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Mas17 (EUW)
: Bigger bonus AD scaling for less base damage, remember that the **AD ratio doesn't scale with the stacking damage** (up to 50% more base damage after 2 casts in a short period of time) Let's do the math: ACTIVE: Yasuo dashes a fixed distance in the direction of the target enemy, dealing magic damage and marking them briefly. The speed of the dash scales with Yasuo's bonus movement speed. MAGIC DAMAGE: 70 / 90 / 110 / 130 / 150 (+ 60% AP) Each cast increases the next dash's base damage by 25% for 5 seconds, up to 50% bonus damage. Yasuo cannot use Sweeping Blade on a marked enemy. Base damage lowered to 60/70/80/90/100 from 70/90/110/130/150 20% Bonus AD ratio added. At level 1 you'll only have 8 to 10 bonus AD, according to what you buy, which means that a level 1 E will deal 62 (60 base +2 from bonus AD) damage on first cast, 92 (60 base +2 bonus AD +30 from charges, 50% of the base damage) when fully charged, while the currently live version would deal 70 damage on first cast and 105 (70 +35) on a fully charged cast. So level 1 damage is without a doubt lower. At level 18, full build (For the sake of the example I took a highly rated build from mobafire that had a good amount of AD items: {{item:3046}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3026}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3022}} for a total of 175 bonus AD) the damages would be: Pre-nerf, no charges: 150 damage; fully charged: 150 +75 = 225. Post-nerf, no charges: 100 +35 bonus AD ratio = 135; fully charged: 100 +35 + 50 = 185. To deal more damage than the current version, at level 18, you'd need 375 bonus AD (This means that it does not count the base AD, only the AD from items, masteries and runes) Even with a fully stacked fervor you'd only get 64 bonus AD, which would give 12.8 more damage to your E.
Even if this is true (didn't have the urge to do the math) I don't really think that this will be enough to stop that unstoppable scaling monster with his broken kit. He'll still have his no-cd obnoxious Q, extremely good mobility and synergy with half of champions' skillset, a wall that completely negates again.. half of champions' skillset, free crits, free shield, free pen.. This is just way too much.
ZeeDrakon (EUW)
: >Solution: Remove the duo part from Solo/Duo Queue, and implement the system only for Solo Queue. This way, no abuse for premade system. So in order to make this system not abusable it needs a) for the most popular ranked Queue to be changed, and b) not work in flex. great. And that still doesnt solve the problem of you getting free LP.
The most popular ranked queue is not popular because duos can join. In fact, the majority of players are probably solo players, and if there'd be a poll about whether they want pure solos, or solo+duo, pretty obvious which would win. As for the B part, Flex is less popular than solo/duo (as you can see the stat: while the matchmaking is always green for solo/duo, it is usually just yellow for flex). A change for the overwhelming majority of players is still better than nothing. And it's not free LP, jesus. Players would still lose LP, just less, but the AFK players would lose more than everyone else in his team. And if you wouldn't give 4v5 teams a chance to have less obnoxious game experience, you're nothing but an bad-hearted piece of sh*t. End of story.
ZeeDrakon (EUW)
: >It can't be that hard to make a simple system that works for the most obvious cases. -> >I get that a person leaving at minute 38 on a 40 min game, can be a case of abuse. And likely that person didn't impact the loss/win with the leave. But someone leaving at minute 7, making you have to wait 13 minutes to ff. How exactly is the game supposed to determine whether or not the AFK/DC actually had an impact on the game? >But someone leaving at minute 7, making you have to wait 13 minutes to ff. >So in this sort of case, if I have no connection at all to that player, then why would I deserve a loss ? I dont get why this has to be explained literally on a weekly basis, if not more often. If you have someone go AFK during a game, there is a HIGHER THAN 50% CHANCE YOU WOULDVE LOST THE GAME 5v5 ANYWAY. That means, if you would get a loss forgiven everytime someone leaves a game, you would be GIFTED LP for NO REASON in more than 50% of the games that happens. This system would also be impossible to make non-abusable, since you could just Queue up with smurfs and leave every time the game goes bad to give them a free win. Lastly, you gain more LP than you lose by AFKs etc. statistically, so this would actually not benefit anyone in the long run. I should really make a copy-paste doc. for this...
