Masantha (EUW)
: [Fan Fiction Contest] Never One, Without the Other…
meroboth (EUNE)
: champion consept magnet using champion
Rumble Q8 (EUNE)
: plz what about rumble ?
I think that the character Rempel need to develop, increase/evelve from the first hand to his skill as the left laner sometimes bush too good. Understander this is sometimes good not yes?
tin1 (EUNE)
: New Champion Idea
: A Plea For Item Set
I LIKE SLICE BREAD {{champion:10}}
Svvish (EUW)
: Change is good if what changes is good. This HUD is a step back on displayed information, and that announcer....jesus... not even an option to get rid of him.
The new HUD will be better than the old one when people get used to it. It has all of the data condensed into one place so you can see everything when you look at the minimap. It will be weird to play for a while but in the end it will be better.{{champion:432}}
DireXcon (EUNE)
: c'est la vie
Stereophonics!!! {{summoner:31}}
: Monthly Skin Giveaway Round 3 - July!
I am waaaaay too lazy to write a story. kek{{champion:20}}. But some of these other ones are really good.
: I guess the British people are looking forward to summer
: I have 47113 RP!!! WHO WANTS A SKIN??? #3 ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
Corporate Mundo {{champion:36}} Bloodmoon Thresh {{champion:412}} Brolaf {{champion:2}} We need more people like you in the community man.
Rich (EUW)
: I'm feeling generous. Free skin?
I'm surprised that someone would be this generous. Considering the amount of people who don't care about others in this community. {{summoner:31}}


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