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: It depents what you enjoy playing: **Top** Able to duel and 1v1 anyone. In most cases more or less tanky. Splitpushing and early to midgame completely shut up from the rest of your team. In teamfights he engages and builds the frontline. **Jungle** Objective focused. Needs to have good map awareness and good decision making. You need to be flexible and surprise people with your ganks. Be creative. Depending on the Champion you have different roles in teamfights. **Mid** Shortest lane and because of that the most diverse role in LoL. Playing good here you need to know what you can do and what the enemy can do. Winning a 1v1 mostly depents on who can outplay and dodge better. Roaming is also an essential part of the Midlaner. In teamfights, when you play a Control Mage, stay in the backline. As an Assassin you can dive into the enemy team and take out their squishy's. **ADC** Mechanicly the most difficult role. You need to be able to kite and to orb-walk. Farming is pretty important. Also you need to synergize with your support; he's important too! In teamfights stay in the backline and attack the safest enemy to hit. **Support** Most overlooked role in LoL, but as important as all the others. They bring utility in their team. Peel for your carries. Also, synergize with your lane pardner and/or team, without them you are useless. Every role is important and every role has different difficulties. You can't say x role is better or more difficult than y, because they are so diverse. --- At last but not least I want to give you some insides what I play: Currently I play Mid/Jungle (primary/secondary), but I don't enjoy Jungle, because it lacks outplaying-potential. I gank and either kill the enemy or don't. It feels dumb to me. That's why I want to shift to Mid/ADC or even ADC/Mid, since I enjoy kiting and outplaying in general. I hope I could've helped you ^^
: I need help to find my main Champion - Role
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