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: I think Yasuo is missing something very important.
I so agree. His E is far too spammable and honestly is tilting to just see. Yasuo missed knockup? dw, he'll have it again in 5 seconds!
ryandub (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=BaDoinKAdOinK,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=OpRs6a02,comment-id=0011,timestamp=2019-09-09T13:06:18.830+0000) > > Bro you're actually joking, I had the exact same thing!! > I got to gold playing well, then once I got there there was loss after loss, with 8 of 17 games played 4v5! > I got demoted to silver, had a lot of games with Bronze 1 players (who usually got to support me -_-) and my games were silver3-ish MMR. > I get your frustration and i really hate it too. My luck has turned around and I've now won 6 of my last 7 games, puts me at 1 win from 3 games needed to get back to Gold IV. I hope this gives you some courage and that you don't lose hope, with a bit of luck it'll turn around soon! Thanks man appreciate that. I climbed back into gold no problem 2 hours later. I just felt the need to post cause its definitely a problem.
I got promoted back to gold 5 mins ago as well. It really is bizarre, like yeah luck exists, but for alike 30-40 games having such bad luck must be a joke.. Riot easily have the data to profile players in terms of tilt, "MMR per role" and stuff like that, I don't know though how far they use it
: > [{quoted}](name=BaDoinKAdOinK,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ro27Iimj,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-09-09T13:07:10.554+0000) > > Oh Christ, so long... seems a bit excessive for telling a 2-15 poppy to uninstall xD you dont get 10 game chat restrict for JUST that, be honest
Well if you're being anal about it: - uninstall - wtf are you doing - %%%%%% - degenerate - why are you wasting my time you f*cktard, just ff and also some complaining in allchat believe what u want, but that is honest. Me getting CR is fine, i accept it, but tbh you can mute someone, what you can't do is stop someone from intentionally feeding, telling enemies in allchat where teammates are (and not getting banned for it).
lluxxdot (EUW)
: Thoughts on league dying
The game hasn't really ever been as balanced for the most part, I've been playing since season 2, hear me out though. Looking at individual lanes, the game is probably more balanced overall: In my opinion, Midlane is the most balanced it has ever been. There is a lot of counterplay to every champion, if you don't see it I don't know if that's because you don't want to see it. Botlane is not really unbalanced either. Imo it is too snowbally and annoying champions like zyra and brand dominate in soloq. I do think Toplane is toxic as hell to play, one kill leads to one going 5-0, the other 0-5 in short time, due to champs like Darius. Jungle is almost even worse. What I find really shit is how snowbally the game now is. Things like high death timers, more resources available to both teams and normal wards being harder to come by (no sightstone) means that whoever goes ahead stays ahead. What I used to find so great was the amount of long games and comebacks, the short games just don't compare. After 10 minutes the game is just done. Also it just seems like the pace of the game has slowed down at the same time. I'm not sure if it is me, but it seems longer to get many items. Also, there are more really unfair mechanics in the game. Things like Xayah being an adc that can go untargetable, yasuos windwall, pyke being a support with huge dmg that has a resettable AoE execute that can give his teammates 6000 gold in a teamfight, yuumi is a joke etc etc. It seems like skill is rewarded far less than it used to be. What also pisses me off is that wacky builds just get removed. I used to love AP Ezreal. Sure it's trash, but watching an ult do like 1k dmg across multiple guys (IF YOU SKILL IT RIGHT) was satisfying as hell. Leblancs criot build, full ap sejuani, so much goofy stuff just gets removed because it isnt "meant to be" and just makes it seem really narrow as a game. Build variability is so low because there is pretty much a "best build" for each champion. However, a lot of really unfair shit has been removed. Remember DFG Veigar? DFG Q R kills everyone. DFG Ahri? 70% winrate skarner(tbh juggernauts as a whole)? Banner of Command that didnt take AP damage, when jungle was only lee sin reksai or elise for like 2 years, midlane was just fizz zed ahri, support was just thresh morgana leona... there is a lot more that is viable, albeit there are fewer weird sidepicks to give it variability. I really see your point and agree for the most part, personally I find the lack of comebacks and lack of counterplay them most annoying (I mean, kayn ulting me to dodge all my damage and then kill me, I mean how is that skill?) Lemme know what u think :)
: My experiment from honor level 0 to honor level 2 is finally complete. Here are the results.
