Potchikir (EUW)
: it cant stack just resets the timer
do we believe a 38% wr bronze? Don't think so ;D
: WERE is the snow map riot
The first thing I want to see is a popup with a checkbox to disable the shitty theme. Thanks.
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Phrase (EUW)
: CAN people stop crying about Zoe lol
COMMING NEXT SEASON! "I am a Zoe main (1028 games) Silver 4." "My teammates holding me back, lern to pley ples." League of Legends 2018. read with trailer voice
OnMaxx (EUNE)
: I got ban for lag
I hope u get more of those, u ruin games for many others with ur connection, it's ur responsebility to come with a healthy connection, u're not playing alone u bonobo
: why???
Didn't knew that silver4 vs plat5 makes u go 2 17 at the start of the game, if u get 17 deaths in any elo anyhow it means u're a ..., there is just no way to get 17 deaths with a healthy brain all I am saying..
: > when my s4 top plays vs plat5 and have like 2 17 but when he goes 2-17 that kinda is concrete evidence that he is silver {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} i had a silver 5 vs diamond 4 he died every moment he ever entered his lane. maybe he has no right to play and has to just watch grey screens
if he goes 17 deaths that means he shouldn't be playing League and go play with action figures
: Van, The Shiver of Noxus(The Brother of Riven)
is this the nolife people talk about
WolfX10 (EUNE)
: Yeah it would be nice. I know that they are working on a way that you can see all your champion skins without going into the champions bio and stuff so they could throw this into that.
It's waaaay too much coding, Kappa Who's gona pay for the programmers? Sure not the 2.35 million $ that's 25% of the Champ Ashe and Ward skin sales, cuz that's gone. And they do not get any money from other skins ;DD
: I'd like to know the answer to that one too sir..
they do stay, only that disenchanting skin shards will give u less Orange essence next season, so disenchant all ur skins that u dont plan to unlock, but u will be able to roll 3 for 1 still, but ye it's actually better to fill up enough oranges as u get a lot more now
: Whaaaaa? If you're unranked in soloq, it'll show unranked in soloq. If you're ranked in flexq, it'll show your rank in flexq. Obvious :/
... please stop commenting such stuff
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Padoµch (EUNE)
: Skin shards and LOOT in general
If I go to the "learn more" about the blue essence, there is 0 mentions about SKIN shards, orange essence, so what the f happens with that. Does the orange essence stay or not.
: hmm i searched and there are sites where people logged in and then there account probebly hacked so i dont know but it can be possible that i logged in on the wrong site :L and btw i hope that its gonna be solved thx for your reaction :)
if you made any purchase on the account, giving info of ur purchases, cc number maybe, IP etc. to support, should get ur acc back pretty easy
: I don't know what you are talking about or why you even made this video lol, but my math was made on 2 videos , what you are posting now is irrelevant lol . and idk what you mean by " burn urself on such easy stuff " but am not even trying lol .
all videos were posted within 30min range of making the thread, just shows where ur observation lvl is, maybe explains the 400g D5 :)
Liratikah (EUW)
: Rengar deserves a skin
Platinum 5 70 LP / 581W 551L why u have so many average 4/13/4, maybe focus on the game and not on the skins, or u just wanna look cool while feeding
Nìglet (EUNE)
well I had 2 days (3 games in total) where I had some weird lags that made me teleport around, mostly my champion didn't move but everything around was moving.. so it's like I was lagging but not really?? this was definently RIOT's thing, I have ping/latency monitor, had no changes, no spikes.. so it was just something else
: Only 1 SPELL ?
