: Toxic people are not people that smurf or have more knowledge over the game. In all honesty, a person that smurfs will not even utter a word in game. He/She will just proceed to roflstomp everyone solo. The people you play with are simply VERY toxic and that's how it'll be most of the time before and during your first month of lvl 30. It's up to your own behavior to get rid of them. If you do not answer back and avoid using the chat a lot or even cursing yourself, you'll get matched with better and better people. Btw, my brother and a friend of mine both started playing a few months ago for the first time and reached their accounts all the way to 30. Not even once did they complain about smurfs. They only thing they didnt like at first was the high level of toxicity but, thankfully that lessens the more you advance and the more you are careful yourself. P.S: Flamers and people who overly use the chat are usually not that skilled. The same goes for most people that smurf. Due to their incompetence to actually play in their first account, they create smurfs to prey on new players. But, you will not face them for long nor that often.
I dont mind smurfs i mind toxicity as much i as dont wont to be provoked those comments did get to me but i did not fight back at them
: at the start of each game, type "/mute all". Im not joking here, in low levels 99% of times you wont need the chat to communicate with your team and they will flame you anyway, and what makes a flamer super pissed is when you totally ignore them. All the strategic communication necessary can be done with pings (G and V by default), press the key and then left click to use a ping or press the key and hold down left click then drag to a direction to select advanced pings.
I actually put g ping on letter t since i kept missing g and hitting f and then i would flash...
: Welcome to LOL. The players that you met are usually pepole that got banned for that kind of behaviour and now have to start from scratch again. There are a bunch of "low elo" players too, which are rising a fresh account to try have a better boost in placements. True smurfs (high elo players) usually are silents or even helps you a bit trying to understand a few things. Well, sometimes they mockes poeple around too bt hey, you cannot generalize on that. One solution is to mute them all in game and keep playing on your own till you get the pace. If you keep playing things will stay the same, get better sometimes, get worse some others. I'm warning you. Especially because you are playing on EUNE, where people tends to tilt easily, ragequit and troll you on purpose, which means they don't only verbally abuse you but they wll do everything in their power to ruin your game. (yes I got a plat 2 accont on EUNE as well). So you either get that mind set of "ignore the flamers", at some level (i still get angry sometimes), or you better quit the game (sad but true). Because you won't get any fun in it but only frustration till you become one of them eventually (yeah, I sound a bit tragic I know). But if you survived DOTA you should be fine here :D My advice? Play with some friends till you can walk on your own, or find a "mentor" on the forums that can help you around for a while, meanwhile ignore the hell of of these weaked mind kids and have all the fun you can. Good luck! PS: you can try find some new players like you here on the forums and play 3v3 or 5v5 with them so you can share nee things you find out, guides, tips, builds etc etc without the risk of getting assaulted!
Actually my friends offered me to play with them they are willing to teach me about everything so i might take them up on that and when they are not available i will play bots
: hm there are plenty of new players, it's just the system uses mmr and if you played with your friend it would force you to play against much stronger opponents. seriously you will find it much more relaxing experience just playing solo vs other new players. if you think about it, it would be unfair to place you and your friend(s) agains new players cos he will just stopm them and ruin the game for the other team
I did play solo my friend was just next to me telling me what to do.He thinks i was put with them because i did good on bots altough in my mind if i do understand this mmr thingy that seems not possible?
: Well, when I started league on 2013, the attitude was exactly the same "report this, report that, you fcking noob go die in a fire, bla bla bla". Now, why did i make it sound the the usual sht? well, sadly it is, its normal, its usual to see that childish attitude at extremely early levels. We all hate it, and unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it. I will tell you this, from everyones experience who is now level 30 (mas level). The higher you level is, the less flame you will see, the less childish behaviour. However, there is a reverse effect in the level up/ attitude. When you reach level 10 to 20 (aprox), you meet the premature COD fanboys (atleast from my experience), your typical 13 year olds that go "I fcked your mom", " your mom jokes", "OMG KS (kill steal), reported noob". But, the closer you get to level 30, the friendlier the players get. The people at level 30 are the ones that stayed all the way, they have seen everything, and they want everything to be better. ______________________ Imagine you´re in a golf course and you´re going to do 18 holes with 20 other people, some are new to golfing (like you) and others are "experts" at golfing (the smurfs). However, some of the experts are very cocky and very easily to get them angry. While all of you 20 take turns and progress through the course, you start seeing all type of behaviours. You see some kind smurfs helping out the new players, you have idlot smurfs insulting the new players (" omg you noob, you cant hit the ball, go die in a fire), and then there are smurfs that not interact because "If I dont get involved, I wont get into trouble" (this guys are ok, although the zero communication kinda sucks). As you progress through the course, some stages tend to get harder and thats when things get very tense, some people explode and cry of anger and then you have those that "embrace" the dificulty and learn from their mistakes. 