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Marxtreme (EUW)
: So many smurfs on Clash...
They already added the SMS Verification. Personally I have no clue how to fix the smurfing problem without causing problems for new players trying to create an account, or making it effective. Our team played against a Smurf as well PROBABLY (we are tier II so it might have been a high diamond) and played against someone that had about 15cs/10min at some point. The guy was insane lol. BUT we also played against a Bronze who teamed up with 2 Diamonds and a Platinum, with high skill gaps it's harder to find matches.
Swagdog69 (EUW)
: Hi, why is everyone so angry in this game?
Making a new account won't work as many people smurf. The best solution is to play with a premade team. You can practice Champions in the Practice Tool with some handy features that make it easy to learn combos etc. Try to find some friends that don't flame, can teach you some things about the game/changes and are fun to play with!
: Clash scouting
Yes there is! If you go out of their team you can click on your own team in the brackets
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: A question about clash!
They don't expire, I still have tickets from a last time and even the time before that and can (most likely almost 100% sure?) use them next time.
: Starter Pack Bundle Question
It will stay in the Shop. There's no expiration date or time. You can even buy it in 10 years!
PzyXo (EUW)
: I'm honestly an Aphelios main atm in PBE. He's not hard to play as you guys think. He got AA/Q/R with 5 wpns. You honestly get used to him after 2 games. Anyway, I agree that he should be disabled on ranked because my first time with him I couldn't do shit. So small tips for people who wanna play him after his release : - Don't want the primary weapon, use it only on attacking enemies in lane for the first mins - cs with your secondary and every other weapon except the primary till you get bf sword - If you're against champs who fight in botlane [Pyke, Yasuo, Thresh]. You'll need your secondary weapon. Because this weapon is made for low range fights - Use your R with your "plasma thrower" and instantly press Q, this will stun every enemy you hit. Even if you hit someone who's near you than hit all other 4 with your R than Q you'll be able to stun them all opening a fight for your team. - As Aphelios, you want to be in Vladimir's range. Not in Caitlyn's, neither in Yasuo's. The middle. Be a fighter but in smart way. - Aphelios can kill Zed even before Zed kills him. Just use your secondary to heal. The heal is bugged that Vlad/Zed's R do no damage at all somehow. Happened to me many times Small tips :v
Love the bug with the Zed ult haha, ADC struggles
: Ban him. Post can be closed.
Many people will start trolling or afking when their Champion gets banned, especially in Ranked
2xDealer (EUW)
: This is absolutely valid comparison, because some champions are so rarely picked that you may never encounter them on your way from registration to lvl30 (where ranked is open for you).
It's not a valid comparison because old Champions don't have a "New Champion Hype" where ALMOST EVERYONE wants to play them. You can easily pick them in Normal Draft or Blind without having to worry too much about others instalocking them or banning them.
: Should new champions be disabled in ranked for one patch? yes. But aphelios is an easy champion, not a hard one. People think he is hard because of long article about his abilities but his actual gameplay is far from hard in reality. He is an adc that still deals most of his damage with basic attacks and he doesn't have any skill requiring tools and combos in his kit.
Riot said he is one of the hardest Champions to learn, that's why I thought he was very hard. He's hard to get into but once you understand his different weapons he is not that hard.
Obliνion (EUNE)
: Clash
[Link to LoL Fandom]( > **Entry Requirements** Summoner level 30 or more. Completed provisional matches in at least one ranked queue. Honor level 2 or more. SMS account verification (lasts 6 months).
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: Clash 2.12.2019
Clash is not today. It's this weekend Saturday and Sunday. The Clash tab will probably arrive today.
: mute is an option...the other is to start flaming them aswell but you'll end up getting banned!
Most people choose option 2 and end up complaining they got banned. I love LoL but the community seems to be getting worse and worse. In the past I never encountered people flaming in ARAM, but now it happens almost every game.
: What is wrong with LOL community??!!!
Aw man, you were really unlucky with that team. I suggest you try playing with premades, it will be way more fun and there will be no flaming. It would be a shame if you have to give up League because of the community. Also nothing wrong with AP Teemo lol that's the best thing to do in ARAM. Sorry for your bad experience!
: and with what reason did they justify this madness
Because they chose to make quality skins, not just remodels without vfx changes.
DGamer (EUW)
: How can i see how many years/days my account have?
What do you mean? You don't receive RP and BE for owning accounts.
Canc3rMains (EUNE)
: Banned for 14 days for toxicity?
I have respect that you actually have the insight to see that you are sometimes toxic, it is the first step to preventing bans etc. It's hard to ignore people flaming you, I'm sure everyone has experienced this and it's extremely infuriating especially when they're wrong. The system Riot has punishes any toxic behavior out of context, as many people say: "If the other person is toxic and you are too, you deserve to be punished just as much" This is hard to accept. Try to mute others next time and refrain from typing back, it will only make the situation worse. Report them after game, even if you don't get i(nstant) feedback there's a good chance they got punished. PS: I suggest you change your name just in case someone reports you for it.
