: Watch missions not working ONCE AGAIN
What do you mean "once again"? Have they ever fully worked?
Lari (EUNE)
: Bots in Practice tool
Not every champion has AI behind it. Warwick bot has been broken since his rework since it's AI is trying to play New WW with the instructions for Old WW.
Asud (EUNE)
: Let us vote for the game
> because everything is already overbuffed. "Ivern is overbuffed" OmegaLuL
: This game is the worst
> This game is the worst Ever played bubsy 3d?
: Could someone care to explain the meaning of this?
Or he's just tired and wants to go to bed asap after uploading.
: now the question is... where in that train do we fit china (more specific RNG)
I'd like to see GenG vs. RNG first to make that decision.
: What just happened? (worlds day 1 spoilers inside)
: The problem is that it wasn't a bug and Jhin wasn't op. Read the full post.
So an interaction that only happens for jhin isn't a bug?
: Why can't Jhin have a keystone?
Lol what nerf? They fixed a bug which caused it to make it OP on jhin. They didn't nerf anything.
: My Geography teacher couldn't answer that question
> Why is the snow white? Because it forgot what colour it was.
Nonstopre (EUW)
: Is feeding ban-able?
Intentionally feeding is.
: Help to improve my kha zix
: Is Electrocute's proc conditions bugged or just really misleading?
The tooltip says "3 seperate abilities or attacks". So the Q+AA+AA is the correct way.
: Hit in the bottom
Which comments were insulting you though. People just called your idea for what it is.
Tuee (EUW)
: Smite on Champion?
http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Skirmisher%27s_Sabre http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Stalker%27s_Blade Read.
: > [{quoted}](name=Proud Weirdo,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=lyUAKjnB,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-10-07T21:09:29.220+0000) > > You came here to collect downvotes? Why? Do you know what self defense is? I didn't say anything in game to the guy while he was flaming everyone and actively tried to make us lose. Then I punch back for once after being hit 20 times and I am getting punished. That makes no sense. No court would ever judge like that.
: We need this for people like you who automatically insult like you just did by saying that my idea is "stupid" there are many more better words than "stupid"
> there are many more better words than "stupid" Dumb. Trivial. Foolish. Laughable. Stupid hits the mark though.
MvsBazz (EUW)
: Riot support is the most garbage suppor i have ever seen
> Blizzard on the other hand, has a fantastic support, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA
Silverfang (EUNE)
: VS Tokens Gained from completing VS missions or purchasing vs content . Expires July 30th . Its not 30 yet , why they remove purchasing options ? Not cool yo
The event ended already so you can't gain more tokens. The tokens Expire the 30th. That's when any left over tokens will just dissapear.
Dare mo Nai (EUNE)
: How to see how much money I've spent in Lol?
Yeah seems like you'll have to submit a ticket. I just did so myself and you'll have to wait 30 days to get it for security reasons.
: Time to create summoning spells groups
You'd have to buff ghost and TP pretty hard though. Pretty much either make those 2 as OP as flash or 99% of champions won't take them.
: [Conspiracy Theory - Akali rework] Akali and Jinx's tattoos are similar...
Ghostcrawler [said](https://www.riftherald.com/2017/9/28/16380542/jinx-vi-sisters-lol-lore-holy-crap-finally-guys-its-confirmed) Vi is Jinx's sister though
: RIOT forces me to name change for no reason again
I'd suggest you submit a ticket to [Riot Support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) if you haven't already. But this seems weird. I can't think of any way your name would be an offensive one.
Jaxlayer (EUNE)
: it may happen to you some day. there are players who are specialist in destroying your spirit. and muting them is not something you can do for ever. after facing them you may understand me better
It won't happen though. I'm not gonna int feed because someone on the internet is trying to hurt me feelings.
SiXKillZ69 (EUNE)
: RP card country error
Demand a refund from the vendor you bought it from.
Jaxlayer (EUNE)
: Read this if you don't want a 14-day ban suspension on your account
> ~~Read this if you don't want a 14-day ban suspension on your account~~ Don't intentionally feed if you don't want a 14-day ban on your account.
: Can I recover deleted skin shard?
