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Yeah well, when you get insults such as Reta*d, mother****, F.U. all the time whenever she dies to the enemy midlaner, you just can't hold back, I was enjoying my game like all the other games I'm having, but when you get to see someone who is actually brainless who keeps insulting YOU over and over, just...Nevermind, I'm not claiming that I'm not guilty for saying all this because I actually meant it, but I would love to see an enhancement in the system,like when people insults you like orianna did, they get immediately muted for that and get a punishement when the game ends, so the people like me who are having a bad day and trying to have fun in the game won't have to listen to more BS in the chat. True there is a muting system in the game where you can mute someone, but who is going to report them later on if everyone have the mute activated and did not see what they were saying.
: Well deserved, wp rito {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
I did not say it wasn't my friend, but my problem is the other guy who led to this situation and made me be toxic because he would not shut up and stop insulting me.
: Its all in the log. Nothing to understand. You sir, are toxic. You talk about challenging the enemy toplaner, but 3/4 of the chatlogs doesnt match up with that. Seems you are talking to a teammate about: (Translated) "See, give players their main role or they troll!". Maybe mid got their main role? And would be off role going top? You think about that? And what about the rest of your team? They are forced to read the shiat you spam in chat entire game or mute you. But why force it upon others to use the mute button? You could have done that to begin with instead of being toxic. Already at champ select, you are showing a negative attitude and posting comments which only would raise the risk of tilting teammates more. I'd suggest you start fixing your attitude instead of blaming everyone else. No one else was typing for you. Take the penalty as deserved, get your head out of your arse and grow up.
Now here me out here m8, I'm not a toxic player but this guy made me so toxic my friend, I was playing and enjoying my game, min5 Katarina came to my lane and dived me, Orianna pinged me to care and I did, but I got surprised by their jungler and katarina at the same time, I could not do anything to avoide dying unless I'm faker or some shit, It was not even a ranked game. In case you were wondering : Azestek: im not a fighter champ Azestek: tank Azestek: says the one who got a reworked busted champ who spams abilities 24/7 Azestek: Don't talk, you making me laugh Azestek: Well check my history, i dont play gnar either Azestek: good Azestek: worth Azestek: you still need buddies to get kills? Azestek: Alright Azestek: Need to stop typing while moving This my chatlog with the enemy toplaner I had in my game, while I was talking to him and making a challenge to actually 1v1 me instead of asking for help all the time, my midlaner was still insulting me in the meanwhile, my next chat after this one is all toxic and it's for a reason, I could not hold back the trash talk I was getting and the harassement I had from her, it was not acceptable, I'm not that type of guy whom you going to insult and expect him not to say anything back for something he didn't not cause (in this situation making her lose her lane...whenever she get killed my katarina she tells me F.U. because I was the reason for her lost lane...) Like I replied to someone else on this topic, I only complained in the post game about people dodging in draft then when you get another draft it's not the role you assigned for nor the support role you had as a second quest, instead it was a top, and I never play top, Gnar was available in weekly champ rotation and therefore I choose him, to understand how he works, and at the same time chance my lane a bit, but this orianna kept insulting me since min5, I'm already titled because I didn't get my main lane and then this orianna comes and insult... I'm not the one who needs to work on their attitude, most of my games I get this type of things and I end up /mute all to enjoy my game and not seeing trash talk in the game, but here, I was targeted, I'm sure you understand when you get pushed to a corner and you have to fight back, but here, it was a trash talk fight, and I could not hold back because this orianna made me an ass*ole. I which it was a ranked game so If I actually die like that I would blame myself, and I already do blame myself for giving that kill and not going back to avoide the gank, but it was just a normal game, Humans do mistake but no one likes to be insulted and expect him not to say anything back. Hope you understand my point in all this.
: I had people like you in my games. They just can't shut up and play. Like literally, you averaged 4.7cs/min or so ON A SOLO LANE ! How bout, instead of yapping 24/7, you ACTUALLY PLAY THE GAME - maybe you'll win more, and keep your honor level - just a thought tho.
> [{quoted}](name=The Lane Police,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=FBW21X0o,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2018-07-26T10:49:48.284+0000) > > I had people like you in my games. They just can't shut up and play. Like literally, you averaged 4.7cs/min or so ON A SOLO LANE ! > How bout, instead of yapping 24/7, you ACTUALLY PLAY THE GAME - maybe you'll win more, and keep your honor level - just a thought tho. People like me? Please dude, I complained post game because I was getting my main role (mid) but people kept dodging and I start getting other roles, I asked my midlaner to exchange but he refused to do so and I didn't say anything else, I was focusing on the game, playing first time gnar, trying to be usefull in the game and not to feed since I never play toplane nor playing gnar as a champion, everything was going smooth on my game bro, Until the enemy midlaner (kat) came and dived me and got the kill, since then my midlaner started insulting me for no reason, What did I do to deserve insultes like retar*d, mother****, What's my problem in all this???? And It was just a normal game not even a ranked one, I'm still trying to learn the %%%%ing game and now you cme and give me that BS about cs and yapping 24/7, it's not my fault if you are having bad games with some people, my problem is why I got harassed by katarina so much. and it's my first warning from riot, If I was not shuting down my mouth as you say I should do, I would have gotten many warnings before. PS: Stop judging people behavior based on one bad game that they have with some people because they could not shut their mouth since ''idiots'' and ''12 years old" on this game still blaming others for losing their lane for no reason and go 0/10 for that and insult nemurous times for NO REASON. I play this game to enjoy, not to meet toxic people who makes me toxic back.
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: WHY DO I HAVE TO GET A CHAT RESTRICTION AND HONOR LOCKED.... The game that led to this incident
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: Please Rate Your League Experience
Link works perfectly fine, imo if he don't get a 15days ban for this act that you assume he did, then I don't know what's right and what's wrong with this game anymore.
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In this chatlog, I was talking to my enemy toplaner and we were just challenging each other, I recommand riot to look into the whole chat of the game to understand everything.
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