: Feeding and rage quitting, NICE JOB COMMUNITY
oh wonder, thats soloQ. just got 2-3 apes every gane in 5 games out of 5 after a nice win streak. u just can hope that they get dont play, because riot dont ban those trolling rets who cover their trolling. Riot just let them ruining games after games and normal people fall back again and again and u cant really climb sometimes.
: Anzahl der Spiele (siege und Niederlagen)
11Deja94 (EUNE)
: Of course. but, in my opinion. support is perhaps the most important figure in the team, more than just a support for ADC, he is eye of the team , defend ,heal,aid anyone who need it . I think that every person who plays "support" need to get ip bonus if he wins .
yeah sup is important but not in silver or bronze because your impact depends on how your team react.
11Deja94 (EUNE)
: They next to MVP, can give every player who plays support + 25 if they win the game, so mucm more ppl would play supporst ? :)
if the sup plays ok or better than anybody else, the result is that the carry get the kill.
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11Deja94 (EUNE)
: MVP of a Game gets some IP Bonus !
i am against that because they still have no stats for supporter so supps will never get MVP.
Iskierka (EUW)
: So is Jhins Ult not interrupteble?
Amumu Ult is a special snare (entangle), because u cant move BUT u can use abilities, like Soraka Ult or W (if in range). Or Cho/Soraka can still Silence u etc.

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