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: Get everything you need to start Hextech crafting? Full of dupes. Now i will have to play some thousands of hours to get 1950 BE. Thank you so much RIOT. ^_^ {{sticker:cass-cry}}
thousands of hours? at your level, you just need to level up twice. unless you waste your essence on champions you don't need.
: lost game because of 2 afk and got demoted :(
there's too many threads about this sort of thing. i'm going to complain about the "c" in your name not being capitalized.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Bíbs,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=lnoUQfEU,comment-id=000b00000002,timestamp=2017-12-10T20:32:47.418+0000) > > i only got 3 5 game chat restrictions, a 14 day ban then a permaban after one game. No you didnt. The punishment tiers are: 10 game chat restrict, 25 game chat restrict, 14day ban and lastly perma.
Coopa123 (EUW)
: > People deserve a 2nd chance Correct. That's why you get a 2nd chance after getting the 10 chat restrictions. And then you get a 3rd chance after getting the 25 chat restriction. And then you get a 4th chance after getting the 14 day ban. But everyone deserves a 5th chance amirite?
i only got 3 5 game chat restrictions, a 14 day ban then a permaban after one game.
: What is the fun about being stunned from end of the world then getting oneshotted?
Coreil (EUW)
: man this shit run on a potato, if you have a banana....sry but i have bad new for you... man try playing pubg ... with so wow graphics then u need the superpotato ultra boost OCII Poseidon
the actual game runs at 60 fps with medium graphics. :v
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Alfu (EUW)
: chatroom for low priority queue
: I think that's just the damage from her Q tho...
imagine 30 autos...
: New Champion - Insane Killer [Joke]
You forgot to add "Can't be banned in Champ Select and you always get first pick" in the passive. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Only a few more days... - Volunteer Event [Merry Christmas!]
can i buy the ward once it's out or is it just the **4 lucky winners :D** that can get it? maybe i'm fine with not getting it - i won't have to witness the ward get killed or expired. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
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Niffler (EUNE)
: Hi, if you wanna climb focus on playing 1 main position only and be at least decent at your 2nd prefered one. After that what you wanna do is try playing a small champion pool, preferably champions that do not get banned often so they are available for you most of the time + champions that can actually carry a game, not ones that depend on your team (avoid playing tanks, unless they have a lot of cc/dmg). You **MUST** feel comfortable when playing the champions you play, learn their mechanics, early game damage, how to last hit with them properly, how to position yourself etc. Make sure you are using the most appropriate runes for your champion + learn to adapt your runes and build according to what the enemy team has (it's a really bad idea to ALWAYS build the same way, you must be flexible) Honestly reaching Gold does not even require you to play that well, just try to be as CONSISTENT as possible. Avoid dying as much as possible, but don't be a complete poosie, make calculated plays, do not go for a high risk / uncertain reward plays. Use pings to communicate with your teammates and dont waste your time chatting all the time, that's a sure way to lose a game/get reported/get killed while typing/give up objectives to the other team. Think of what's the best way and plays to actually win the game, not just get kills. A lot of people in bronze/silver/gold dont care about free objectives, instead they'd go chase for kills and end up dying in the process. Try to extend your lead as much as possible as fast as possible, push turrets, get herald/drakes, try to help the other lanes if possible. DO NOT depend on your team to win the game for you. If you feel constantly tilted just dont play the game at all. It's supposed to be fun, maybe annoying only sometimes, but if you feel horrible in 90% of your games then why exactly are you playing? Fix your mindset by always performing well and improving as much as possible. Even if you end up losing the game if you know you did everything you could and you did well - that should be enough. Be satisfied with the way you played, spend less time giving a crap about the outcome of the game. As long as you play well and keep improving and fixing the mistakes you make you will definitely end up winning more and eventually climb. If you don't start looking at the game in a different way I'll tell you what's going to happen. You'll spend loads of time playing, getting annoyed, getting headaches, getting tilted, in the end you'll reach silver 5, but would you be satisfied? No, you won't be. Once you reach Silver you are going to want Gold and that would require a significant amount of time once again, then once you've reached Gold you are going to aim for Platinum. You are NEVER going to be satisfied with your current rank/division (in case you are a competitive person, which I assume you are, otherwise you would not bother getting tilted, you would have fun even playing normals). That's why you should learn to be satisfied with the way you personally played and spend less time thinking about things that you could not have prevented. You can't always win, but you will have more wins than losses if you always or at least almost always outperform the enemy you are laning against + get objectives/ know when to be with your team and when to push the lead solo.
