: lol minimizes in the beginning of the game solution kinda
Thanks, I have the same issue with the minimising. Would much rather play full screen but Riot doesn't appear to have even recognised the problem as yet (despite a lot of people complaining about it).
graabbuu (EUW)
: %%%%, same thing happens to me. Usually it takes me out to homescreen 2 times in the same game, it was only one when it started. The first one nearly after spawning and the other one lvl 1-2 or so. It just messes your preasure those first 2 lvls which can be so deciding on what you are playing or who you are against...plus if you get taken out and you were in a bad spot its 100% first blood to the enemy. I dont remember a recent update on windows. Can you tell me if it was optional or a must to one? Ive seen your 2 day old post. I dont get why riot doesnt help...
Hi Graabbuu, The Windows update wasn't forced, I get mine to manually check for them at periods when i'm quiet so that it doesn't p*** me off when I need the processing speed. It all started after the update though. Just like you, i've also been thrown back to desktop a couple of times in-game of late. I'm inclined to think it's a Windows setting rather an anything League, but can't identify what or why atm.
: lol minimizes in the beginning of the game
I've written the same in a post below - it occurred after I did a Windows update. Now every game between 1 and 3 mins in, the game comes out of full screen and takes me to desktop. I can click back into game but there's an idle period of a few seconds where you're vulnerable. All the previous discussions mention the Office settings in task scheduler but I have nothing enabled that would interfere (I've tried all the tips given). Hoping that Windows has another patch, or a setting is identified which causes the whole thing. I've also tried turning off virus protection but it did nothing.
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VexLuna (EUW)
: I've had a similar issue, except it's not that i disconnect, but rather struggle to connect to a game in the first place, and nearly every game i've come to lane late. Thank god i've been playing Toplane recently, and been able to burn my TP to deal with it, but it's still a pain. I'm in the UK also, but with Sky Broadband ^^
I had that problem on the day the new patch arrived and assumed it was the problem. I know a lot of people on here said the same. However, I also noted that Windows downloaded an update on the same day. Once i'd completed that and restarted everything, the game was ok. Might be worth just checking you have everything updated on your system (assuming you're using Windows).
: Disconnecting lately?
Yep, VM Broadband and just got a LeaverBuster message after disconnecting. I did get back to complete most the game but had to do the "I Agree" malarkey. Just started another and disconnected again. Got back on in about 30 secs but this is very unusual.
: Ban veigar in aram
He's certainly strong (especially late game) and has a big area of effect with his E in such a narrow lane. However, I still feel that other champs are stronger if played well, such as Ziggs and Zyra. Veigar has to get at least near to you in order to land the E or drop his W. Try to bypass any tanks and focus on him if you can, he is a squishy after all. Using snowball is also good as you can jump next to him. If you're a tank, snowball him. If you're adc/mage, poke where you can and punish any mistakes. Note when he lands his E and get an idea of his cooldown. When he can't use it, he's vulnerable. Mercury's is also a useful item to reduce the effects but I would be considering the strengths and weaknesses of both teams in general, as opposed to just Veigar.
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: Problems in game
I also can't play full screen anymore since this patch. The game is in a fixed size window which makes it slightly smaller. Loading and general gameplay is also more laggy.
Azmodaan (EUW)
I posted the same earlier, was really enjoying ARAM but this sudden influx has killed the game.
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