: > [{quoted}](name=Bæka,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=TjR02A3w,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-12-01T13:09:54.130+0000) > > Prestige skins won't be available via Hextech Crafting anymore next year. Right now they are (I think..) Although not explicitly stated, this article implies that all Prestige skins will still be obtainable via the loot system since they state that getting the skins from Hextech crafting and rerolls will not grant you the prestige borders.
Sorry, I meant the even skins from this year.
: I think you have completely missunderstood the concept of Prestige Skins. There are two types. Event Prestige Skins and Prestige Shop Skins. The first type can only be aquired by participating in the corresponding event and farming enough event Tokens. The second type can only be aquired by purchasing them with Prestige Points in the Prestige Shop. Those two types don't mix and have never mixed. However, this will be changed in 2020 where all Event Skins will be purchasable via Prestige Points at the end of the year (although you will miss out on the Prestige Borders which will stay event exclusive). (Both types of Prestige Skins can be obtained via Hextech loot and rerolls)
Prestige skins won't be available via Hextech Crafting anymore next year. Right now they are (I think..)
: About prestige skins
Swap them? What do you mean? If you are referring to the old Prestige Skins coming back, they are not. Read [this article]( TLDR; "Players who unlocked those skins did so with the expectation that event tokens would be the only way to get them, and we wanted to respect those players' investments."
xxxXFANXxxx (EUNE)
: collection/champions bug
Yeah it's been a bug for a while now. For now the only thing you can do is go out of Collection and go back in and hope it works.
: I own Alistar and I have Moo Cow Alistar. I have 2 tokens for mastery level 6 and 3 options. First one: 2450 Blue essence and 2 tokens Second: Alistar Shard and 2 tokens Third: Alistar permanent and 2 tokens So I can't do option 2 because I don't have shard for him but I can choose between option one and option three. Option three is more worth because I will like remove the champ, then buy him again for 1350, or if I choose to pay 2450 blue essence Im losing in that case. So If I choose option three will I lose my Moo Cow Alistar or what will happend?
I see you've got it, congrats on your Alistar Mastery btw! Hextech Crafting means unlocking content, not deleting it. If you have an Alistar Shard or Permanent you can use Essence to unlock the Champion. Disenchanting or using the Shard/Permanent for a Mastery does not have any effect on whether you own the Champion or not; it's not connected, that's why you can have both Alistar AND a Shard or multiple Shards. Hextech Crafting is difficult to understand at first but you'll get the hang of it. PS: Moo Cow Alistar is the best Alistar skin
: Can I lose my skin or chroma/s if I choose to level up his mastery level with "champion permanent"
I'm not sure what you mean. You never lose a chroma though. Do you not own Alistar yet or are you refunding him? If you don't get rid of him you won't lose your skin. Using a Champion Permanent does use the Permanent Shard but not your Champion.
: Stop releasing new champions this fast-paced. New champion (after Aphelios) already announced.
The Senna hype isn't even over yet and Aphelios is almost on the rift already. Senna isn't all that balanced quite yet, neither are a lot of other champions. Though I do understand the Champion Design Team and the Balancing Team, the Champion Design Team might have earned a little vacation after all their hard work. They've done a really good job. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Forbidden Idol on TFT
Wow this is really detailed! This is a good idea because some units on TFT feel a bit awkward now when giving items because they are mainly offensive or really defensive (health, armor, magic resist). Units like Janna don't deal damage with their ults so giving them offensive items doesn't work either. The only items you can give those units are tear or deathcap. I really like this, thanks for putting so much effort in it! Hopefully this will reach someone from the Riot team so they can use it or get inspiration from it.
The biggest problem is that those perma-muted people will start running it down mid (which is worse in my opinion)
: veigar's tooltip no longer states that he one shots lower stared units, instead it reads : > If Veigar is a higher star level than his target, the damage is increased to 19999. This means that it shouldn't one shot units with the crystal bonus that caps the damage to a certain limit
Well that's what I call oneshotting too, no one has 19999 hp xD You should probably just send a ticket to Riot Support, you will get answer way sooner (and a higher chance of actually getting a response) there.
: Permaban
Write a ticket to Riot Support.
: I was stuck in "game accept" screen and couldnt get out
My friend actually experienced this. The client has many bugs since a certain patch. It seems like you are stuck on your screen, while in reality you are actually in the lobby (which is why you heard the ban quotes). Hopefully this is fixed soon!
: Can you fix the damn client please?
You know Riot has different teams right? The champion and skin designers can't fix the client.
22G Sanji (EUW)
: Veigar oneshot crystal 4 synergy
It's a bit of a clash between them. Veigars ult oneshots any unit lower than he is, while Crystal units are supposed to take a maximum amount of damage in one attack from a certain champion. Veigars ult is probably supposed to oneshot them, though it's still a bit like 2 unstoppable objects hitting each other.