YoniBony (EUNE)
: ***
> I played better games with better graphics at 90' Because everyone knows that only graphics make a game good.
: ***
OP is using "Worldwide" while you are using "United States". I know that country thinks those two are one and the same, but it isn't.
XxperacarxX (EUNE)
You can't buy the skin with tokens. What are you saying?
: Possibility for getting unbanned for "non-scripting" Riot read this please
>For now, custom models and artwork sit firmly in the **“use-at-your-own-risk” **category, but we’re keeping an eye on them. We can’t optimize for assets we don’t develop, and if they do become a concern for any reason in the future (ie. they provide measurable player advantage), we’ll take action based on the stance we just laid out. >Gray areas aside, there are definitely applications which are just not okay, and while the number of players in this space are very low (think a fraction of a percentage), we remain vigilant and hand out punishments to those who show patterns of consistent abuse. > We reserve the right to take action against applications that allow the use of our assets for free (often referred to as skin hacks). https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/225266848
GLurch (EUW)
: https://i.imgur.com/VKpL74e.gif ######Gif only moves if I click on it rip
https://i.imgur.com/VKpL74e.gif[IMG] https://i.imgur.com/xhapvUD.png[IMG]
: Honestly down voting is a child game,
: Need a Server for South Asia based On INDIA & Sri Lanka
: Mordekaiser needs a new skin!
He needs a Visual update first though. %%%%ing pizza feet.
: About the new mission for 15 or lower
> Really, you write discussions for 1 mission witch give 200 BE and 1 icon? Are you talking to yourself in the 3rd person? What is this thread supposed to be?
keifour (EUNE)
: Saying "no" does not fix the problem either.
Throwing out a suggestion that has been made multiple times already doesn't either.
keifour (EUNE)
: Blocking somebody should exclude him from your matchmaker!
No. Overwatch had a feature like this. Basically people just blocked anyone they didn't like on their team. Resulting in some mains having really long queue times becaue people blocked them.
jeronimo88 (EUNE)
: Verifying my account became mandatory? Is this a joke?
Are thay actually asking for your email password though? Can you show us a screenshot of the screen that is asking you this?
CivolJ (EUW)
: Skin rotation.
I'll take "overused suggestions" for 500.
: What happened to All-Stars ?
Nothing happened. All stars 2018 is in december in LA. https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/2018-global-esports-event-announcement
: Random Rotating Game Mode
Just think about all the queue dodging though.
: how do I place s3 with 7/10 lose
Because mid silver is the normal MMR for a fresh account.
: league of legends 3rd person fighter new game idea
> PLUS then riot games can actually be called riot game(s) :thinking: Well they already are Riot Game**s** They made League of legends and a board game called Mechs Vs. Minions Ryze and Tryndamere [announced](https://www.riotgames.com/en/explore/founders-lane-swap) a while back that they were going to be focusing on something new. So who knows what they're working on.
: south east asia server
There is a SEA server. Just Google "Garena lol" and you'll find it.
: Can't agree with this at all. Never heard anybody say this about a gay person in my life. So i disagree with it. It was unfair ban.
Just because you never heard or seen something happen doesn't mean it doesn't.
: How is it offensive? It's not like saying the N-word or calling some one a "%%%got" If you can present me a legitimate reason why "fairy" is an offensive term (which you wont be able to) then i will eat my metaphoric hat.
> If you can present me a legitimate reason why "fairy" is an offensive term (which you wont be able to) then i will eat my metaphoric hat. How am I supposed to explain why people began to use fairy as an insult? It just [is](https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/fairy?q=Fairy). The fact of the matter here is that it's used in an insulting way and you have no valid argument as to why you didn't mean it that way.
: Well, would be out of the realm of possibily that I am gay? Or dont gay people play lol? Regardless does it matter?
Does being gay negate the fact that you are using an offensive term?
: it was never used to be a derogatory term against gay people. You are reading far to into it and blowing it out of context. BUT then again, this is the LoL forums, so i'm not surprised.
What context is there here? I'm pretty sure you were not talking to small fantasy creatures. So what context would justify using the word?
: Unfair forum suspension.
> ...without being a triggered fairy" Who would've thought using a derogatory term for a gay male would be seen as offensive.
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