you create a second account, you will be playing with the rest of the smurfs.
That cannot be true Im a new player and most matches i played with people with secondary accounts so your logic is false. And yes 90-95% was smurfs
: Would implementing a similar option like Overwatch's "Avoid as teammate" be a good idea in League?
Im a new player to LoL and im struggling with that. The fact that you get toxicity towards you just for trying to learn lanes and roles is so high that i consider quiting. I like the game i always found it interesting and challenging but i find it most challenging dealing with the toxic community it just hosts. I wish i could just have that option. Its impossible right now to get into a game and find someone thats really is a teammate


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