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RudolfdH (EUW)
: EUW D3+ LF duo from Unranked
hey, go duo! main adc/sup
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XpeciaI (EUNE)
: [EUW] Master team is looking for D1+ support
I'm d3 now, but 2 accounts master in Brazil, i can do a test?
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Kubecek (EUW)
: smurf LF duo to pass through diamond
: how much ping you have.
54, i living in portugal now
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: Looking for 2 GERMAN D4+ players. One Toplaner and one Support! For serious competitive gameplay.
Vaeris (EUW)
: Looking for diamond Jungler and ADC
: Coach looking for a team!
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: LF D2+ Players for a 2. Div Team
Hi, im brazilian and MAIN ADC, my english no is very good, but im motivated. First week in server euw, i living in portugal. My champ pool - only adcs, meta game etc... 17 y Add - WSG MonkeY
iipak (EUNE)
MAIN adc, plat 1, i was diamond 3 in server br, my english no is good, im brazilian and living in Portugal,. Champ pool- only adcs Nick- WSG MonkeY 1 week in server euw
: [EUW] [P1+] Ex-master player in s6. p2 last season(after a 2 year break)
Ribbo (EUW)
: Diamond team LF experienced and dedicated coach 🔥
Im brazilian, i Was diamond 2 in server br, but im living in Europe a 1 week and my role is Bottoms, champ pool - only adcs, my communication no is the better ( i speak portuguese ) tell me 17y WSG Monkey BOTTOM
: [EUW] [P1+] Ex-master player in s6. p2 last season(after a 2 year break)
Hi, im brazilian, my elo is plat 1, but i was diamante 2 in server br and i living e playing server EUW a 1 week, my nick is WSG Monkey, tell me. 1. MAIN ADC/ champ pool- only bottoms 17y


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