CJXander (EUNE)
: I am more worried about your gameplay than my own
Since I read this and noticed I do this (used to), I've changed my attitude and have gone on a mad winning spree... cheers bro :D
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: Took me about 4 weeks on first offence:P
Oh Christ, so long... seems a bit excessive for telling a 2-15 poppy to uninstall xD
ryandub (EUW)
: Most unfair week I have ever experienced
Bro you're actually joking, I had the exact same thing!! I got to gold playing well, then once I got there there was loss after loss, with 8 of 17 games played 4v5! I got demoted to silver, had a lot of games with Bronze 1 players (who usually got to support me -_-) and my games were silver3-ish MMR. I get your frustration and i really hate it too. My luck has turned around and I've now won 6 of my last 7 games, puts me at 1 win from 3 games needed to get back to Gold IV. I hope this gives you some courage and that you don't lose hope, with a bit of luck it'll turn around soon!
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: That was a lot of reading, and a lot of trash talking your teammates. How about this, instead of looking at your teams death, how about you look at your own mistakes, stay calm and avoid playing more than 2 game each day. I know it's frustrating, but everyone had bad games. You might just have simply been unlucky. Just take a step back from the computer, drink some water, take a headache pill and keep going. I have been in elo hell once as well, but even if my entire team was 0/20, I still held my own and won the game by getting a huge Baron steal with Blitzcrank and won the game by simply keeping my calm.
you're the kind of patronising arse that is so naive to think nobody actually goes into a game to troll aren't you
Tarolock (EUNE)
: >I simply do not believe that the "improved communication" you gain by playing as a duo warrants knocking you up that much. the story goes something like this: * riot does not listen to the players, according to players * players complain that premades have a huge advantage because they can talk etc * riot is now matching premades with higher mmr to "balance it" * players complain that premades play vs higher mmr ppl...
I'm not saying they don't have an advantage, but a tier?
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: Because duo is a unfair advantage. You can communicate, train and make a powerful champion combination (bot lane). If you just duo for the sake of yolo playing with friend then stay away from ranked.
"stay away from ranked" is the worst solution, that's like pretend there isn't a problem
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: how is leblanc fair to play against?
LeBlanc is currently extremely weak, like second worst winrate for midlaners, because her kit currently is so poor that if she doesn't crush everythinjg before like 12 minutes, she will be pretty useless. You need to play safe and not get caught, she really deos the same job as other assasins right now, just a lot worse. Fizz is ridiculous currently imo, not LB
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Xerofir (EUW)
: Ah yes, once again Riot's logic: worker: "Top inted hard" Riot Ban Dep: "did he flame?" Worker: "no... but-" Riot Ban Dep: "did he get flamed?" Worker: "well maybe a li-" Riot BD: "ban the flamers, so they taste the horrors and traumas they have inflicted on that poor top who totally was trying to win the game"
as long as nobody fragile gets their feelings hurt, because of course, it is those same 12 year olds who buy RP
: honestly, everyone is muting chat right now. also, just remind the players who say 'report xxx' that calling for reports is bannable due to it being a form of harassment
honestly, get a grip, if "report xxx" upsets you, grow up.
: Riot policy is an absolute SJW joke
Love the bit about the "I understand" button. The most patronising shit Riot has, trying to protect players' feelings instead of actually tackling people you cant mute: int's, griefers, trolls
: Riot, Im done. The game is not playable.
Unlucky mate hate to hear it. I do agree though that the reporting system is really dumb. I got chat restrict for 10 games and yeah, tbf, I was toxic in that one game, however that was due to our 2-15 Poppy trolling, telling them where we were, intentionally feeding etc etc. I got chat restrict, poppy got nothing. Honestly a simple solution would be one of the following: - demoting player - ranked ban - dock blue essense I'm sure you guys ca think of more. For all Riot does to reduce flame and toxicity, they havent even tried at a solution for things that genuinely ruin the game, like inting and griefing. You can remove the effect toxicity has by muting, it's down to individuals to use it. You cannot do anything about trolls.
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Etherim (EUW)
: The main issues with the game in it's current state.
The 2 things I genuinely wish for are: - the big point you make about games being over after 10 minutes(just came off one where i got camped mid by support and jungle and I admittedly fed my ass off to LB - also a broken bean rn..) and despite my team doing ok elsewhere it was just a nightmarish game. - that they'd stop kissing competitive scenes ass with the meta. AP Janna mid and other fun yet off-meta picks are so monotonous to play you just can't not play them in their main role. If they get buffed(say Jannas AP ratios) itll make her more op in competitive or some stuff like that. Who the fck watches it anyway? Streams usually have up to 200k viewers of the what 50 million league players? I really think the rest could do with some love...
