: Why i cant flame trollers,feeders and toxic guys ? they waste my time
Because you aswell is a bad player, 80% of your games are not well played which your KDA is low and you are giving more kills then taking. https://matchhistory.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-history/EUN1/2253092470911360 You just talk against yourself in this case. What you are saying is that poeple should be allowed calling you bad? Thats just stupid to be honest, treat people with respect! Damn this community need a upgrade.
: stunning, setting up kills and/or securing kills, highest damage output, carrying the team etc. did I miss anything?
From what i can see from profile, you are taking CS, you are not warding which is the part of being a support. As said, otherwise im not saying anything agianst you. If i had a support which did not ward i would get irritated.
: Hello I think there is a mistake
You are "supporting" without doing your part of the role as you can see on all of your games where you play anivia support taking CS and not buying support items. Most poeple consider that as troll.
: this game was 100% lost by my best player on the team https://imgur.com/Q1exd5H yes very likely we could have played better and won the game regardless but this player had all the cards to win the game 1v9 and it wasn't even going to be a struggle instead every call to gank the weak enemy summonerless squishies was completely ignored and then he just split pushed all game completely disregarding objectives later calling we never group when baron is being contested and he goes pushing t2 bot im not saying sometimes the teams are bad but more often than not the player that can single handedly carry a game has either too big of an ego to make the right decisions or just doesn't even have the slightest of clues of what to do with his lead EDIT: Now before you start telling me this is an isolated case no it's not this is why i don't play tanks in low elos because feeding people gold feeds shutdowns to my enemies
Or, just tired of lane feeding the enemy over and over and to avoid tilt he splitpush. You want players to carry you game after game, try carrying your own weight sometimes. Makes the game funnier for all parts.
: > You're dominating the jungle? Though luck top is 0/8 and keeps fighting. if top is 0/8 this is a clear indicator you are not dominating the jungle... Other than that I absolutely agree the game is too snowbally - if one lane gets a bit ahead they can just rompstomp the entire enemy team by themselves.
if top is 0/8 this is a clear indicator you are not dominating the jungle... Why is this not a indicator that you are dominating the jungler? If top is 0/8 and has a Darius toplane with 8 kills, that makes a jungler scared. I would never go 2v1 against a 8 kills darius. This i just another "junglers fault" bullshit ;) Lane loses 1v1 2v2 and flame jungler.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: yup, thought so, i angered a jungle main who expects the laners to win the game while they are sitting in jungle doing nothing, building dmg when the team needs a tank etc good one, keep up the work...
so jungler is ment to play tank? what about toplaners? Most played junglers atm is kha/sej etc, alot of them assasins. Alot of toplaners aswell are bruisers tank :) but instead of that you pick akali. Stop making jungler your slave. And for godsake blame yourself for dying toplane.
: Make love not war
Even this game they spammed "better jungler wins" im kayne btw https://imgur.com/a/zhVQU7n its just doesnt make sense. Players are so deluded
: Well, if you think you dont have to gank a winning lane, i'm here to disappoint you. This is the exact lane you HAVE to gank and countergank, to extend lead, take turrets and move on. This is how you carry games out of jungle. Not understanding this simple truth puts you far behind.
Read again, talking about a lane which is in lead and keeps throwing it away over and over.
Fhaca (EUW)
: Feeding people still not being punished
You are right Fhaca, even tho what you are doing is not good. The IFS system is not a god to detect difference type of behavior. You can leave lane and fck around with the jungler without being punished. You can run it down the lane without being punished as the "disco nunu" show after playing that strat for 3 years. One who will be punished is the players who talks back against this. And this is even happening in higher elo aswell. Think Riot needs a treshhold for what considered feeding intentionally.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: i throw out the "better jungle wins" when the enemy team have 5 dragons, 2 elder and 2 baron while our junger have a hard time getting the red/blue buff :D
Nothing new, let me aswell guess; Lane lost 2v2 and 1v1? Jungler may have ganked them few time when they overextend? Its not the jungler that controlls the drakes its bot and mid. I cant contest drake if our botlane is 0/10. This is how the jungle works nowdays.
: What to do when whole team stats flaming you
4 players flaming is rare, but 2-3 players is quiet normal. What i do i just muting them and focuse on how to win the game. Sadly the game has become more toxic for each season something that I saw already back in s6. May be a good reason to stop playing the game untill Riot start fixing it.