Solution: Remove the duo part from Solo/Duo Queue, and implement the system only for Solo Queue. This way, no abuse for premade system. And to make the system a bit more fair in term of free LP, no full loss forgiven, but lowered LP loss for the teams with AFK, increased LP loss for the AFK member. It is entirely your responsibility to make sure if you have proper internet connection for a ranked game.
: There's no such thing as "troll pick" So i guess yes. There's no rule set in stone for ADC meant to be only played bot and ADC for bot as well.
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Biseadon (EUNE)
: Warwick Rework Spotlight | Longest jump | League of Leagends
What did you expect? CertainlyT worked on him. The guy who already gave us tons of nightmare with his idiot champions and gamebreaking inventions.
: Why nerf my dear Lee Sin?
I think you still can. If not, then you might have to press E
: I'd only take warlords if i know i'm not gonna get any lifesteal. Otherwise i'd go fervor.
As Irelia, you have built-in lifesteal.
: So no change in behaviour for me. Thats fine.
Yea, I mean, this is the worst community among all games, so you might as well start the game with a /muteall.
: For me, nice = polite. So can I at least be polite to them or must I flame them from minute one forward?
Be neutral. They're absolutely nobody to you, nothing more, nothing less.
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marquii (EUW)
: Rengar is an assassin, and assassins are meant to actually 1shot people. He's got a brutal solo engage, but a quite poor escape, so if he can't delete his target, he's quite sold out.
: it will be the same, because riot dont think there is a problem with matchmaking when there is!
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: Don't worry, it only needs about 20 games to detect and ban a intentional feeder. Just use the report function. I guess we both agree that the instant feedback system can't be sure if a guy who goes 1/38/6 is intentional feeding or just had a bad game ... ;) lmao :D
This is where chat log analysis kicks in: Some people are actually stupid to admit that he'll intend to troll.
TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: ADCs are meant to farm a lot and not get that much xp, also they need to be broken easily, that's why there is the support early game. The fact is that support players are bad. Think of it like there are not much support payers, and 60% of them are good enough atleast. So if you get a support, you may think easily he is bad, since every guy wants to go mid top, and some jungle. adc is still unfavorable doe to their weaknesses. ADCs are good, but players are bad at teamwork, and supports are not motivated/bad/don't know what to do.
Meanwhile Syndra can delete someone with a Doran's Ring while she just presses her unmissable R, or Rengar can do the same with a Machete.
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: you got nothing better to do? lol learn a new language or something
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Neur0tiix (EUNE)
: even when somebody flash, ekko follows, but well, its not dash, more like teleport, so its viable.
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Pininator (EUNE)
: Azir buff
Happy Merry Christmas? That must be a reeally happy christmas.
: Azir Support
: Just out of interest how long have you been playing League? In your opinion what is the difference between the current autofill system and the old last pick gets landed with support way of things? Additionally what are the benefits of the 1st pick chooses their role and last pick takes whatever is left Vs autofill? Before I joined Riot I learned quickly that support is the 2nd role that everyone needed to learn as it's the one most people don't want to play and have not mastered meaning that if you had a good support on your team you had a better chance of winning bot lane because the other person wasn't up to par or picks a random mid laner and calls it support. If someone is just not willing to learn a role that they know that they have a high probability of playing every once and a while that's their decision. In normals I understand but in ranked well it just seems like logical sense that you would want to be proficient I do find at times that Autofill bugs me so don't think just because I have a red name that I think its all sunshine and rainbows but does autofill not encourage players to have a more rounded champion pool? I mean since the introduction of autofill I've gone from being able to play 3 roles to all 5 and am more open to trading position with others as I now have champs and a proficiency in each role?
"does autofill not encourage players to have a more rounded champion pool?" No, what is does that players pick something that's not even a good support, troll the hell out of the games, and they won't get banned.
: Why doesn't my normal MMR drops?
Alright, so after 7 losses and 1 wins, I'd like to say Riot: For christmas, you can suck on my D. Thank you for making the game awesome with your balanced matchmaking
Tomerarenai (EUNE)
: Matchmaking
Riot doesn't care about matchmaking
: Why doesn't my normal MMR drops?
5 games in a row soon. F*k your Riot seriously. :D
: Why doesn't my normal MMR drops?
It's totally fine, after 20 losses, my MMR should finally drop.
: I think the problem is heavy reduction of player base. They still want to keep low matchmaking times (or they would have to admit this), so matchmaking is total random now.
