: [New Champion Kit] Harald, The Last Hope
petition to rename him to "harold, the last sandal" and all of his voice lines just be dad jokes
: Zoe, The Aspect of Twilight [Rework idea]
zoe, the aspect of twilight [rework idea] https://i.imgur.com/bv6PJ3b.png[/img]
kriegnes (EUW)
: i am done with this board
i am done with the lol boards. im sorry to all of my fans who only subscribe for my lol boards content but please check out my other stuff it's honestly way better
Aenarion (EUW)
: Buy a laptop for LoL
i dont even know which is which with the information you've given, but looking up the dell latitude laptop it should be good enough to run league at 60 fps unless it's too old and worn out
dol0hov (EUW)
: I honestly quit. I can't play this anymore, can't climb up.
i'm just waiting for that one high elo player to say "it's your own fault you're in low elo". i had this aswell, went 1 win 9 losses in placements and placed silver 2, played some and suddenly had 14 wins and 11 losses which was a huge step up. i was in promos for gold 5, won the first 2 matches but in the other 3 we had a lux who used her q to farm while getting ganked and ended like 0/9, we had junglers who were afk half the game and top laners that fed their butts off then did nothing the rest of the game while me and my duo in bot lane won hard. needless to say i lost those promos. it just feels like everytime something is about to go right, you get teammates that drag you down and there's nothing you can do about it. just keep grinding, you'll get there someday
: Nexus Blitz feeback
> The placement of event objectives such as King of the Hill and the center of the Bardle Royale's circle of flames should be well outside of any tower ranges. i wanna add a little something to this. today i played a match where the circle for king of the hill spawned between the enemy nexus and nexus tower when we hadn't even pushed into their inhibitor. this made it near impossible for us to contest it as we had limited access to their base, i think it needs a fix
: {{champion:120}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:2}} Could use a new splash art tbh.
: Are the new Cosmic skins and Mafia Braum bugged?
is this your first time looking for newly released skins? new skins get dropped sometime DURING the patch, not immediately after it drops. it has been like this since the dawn of man. they can drop 3 seconds before next patch or in 1 hour, just sometime during this patch basically. don't worry, they'll come eventually! :)
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Kamille W (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Błuebird,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=vctwxLnV,comment-id=00000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-08-17T11:40:18.111+0000) > > adc main with that name? > i mean sure i dont judge.. too much That's my real name hahahaha
oh, nevermind then
Kamille W (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Hansiman,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=vctwxLnV,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2018-08-17T11:27:06.161+0000) > > Are you debating with yourself..? idk, this Rammus made me so sad as an ADC main.
adc main with that name? i mean sure i dont judge.. too much
: Psycho Arsenal Jinx - Ultimate
i dont think the fact that she already has a legendary skin is what people would be salty about, rather that 2 adcs already have ultimate skins and we dont want a 3rd
marris120 (EUW)
: garen
HerDaddy (EUW)
: I'm a collector of rare Skins and other stuff in League, need helpc from a Rioter!!!!
im a collector of high elo can some rioter please give me challenger
: LCS for Females?
e-sports isnt male only, why separate them? there actually was a female lcs team called Siren but they disappeared like an hour after getting their promotion video by riot or something
DeltaDan (EUW)
: test
haha yeah i know what you're saying
iSneez (EUNE)
: and full screen map on second monitor and score tab on 3rd monitor (no sarcasm, I really want this)
i too would want this but it'd bring an unfair advantage to players with multiple monitors
Aerith (EUNE)
: DJ Sona and GG MF bug
it's like that with project ashe's dance music aswell dont know if it's a bug tho
: Lost all my emotions after yesterday login fail
yea i got a lot of emotion problems, i've started to grow more and more distant with them. i no longer feel joy or exhilaration the way i used to like i've grown cold, fearing that i migh- oh wait you mean emotes? if they're still gone send a support ticket
: Lower que after DC
yeah this happened for everyone, their servers went down. sadly, from previous personal experiences with this and support tickets, riot can't make up for it in any way. you just have to pay the price of their mistakes, it's their way. if you send a ticket they'll tell you to "wait it out" and deal with it, unless this happened when you were in a ranked, then they'll at least give you a loss prevention
: Just got permabanned for one stressing game with no real flame. for a SINGLE game.
you were being generally toxic and putting too much negative pressure on others, it's viably reportable and in excessive cases bannable. it's not always about cursing at people or being directly mean to them
: A discord for ppl looking for tournaments?
> Is that a thing that exists? oh you sweet summer child there exist way too many of them, people thinking they'll create a close knitted community but are full of bias and hypocrisy. but yes, i guess this one is decent https://discord.gg/8CWEmB2
Gerbster (EUW)
: I gifted a mate the Christmas icon (1k BE) which I was happy too, trouble is I'm still receiving "X has opened their gift" don't get me wrong I'm glad he's got it but it's now August lol!
how hard can it be to make the notifications a one time thing only? they're a trillion dollar company, own half the moon and have total political control over asia, why can't they just fix this man
: League of "Legends"
grr as a troller this made me angry, you really put me in my place there i'll tell you what ~~don't get cocky, i dont actually troll~~
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: unplug and replug the PC ######just kidding, i don't know any fixes. i had to comment lol
shileka (EUW)
: Allow people to remove that idiotic oathsworn effect
imo she's only good if the kalista and support are premade and communicate through voice
Hydnoras (EUW)
: You can use op.gg to check those stats. The in-client stats are aimed at improving. If you want to improve, you need to check your recent stats, not some 2 year old stats that you got from playing against worse players than you are now. The recent stats also help you to spot if you are actually the cause of your losing streak or not. Truth be told, you actually don't do ANYTHING with old stats because that's what they are... old and outdated. You can actually do something with the current stats tab. With the kind you want, you can't get any real use out of it. Only an ego boost.