: The only abilities that Entangle effects such as Amumu's ultimate interrupts is - {{champion:236}} - The Culling (R) {{champion:98}} - Stand United (R) {{champion:254}} - Vault Breaker (Q) {{champion:154}} - Elastic Slingshot (E) {{champion:150}} - Hop (E) Entangle also prevents summoner spells from being used as well as preventing Movement. Entangle is a combination of Disarm and Root. Disarm prevents a target from basic attacking. You can see this on Irelia's R. Kai'Sa's E attack lockout is considered a self disarm. Disarm info - Entangle info - Channeled abilities such as Katarina R, Miss Fortune R and Xerath R are not interrupted. The only way to interrupt these is Stuns, displacements or Polymorph.
Oh wow thanks, didnt get the memo that it wasnt a stun anymore
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: No and no 1. A robot can't see the difference between a real-life reason to leave and leaving out of spite, and why would you punish somebody who lost power/ had to go get his dog cause it ran out of the yard/ had to answer the door and got held up. Random examples but still completely realistic reasons for leaving a game. 2. If there is a player feeding and refusing to surrender, you bet I will leave. Like somebody already said, I refuse to be kept hostage in a game that is an obvious loss just because 1-2 players want to continue trolling. Idk how many times I was in a game where some premade failed their lane and them kept me there for 30+ minutes because they wouldn't surrender. And no, there is no point in trying if an enemy is so fed, it can wipe out the entire team alone. In those cases, I prefer the leavebuster punishment, and if you make those punishments harsher, then at least allow me to leave during the character pick screen without consequences or make the punishment for trolling much more serious as well, since that's already hard to catch and rarely punished.
I agree dodge punishment should be way lower. Nobody really leaves anymore due to not liking the role cuz everyone will get autofilled eventually. If you dodge you're likely avoiding trolls and feeders. Leaving cuz someone will not surrender is still leaving and is shite. If its that unwinnable it will be over soon anyway and if not then you werent that far behind in the first place. The reason for leaving doesnt matter. If you had to quit you're responsible for ruining the game and it should be a harsh punishment. I'm sure there'd be a way for a reporting system to be put in place whre every case is analysed individually like with flamers.
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: > Well u must be very biased also to think that someone flame teammates to afk considering that u can already afk. People already flame people to go afk, even without this suggestion. "You're garbage just go afk so you won't feed any more, you're useless go afk." You think giving them a legitimate reason to do that isn't going to increase the number of people doing it? Is like having a bad investment. You invested with 5 people, but you're losing money. Now someone says, if one of you leaves, that guy will lose more money, and you will lose less. Surely you're going to get the person who %%%%ed up the investment leave, because you will lose less?
If you don't report people for feeding/griefing you're promoting toxicity by people getting away with it. Grow up, take responsibility, realise that you stand to lose and the bully stands to gain if you give in. Realise they will get punished if they try to sabotage you. If you stay in a 5v5 scenario then it is never unwinnable and you might be throwing away a game by sabotaging teammates despite your flame: you might feel happy sabotaging but you'll be reported and punished. Where is the issue? Riot can't babysit everyone to make sure they don't get flamed. Why would they introduce voice comms or chat in the first place? Chat is inherently promoting toxicity. Lets go down the wormhole and subjectively assess what promotes toxicity and what doesnt. To me it is clear: chat is the most toxic bit of league and a FAR LARGER problem than guys sabotaging their own game when it isnt even lost. People who do the latter will be reported and punished.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: If you never leave, your team has a potential of 4 leavers and the enemy team has a potential of 5 leavers. Currently with those statistics, you actually already benefit from afkers in your games in the long run. That is why making a system that benefits you even more is not ideal. Then again, if they were to implement this, they would ahve to reduce the amount of LP and mmr the winning team also gets. This would lead into frustrating situations because it would feel like no progress was made.
Not that simple. You also need to consider the probability of you falling behind and the probability of someone leaving given you've fallen behind. If you play lategame champs and you usually fall behind a bit you have a different situation. EG me playing Amumu in those games, i dont have as strong an early game as others so this applies.
: Promotes toxicity Losing a game and it's clearly one guy's fault? Flame the hell out of him to go AFK so you lose less LP, cause it's all his fault.
