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Thimes (EUW)
: There is just a small amount of masters players and a lot of plat players, there is absolutely no way you can have a smurf in every game, not even once every 10 games even if all master players would do nothing else but smurf in plat, there is just not enough of them.
I guss you're right. sometimes there are boosters duoing with som1 (i have hard evidence of this) and sometimes it's masters and mostly it's probably just Diamond players grinding up their secondary accounts or a new account cos old account got banned for toxcicity.
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Grimmrok (EUNE)
: Publicly announcing your crimes might not be the wisest thing to do. Perhaps this will prompt an investigation on your account and a proper punishment, if seen fit.
I kinda hope that would work, i mean that would prove to me that the system actually works.
: Well, I just got permbanned without getting any warning before, not even a chat restriction. ^^ League system works 100% fine {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
highly doubt some1 would get perma,d without a single warning.
Ηuawei (EUNE)
: Instead of trying to fool the system or w/e try to be a better player. It's not that hard really. Everyone gets angry sometimes, you just have to manage it. Running it down mid and inting ain't the answer, especially if you're looking to get to the higher elos
Im not looking to do that, just looking to hit a certain spot, also when i do run it down it's beacuse 3 lanes are lost and not a single objective on the map is taken by our team and jgler has o kills 0 assists and multiple deaths and team has denied the ff at 15 and 20 mins. Also im not looking to fool the system, im wondering why im not getting warnings/punishments when people go to boards and cry about how they got punished for 1 case.
: Most of these chat restricted players often deny that they are toxic though and try to argue that they were unfairly punished. At least you know what you are doing. It's something positive I guess. Ha...
Why would you deny that you are toxic or flame others, that's just dumb. Be a man (or a woman) and take responsibility for your actions and proudly proclaim that yes you did insult those people and run it down mid and the reason you're doing it is beacuse the system is so flawed that you actually wanna see how far you can go before it actually does anything.
: I'm on the verge of quitting the game myself because of this. I think Riot is too lenient with them. They get warnings, and more warnings, escalating chat restrictions, temporal ban, a longer ban etc. Just how many times do they have to be told to stop being a jerk? How many times really? Then they come here and be like "here's my chat logs! I usually flame and try to get my teammates reported!, um, why was I punished?" {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} Ahh, I'm so tired of this. Their flavor of the month insults, their inability to comprehend that everybody has good and bad games... I sympathize with you...
Like i already mentioned in my own thread, reports seems to have no effect and being banned is extremely hard.
: I'm afraid they may be even more toxic than you then >.<
think it has to do with consistency, when i do flame i do it hard, or maybe certain words trigger the system like %%%" which i never use.
: might wanna stop... think about have a 0% to 100% measurement... everyone starts at 0% and with each report it increases by X amount... once it reaches 100% it will trigger a reaction from the system... if you are guilty, you get banned according with what the system finds on the reports... if you are not it will lower it down to... lets say 50%... with each game you dont get reported, it decreases the value by Y.. These numbers arent exact... its only to give you a idea of whats going on... you might do that ocasionally but doesnt mean the system cant punish you... maybe your bar is still going up... dunno if this made any sense at all, but the best thing to do it stop...
Interesting, guess every1 that says that they got banned for just doing 1 thing are a bunch of liars then. i'll probably keep on doing it until i actually see any warning or repercussions from my actions.
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: Runes weren't nerfed. champion that rely on "all in" were nerfed. Poke champion were buffed by the changes since the much lower internal cooldowns will benefit them. Or another way to look at it is that players that would miss skillshots all the time and would get an easy kill that one time they landed their skillshot will have a harder time, while players that consistently land their skillshots will have higher overall damage.
Ur definetly right but the problem is that bard relies alot on his "surprise burst" in early levels of lane. What im suggesting is that these nerfs hurt bard in the laning phase. For example i can't think of any single situation where i would want to try and trade against the shield/heal supports anymore like Janna/lulu/soraka/nami in early levels. Especially nami since shes essentially bard but way more efficient and safe in lane.
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