i'm still tying to find whether i find support or jungle more fun and effective. my main champion pool (i play on another account, too) at this point is tahm kench and alistar, i'm not finding myself playing anything else consistently. I'm definite about being inconsistent. I think this means I'm getting carried sometimes and I'm not as good as my good games seem, right? I know at this point depending on my team isn't a valid option and I've convinced myself what goes wrong is my fault and I'm starting to see the many imperfections in my play. :) My decision making right now isn't the best unless there's something really obvious I can do, such as a free drake when they clearly can't contest. Still, I'm not sure if it's worth going for a certain turret unless there is absolutely nothing that can go wrong if I go to destroy it. Another problem I have is I can't really push leads when I have them and I'll end up losing it mid to late game.
: How often are you allowed to intentionally feed?
you're never allowed. you just don't get permabanned the first time you do it. get over whatever happened.
: tbh if u're bronze u prolly wont get too much from watching high elo streams, since the easiest way to climb out of bronze is to polish ur laning, while high elo games are rly more about macro play. I'd suggest to just work on ur laning like practise cs mechanics in customs till u're able to hit at least 10 cs per minute against bots, which is pretty easy once u put ur mind in it rly. Other than that just watch some videos about how to trade in lane and try to pay more attention to play around the side of ur lane where u got vision in order to not die to ganks. If u do that, which u currently don't I promise u will get out of bronze. it's rly not that hard to win games if u manage to get ahead in lane most of the time and it's all the easier on bronze because people make sooooooooo many mistakes in the laning phase that u'll be able to abuse. And for ur mindset it's rly just dont tilt watch what ur doing first dont try to blame ur team for mistakes. Also whenever u die think about why u died there and how to avoid it in the future, since whenever u die in the game u can assume u did a mistake so why not go ahead and look for a way to fix it right away while u wait to respawn. Oh and dont try to respond to toxic people it's rly not worth it, even if u say something nice they'll eventually get triggered even more.
i have a sticky notes thing open every time i play and every mistake i count during my gameplay i add to the list of mistakes. i think this is emphasising what i'm doing wrong.
: Couple of basic things: 1) farming discipline. DON'T PUSH like an idiot everytime. Know when to freeze and last-hitting-only works at your advantage, expecially if you think your jungler is prone to help you if you force the enemy in a bad position. 2) play for objectives. You don't need to be a jungler to take a dragon. Given roughly 6 levels and items (sometimes even before), almost every champ can take a dragon by itself. If the enemy jungler is dead or elsewhere or the enemy team is running away or the like, got take the dragon alone. Ping the team for help, sometime they comply if they are good. Ditto for Herald/Baron. When you know you can take Herald/Baron without being disturbed (same conditions as dragon), ping it like a madman and see if you can prompt your team to help you. Sadly, this works less often. 3) don't chase. don't chase unless the most of the enemy team is dead or you roughly know where anyone is. If someone is chasing out of these conditions, don't follow it. Don't chase if you can get an objective instead while the enemy is running. All in all, don't chase. 4) roam, and follow the opponent when they are roaming. Given the role and the champ you are playing, you may be better at doing this or not. If you can't follow the roaming of an opponent, ping that the opponent is not there like a madman and write SS. You should try to recognize the moment you can and you should roam, from the moment when it's better to farm and makes the enemy lose CS under it's tower (let alone take it if you can). All in all, if you got the feeling that your team is good, they won't allow a roaming opponent to get them that easily. Use your judgement. 5) watch the minimap (and ward accordingly) most often than not. Whenever you don't see an opponent in his lane or YOU SEE THE ENEMY JUNGLER (WHEREVER HE IS), ping it. DON'T DO THAT FOR YOUR LANE ONLY, DO IT FOR ALL LANES, expecially if these laners won't. It does not hurt to write "jungler top/bot side" now and then, if you can do that fast and without lose focus. I wrote all this from a Mid laner standpoint, but it's good for every role. Most of the stupid things that can happen, happened because someone was disregarding these things. Works for me.
