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: {{champion:98}} has 2 swords on his back, right?
Yeah, but he only ever uses one at a time
Jackom1 (EUW)
: You didn't even mention Olaf, go to gulag. Seriously though, I'd like to see a champion with dual swords. Or even better, sword and dagger, since it was a fencing art.
before the rework fiora actually had a sword and dagger
: You guys are forgetting katarina aswell x) her kit kinda revolves around her daggers
Yes, but her daggers are projectiles they aren't used as close ranged weapons.
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Aladoron (EUNE)
: Just got placed in Bronze IV after winning 9 of the 10 provisional games. Guess i have to ruin a lot of games until i climb to my division... Why is this good for anyone?! So, yeah, i agree with you, the matchmaking is total bullshit :\ EDIT: Here is the [proof!]( (EUW account)
You are a lying liar who lies, Gold IV bastard
: I hope it won't be spoiled... I still believe TSM will make the comeback!
How they are already out of the championships, what are they going to do possess SSG?
ferlondo (EUNE)
: an idea for showing ally ult icon for the player
What I like about the board is that some of these random ideas actually make it into the game itself and this one is a great example


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