: Why do people do competitive sports like football in the lowest division? Why not just have some fun with your friends playing around with the ball? Why do people count points in table tennis, tennis, badminton etc? Why don't they just hit the ball and enjoy the sport without competing for a win? I can do hours and hours of technical training in table tennis without ever counting a set to 11. But why do I count sets and matches sometimes? If you can answer that question you know why people play ranked games.
Because humans are dumb (me too) and want to contest. Show everyone that you are better and be a %%%% by telling others they suck. If league would : Balance every champion perfectly (Why dont they fking stop creating new champs/reworking champs) and just focus on that ? Make every role same as impactfully. the game would be so much fking better...
: You don't have to quit league, I know it gets to a point where it becomes like drugs, but there's always time for few games for fun. climbing in league is also fun, and don't tell me you can't show off, I'm still making fun of a friend who's stuck in bronze for few seasons along with my other friends, does he get mad? no , did he try hard and get out of there? yes, (not sure if he bought a boost, that's how we still make fun of him). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Supports are the best way to carry in low elo. because they are never focused, build damage destroy everyone while they are chasing your adc and you are standing still like a ward for them they won't even look at you until the adc is dead lmao later on if you are really strong and get focused and killed, it's still a huge thing to get few ultimates cast on you instead of the main carries which still can pull it off since enemy lost their most dmg skills. even if it's a bad idea, you can split push as support and nobody will ping you to come! it's like the chill role, throw few wards, hard poke, you can even go afk to let your adc hit 6 before your enemies in some situations, I really enjoy getting autofilled, I play brand support and deal the most dmg in game, if it's a win or loss, I still have fun. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - it's only fun when they run {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
Nah, i dont know what the %%%% happens. I had a 63% winrate on Morgana with 60 game, then when i reached S2 (they way until their was extremely easy) it just dropped down to like 59 % and than got even worse. I dont know why this happens and i dont agree with the fact that you can carry from support. I know you do all the vision for those %%%%tards that place about 2 wards a game... You prepare all kills... You heal and shield em when they are out of position (basicly always)... BUT all this shit doesnt work if your team is completely %%%%%%ed and thats why i prefer a solo lane / jngl because if your whole team sucks. Who the %%%% cares? Not you u just farm all day and than kill the enemy. ------------------------------- You cant tell me you have fun, when the team is 5/47374, when you lost all of your inhibs, when the enemy team is just trolling bc they know they won anyway, when the whole team flames you, when the whole enemy tells you that you suck and should %%%. Heres the KEY just leave the game those %%%gots just arent worth your time. %%%% you Riot i wont play every game because of your sentence "Every game is winable, and everyone loves a great comeback", its never gonna happen the whole fking game is over after 15 minutes, its even, its won or its lost all the scenarios.
: What the hell? You're quitting again? You already said this last time! Is is really that hard? Just forget about this game if it's causing you so much frustration. Everyone has their own reasons to be playing this game though. There are plenty of players who never even care to touch ranked.
Yeah, the post was shit and didnt really show what i really think about the game. I was pretty frustrated (the things i wrote their are still true). If you never touch ranked, you probably have no friends in this game xD. I didnt even notice the Ranked-Mode until a friend told me about it.
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: Right, yeah, I mean I think I've seen people say that "Ranked" and "fun" can't be put in the same sentence in that it's virtually impossible to have fun while playing Ranked?
Ranked isn't fun. It definetly works. Playing Ranked is where u want to show the world how good you are and you want that gold/plat/dimaond frame around ur loading screen pic. Unfortunately u cant climb in Lol with support (u can but its the worst bullshit ive ever seen) and now i dont want to learn an other role, i want Riot to make every role same as good so u can climb with every role and FIX ur god damn game Rito pls why can a Graves kill Yorick's demons with autoattacks? I just mean as a support player u will NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER get honored and if u tilt once your "Honor Level" which sounds completely %%%%%%ed go below 2 and you will get banned. Thats how Riot and their community treat support players. GG WP. {{item:3145}} {{champion:25}} Also there are soooooo many games u allready know before the game starts that u will loose it just sucks because mostly u know your teammates will suck and everyone will flame, be toxic and think im the best. Thats what ranked is about, thats what i want to escape from. Play as good as you want there will always be someone that sucks flames tilts your team and looses you the game (which didnt even matter because as a support u dont have dmg so u cant kill and you allready dont farm so u dont get gold so u get behind so u loose and you want to tell those people they should kill themselves which isnt allowed :/ )
: I don't know much about LoL lore so I'm not the one to be able to solve your riddle. Different champions came to mind. Anyway if you're not having fun or getting anything else satisfactory out of playing this game any longer then good for you to quit. I wish you the best.
Thanks. Ill still enjoy league but in a different way, ill read more lore's and take a closer look at champions. Maybe one day ill understand why armor deals more dmg than a sword.
: You quit because of Ranked is itself? In that case, bye. I happen to be intelligent enough to not play such trash
Yeah kinda, it bothers you that you know you didnt get better than Silver (which is better than 50% of all players but it still looks like shit). The other thing is u cant have fun when u dont win, its either win and feel good (but i dont really have fun) or loose and feel frustrated and hit that "play again" button until you win for the next time and play again because u think its fun. The other thing is that league is UNBALANCED, some people now think "this garbage ass bronze/silver player (wheres the difference) talks about the game and has 0 experience but it doesnt matter even if it is balanced for some players right now it doesnt feel like it is. Did you solve the riddle?
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TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: I am just happy for it being translated dude, chill
Why are u happy when u dont care about the theme? xD
TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: There was a thread with the same name, but in german
And? Thats because my league client is on english and before it was on german... However the client and the account here are connected somehow so they took me out of the german boards and put me in the english once. First i didnt know that so i just wrote a post on german which i now deleted and re-wrote it on english.
TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: Finally you translated Deutsch
What do u mean?
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