All for that amazing gameplay quality, right? :D
Possible (EUW)
: Because their normal mmr sucks aswell
So dumb. I'd like Ranked MMR to affect Normal MMR as well. Former plat and diamond players shouldn't play against former silver and/or gold players. :/
: Why doesn't my normal MMR drops?
4 games now. Stupid as heck. I want my MMR lowered so desperately. :/
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: It's only a slight step backwards. Personally I'd just say it's adjusting your step, not actually going backwards. Without auto-fill, queue times were insane for certain parts of the game. It's easy for people to say "I'd rather wait and get what I queue up for", but once they start waiting 20-40 minutes for every single game, supporting once or twice won't sound so bad.
And that's where my suggestion for making support role more attractive kicks in. A small reward for support players who are making it possible for non-support players to avoid extremely long queue times. But you can't abuse this, because not only that you can get reported for intentionally trolling, but you also won't get your reward if you won't win. This might cause some frustration, but remember that winning team already gets way more IP than losing team, and if you have to support, you might as well try your best for that little extra bonus.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: It's a middle-ground between the systems we had before. Remember before role selection appeared, we had the normal queue where you just had to take whatever was left after agreeing in champion select. If you were last pick, you often ended up as support anyway. This new system isn't any different from that, other than it does **guarantee** you to get the roles you want at certain periods, such as when you've recently been autofilled or played support, or when you're doing promotions. We did survive without any role selection as well.
That's true, but since Riot introduced a new system that removed fighting for roles, players have a really hard time getting used to the old "you get what you get, even if you don't like it" system, and I don't really think that stepping backward should be the good way. I'm not saying that Autofill is just as bad as the old queue was, but it's like.. Of course we survived back then, because we had no such experience with the "new" queue. Like.. you can't miss something that you've never experienced before, if you know what I mean :D
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > more people hate it than like it. While I don't have anything to show that the contrary is true; you can't show that this statement is true either. You can't use the complaints people use on the boards, or reddit, to see how the community truly feels about a system, because it's common that people that hate it will complain, and those who don't mind stay silent. You'll always get a very skewed view of how things truly are.
Well then just let's be honest: You HAVE to play a role you don't want to: Are you happy, or not? Because I don't think a lot of people who queued for the 2 desired roles would be super happy to play a non-selected role.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: That's not a guarantee enough. People will still queue up as support with the intent of getting rewards, not with the intent of supporting. That doesn't give the role any positive impact for the future. I honestly don't see why supporting isn't fun on its own. It has a huge impact on the game when done correctly.
Autofill doesn't give any positive impact for the future either, more people hate it than like it. It's a necessary bad thing. Might as well compensate it with a small positive reward in order to balance things out. And it doesn't have to be huge rewards, just some small things, like 20% more IP after the win. You don't usually get more than 100 IP after a won game anyways (unless it's like.. 40 minute long), so it's not really a huge boost, but it might still look attractive for players who want to farm IP but due to the lack of their time, they have to play a trillion game to get the champions and/or rune pages (which is also nonsense, it usually takes like.. 3 years to get everything).
Hansiman (EUNE)
: How do you prevent people from queueing up as support only to get rewards then?
Because only the winning team's support would get the reward, so the supports should put maximum effort to play their best.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > then why put random players in this role that they have no idea how to play and don't want to play. Because sadly so few people queue up as support that Riot needs to do something in order to lower queue times. This means that people will have to step up to the plate once or twice and play support. You should really learn to play more roles, even if they aren't your favorite.
Reward supports who win game for their team with extra IP and/or increased key fragment drop chance, and make the support role attractive by this. Just because you don't like playing support doesn't mean you should be forced to play it anyways. Or don't really be surprised by those full AP Doran's Ring start no-Sightstone supports, or even worse, when you have a teammate who picked an absolutely unviable support champion because why the hell not.
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kiwishrew (EUW)
: A champion permanent is the result of rerolling 3 champion shards. Sometimes, you'll get a champion permanent of a champion you already own, and so it can't be redeemed. Instead, you can cash in that permanent for blue dust, or reroll it with some other shards, OR, you can use it to increase your mastery level. Basically, it's identical to a champion shard if you already own the associated champion.
"Sometimes, you'll get a champion permanent of a champion you already own" I don't think that's true.
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