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: Aurelion sol is quite good for OTPs the champion has actually 54% win rate when in the right hands but become terrible when you have no clue what you are doing. Azir is too weak at the moment Zed is quite good mid right now Aatrox is quite good top now Camille is quite good top now Talon is quite good mid now
hmm yea I've bought Asol I've tried Asol its kinda hard to play with buy he's really good i just need to master him and next I'll try zed.
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Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Impossible to suggest who you would like, because there are huge differences between champions. The best idea is to check them in the free rotation and buy depending on your own feelings. But as you play jungler, the champions who do high damage there are: {{champion:245}} , {{champion:28}} , {{champion:104}} (but he is a marksmen, so not sure if he will fit your taste), {{champion:107}} , {{champion:35}} , {{champion:77}} , {{champion:5}} .
i think I'm looking for a champion who got damage and mobility stats and those champions u suggested I've already tried em and they didn't fit on my taste if u know anyone with high mobality and damage ty
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