: No Ranked, No Ward count, No Annie Morde Quiyana, plants on the map animated but not working, wards just showin a part of what it should.... They should just take this shty game mode down causing all these bugs
wondering how many people will still play TFT after the first few months hype passed {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
Nick3015 (EUW)
: Matchmaking?!
diamond 4 is basically avg gold player , fakt :D
: Worst season yet?
let alone the hilarious Aatrox rework , why dont they just delete Aatrox and simply make a new champ
IzzŸ (EUW)
: no, they're just incompetent. The game is too old and bloated and needs to be rebuilt from the ground up.
they are just focusing way too much on promoting skins and those side stuff , insteading making the game itself better ... make good use of all RP players spent ...
: They wont cope with it tft ranked is still hyped. Riot needs to just give us rewards for tft ranked so atleast we have reason to spam it.
i personally am not in favor of TFT at all , and I am sure I am not the single person out there... thing is, making Ranked games going back to normal for such a big company like RIOT should be fixed within 2, 3 hours, isnt it ...
: Please fix your game Riot
instead of promoting the upcoming 5 Project skins, how about fixing the goddamn gameplay and client itself first ?
: Rito only wants your money.
lets say they got 1000 staff, 999 of them are in the department of making skins , and the rest 1 coping with all technical issue :)
: This patch is a full of bugs. No idea why a such a big company can let this to happen.
EUW ranked down for 7 hours, and still no solution, i thought RIOT has enough staff to cope with small matters like this o.o
: does riots brainlagging and refusal of accepting the truth that game is broken cuz of tft count as bug?
too much effort on making skins and selling them , EUW ranked down for 6 hours and still not fixed , kinda funny
Kannerbis (EUW)
: Main Adc Looking for Support
was diamond 4 in first Split dropped to Plat 3 promo now haha , we could duo for sure !
: Karthus and Taliyah shouldn't even be allowed to jungle in my opinion.
its more like both champs require higher skill cap , and more of a macro team plays
: Karthus is a bad jungler
depends on the team combo , as long as he has at least one tank or cc champ , he is actually quite a decent jungle , especially after the scuttle crab spawning time delayed , he can safe farm in early game more easily just randomly played couple of games as karthus jun in plat Elo recently , turned out to be quite good with most dmg on top :D
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Adama (EUW)
: Why do I lose? So much? SO MUCH!
don't worry , I dropped from diamond 4 to plat 4 in less than one week BIG YIKES
Dr Lav (EUW)
: How long do u have to not talk in chat? I was getting back my honor lv so I thought it was okej to start be toxic as much as in the chat logs
dude, you just have to keep in mind , league is still kinda packed with small kiddos , players who play poorly but have huge ego , no matter what u say , they will not listen at all , and always thinking they are the best , simply mute them the moment they spam ping you or start flaming , mute is always the best solution as well as the best way to climb Elo !
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Shellshocck (EUNE)
: I hope for a fix in the next patch..
the game is simply unplayable with Mojave, voice chat not working at all, and the whole gaming experience is simply laggy the whole time, maximum 40 to 60 FPS, majority of the team fights I get only 20 to 30 FPS, previously on High Sierra, that was normally around 100 FPS or even higher
: every 50 levels starting at 150 you get a Gemstone tho.
every 50 levels ... thats quite a lot :XXXXX thanks though for the info :D
Lari (EUNE)
: Yeah i know but i got from b4 to plat 5 dreaming of a better team and game play in general but this is just disappointing.
but at least you get less bad players as you did in bronze, don't you ? :D
Lari (EUNE)
: So no difference at, all how can that be? Is the system that bad?
it should be like this all the time , I mean , in every game there are bad players or players who are pretty toxic and we cannot stop them xD
Lari (EUNE)
: Are the players better in EUW?
plat EUW player here , would say at least 1 or 2 out of 10 games you got some flamers or trollers , probably slightly better overall, but I do somehow feel like I am playing in silver or playing against some kids for some games :(
sanditisLV (EUNE)
: skins
sweetheart Kayn very much appreciated :D
: until you get reported for not playing a support champion
which is likely in most cases xD
Zèrò (EUNE)
: High Noon Lucian demon form
fair enough, regarding to his half human half demon model on the other hand, this skin just made Project and Heartseeker skins look so pale, especially regarding their 1350RP price , so are the previous high noon TF, Yasuo and Jhin skins
: fair enough i was going to max w and see what happens, probably wont go with randoms anymore anyways
W from Anavia is way more fun as support compared to Ziggs {{champion:34}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:34}}
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Arklíght (EUW)
: looking for mid lane main for gold flex team
EUW top 20 Twisted Fate player here :D feel free to add, play literally everyday.
: playing normals
we gotta admit that there are still quite a lot of kids out there in League... still on the whole, you could still get some fun from the League :D by the way, probably I would also report you trolling if I am playing acc and having a ziggs support xD it is always tilting when ADCs do not have a SUPPORT support them after all you should just simply wait a few seconds longer for the mid role ^^
: LF some1 to play with ( p4 supp main)
im in xD we can duo as well {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
muckaking (EUW)
: looking for a duo
feel sorry for that 36 losing streak :X hard stuck plat player, main mid jun and support, feel free to add me :D{{summoner:21}}
: Pretty much what the guy before me said. There are a few suspicious Draven games where your flash is on F and heal is on D. In every other game you've played, your flash is on D and your heal is on F. You also have no other Draven games except those I mentioned, or any other ADC games. So you've either bought an ELO boost or you had someone else play on your account.
Thanks for the reply, I do admit those several games were played by a friend of mine, but obviously , he is pretty much the same elo as me. Games with Flash on F are 14 in all, with 8 losses, some games even went 1/6 , 3/4 , 1/8 , this definitely is not ELO boosting or MMRboosting. Besides, he is a friend of mine, he played on my account simply because I have a bit more skins than his own account, and I never thought about ELO boosting while I gave my username and password to him .
archerno1 (EUNE)
: Well if someone check your match history from last 30 days, there are many occurences where you change position of your summoners. Especially with your ADCs. There was pause between 20 days ago and 14 days ago, and suddenly everything changed.
Thanks for the reply, I do admit those games were played by a friend of mine, and he is not smurf, his own account is also between gold and silver . But, I mean, the point is, MMRboosting is supposed to be played by some smurf, right ? but you could easily tell from the match history, those draven games were like 7/5 1/6 9/8 3/4 6/6 8/12 , and also , winrate of those games with flash on F are less than 50 percent.
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