: Another Prestige Skin with no way to acquire without spending £115 are you messing?!
you do know that you can write the poll options in the actual poll instead of making it this needlessly complicated, right?
: Just out of curiosity btw, how many banns do you have?
not a single ban, not even a chat restriction. i've never been punished in any way or form. how can you be this oblivious
: I don't understand what part of that is supposed to be upsetting?
the way you think. you're extremely toxic, calling people autistic and saying they have issues and to uninstall, you say some are "inferior" then accuse me of being a racist for not acknowleding it when race has nothing to do with it, unless YOU are refering to race by calling people of other races inferior which is extremely racist of YOU. you're more toxic than chernobyl and you're completely oblivious to the fact. do you not realise your toxic behavior? that's just sad.
: uhm no, that was a honest advice. Some people are just born inferior and you are racist for not acknowledging them
i feel sorry for you. how a person can be like this is geniuenly upsetting
Brokenhz (EUW)
: So when is nasus gonna get Nerf?
teemo is apparently his hardest counter, but even as a teemo main (yes, i said that), i find him extremely hard to play against. once he hits 100 stacks it's almost impossible to beat him in lane unless you got like 3-4 kills early. sure, you can blind him to prevent his stacks but his q has a lower cd than teemos q, and once he hits 6 he can just ult for even less cd on q, slow your movement AND attack speed by what, 80%? it doesnt matter if you blind him at that point, once he gets in your face, and he will, it's 30% of your health each q, if not more. nothing counters nasus i guess
: I may have said that "Why dont you play fortnite instead, its made for autistic kids and people with issues like you, you really should try it out" Guess the auto bot thinks thats toxic
Rioter Comments
: i'm gona adres the fact does his ult doesn't make sence from what we hear in the cinematic trailer the ultimate does make sence as we don't know much of his backstory yet it seemed like he was imprisoned why we don't yet know but it seemed like he was a revolutionary in demacia who is very traditional so it didn't sit well with them why i say his ult works is not with his chain motif which yea could be integrated a bit better and imo it is in the pictures they showed on the universe page it seems his whole story was the fact he went against the traditions of demacia and that's why he was imprisoned however he wants to make a communist sort of state where the power is taken from the strong and used for the betterment of all it seemed like his "enlightenment" is what gave him the ability to take that power by force so yea it still fits not greatly but it goes really well with his ideology not as much with his chains motif which is there because he was a prisoner who broke free from his prison using magic (most likely lux as we see in the end) and the gauntlets being petricite means he can't get rid of them since magic doesn't work on petricite so his chains motif comes from him being imprisoned for being a revolutionary and in that sence his ult makes sence
thanks for the insight, must admit i missed that part of his story. i still feel as though that whole backstory thing is just an excuse to justify his uninspired ultimate. but again, this is just my personal opinion
Bırd (EUW)
: sylas - the uninspired champ
post been out for a minute and already 2 downvotes, do people even read or just downvote everytime someone tries to criticize riots design?
Rioter Comments
Hyderos (EUW)
: Crash by pinging Neeko Items
> Neeko's Level and Items doesn't get updated too when you try to Tab and see what items she has etc. i second this. played against a neeko whose stats didnt update in the scoreboard until she was like level 11, so the entire game until that point we didnt know what items she had at all
: Platinum, the True Elohell.
with that title i thought it'd be yet another predictable and boring player-made champion concept. for real tho, yes try and get a duo it really helps, also just mute the chat, can't get flamed if you can't read their flame. you don't need the chat for strategy, pings are enough. if you do feel the need for the chat then just try and ignore when you get flamed. there's always going to be flamers and toxic players, so do what you can
iBleend (EUNE)
: PROJECT: Diana skin
diana just got a new skin, the bilgewater one. when you say galactic/project/star/winter/summer i assume you mean themed skins, which she already has 2 of. infernal and blood moon. she has plenty of skins and isn't popular enough of a champion for riot to give her yet another one, i think you'll have to wait 1 or 2 years before she gets another one
Shamose (EUW)
: > tho i have to ask, and i'm not accusing you of anything, i'm just curious but did you find this out by randomly trying if this one specific google search would crash your game, or were you actually going to install a cheat engine? I cheat when I complete some single player games and I needed a new version. Having infinite ammo and health in just cause 4 is pretty neat.