> Only an ego boost. ignoring or dismissing your own ego is foolish. jokes aside, that's the only thing i want. if i wanted stats to improve i'd just use mobalytics, the stats they provide are way better.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: Dude, there is an option to change how far back in time the stats go. The options are mid season, last 25 games and last 10 games. It doesn't show the stats of the entire season because it doesn't have the data for the entire season. It will in the future seasons but not this one. So it shows your performance in your recent games, not all of them.
what's the point of that, the information is useless if it's just about the recent games. i don't care how i perform compared to platinum teemos in my last 3 teemo games, i wanna know my total teemo stats, my teemo curve, how my stats looked like 2 years ago and how they looked today. this new stats feature is mediocre at best.
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: Champion Mastery level 8, 9, 10...
it'd be fun to see how high your mastery can go on a specific champion, i know a guy who would have lulu mastery 20 or something, but im not sure they should add new icons/mastery emotes for mastery above 7
6AuGis9 (EUNE)
: Lol is waste of time
you violated the rules after already having been warned and banned, you knew this would happen. just leave then
: Whos The Most Fun? Yasuo or Lee Sin? (mid lane one trick)
only voting yasuo because as febos said, lee sin is not a mid laner and i hate it when champions go where they aren't supposed to, unless it's support.
: Bastion
haha yea i know what you're saying, good one
: 1) after match chat is bannable thats why i bring it up. 2) you are harassing me the same you claim i harassed flamers 3)u r toxic af atm
i never said you harrassed anyone, read again. i said; 1. you were being harrassed, said you muted them but didnt do it. 2. you accusing me of harrassing you. that's not me harrassing you. if you think im being toxic right now then you don't even know what toxicity is. i'm simply discussing with you but everything seem to go in one ear and out the other. let's start over. you were being flamed by your team mates, you said you muted them but didnt. you could've muted them and you wouldn't have seen the flame you recieved but you chose to just say "you're muted" as what, a powerplay? you were being toxic towards your team mates, toxic not flaming. had you only muted them for real none of this would've happened. are we clear? in no way am i harrassing you and in no way am i being toxic. im done with this thread, and unlike you i actually stand by my statements.
jacktjong (EUW)
: So you think she's aight too
: I didnt reply to anyone on all. My chat with enemy is the after match lobby if u cant see lmao. And speaking about mutes to avoid something that may be way more helpful is just harassing at this point. p.s i replied but i never offended anyone with anything. I just stated things as they were. No offensive terms no anything. U r just straw picking here
> I didnt reply to anyone on all. My chat with enemy is the after match lobby if u cant see lmao. then why mention it when it has nothing to do with the context > And speaking about mutes to avoid something that may be way more helpful is just harrassing at this point. so you're now accusing me of harassing you for presenting you the only option to not talk with these other flamers? okay. > I just stated things as they were. you were being toxic. toxic does not always equal being offensive or harrassing.
jacktjong (EUW)
: Zoe is Fine [CHANGE MY MIND]
what i dont like about zoe is how she can sometimes 100-0 me with 2 items if she lands her bubble then a q, even if we're of equal strength (i also have 2 items). but i dont think she's broken, she has her flaws
pinkstare (EUW)
: akali
: Following your logic. I didnt know they flammed me in all chat cause my all chat is disabled. Why not make team chat with the same option then? Rocket science! Thanks for downvoting a thread that's to spread awareness about 2 toxic people and not whining for unban. cause if I post all 3 logs, you'll see that they arent really ban worthy to begin with! I literally dont use half of the offensive words that are common in the chat. Sorry... half? I mean any of them. ^_^ P.S would the mods kindly not ban me on the forum again for assuming what I try to do. If you wanna know what Im doing with my messages, just ask me. I can assure you I am not trying to start a flame war. And if you just want an excuse to ban me for something that happened 3 years ago in skype. Just get over it, just like I moved with my life, you should too.
> Thanks for downvoting a thread that's to spread awareness following your logic, i downvoted your thread which i didnt. nice assumption. you said you muted them yet you still talked to them, thus you didnt mute them even after they allegedly flamed you AND you responded. that's on you. your reply makes no sense and has nothing to do with my comment. > I didnt know they flammed me in all chat cause my all chat is disabled that's got nothing to do with muting, and if you didnt see messages who were you even talking to? why mention all chat if this was between you and your team mates? disabling all chat is not the same as muting your team mates
iBess (EUW)
: why rito, why?
where do you find these stats?
: I dont want an unban.
you said you muted them but still talked to them. why not just actually mute them? none of this would've happened, you CHOSE to listen to them knowing they would flame. you know the community. if they were being toxic, report them. they'll eventually get punished.
: Add a "place a ward here" ping?
hold down H button to get a menu of ward pings maybe? -enemy has vision ping -place ward here ping
Ilovemobas (EUNE)
: Why do players reveal their mastery emote when they get killed?
: In client mini game
i got a little something called a mobile phone, i find it pretty useful in situations like these
: Ok I tried the 4th time on the practice tool. And after 5 min and the loading screen didnt work again. Its either a total black screen or its shows everyone at 0%. Ive repaired and now deleted and installed the game again and i have the same problem.
: Since Akali patch I can't enter a game and when in match queue shit doesn't go past 0%
after this happened to you the first 2 times, maybe you shouldn't have tried a 3rd. repair your client, there's a repair option in the settings. does custom games work? if they do not at your current state, use custom games to try and see if repairing worked
iraqi69 (EUW)
: what category should I post it because I emailed them and they told me to post it
off-topic technical support is more for "hey my game wont work" sort of questions
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