I see your point but everyone can be muted. I've opted to do that recently and it has worked wonders. I also think it is then up to the player feeding to understand that if they leave they lose way more than if they stay
L1on (EUNE)
: Perma banned for defending myself against a toxic player.
Just. /mute all. when t=0:00 It works. CHat is stressful. trust me, it works.
: Suggestion to remove swear words from chat completely
Recently I've been trying to climb and have been going the other way due to wanting it more. Until today. You see, before I tried this this morning/last night I was communicating lots in chat which lead to flame games everywhere. Solution? Correct, mute all. Sounds generic and everyone says it, but really believe me with chat off I was not tilted in the slightest, even the Vi game where I kinda fed my ass off and my awful smite lost us baron and the game. I had THE most fun and the best way I have played since I was low gold(yeah im not great) in like season 4 or smthng. Take this advice if you really want to have a better experience. Smartping to your hearts contect to get your message across just DO NOT USE CHAT. Cheers
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Rismosch (EUW)
: How YouTube Content Creators affected League
Support is unpopular because unlike in other roles you cannot see a statistic that tells you how well you're doing. If your bot double kills the enemies, you as a support have 0-0-2(likely). That doesnt say whether u autoed each one once and ran away or whether u landed all ur abilities and set up your adc nicely. You don't have cs to compare with the enemy support(vision score is kinda irrelevant anyway). You can end up with a 0-5-20 scoreline by carrying your team or by doing dog shit. One of the most satisfying things about sololaning is you can always see what the cs difference is, that you are a level ahead of the enemy, you've done more tower dmg and obvs scorelines. Not doing dmg is also a reason I guess...
: Why players with high ping (let s say over 70) are allowed to play?
because %%%%s like you would cause 80% of the league palyer base to quit
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Microωave (EUNE)
: Solution for instalocking
champ select has a purpose. to pick depending on the enmy team's comp. so no
: Who else deliberately plays unpopular champions?
well I always seem to pick up champs after they got nerfed... GP nerfed -> I play GP lucian nerfed -> I play lucian you see, unlike the joker, I am not ahead of the curb.
Silisa (EUNE)
: They haven't touched armor pen right? Which was the main reason you bought the item in the first place.
and the cdr of course.
: Ghostblade Nerf ; Patch 6,12
{{champion:58}} is dependant on youmoos? {{summoner:2}} Is this another universe? {{summoner:2}}
: No no no you got it wrong. Here, let me help you: Bronze: Trash Silver: Trash Gold: Trash Platinum: Trash Diamond5: Trash Diamond4-1: transition zone from trash to good players Master+Challenjour: good players Now before you start hatin, let me emphasize I put myself in the trash tier.
i agree.. we just set the bar higher i am silver 2 i think(havent palyed ranked for ages) and know I am a noobtard :D
V samsam (EUW)
: hm. i have it, im getting s+ or S with my ashe sometimes.. but no loot.. i know all of them is On in my profile i have it too.. and im always playing ranked. !! So whats the problem !? im just asking this > this is based on chance ? or i will get the box 100% when im getting S or S+ on a owned champion
well u can only get 1 per champ per season so if u get 10 S games on Ashe it doesnt matter you'll only get 1 case
Kjelldor (EUW)
: Please. Buy a pink.
so ur an angel who always has a pink handy at all times and you always buy one?
GLurch (EUW)
: > who is visible for 0.2 seconds before you die Ever heard of {{item:2043}} (pink wards)? Also you get this little ! above your head when he is nearby.And no,it's not when he is in jump range.It is before he is. Also you can build tank items.Or just {{summoner:4}} when he jumps at you or is nearby and in generell try to escape.As Azir maybe use your ult,as Lucian maybe your E or as Vayne your E.There are many ways to counter him.Of course many of them are also pretty hard. **__** {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
so ur saying ur an angel who always buys and carries pinks and you always have one handy at all times? The exclamation makr.. yeah.. gives you no info because when you're in the situation to get mauled you probably know it anyway ^^ Champs should not have mechanics which force you to pick certain champs against them(part of the controversy about QSS nerf for eg. Zed)
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: I understand your question. Thanks for asking, A persons IQ is basic analysis of how intelligent you are. but the difference in IQ has to be very high to see the change in intelligence. What this means is that if your bronze IQ guy has 130 IQ and you have 100 IQ. you would not really see the change unless doing mathematics or physics XD
not quite laddie. 130 IQ is fewer than 3 % of all people. At that level you see things completely differently anyway.
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