i thought it was a league specific cheat engine, forgot that cheat engine is a general cheat program.. my bad lol
Shamose (EUW)
: Riot sees your browser tabs.
this is messed up and beyond unacceptable tho i have to ask, and i'm not accusing you of anything, i'm just curious but did you find this out by randomly trying if this one specific google search would crash your game, or were you actually going to install a cheat engine?
it's really just a green version of her lunar wraith skin wouldnt call it soulstealer the bullet in her ult is still blue/purple, so it's not even thoroughly recolored
VN0lt (EUNE)
: Randomly got banned
how dare you use a frowny face? that is negative! jokes aside this is utter bs and you should request a human and get real help
Mìmo (EUNE)
: Time to say goodbye
Trias000 (EUNE)
: When you're on a horse so high you can get hit by a plane
this is something i would do ironically to my silver friends. im gold 5 again, ironically, to friends, as a joke
eVirgin (EUW)
: %%%% riot for allowing funnle
anyone care to explain what funnle is?
: Fix your game
tried launching a full repair? tried it in a custom game?
: How long since we had Ascension game mode?
ascension and hexakill havent been up for over a year, if not even 2 years. heard one of riots excuses were that they havent made them compatible with the new client yet. but boy am i happy for odyssey and all the other limited time event maps with their entirely new gameplay concepts that nobody asked for that'll probably never come back
: Bronze account in a Plat Ranked Game???
the real mystery here is, who uses mega to upload images? jokes aside, preseason is messing with the match making it seems, i was gold 5 last season and im constantly up against diamonds, dont know why
Rioter Comments
Suptra (EUW)
: Winter pass
riot eambo has adressed this issue, they're aware of the issue and are looking for a fix. you know, just like literally every single event there's an issue that keeps the event from working at all
Eambo (EUW)
: Hey BlueEziboy, We're aware of some issues with the pass and store, and taking a look. Hold tight, and thanks for the report!
same thing happened to me and im just throwing this out there, relogging does not help
CobraXgg (EUNE)
: The one thing that makes me dislike lol
you're level 9, trust me you'll meet much worse people, people who seem to have dedicated their lives to flaming strangers on the internet and ruining games for you. you'll meet people who will report you for using 3rd party programs just because you outplay them. you'll meet people who will report you for being toxic even if all you say all game is "gg". you'll meet people who will report you for the dumbest things simply because they're mad. you'll meet people who will drive you completely insane and will make you want to flame them to the ground. but you'll also meet people who are geniuenly friendly. you'll meet people who actually want to help you improve at the game. you'll meet people who will encourage you to play things from your wildest imaginations. you'll meet people who will inspire you to keep pushing forward. and maybe you'll even make some friends along the way. i started playing at the end of season 5 and it's been a crazy ride. i've met some of my best friends from league, i've also met people who have flamed me and pissed me off so bad they might just be serial killers in real life. so just hang in there, be true to yourself, don't flame others because of how they treat you, just ignore them.
compelling arguments
: banned for 1 game without warning
do you deserve a warning? no. no you do not. not when you act like this
: Theres no battle to fight..
going to need less edge on that. it's a game, calm down with your poetry
: I got banned for WHAT?
you said you muted them like 3 times but kept replying to them. actually mute people instead of just saying you're gonna mute them
: Milk the cow *while you can*
this post inspired me to buy another 3250 rp
: We're unable to log you in because you may be offline.
i got this once, not on league but still "error: you have to log in to log out"
253IQ (EUW)
: Do we even need Kai'Sa ?
kai'sa is everything, can build anything and can go anywhere. she's a threat in top lane, she's a threat in jungle, she's a threat in mid lane, she's a threat as adc, she's a threat as support. do i know how to play against her? no. am i gonna stop banning her every game instead of learning how to play against her? no. am i dumb? yes. but i'd rather ban her than deal with her
Raül (EUW)
: Hmm ok so homo is an insult right?
depends on how you use it. generally talking about "homosexuality" isnt an offense, but the word "homo" is never used in a way that isn't insulting. you never call someone a homo even if you're generally talking about homosexuality, that's like saying f-ggot or the n-word. the word is never used in a context that isnt insulting it's a slur
derminex (EUW)
: Please do a Xayah Kpop skin
please no she's already got 3 skins and she has barely been out for a year.