1) The guy crying with anger, will never learn. He will never get better, he will not see his mistakes, he will also never become a better player (kind, with zero trash talk) 2) The guy "embracing" everything will become a better player. He learns from his mistakes, he tries to never get frustrated, he will always want to be happy towards other players. Anyway, as you progress through the course things get harder, but once you finish, once you finisht the 18th hole, you move on the the 19th hole (aka the golf course club bar/restaurant). In the 19th hole, you meet the players that have played golf their entire lifes (if not, they wouldnt be there in the first place), they know everything, they are all super kind (although there are a few @ssholes here and there, but the pressence in level 30 in barely visible) Then you have the quitters, these guys got angry mid way through the course, they are salty and they just dont want to continue, so they leave the course and do what ever on earth they want. They are literally pssed at everyone and themselves for no reason. The 19th hole however, doesnt allow childish and rude behaviours so naturally those salty players cant go in with the "veterans" and the new "recruited" players that finished 18 holes for the first time. _______________ Sorry for the long, boring, story/explanation. But what I am trying to say is... The more you play and the higher the level you get, the better attitude you wil find, I´ve been level 30 since january of 2014 and let me tell you, I have met a lot of friendly and cool people, some of them are here in the boards aswell btw. The moment you find a friendly and awesome player in a match, stick with that person, make yourself friends with that person, make both of your experience better, you guys can also be moderators for each of you behaviours (you can watch out for each other. If things go bad, you can calm each other down and keep this cool). _____________ If you manage to read my post... I will say it once again very clearly. You will unfortunately find toxic behaviour as you level up, its frustrating, its disgusting, and in all honesty, no one likes it, but we cannot do much about except reporting players. Now, the higher the level, the more mature players you will find (Its not always 100% mature, but its something). Another tip, dont spam the report button, only use it when things are getting out of control. If you spam reports, Riot will start seeing a pattern and they will not take your reports seriously. _______ Another tip that has nothing to do with any of this. If a player got you mad and you find yourself in need of releaving stress, you can use the boards, just keep the language at "PG 13" (if you get what I am saying). Also, people will sometimes take advantage of these types of "releave stress threads" and will want to troll you, they want you to feel miserable, so... just do what I do... make the thread, dont read the comments, and ignore you ever typed the thread, leave it flying. The purpose of the thread was for you to get some steam out, you dont need to go there and get worse. ____________________ Anyway, now to actually finish the thread. Dont worry, player attitude does get better when you´re leveling up, everyone who has been level 30 for over a month can tell you this. I hope your journey doesnt turn out to be a disaster. And if things get bad, just ignore, ignore the guy getting on your nerves, just mute him (your friend can tell you how to mute players). ######Sorry for the wall of text
Thank you for putting such and effort to write this and i did read all.I get it leveling up will be hard in a sense of toxicity so my plan is for now to level up on bots then after level 20 proceed to play on normals.Once again ty for the post it does mean a lot to me.
candoodle (EUW)
: an important tip to remember is that around 10cs (depending on the type of minion, but on average) is the gold equal to a kill so if you are 20 cs up on your opponent it is about the same as 2 kills minus the xp coming back to lane with a better item power spike ( eg large rod vs blasting wand) is HUGE and cannot be understated
Ty he failed to mention that but he did say cs is extremly importnant and objectives
candoodle (EUW)
: there is A LOT you can improve on against bots CSing first and foremost I was such a noob when i first started it wasnt until I was lvl 20 something when i saw the loading screen tip that i learned last hitting gives gold! also if you can learn to CS at lower levels it only gets easier as you get masteries and runes to help i still run flat ad marks and take the cs mastery (butcher? forget what it's called) on pretty much every champ because i started practicing it so late. have you tried playing against intermediate bots or just beginner? because some of can surprise you ({{champion:63}} bot looking at you) Just remember that once you stop playing against bots that junglers and wards are a thing (riot really needs to teach dem bots how to jangle)
So far i have tried on beginner and as for csing my friend explained that and i kinda have the general idea, i took lux and it wasnt easy to last hit a minion but i wasnt focused on it as much as on kills since he was explaining spells and all
candoodle (EUW)
: Hello friend It's really tough out there for legit new players one thing you have to keep in mind is that if somebody is not new but is playing a low level char it's probably more likely that they made it because their main got banned than they are "smurfs" so i would imagine that the toxic levels might be slightly higher at low levels which sucks for you new guys :S personally i would steer clear of normals until you have leveled up a bit against bots (if you decide to stick around) the match making pre lvl 30 seems pretty wonky at times and you are often at a noticeable disadvantage without access to as many runes and masteries as other players in the same game as for the behavior of the players well there are people like that at all elos and all levels but not as many as the community claims, i think it will get better but you will sadly never be completely rid of the bad apples the main factor (for me at least) is if you are still able to have fun despite the occasional toxic chat, if you are not having fun while playing a game, than what's the point really
Ty my friend gave me the same advice altought i wonder how will i improve if i only play against bots? I like the game and when i had non toxic team mates today it was really really fun :)
: Honestly, there is flame in every division of this game, and although Riot is constantly working on getting rid of those people, it just isn't possible to completly eliminate toxicity. But the last thing I want to do is drive you away from this game, I can only recommend it, but I have to make sure that you know what you will get. Although League is notorious for it's 'bad community', if you take a rational look at it, flamers are actually quite rare. If I'd just think of some numbers, I think maybe 1 in 30 of my games are negatively impacted by flaming. The most important tip I can give you, is to never talk or even flame back to someone who start insulting someone. Don't be afraid of them reporting you or anything. If you didn't do anything wrong, you can't get punished. I hope you'll keep playing this game, good luck & have fun :)
I forgot to mention that after a game i msg popped out that i was reported for verbal abuse and the only thing that i wrote is i am sorry that i am not a smurf...i didnt now that there is also false reporting i guess.. Ofcourse i didnt flame nor do i have the need to i just felt sorry that we lost due to my lack of skill and knowladge and to hear those things for them well its not a good feeling no matter how meaningless it may be and that its just a stranger saying them words do hurt.
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