Trias000 (EUNE)
: Is it out now? Why is there never any news telling when it's gonna happen?
They announced it a while ago AND it's in the patch notes AND on the Store home screen
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Arcade Kai'Sa emerald chroma IS available.
: > [{quoted}](name=Bæka,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=8UJ22qdd,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-11-25T07:00:20.716+0000) > > In the Patch Notes it says > > "The Essence Emporium returns for preseason from November 25 to December 10" > > So probably today. well its 25th and 18:05 here and no emporium yet
The problem is that Riot is basing their times on another Region so it will probably here at like 11PM. They've done this with other events too. Just because it's 6PM doesn't mean it's not coming, there are still 6 hours left until the 25th is over.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: My Kat Mastery is 650k+
Just mute them if they start complaining. Practice is the key! You can also try Practice Mode and learn some combos or play with some premades that won't be rude to you just because you are new to reworked kat. (The people who laugh at you are sad btw)
Mechanikk (EUNE)
: TFT- ikons
Sorry it's hard to understand what you said, but if you want to know which champions are in a class you can hover over the class and see them. You can also just search it online. After a battle you can see all the damage a certain unit has done.
Nagarider (EUW)
: Unsatisfying Honor Reward
Though I do agree the emotes are kind of worthess, they are still free rewards that won't ever be obtainable again. The Victorious skins are very rare and people who start playing now won't ever be able to get the ones from previous seasons. Just because you have a lot of key fragments doesn't mean everyone does, in fact I'm really happy with them because Hextech Crafting is fun and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Getting Honor level 5 is pretty easy if you are average and don't flame or int (which isn't all that hard..) Honestly we should be happy Riot decided to add an honor system with free rewards, because they very well could have chosen not to (or to add an honor system without rewards and only punishments). You should remember that the honor system is made to punish people who are unsportsmanlike and this means the honorable players don't even have to get rewards, they are extra and free.
: Question about Essence Emporium
In the Patch Notes it says "The Essence Emporium returns for preseason from November 25 to December 10" So probably today.
: Zed needs more damage he is kinda trash rn
No he isn't lol
JesusTHC (EUW)
: End of season stats
They will be added to the Home Screen eventually
: Just create a system already that adds new players after disconnect!!
For all the people hating on ARAM, just because you don't like it doesn't mean no one does! You can tell us ARAM players that we are dumb, but that's just like saying "I don't like tomatoes so they are s*** and no one can like them." Also, being annoyed by having an afk IS NOT TRYHARDING ffs. Maybe ARAM can be unfair because of the Champions but OBVIOUSLY we ARAM players understand that and accept that. An afk is a really bad disadvantage because of the random Champions. If you are just going to hate on ARAM in this thread, just don't type and leave it to people who actually have something useful to say.
HuNTer77 (EUW)
: Thanks for input, I understand what you saying, just one question I still want to confirm wich account of mine must I use to team up with him preferable? High level, or same level as him?
If you are going for bot games your own account is fine.
9 Volts (EUW)
: Got honor 3&4 emotes, but not my icons and aatrox skin
Just wait, you will (HOPEFULLY!) receive them soon. Though I'd be happy if I didn't get the Aatrox skin haha.
: The bug is on > Set profile background (it affects the friends list)
I was so confused, I was like wtf did EVERYONE in my friend list just get Prestige Qiyana?? xD
: ***
This comment does not help OP and isn't very nice either tbh
: Club Name Cant Register
Well the fact you are even bringing up racism is insane because that's definitely not the case. You probably just have 1 (or more) symbols that are not allowed to be in a Club Tag. Just because 1 symbol was allowed in another Club Tag doesn't mean ALL the symbols are.
HuNTer77 (EUW)
: Helping a low player friend new to game
Okay, so obviously many smurfs and just genuinely new (bad) players play bot games to level up or just because they can't play anything else. I suggest you try to get a premade team and play some bot games. This way other experienced players can help your friend and you won't get troll / afk teams and you can communicate in not tryharding and going heal/shield supports to help your friend. Though playing normal games will definitely help, you should have some basic knowledge (unless you are playing with 5 premade) because other players WILL abuse your friend to get fed. As a beginner, playing against experienced players can be very frustrating because you don't understand the champions, runes and items. When I explain League to someone else I actually try to make a small list of important points and explain every point such as Objectives, Champions and Runes. You shouldn't give your friend TOO MUCH information because it can be confusing. You shouldn't explain him things like meta, skins etc, because they are not important when you are a beginner. Just mentioning Champions can look differently because of skins (that do not influence gameplay) is enough. When I first played League I actually didn't have a clue what I was doing. I just followed my premades calls (they told me what to buy and when to attack turret or drake). It also depends on the knowledge your friend already has (farming, playing safe etc.) Just focus on the basics. Getting smashed by high level players (or players that are 2 elo's higher) is never fun.
Drda (EUNE)
: Whens prestige shop coming out?
In January, on the 31st of January the points are expiring so I'm guessing about 2/3 weeks in advance
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