I generally can manage the lane to my advantage but I don't always know what I want. I'm never sure if I want to push the lane or not. I do prioritise objectives but I'm never sure how to set up to take an objective. Chasing is definitely a problem for me. I've started to implement roaming into my playstyle and it definitely has shown a difference. (when I'm not playing jungle) I have pretty decent map awareness.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > how do i learn to not care? Experience, maybe. I mean, it's just a game after all. Bronze, Silver, Gold; at the end of the day, does it really make a difference? Sure, we want to get better and climb, that's part of why we play, but how does getting to gold actually impact you? Play to have fun, and don't care too much about the rank. In a few years when you're tired of the game, you won't care at all anymore. I worked for accomplishments in games I've played in the past, some I made, some I didn't. But now, what does it matter?
to be honest, and it probably will sound quite sad, I take my rank way more personally than I should because I've never been significantly good at anything and I've never really felt accomplished about anything. The reason I'm so desperately looking to climb from getting legitimately better is probably from insecurity.
: ***
why are you commenting on all my posts negatively? are you still salty nobody takes you seriously?
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: To some extent you'll just have to learn to not care. Sure, you play to win, but so does everyone else. In each of your games, there are 5 people that can only get what they want by you losing. You won't always be in full control of everything. At the end of the day, this is still a team game, so nobody expects you to either. The only thing that's really expected of you is to play at the best of your ability, and try to avoid making the same mistake twice. This is also why it's so important to just identify your own mistakes, and work to improve them. The less mistakes you do, the more control you'll have of your area of the map, which in turn will make you win more. Don't let a loss get to you, because it is impossible to hold a 100% win-rate. You just need to be over 50% in order to climb. As soon as you're better than the average player you're being matched up with, you will climb.
how do i learn to not care? i'm getting too tilted at obvious mistakes that are being made. for the first time, i've recently experienced almost passing out due to the tilt i felt from a dumb play. how do i just stop caring?
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Greetings. First things first, let's focus on getting to silver. Once you do that, gold should be your next goal. --- > I've spent almost a full year in bronze and I've thoroughly convinced myself, along with advice from LS's videos and streams, that there is something wrong with me and my mindset This is actually a good realization. Too many players blame their inability to climb on their allies, and refuse to accept that they're in bronze simply because that's where they current belong. The ability to climb the ladder comes from the ability to improve on your own mistakes, because I can guarantee you that you make a lot in your games, since every single player does. --- While it can be difficult to simply give you advice based on your match history, a general advice is to always focus on identifying the mistakes you make in your games, and then improving on these. A good starting point is to try to spot at least one thing you could have done differently each time you die. Did you not ward properly? Did you miss-time the enemy cooldowns? Were you overextending without knowledge of where the enemy jungler was? While sometimes it's extremely hard to avoid dying, just try to find at least one thing that you could have done to improve your chances. --- Focus on CS, as this is your main source of income. In your games you do have several matches with good cs, but you also have matches where you CS is not so good. Try to get this number higher on a consistent basis, so at least the games you lose have a higher CS number. More CS means more gold, providing you with more power. --- Warding is also key, since it gives your team vision, and allows you to play safer. You do ward a bunch with your trinket, but I'd like to see you get more Control Wards, as this allows you to both secure vision, and deny enemy vision at the same time. Each time you back, you should try to pick one up, regardless of what role you're playing. Remember to swap out your trinket when you're support and get a sightstone, an item you also sometimes forget. Having sightstone and the warding trinket isn't worth it, since your wards come from the sightstone now. Swap the trinket with the Sweeping Lens, and upgrade that to Oracle Alteration at level 9, as this will allow you to clear enemy wards as well. Denying enemy vision is just as important as securing your own team the same vision.
do you have any general tips on increasing my influence on the game? a lot of the games i'm losing i feel i have no control and i'm losing more than i'd be comfortable with. i feel powerless in these games when i probably shouldn't.
