Luddoro (EUW)
: Cant connect to login queue
Managed to log in now, gj.
Luddoro (EUW)
: Cant connect to login queue
I switched to the old client, didn't work, but now wheneve i try to start any client i get an instant bugsplat, i just have to wait then i guess.
Luddoro (EUW)
: Cant connect to login queue
Same. remember to upvote so they can see if they're not aware.
: You've obviously never seen a teemo try to take out a galio before... you could mistake it for a soraka healing galio. It's a lot more difficult to deal with... aka impossible to deal with unless you have ignite (not always the case nor should counter play revolve entirely around a summoner spell)... he will always heal more than they can deal (not to mention even without it they would struggle with the mr stacking). No champion should have the power to completely negate everything a champion can do... this one spell alone completely removes any interaction with galio for a decently large portion of the champion pool (and God forbid you take DFT against him), that should never be the case and was why a large amount of galio's issues stemmed from this one ability.
Well, it's all over now. Rest well sweet prince. {{champion:3}} RIP in RITO.
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: The main problem Galio's old W was the fact that you did not know whether he'd heal more than you can damage him. At least with Vlad, Soraka and other champions with healing abilities, they healed for a flat amount that could be increased by AP, masteries and items. Not an ambiguous amount that depended entirely on the amount of damage you take. Not to mention as Swampert said, damage over time abilities and the old laser towers healed him more than they damaged him, which made it an anti-fun component to play against because there was literally nothing you could do against it.
You could increase Galio's healing with ap though, it had a scaling, and the amount of healing was reduced whenever he took damage. Sure it was more difficult to judge how much healing he'd get in total because it wasn't all there at once, but very very few people even bother minmaxing situations, most people apply ignite at the start of their burst, even if the enemy doesn't have healing, do they know they will need it right away? Since it's not reducing any healing, ofcourse not (sure pots and regen, but they don't think about that, they just want all the damage they can get). But yes, all valid points, i guess the ability is hard to judge, some say further down that the shield is alright.
: Except they just heal... they press a button and get healed... galio gets healed from taking damage which means that you lose a lot of interaction especially for ap champions as they can't apply grievous wounds to someone who is healthy and they can't kill galio at all when their damage feels more like an allied soraka than an enemy mage.
It's more difficult to deal with but not that much more difficult.
: I think you underestimate how unhealthy the shield actually is... let me put it into perspective, he could out heal the inhib towers (at least back when they where lasers), any kind of DoT would heal instead of damage which unfairly negated way too many champions due to the lack of their ability to do literally anything as they healed him more than hurt him, and it had such a low interaction and counter play that it made playing against galio unnecessarily tedious. Getting a heal based on how many times someone hits you for doing nothing with no actual way to negate it (cause think about it... if a champion is healing galio more than hurting him do you really think he is gonna get low enough to have morellos take effect) is inherently toxic and doesn't have a place anywhere in the game... interaction and counter play is key in this game, a champion who can take away all interaction with an enemy due to one ability which doesn't even require anything special isn't healthy and needed to go.
What about normal heals?, they heal more. What about soraka?, she heals a crapton more, sure she can't heal herself without her ult, but she can heal someone else alot. If you want to counter a champion with strong healing, use ignite or get them low enough to apply the grievous wounds, or use executioners calling/mortal reminder. It's all very counterable, and the healing goes down very quickly anyway. Vlad's healing is worse, he can heal on every Q and his ult, it's more difficult to keep the grievous wounds on a target over a long time than it is to keep it on them for a short time.
: Lee Sin - Skin Teaser
It's a new skintype like chromas. unmasked! Kayle is no longer alone and now everyone takes their hats off for 250 rp each! yay!
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: It reallly bothers me that one of the most unique kit got wiped off the face of the earth with a kit suitable for totally different champion. and thats coming from someone who doesnt play galio.
I agree 100%. I don't main him, i played him support a bit because flash ulting was a fun thing to build around and quite fun when you caught multiple champions. They really could have passed this off as Galio's bigger punchier brother, they're simmilar and different enough. At this point i just want his most unique abilities atall, and they would fit nicely on a more meele focused fighter than on a mage.
: The shield was frankly unhealthy... So that's never coming back. And the ult is still kinda on galio so I'd doubt a new champion would get it again... it's possible but unlikely.
The shield isn't unhealthy, best case scenario the first few attacks will deal a bit less damage, then it will be pretty insignificant, especially if you have void staff or a last whisper item, It was just a strong defensive ability on an immobile champion. It won't give as much damage reduction as annie's molten shield, but it will heal a small amount from minions or reduce a bit of damage from champions, and no-one talks about annie's shield, and shes got a stun on her basic abilities whereas Galio only has a slow, and that's probably better than a speed boost, for both offensive and defensive purposes.
: The shield is not healthly due to the fact that you get rewarded for taking damage. Its effectively an old way of doing flat damage reduction based on ability power. But this has lead to some weird problems such as attacks healing galio due to the fact its less than the flat reduction amount. Ult is kinda meh cause why would u want to take damage to do more damage, its just weird on the design point of view and as a counter mage, its even stranger because mages tend to have less attack speed compared to adcs
The shield is fine, healing from taking damage is the same as missing health healing, it's just done in a different way, because in both situations you take damage to heal more. The ult's a freaking taunt, ofcourse you're going to take damage, that's the tradeoff for dealing alot of aoe damage and locking down potentially the whole team.
Syd Floyd (EUW)
: Gragas E hitbox needs to be fixed
It's fine, this is not real life so things don't need to visually collide. The magic of videogames!
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ExpStealer (EUNE)
: Well, they do support picking champions in unusual roles, but every champion's kit is designed with a certain role (or roles) in mind. They don't want Braum or Alistar to be effective junglers easily, because that would bring toxicity to the game in the form of getting one-shotted by an AP/AD stun machine with tons of damage and nobody will play them as Supports, which is the role they were designed for. That's pretty much it. If they just put 100% AP and AD scaling on all champion damaging abilities that would make a huge mess. You don't want ADC Lux with a 2 man snare, that does insane damage, do you? Balance can't be ignored or there would be essentially no roles too. And LoL is designed as a team game which means it MUST have roles.
Im talking more about small changes that can bring a champion into a role, i don't think alistar would be too strong if they gave him some more synergy with damaging and killing jungle monsters, small damage reductions to Galio's jungling could push him out of viability, even when his abilities get a thumbs up on the good jungler checklist. Imagine if Cho'gath couldn't ult on jungle monsters, or if his passive only healed on minion and champion kills, or of his spikes only hit minions and champions, this is not the case, but the point still stands small things that could bring champions into roles should be changed so they can fit, it's better to have a glove that fits everyone well, than a glove that fits only one person well, sharing is caring :P
: Riot's policy is that uncommon roles are fine so long as they are healthy and don't negatively affect the primary role. So with galio they want top and mid to be the primary roles... So as long as jungle isn't too powerful or unhealthy they are happy with it... atm galio was clearing the jungle very quickly and efficiently which meant that it was likely out of line as tanks who can do that have historically been an issue... So riot nerfed it so that when it hit live jungle galio couldn't be too strong. So they will support jungle galio or support galio if they emerge post launch but not if jungle galio is outcompeting proper junglers or his solo lane identities.
Well, perhaps im too excited to play him support and jungle, i just don't want them to intentionally hurt any of his potential roles. sadly it seems like Aatrox had a simmilar treatment, probably not intentional, but he got much worse in the jungle due to the lack of his passive attackspeed and the new windowed revive being really bad when ganking, among other things.
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