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: TFT bad luck protection
Every items can be a high tier items depending on your play style though. Except ionic spark. Wtf.
Power Mac (EUW)
: Nah, it would be more like 18 years old girls getting paired with 18 years old boys and lamenting that the guys are too young for them.
Tbh 18 year old boys are often too young for 18 year old girls. What you are describing might be real life.
: qiyana is too bad
I have some tough news for you buddy, the thing that is bad is not the champ.....
: That one time riot gave EUW players something for their trouble.
: How free market ruins gaming industry and all artistic products
TL;DR: "I don't like girls, I don't like anime, my favourite animes are ruined because of capitalism, I am very smart, also I don't like the Chinese nor Americans, also they ruined Yugioh, also Stalinism!" {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
: I dont know whats the big deal with the community. its not that long of a login wait time.
Jokes on you, I'm in the client but can't start a single game hahaaaaa..
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: Question: Do you ever lock your camera?
I'm gonna address the big elephant in the room here. You use the ARROW KEYS to move your camera?!? WHAT


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