: IMo watching high elo people won't work with you (or anyone) Because they're doing what works for them. You need to see who you play the best with and work on that champion. Have at least 2 role to use well to some extent. When i "feed" or just plain fail. I get a little mad but then i think what i could of done and why i died. Tell you not to focus on other mistakes if pointless, we all do it. But focus on yourself. Find what works for you. IE - I play Soraka very well. I used her to do promos and climb, i love to heal and keep my team's health above 50/80% I like to cc the enemy. I'm a healer.. Who's you favourite champion and why? or role. As HANsiman said. Focus low then higher later on. I always aim for the next rank up. Not too much stressed and enough encouragement.
i'm looking at high elo players playing the champ that I want to play ^^ my favourite champ is either ryze. shen or thresh but i stopped playing them because i was told they're either not good for low elo or i could've been more effective with another champion.
Smerk (EUW)
: You are replying to wrong guy. I clearly saw your edit and I didn't downvote anything there
i mean "ur mom farts" i'm seeing his posts around the forum and he just gets real salty
: Every single "level up" game is a loss???
what is the meaning of this post, may I ask politely?
Smerk (EUW)
: Then why did he post it in "New Player Advice"? There are only two reasons to post there: give advice or ask for advice and it is clearly not the first one
i already asked for advice in the "EDIT:" EDIT: why did you downvote every post?
Hansiman (EUNE)
: It means what it says: You've left less games recently, and thus your standing with LeaverBuster has improved. It's a good sign.
the last time I remember leaving a game was a good few months ago
: Being matched with gold and platinum players at level 1????
Heidinary (EUW)
reports don't actually do anything if you did nothing wrong. 90% of the time when someone reports you for feeding nobody will really do anything about it.
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xGunna1 (EUW)
: and jayce can't poke always because of mana + his poke can be dodged behind minions cait just AA him to death
and what DO you do when you get ganked or engaged? you can do absolutely nothing. there are also top laners and junglers made for tower diving so you're not as safe under tower as you think. {{sticker:sg-syndra}}
Rismosch (EUW)
: I wouldn't recommend Sivir. She is way too niche and farm dependant. Also because she has no escapes, she could be quite difficult to play.
i'd say don't pick sivir because there is NOTHING good going for her. -no range -no escape -no damage (compared to other adcs) -extremely high item costs -high item spike at least trist has a great escape and insane range.
: Looking for some good champions to play with.
marksmen champions lol. ashe is pretty straightforward and applies discipline to the player due to her lack of escape. i'd say sivir because she's pretty much the definition of a traditional adc but she's not even close to meta right now.
mizuji (EUW)
: I can't play ahri anymore
she was probably on rotation or she's one of the pre level 6 champions players get. (idk probably the first one)
: I have decided to not get a 6300 BE champion. Is Diana the best 4800 BE or less champion I can get?( considering that I am mainly a mid) I am aware that there are a lot of good champions out there. Thanks for all the support. :)
Diana's actually a really easy to pick up champion for low elo. Her kit is more straightforward than Zed or Riven. She takes a lot more in higher elo but she can easily carry a low elo game once you get used to her kit.
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: You just further lower the gaming atmosphere for the rest of your team. Why do you want to punish the three other team members you have just because one person is misbehaving?
some people would feel that flaming is the quickest "punishment" for a troll or something like that and, since reporting someone doesn't generally give a _satisfying_ punishment, **although, I AM aware there is punishment**.