1 2 3 such players make me reeee 4 5 6 rito u better look into this 7 8 9 bronzies are a annoying pile
: Support is your bro 2
that song... using it.. should be bannable
: If you were an ADC with 1 Infernal Drake and 1 Iron Drake, what would you buy?
a brain, cuz that's the only thing holding adcs back atm
: NEW 5th ELEMENTAL DRAKE (IRON) - my thoughts
it destroys the whole fire water earth air thing, just no, go play with pokemon
: New runes: -Pages
U get 5 that u cant change, 2 free ones that u can change + the amount u already own
: Couldn't agree more
bronzies goin ham on the downvotes hahah couldn't care more, they can't fix what they've got
: Snowman or Sejuani?!
almost said "bad photoshop, try again", but luckily I check the comment section first ;) kappa
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Refôrmed (EUW)
: Attach Runes to champions
: > [{quoted}](name=B0LL1Z,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=siMI1pLX,comment-id=00090000,timestamp=2017-10-14T19:16:55.552+0000) > > first of all, stop making every time a new post instead of clicking reply, and use quote > it was a figure of speech and was funny jk, for ppl who get it > ye 150 heal and u calculate it as 360, ur math is on point bro, close af [yep 150 heal man I calculate wrong :/ ](https://gyazo.com/e7e840cd6a9aa9a254b2e5707d237b91)
dude, are u challenged? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGqzkd8hIeE I posted this below... how can u burn urself on such easy stuff
: Warwick solo red, full hp? I think I found a bug
and the "invisible warwick" occured to me 3rd time, funny thing tho, this time I was out of fight and being chased while invisible for like 10sec until someone CC me, then u get the animation like ur champ drops from sky, sadly only invisible to me so u dont know where the f u are
: where did I say " you get 100% more heal on the lv5 camp " ? :O lol and at least am trying math to find how the bug works and the results are quite close .
first of all, stop making every time a new post instead of clicking reply, and use quote it was a figure of speech and was funny jk, for ppl who get it ye 150 heal and u calculate it as 360, ur math is on point bro, close af
: Why do ppl feed
happens at birth
: I wish I made videos where it didn't work , anyway you had level 3 q which heals for 50% of damage dealt ? if we add the " if lower than 50% hp it heals for the same amount part bug" it means you healed for 150% damage dealt . you did 242 damage and 150% is 363 but you healed for a bit more ( maybe masteries or something ) .
looks like u're too stubborn.. thought wasting 1min of my time won't be a problem in this case [Stop with ur fail math.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGqzkd8hIeE) just noticed that the mob was lv6 instead of lv5, just don't come up with some "you get 100% more heal on the lv5 camp" ;D
: I did further testing and it doesn't work 100% , sometimes it doesn't work at all .... about the double Q it happens extremely rarely and you don't need any items to do so , idk who told you that you need Tiamat but nope ... and it would use double mana , but meh this isn't as major problem as Q sometimes alone going behind target even without holding it , or R automatically canceling after hitting a target ... yes automatically :| .
Never had any Q going behind target w/o me holding it, maybe u f up or had a spike or smthg so it got registered as held. The only video where someone actually talked about double Q is Tarzaned and he said it needs tiamat, but ye, what does that guy know (no sarcasm). The Q heal works every time for me, not a single time it didn't work.
: > [{quoted}](name=B0LL1Z,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=siMI1pLX,comment-id=00010000000000000000,timestamp=2017-10-14T11:30:00.899+0000) > > yes but what is ur point, u don't heal 368 HP at that point, it was the "bug" that I setup to get so much heal, as explained above you healed for 300 in the video , 300 -78~ level up = 220~240 ... which is the closest number to my point .
Read the replies. The video shows +368 and no lvl up involved. About the first red lv1 it was 314 in total.
: Warwick solo red, full hp? I think I found a bug
Funny thing, later I googled about double Q dmg, I went into practice, spammed Q on a target and got it off. Didn't record it sadly, u can see the double dmg popup and the HP get eaten, tried 30 more times afterwards and nothing. I had tiamat as an item but** did not use the active** at all, since someone said that u have to do it with tiamat active, but I did it without. Anyway, I tried to do it again, seems like it just needs lucky timing to make it work.