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: HI there!
"nothing changed,nothing,still the same toxic community," You are wrong here..... it`s even worse now then before :)
: Remove 4 man premade?
was talking about normal, since you cant que as 4 in flex
Rioter Comments
: Plat High Elo Hell?
The main issue is that poeple do not understand how the jungle works. I suggest playing jungle and learning that role as a secondary role instead of top/mid. a jungler can be bad, and so can other laners. But most of the time when a enemy jungle snowballs it is there laners fault since for the jungler to be able to kill you, you have to put yourself in a risky situation. The enemy jungler then gets fed of you as a laner and it snowballs from there. If you had played it safe and not died you could have wasted the enemy junglers time and gotten your jungler ahead. This concept seems lost since its always the jungler to blame. When it comes to the midlaner im not to sure, played midlane several times and rarely ends up with many deaths, but alot of laners loves ego and to takes fight they can not win (think they can, but cant). And ends up getting jungler fed and then the jungler can again snowball. My best suggestion is: Try out jungle role.
Shozis (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Bambreformed,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=aE0aE7EO,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2019-05-18T19:06:02.244+0000) > > Your argument is "no they don`t"....... Yet Riot employe told me that they do, im not going to read trough all the tickets i made to Riot on how unjustify the system is. > I actually provided you with a written source published by Riot while your only argument is words of some random Rioter who might be new at their job and not know all the details about the system and btw you didn't even provide any reference to it so that we can evaluate what they said to you and wether you have even understood it correctly. > But no action will be taken without a employe going trough the evidence. That simply couldn't be true even if you use reason. League has millions of players, there are millions of reports. There's no way manual labor can verify such number and make the final decision. It is also the reason why manual Tribunal system was so ineffective. It is also strongly supported by the fact the punishments are almost instant which again couldn't be done by humans unless Riot hired several hundred thousands employees just for this task.
Your source do not say anything about what you are claiming. It do not say anything about teh amount of report will have a impact. Provide me with source of "amount of report will not have a impact".
Shozis (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Bambreformed,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=aE0aE7EO,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-05-16T19:29:50.063+0000) > > This is the misunderstod concept of Riot, YES the numbers of reports DO matter. > > And yes you can be banned without being reported. > > But the numbers of reports do matter as a Riot employe told me, what happens is that you will be bumped up the system and investigated, which means anything you said or did that can be seen as toxic/negative behvaior etc will be dealt with. > > im talking about a employe entering the match history and investigate you, not just the bot. so you are wrong about "First, the number of reports doesn't matter. One report equals nine reports." No they don't. > Do not ask other players in the match to report the offending player. It only takes **one report** for our systems to review a game. **Additional reports will not do anything** for the offending player https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752884-Reporting-a-Player And about being banned without reports: the only case I could imagine where the system would ban someone for toxicity without any reports migh be zero tolerance things like k/y/s, homophobic and racial slurs, but even for that I'm not sure the system would react if there are no complaints/reports.
Your argument is "no they don`t"....... Yet Riot employe told me that they do, im not going to read trough all the tickets i made to Riot on how unjustify the system is. I`ll do it like this, if you mean that numbers of reports do not have any meaning bring me evidence. Give me text or something written from employe that says that "Riot does not investigate accounts because of numbers of reports" or something. "And about being banned without reports: the only case I could imagine where the system would ban someone for toxicity without any reports migh be zero tolerance things like k/y/s, homophobic and racial slurs, but even for that I'm not sure the system would react if there are no complaints/reports." This just shows that reports matters........... If reported a bot will come scan for words. But no action will be taken without a employe going trough the evidence.
Shozis (EUNE)
: A few things: First, the number of reports doesn't matter. One report equals nine reports. Second, you can't know if they got punished or not. You have no way of knowing if someone has been chat restricted, and you also don't receive feedback reports for every punished person. Third, Riot already tried chat bans, but it only resulted in toxic players ruining the games in other ways like trolling and inting. Fourth, you should stop blaming others for you punishments and start looking at your own behavior. If you would have behave even 9 reports would have zero power over you. Also before permaban you are usually warned several times, but it seems you didn't take it serious.
