BanMeFast (EUW)
: Yes you can make a new account. I very highly doubt that they will unban you after a cheat has been used on it. It is your responsibility that this kind of stuff doesn't happen. Also don't say that your account got hacked. Your account didn't get hacked, because the account belongs to riot and they weren't hacked. It was YOUR computer that got hacked, or you got social engineered, either way you're not gonna get unbanned.
That's not how any of it works.... My computer was never hacked and I was never "socially enginereed". That's not how this works at all.
: i'm really starting to wonder how all these ppl get hacked. not wanna throw stones but its not like a hacker says: lets pick account nr "XXX" and go force hack till it works or something like that??
Not that hard tbh, you just download a list of breached username/password and set up a script to iterate through them. I strongly doubt someone sat down and was like "Hey, lets hack Bardlokas specifically"
Revive (EUNE)
: Try connecting to live chat support, These guys tend to fulfill requests pretty quickly and bless them for that.
Do you have a direct link to the live chat? I can't seem to find it
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