: as a ww main this is kinda weird and can prove I just tested it ,I think the problem is in the passive and is related to the on-hit physical damage in some way .... like you said....this works if you kill the camp with your Q and it does more physical damage than its HP ( your q will do physical damage from masteries\hunters machete for example ) , that's being said ... i tried it and went below 25% and i killed Red and got 100% full hp and i was like " WTF WOW " .... the closest i could get is his passive part applies on his q by some kind of a bug " if below 50% hp you heal for the same amount " so it kinda applies 100% BONUS lifesteal on Q ( the closest number to heal for around 250~ without level up , your Q did 190 , by that logic your Q heals for 130% damage dealt 190 x 1.3 = 247 + 68 hp level up = 315 ) if you are below 50% hp and kill the jungle camp with physical damage from Q . And if you are below 25% and kill the camp with the same way ... " the healing triples " , that's how i got to full hp in my theory ... not a big bug ( nothing game breaking ) but i hope this gets resolved lol .
I was 36% hp while Q'ing in the vid, and walking to blue u're full HP, but yea if below 25% u get even more. But above 50% it does not work at all.
: > [{quoted}](name=Shade Of Wolf,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=siMI1pLX,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2017-10-14T11:11:02.812+0000) > > Heal from passive gives you a lot of health, and a 3-point Q heals you for quite a bit too. Dunno if machete helps at all. > Is WW Q counted as a basic attack in the game, so his passive+Q are basically working at the same time? i believe his passive and Q work at the same time since his passive is an on-hit effect and his Q applies them .
yes but what is ur point, u don't heal 368 HP at that point, it was the "bug" that I setup to get so much heal, as explained above
: What I find most wierd about this: when you Q him at normal hp values, it indicates the hp you get back. When it is at glitch hp value, it doesnt show the hp you gain.
[Here it does](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRK0uXZ4AS0&feature=youtu.be) I think it doesn't show when u lvl up only, so it's whatever
: You got level 2 off of it too which gave you 78 hp...
so at 50% bonus heal Q, gave me 80 HP, then suddenly I get 314 HP, and u say that with lvl up I get 78 HP, yea true, but how do u explain then the 236 HP heal? ;D [;D I posted this didn't I](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRK0uXZ4AS0&feature=youtu.be)
: Well, I cant wrap my head around how you can heal ~300hp from that either. At least not in a legit way.
my theory is that the Q physical dmg kills the target, and then the Magic dmg comes after? on what? maybe it hit "something" that has less mr or whatever and u get healed by a lot. but the fact is, this only works if the Q physical dmg is enough to kill the target now to test this on players needs 2 ppl, but this ofc isn't anything benificial for gameplay, unless u get in a lucky situation that u really did Q'd a almost dead target and got ur HP full of that by a miracle, but just to test if it works on champs
: > Please try to think before you talk. Thanks. Dont you think you are asking for too much?
I did my best to not get a warning ;D
Ìxeas (EUW)
: Old warwick could solo red/blue as well with specific runes/masteries. I don't think it's a bug, read his passive.
I don't think you understand anything that has been said here. Warwick Q does not heal 314 HP at lv 1. If you'd Q at 24HP or above, you would not heal 314 HP like on the video. It's in the video where I Q below 50% hp and got healed only 80. Please try to think before you talk. Thanks.
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Dead Lovell (EUNE)
: BugSplat
reinstalling Windows is always a good idea
Minikyle (EUW)
: New Kinda Tribunal/Ban System
Actually, if u can get grade S+ with 4/0/6 and ur 11/0/12 adc doesnt get even an S cuz he farmed bad, last hitted enemies and so on, then the system Works. Therefore it could be implemented some sort of LP punishment when someone goes 0/4 at certain elo, u don't just go 0 / 4 pre 10min wheather u're not drunk, don't belong to that elo or actually int. and all of that triggers me. I don't even care if someone is insulting someone if he's right but I get it, no such system and the bad players would insult where they're in the wrong, so it's fine. What is wrong is that the 0/4 is actually what affects me and my winrate, no him doing the keyboard warrior thing. If someone goes 0/2 he should think twice wheather he's gona build AD or armor and play safe, cuz that's always the possibility. If u don't play smart at certain elo u don't belong there, penalties should keep such players from climbing.


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