This is the misunderstod concept of Riot, YES the numbers of reports DO matter. And yes you can be banned without being reported. But the numbers of reports do matter as a Riot employe told me, what happens is that you will be bumped up the system and investigated, which means anything you said or did that can be seen as toxic/negative behvaior etc will be dealt with. im talking about a employe entering the match history and investigate you, not just the bot. so you are wrong about "First, the number of reports doesn't matter. One report equals nine reports."
: Ok, let's talk about that Varus for a bit, because this is quite a common phenomenon. A carry champion gets put behind early and so afk farms for 20 minutes to get back into the match and be relevant again. Is this trolling? No, because that player is still trying to win. Are they doing the right thing by sitting back and farming for ages to be able to contribute to a fight? It depends on the match itself but usually no, especially if their team is winning. This is a matter of poor judgement and a desire not to give more kills to the enemy, NOT trolling. This kind of behaviour is usually from following bad calls early on that cause deaths, resulting in a mindset of "if I group with my team and follow the calls I will just die more, then get flamed and reported for feeding". But this is exactly what I'm talking about when I don't see trolls and inters but so many people claim that all their games are ruined by them. Those terms are thrown around so much that a lot of people use them incorrectly. Just because you have a negative k/d/a automatically means you are intentionally feeding. Just because you build something that isn't considered strictly "meta" means you are trolling. If you don't follow all the calls from the self-designated "leader" of the group (even when those calls are objectively bad ones), you are trolling.
He is not trying to win when we are already winning the game. It ended up way closer because the enemy caught up because of his AFK farming jungle. 1) I could taken the farm and got futher ahead and ended quicker 2) we could ignored the farm and pushed and ended quicker He went into jungle when we was ahead! Yes thats considered trolling. Watch the replay you find it in my history. You dont see the trolls because your definition on trolls are ONLY that poeple runs it down. There is way more option to how to troll then jsut that. This Varus was a plat (so he knows what he is doing) Yet he choose this to try to lose and to piss us off. As said, the game became way closer because of this Varus refusing to teamwork. I do have to say, your definition here is bull......
: > [{quoted}](name=Bambreformed,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=90KbkNaU,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2019-01-20T07:51:31.154+0000) > > I encounter either trolls/flamers/toxicness etc more or less each game, i have played around 300 ranked and encountered those players in around 280 of the games. > > Thats around 90% of the games, am i just unlucky? Oh back when I actually read the chat in game I saw flaming in pretty much every game too, but no trolls and certainly no inters. So I'll ask you again, how many times have you encountered a legitimate troll or an intentional feeder in your matches?
90% of my games i get one of them, I would say i get around 30% trolls. Just had a varus afk farming jungle because he was behind and refusing to teamwork when we was winning.
: > Online anonymity is great for protecting people but more needs to be done about the people who threaten your life in a game because they want your role and they got filled into Support and they don't want to play it so they'd rather kill you and take your lane than dodge and wait 5 minutes. Let me ask you something. How about times have you encountered a player who does this? So far this season I have played 288 ranked matches this preseason and I've encountered 3 legitimate trolls. The first was on the enemy team who got autofilled support and instead took top lane, forcing the top laner to pick a support and go bot. The other 2 happened in a game just now, a duo who wanted to bot/support but didn't get the support role and I refused to swap with them. So they went Shaco + Wukong and went mid together. That is it. 2,592 players I've encountered this preseason and only 3 legitimate trolls. That's 0.11574074074074073%. Did I just get lucky? Where are the hordes of trolls and inters that I hear everyone talking about? Surely if they exist I should have seen a lot more of them.
I encounter either trolls/flamers/toxicness etc more or less each game, i have played around 300 ranked and encountered those players in around 280 of the games. Thats around 90% of the games, am i just unlucky?
: Ban for inting when playing with friends
You mean the Nunu game 0 / 38 / 4 ? Where you bought movement items? Where Nocturn and kogmaw did ok? Remember easy to check op.gg and see your game. Mate you are clearly intentional feeding in this case, you are ruining the game for others and the punishment are correct. Im my eyes to nice.
: >And yes i know this will affect ranked system with blocking higher players to avoid getting them ingame. You've explained exactly the issue here. It opens the door to win trading, not to mention queue time issues it causes. They actually trialled this on OCE briefly at one point iirc. I don't have the source with me though.