Grffon (EUNE)
: Teemo main.
Declined (EUNE)
: [Volu] Worlds Header Contest
nah don't feel like it have fun tho
: People do not get banned for inting/feeding
heard the story of elave? man who had 100% win rate on yi in over 300 games and were silver 4 he also had 0% win rate on tahm kench because he was stalking his jungler, stealing their farm and inting for over 200 games on tahm and did the same on nunu (pre-rework) it took this man over 200 games of extreme inting to get banned. the system doesnt punish people who int or leave games, it punishes people that make others feel bad when they can just mute. there is no way to "mute" these players because it's affecting the game heavily but riot doesn't seem to give a flying f. im not saying that^ because ive been muted or banned for flaming, i never flame and ive never been punished, but you know damn well it's true. intentionally ruining the game is less punishable than verbally being mean, which the victims can handle by simply muting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQ5LXCMwZP0
: I have no idea to add with "Kumiho" so I'll throw some ideas and maybe it would fit in one of the same ? Ahriette. Arhi Platinium. The Arhi. Arhi Joestar. Super Sayian Arhi. Moe Arhi. Ultra instinct Arhi. One punch Arhi. Arhichu. Arhi.exe Arhi the fox. Kyubi Arhi. Rule34 Arhi. Diva Arhi. Arhigato. Perfect Arhi. Super sentai Arhi. Arhinator. Arhi D Luffy. Arhi J Trump. Please note that I'm bad at naming stuff. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
i mean you mispelled ahri in every single name but ok
: Maybe haikus just weren't what you were looking for. Walking in old shoes.
haikus are 5-7-5, this haiku is 5-8-5. your haiku failed
The Council (EUNE)
: What do you like about boards ?
laughing at people with bad opinions laughing at people with terrible champion concepts laughing at people who got banned by hardcore flaming and who think saying sorry on boards will make them unbanned laughing at people who got banned by hardcore flaming and saying they weren't being toxic or flaming laughing at people whose grammar is god awful laughing at people to make me feel good indulging in deep and thought provoking discussions laughing at people who make mediocre and cringy compilations i am not a good person
: Help
hmm idk probably ryze or maybe veigar. no but there are no "best" mage champion, keep in mind strongest does not mean best. for example an orianna could be better than a lissandra in certain team comps and vice versa in another comp. it also depends if you mean control mage or burst mage, personally i prefer control mages like taliyah, she's strong, can zone well, can roam well and has an interesting kit. if you want strongest, then im sorry but it's veigar. his ap scales infinitely. point is different mages work differently in each team comp, league of legends isnt a game that has a "best" champion in each role
: Englischlearner search players to practice his englisch
well first of all it's english not englisch
Shukuchi (EUW)
: Patch 8.20 End of Season Eligibility
it's riot, did you really expect it to be even a little functioning on the first try?
: Hey if ur managing to make it through at least one game without getting bored then you should be happy... I get bored as soon as I press the "Find Match" button.
i get anxious as soon as i see the word "ranked draft" in my game options then i close down league and play another game
: how can i get midlane
> how can i get midlane very carefully
Masantha (EUW)
: Odyssey Fan Fiction Contest - Results are In!
i am a little offended i didn't get first place, i put hours into [my fanfic](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/fan-fiction/wKBMJGQi-odyssey-contest-entry-jinxetthi) but nonetheless, congratulations to the winners
: This would make garen players happy
> hi there am a garen player *leaves thread*
Hansiman (EUW)
: The speed it goes at in the current season is the intended speed. Honor was introduced in the middle of the last season, so they had to speed it up so people actually had a chance of making honor 5.
oh, makes sense
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