: Do you mean "flaming trolls" like trolls who flame ingame or "flaming trolls" like flame them? I'll give you my opionion on both things since I'm not sure which is the right one. -flame trolls I can understand that players get mad at some trolls, but flaming is never an option unless you're toxic. It's espacialy unnecessary in normals since you can't lose anything important, except maybe some missions which isn't that bad (at least in my sights). If they troll in a ranked game, just check that game off and move on. But yeah, overall flaming is an unsportsmanlike act (negative attitude) even against trolls. So reporting players for flaming trolls is fine and legal, even if it's hard to accept for some people. -flaming trolls Like mentioned above, flaming is a reportable offense. On the trolling side however, it depends if they're helping the enemy team with it, which can be reportable. (For example "Assisting enemy team" and/or "International Feeding") Picking a offmeta champ, going on a trollbuild and other stuff in that direction isn't reportable.
While I understand that, under no circumstances, is flaming allowed, checking a game off and moving on isn't so easy when on a lose streak.
Izvara (EUNE)
: i really want a candy kayn skin
riot would probably mess up the name, though. some skins have some really clever punny possible names but they aren't actually used. they'd probably call it "candy cane kayn"
: No problem, just hope it helps :) About your TP being up or not, sometimes it is worth, sometimes not. Generally, tower for tower at least so they don't get tower top for free. Do you know about wave management? Whenever possible when you want to back, push the wave into the enemy's tower, the bigger the wave the better. That makes the wave push slowly to your tower, so you have time to back and run back to your lane before they get to your tower without using your tp and losing CS (you maybe lose 2-3, but if all goes well the enemy loses a whole wave or more). Whenever possible do this with your cannon minion wave (every thrid wave). That is harder to kill, so even if your opponent pushed the wave fast it will take a few seconds longer, which just may get you in exp range for another minion or two. Look up "solorenektononly wave management" if you want to see some videos on the subject :) He calls it the "1000 gold swing", since you by pure wave management can get a huge lead on your opponent without ever fighting him :) Edit: About the cs. It is good you are even, but imagine you have 1,5 his CS. That way you cna %%%% up and still win a fight by sheer item advantage. If the choice is between a trade with your opponent or a CS, go for the CS. You can literally win a game just by getting your mid game power spike before everyone else without doing any big plays in lane.
what should i do when i'm having trouble against my opponent? generally, i would focus on ganking another lane to get an advantage for me or my team but i feel like you'd help with a better solution.
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Perilum (EUW)
: Play the game and shut up. Like everyone else who doesn't get bans. You toxic people get banned for trash talking. Just in case you still can't grasp that.
Give him a chance, dude. He already got a satisfying punishment. Don't get aggressive until he actually does something wrong again.
: Hello, If you are playing Shen as a beginner, i advise you to only focus on farming. Don't try to play aggressive. You can do that once you get better. When you say "focusing on bot", do you mean you are watching directly, or from the mini-map ? Having an eye on the mini-map and watching their HP is enough. If you want to protect drake, you need to ask your sup to ward it. If you want to win team fights, you need to wait for the good timing to engage. Otherwise, you need to let your team poke them first. If you want to carry your games, i can only advise you to try to get the herald after killing your lane opponent with the help of your jungler (or maybe forcing him to back). Don't forget to ward their jungler to prevent eventual roaming from their jungler. Have a good day. Chibi Shinigami
I'll definitely practice improving my cs but I always felt as long as I was even or ahead of my opponent, I could go for trades when there was an opportunity. By "focusing on bot" I check the map regularly and the health bars on the side. If I think there is or will be a fight, I try to clear as much of the wave as I can in the time I have and moving my camera bot. The support warding bit was an answer I hoped I wouldn't get, but it's still an answer. Reason being, I can't really rely on my teammates to listen to what I say. I try to ward but I always forget to buy blue trinket until mid-late game where I start to split push. Thanks for the advice! {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
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