Then i guess Riot should be more effective on banning players. As said, 9/10 games i have toxic players ingame rarely 1 by themself often 3-4, it make up around 30-40% of the games, and Riot havent changed there statistic on 3% since i last heard if for 4 years ago.
: No matter what riot does, there will always be trolls, feeders and flamers. And no matter what riot does, there will still be people like you who think there is a solution to this problem.
the problem the amount. And as i said, a trolled dont bother creative a new account, but a victum affected by this often will not. The amount of toxicness we got nowdays are just ........ Riot really need to fix it, there is no joy left in playing the game.
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Jirrgen (EUW)
: Alternative for Perma due to flame
Should punish harder on flamers and toxic behavior. To many victums are punished for retaliation. Just remove Toxic players assap so poeple dont have to deal with them. I support a IP ban, its a evil circle where toxic players dont understand how they ruin the game for others and they get banned, then they make another acc. Players who are tired of toxic players wont make another account and ending up with what we got today. Tons of toxic players.
: Suspension - How do i make a ticket
Dont defend players you will be banned for it. Leave victums alone, (Riot mentality). If someone are flaming your teammates and you think thats not fair just ignore them and let the victum suffer. Sad but true, if you talk back to the flamers you will be punished for it.
xK1ra D3s (EUW)
: Dear Riot
Yes you are doing something wrong, its called flaming.
: This person was unpunished for this chatlog
Love the downvote tho, why downvote a thread which is relevant for the issues Riot has today? Why downvote clear proof on poeple who shouldnt play the game :D People should really think what they are voting for. Every post against Riot = downvote every post for Riot = upvote
Shamose (EUW)
: Did you just share private chat logs?
Yupp, he wrote the same more or less ingame aswell :) Just putting it out to show peoples attitude.
Rioter Comments
Lari (EUNE)
: What a nice guy
Let me guess, you get punished for this :) you wrote "sad to have a lucian like that on our team" thats offensive and will be punished :D Had tons of games with those kind of poeple and so far all of them plays the game.
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: i can quarantee
I can promise that, the feeding laners that went 0/10 won`t get banned. I can promise that, the laner overextending giving free kills to jungler going 0/10 won`t be banned. I can promise that, the laner who flamed the jungler constant for 40 minutes because they think taking 3 camps without ganking level 2 is afking dont get banned. Im a jungler, and often i cant get 2 camps before the spam pings starts. Then 3 lanes start spampinging because they lose. Then they ping because enemy jungler ganks because they are overextended. From experience, from different lanes. Most of the times its the laners fault they die. i would take a guess on 80-90% of the times. Higher Elo = less ganks more farming. Lower Elo= fight fight fight, which makes jungling more or less impossible. If you farm you keep up, if you constant gank you fall behind. Thats how Riot intended the jungle to work. since people constant complains on jungle role and how quick they level. from 2 camps level 3 to 4 camps level 3. Stop flaming jungle, try out jungling instead. "learn how the game works"
: Punishment too heavy?
tok me nearly 1 year to reach honor 2 :)
: Naah, many feel the same. The boards are constantly filled with those kind of repetitive posts
You have 2 sides of this, those who are unfair and those who are fair. Main issue i see with this forum/board is that poeple just do not read, they see title and answers to the title. Tons of times i have to explain everything i write. Like my latest where i wrote "blocking a person should make you to not be matched with them in games" and futher down i write "this can be abuse in higher Elo". Then a comment: This will not work because it will be abused in higher elo. just shows how poeple do not read, this is not the first time. writing in text: This is a normal game. Comment: That happens in ranked. like come on... Read before commenting :)
: For all of those claiming that they got unfair banned....
Plenty of time shown chatlog which shows mild grief mild everything, which shouldnt be punished. Banned for explaining why we lose to flamers/racism/toxic players. So there is plenty of proof that victum are punished in same rate as predators. Riot calls it Victums becoming predators. or retaliation, or whatever. There is a reason why this game has become 10x more toxic pass 4 years. Riot system is a robot, not looking on whats happening, its like a guys punching another in the face and the other person should just stand still taking it. Its like being bullied and not standing up for yourself. And im not talking about entering "hatespeech, griefing, etc" im talking about saying enough is enough and telling the person why we lost the game. Got alot of accounts banned for answering "human" to incredible toxic behavior. Which i have proven in 5x chatlog which 3 of them got removed for nameshaming. Its hard to put out chatlogs in this forum because you can only see one side of the situation. Most of those who says "unfair" banned is clearly a fair ban, but i aswell see tons of players who are unfair banned. #Riotsystemneedsaupgrade
Hansiman (EUW)
: Block them from contacting you in the client.
thats not the problem is it? you can decline the friendrequest aswell, the problem is that i dont want to see them again ;) They are toxic, i dont want to play with toxic players thats why im blocking them, and when Riot choose to match us then why on earth are not his chatlog deactivated for me ? i block him because i dont want anything with him. Dont allowe me to see what he type or ping or anything.
