: Black screen
Happened again today. And again during a ranked champ select... pls consider removing my leave buster. The game says i failed to pick/ban a champion but i cant do anything at all because the client window freezes in a black colour and i cant press anything... In case you dont believe me i can sent some photos that ive took.
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: is that....salt?
Just stating a fact. You trying to point out that its salt instead of actualy saying what is wrong with this comment is salt :D
Hansiman (EUW)
: It's probably a combination. Even so, if it was all scripted, it would mean large events would be rolled out when there's not really that many people that could work if things didn't go as they should. You'd probably want staff there ready to step in in those cases.
In those cases where the script would get an error they always have a date-back rewind set up, which reverts the game to a previous, healthy state. There is absolutely no way they are there to check if a game mode launched correctly. Think about all the bugs that last weeks to fix (i bet you my pants they discover them before, because each patch gets tested, but they want the publishing and popularity that comes from players recording and showcasing the bugs). Also as I've said in the previous comment they have a shit ton of money and could easily invest in better hardware, they just don't because they're all greedy sons of %%%%%es... Even if it's not a hardware issue they still don't pay enough attention and respect to the players.
Wen294 (EUW)
: Launching something can lead to incidents (think of that recent problem with the store selling things for 1BE). If nobody is available to fix it things can escalate into a far bigger mess than needed so they probably only want to roll out updates when they can monitor what's happening and respond to it.
Completely disagreed. I can't stress this enough of how small of a %%%% riot gives about it's player base. There is no need for them to be there in person to deliver an update because even if something goes wrong, all they have to do is fix it after. Trust me they don't give a damn about the gaming experience. I've come across so many bugs in my playtime that are probably not fixed till now. they just portray this happy community where they say they do everything for the player, but in fact they just make sure the game is popular, hence the new content and such. Remember all the lag the servers had 1-2 seasons ago when league was still widely played. They could have done a lot to fix that and make sure i doesn't happen, but guess what, they would rather make you play the game by just uploading content that's not even that original anymore (repeating skin themes, champs like sylas where they didnt even bother to create an ultimate for it and so on)
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Hansiman (EUW)
: Events roll out globally, and things like this is most likely controlled from the NA offices, located in LA. It's currently 5 AM there, so I doubt many people have gotten to work yet. It's scheduled to hit in a few hours, meaning it's one of the first things they'll do once they get to the office. Early morning is not primetime in NA, so there goes that theory.
You might be right. Although here's why i think you're not: First of all updates and other things that get brought into the game are scheduled in their software. I don't think that such a company like riot would rely on a big red button to launch updates, they probably just have a set time for them to launch automatically. Only things like hot fixes and malware related problems would need their interference that is not dated. It's certainly not because some guy didn't get to have his morning coffee yet.
: uhhh {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} Throw money at the server and it will work again yes yes {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Im sorry if you misunderstood. I am not sure in the slightest of how the servers actually work but i assume that the quality of game can be improved by upgrading the equipment and hiring someone to oversee that they are in good condition. I also think that they should arrange some kind of back up plan in case the hardware or software malfunctions. And ofc all that gear/employees/software costs money. If you have a different explanation on how they could fix their s*** please do tell me. I would really be interested to see what other people have to say since as i have mentioned i dont have a clear idea on how the servers function. Watching some mod or game dev explain about the new features, skins and bug fixes in the game with a wide smile on their faces makes me sick. That said even when fix some of the bugs in game, they never do it completely. for so long now i have had a problem with my in game skill register (the moment the game has to register the key that i pressed to activate a certain ability). Just for the flamers out there, no i do not have any issues with my keyboard or internet connection. Another bug i have encountered is the waiting time for when all of the champions in ranked are locked in, the game gives 10-9 sec, but ive lately been experiencing time fluctuations (shortens to even 4-5 seconds at times) there and this causes me to not change runes or summoner spells. Ofc i know that this is not the place to mentions these bugs but i did it just in case some rioter reads this. Fix your game first and maybe then more people would be interested to play and try out your new content. Nice use of emojis btw.
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: Bud i'd seriously recommend sending a ticket to riot support, the boards are mostly for player interactions, most of the time riot employees dont come checking the boards for this. Send them a ticket with as much information as you can, if possible i'd recommend you also downloading the hextech repair tool (look it up on google it should appear in a support page) and try to run it so it fixes any files or something of the sort, it will also collect logs that you can send to riot in the support page, the logs help them see the problem, just keep in mind that the answer wont be instant.
Thank you for your reply. Ive seen some comments in the boards that It may be the 32bit os, so I reinstalled it today :/. If that doesn't fix the problem ill try to download the tool and sending a ticket to support :).
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