Mada (EUW)
: I think the player is muted when the game starts. I remember having one player muted at the start of the game. Either I forgot I muted him already or he was already muted ^^
The player ain`t muted when the game starts ;) and not in chat pregame either! so whats the point of block system
Hansiman (EUW)
: > I block a person to avoid him, why should Riot match me with him? Because such a feature would have a very negative impact on the matchmaking system as a whole. Overwatch tried this out, and had to remove it due to people using it to block those that were simply better than them, ultimately causing worse matchmaking. A specific player who was known to be exceptional on Widowmaker ended up only being matched up with players far under his skill, because so many around his actual level blocked him to prevent playing against him.
Did you read my fully text? since you are answering what i already said. (know this will be issues in master/challenger tier) If i block a person i should not be matched with him in diamond and below, i understand the problem higher up. I block a person because i hate his attitude and trollingness! as this game showed aswell. Atleast remove his chat previlige so i dont need to see him type
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: Tales of Silver Ranked
Frozen heart would be better in this case, only crit champ are tryndamere, ashe is atks HP shredd, and teemo most likely AP or AD shredd.
JesRect (EUW)
: Why does League community encourages Riots inefficient ban system?
Used to be better, the game evolved but the system didnt. People who are downvoting the posts are often those who are toxic themself as i have experienced.
aniakhaki (EUNE)
: Is riot taking trolls seriously?
No they dont take it seriusly
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: My team's defeatist mentality is the biggest reason I lose most of my games
biggest issues are those who are ruining the game with "trying" with spampings and stealing all farm to carry themself and ruining for the person who are doing all the work ;) Just had that game and done plenty of them. When you as jungler runs around carrying the players, They spamping for ganks 3 lanes and you kill everyone, then the 0/5 player enter jungle taking all camps to get back into the game, making the person carrying futher behind. Take farm from one doing well because you are bad yourself. So then i just dont give a damn about the players, running down to a lane and perma pushing ;) (won the game alone) 1v9
: I am stuck in silver/gold division. My OPGG link is bellow.
Low consistensy, either you play well or you play bad. Choose one role and stick with it, suggest not support. Better to CS, even tho you get good score you lose gold on CS. More action around the map, you have low kill participation. Pick 3-4 champs to play and not more.
: I'm going to clarify again. I'm not defending toxicity in these scenarios._ I'm explaining how it can occur._ And from then on, ways to avoid it from occuring. That's it. If the other person breaks the rules in response, then report them and move on. They're in the wrong. Again, the reason I'm trying to talk this through with you is because you're saying you're having common negative interactions - and you said that you often try to help (paraphrasing) people, and they are toxic in response. Not every conversation is about defending and attacking, or who's wrong and right. This whole exercise is purely to have a look at something from a different perspective - there's no right or wrong perspective here until a toxic response comes out (if that makes sense). Neither Person A nor B are in the wrong unless one starts yelling at the other. However again, it's more likely to end in a positive response to ask if they'd like help than it is to "tell them what to do" type scenario. That's it. That's all that was. There's no blame, no defending.
1) Im not trying to "help" im just playing my game while they are flaming, what im saying is that poeple from "gold" from my experience are ignorant players who think they are best players and can talk negative about others. Never said i wanted to help them. I want to enlight players about this issues yes, help those who are toxic no. 2) The way you put it out is defending opposite side, you are "wrongly" explaining how Yasou experience and how I experience, and you even say "A+ then proceeds to tell you "Why you're stuck getting B's"." Which explains how you think im reacting. You are drawing me in a dark light, while him in a positive light. Why not put the fact s out on the table which i did with teh chatlog, showing how negative and ignorant the "gold" player was. Why justify what he did? I have a different perspective, i understand that a gold player wont be as good as a diamond player, yet im not talking about his skill level, im talking about his attitude, this has NOTHING to do with his skill level. 3) In my case B is wrong, because he flames, because he is toxic. So why draw him in positive light? You even got the chatlog higher up to prove what i say. To be honest, it feels sometimes that poeple do not read the text just the title for then starting a argue. Most comments in this section has been totally wrong and putting words in my mouth that i havent said. 4) You want me to ask "how can i help you" to a flamer/toxic person who are telling you how bad you are? Would be much better if Riot start taking out this kind of persons instead, and from buttom of my heart i think this game will die soon because of the new level of toxicness.
: >I dont understand how you put yasou as a victum and not a predator. I'm not. I'm looking at your words with you to help improve your interactions with other players. Infact, at no point did I even reference Yasou, at all. I referenced ranks based off the implied common interactions you've said you've had. I also never said person A had a toxic approach to it. To Person A, Person B simply isn't doing as well as they expect others to based off their own performance, and, whilst (hopefully) trying to be helpful, can do more damage than good. You're saying this is a regular occurrence you have with Gold players, I'm trying to discuss ways to mitigate it. I'm not placing blame at all. At the end of the day, how the other player responds is their problem, not yours, but there are definitely ways to side-step or avoid things that can definitely take a negative twist. Honestly I'd recommend muting them the minute they look like they'll cause trouble, but again, discussing our options here :). If you really need me to out-right say Yasou was wrong, here it is: Yasou was wrong. Although I find typing that a bit redundant, as I'm pretty sure almost everyone can draw that conclusion if the evidence presented is true - which is a whole different ball game because we're playing off hear-say here.
No need for you to say yasou was wrong, but defending him is not the right way either. You are drawing a picture that shows missleading information. You use a hypotheses that draws a negative picture of A student, and non negative picture of B student. (You do your best, but clearly this is not the same as A+ student's best.) This is not correctly drawned for the person im talking about and the perosn you can see up in the chatlog. And if you really wanted to look into it could watched replay on. You're in class. You are an average student that gets mostly B's (Gold). You have someone else in your class that get's A+'s (Diamond). You have a group project coming up with this student. You do your best, but clearly this is not the same as A+ student's best. A+ then proceeds to tell you "Why you're stuck getting B's". What i find frustrating is people always defending the toxic person and his right to be this way. As you do in this hypothese. Only thing i have been doing lately is enlightning people off a common behavior in League last 2 years. League of legend is a good game, but its scary how toxic behavior is more and more common. My first ticket to Riot about this issue was 2 years ago and toxicness has rapidly increased and yet nothing has been done to prevent it. I have had players telling me to get cancer, to die, to kill my family (ingame) and no 14 or perma ban was given.
: I have very little sympathy for you, as a "diamond player" who chooses to play on gold smurf accounts, and then complains that they aren't as good as him. No shit sherlock! Of course a gold player is going to be bad and ignorant compared to a diamond player.
1) This is my main account and im playing normals. ( gold smurf accounts,) this is wrong information. 2) (then complains that they aren't as good as him) You have not read what i wrote, i never complained on him not being as good as me. I complain on him telling me how bad I am and flaming me all game. 3) (Of course a gold player is going to be bad and ignorant compared to a diamond player) Why? Why should a gold player be ignorant, then i guess all Elo`s should be ignorant or no elo?
Busty Demon (EUNE)
: First of all. It's a normal game. You encounter all types of players with all types of Elo. Second thing his rank isn't connected to his attitude. Every one flames, Unranked or bronze or diamonds or platinum. You disliking a certain rank makes you focus with every gold ranked player while ignoring that others could be doing the same. I advice you to be more flexible while playing in normals since people play more casually in it, (and I know that will frustrate you since you actually play in competitive queues.) Also keep in mind others will not be able too keep up with your skill level in a casual gameplay, so be kind. Thank you.
1) Talkin out of experience, each time someone flames me i check them up and 99% of the times they are gold. Thats not me claiming gold for being a toxic rank, but each time someone flames me they are in gold elo. 2) Keep putting it out there, but he was trolling, flaming being toxic. This is not a person playing "casual" this is a person who wants to ruin the games for others. 3) I know they cant keep up with my skill levle, and thats not why i made this thread, im talking about him flaming and being ignorant.
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