: Ekko 99% heal by ult? Really?
ekko is not op you just dont know how to play against him he's annoying af but that's only in the laning phase in teamfights he either stomps or dies nothing in between and it's all depending on your team
xMisuto (EUW)
: tbh the answer why you think like this is cuz of your skill level. Don't want to be rude here but it's true. If you play ahri (well) you can take a whole wave with 1 aa on the melee creeps and 1 Q after your first back... how is that for balance, ahri can oneshot ppl with just EQ not even using R all you need to do is farm and get kills! Ahri can 100-0 you with a full skill rotation at lv 6... Only explaining ahri here as an example but it goes for the whole list. But Zoe doesnt need farm or kills that's the big issue, she can oneshot at any elo and that is not normal for a mage! Thats why you guys think she is so broken cuz you are normaly not able to oneshot ppl with 2 skills... But Zoe can... so ye (cuz she doesnt need to farm or get kills) I rest my case, hope you understand this if you don't then you don't idc ps: Vayne can oneshot all you need is duskblade, shiv and a crit, there are multiple examples on youtube if you are interested :)
yeah must be my elo so trash that i cant be even taken seriously in a discussion what i mentioned in my comment has nothing to do with elo it's all about the numbers on her kit and the rng on her W but all u had to do was op.gg me and boom i'm trash i legit dont care but it pains me to see people accept how broken their champ is just cuz they main it
: One of the reasons I'll always be Honor 0
You know you did wrong. Try to improve. The first step is to stop blaming your teammates. Wanna climb out of bronze/silver? stop blaming you teammates and blame yourself instead. The same advice goes for both leveling up honor and grinding
xMisuto (EUW)
: Zoe can one combo/shot you...
you're part of the reddit community that thinks zoe is balanced because syndra is balanced. Are you actually being serious rn? We're talking about 1 shots not 3 autos- eliminate vayne from that list. Ahri cant 100 to 0 you even if she uses all of her abilities. She needs at least 2 rotations of spells or a gunblade or full build All of those champs require you to use your ult to get the kill. Zoe's ult is on an 11s cd. Randomly getting tp as a reward for last hitting is not ok. Your job is to last hit and try to poke in lane as a champion so why are you getting 2 rewards for doing so? and with such an important spell too Her combo is very basic: E Q or E R Q. She cant be CC'd while ulting cuz she automatically teleports back to where she was. At lvl 5 she needs 1Q to clear caster creeps. Do you even realize how broken that in itself can be? Her full dmg combo at lvl 6 can 100 to 0 you without even the need to use W. Guess what? she can do it all over again when you're back to lane cuz her cd is so low. "oh oh dodge the E and you're fine" Read why nidalee got reworked in the first place. She can miss 20 spears late game but if she hits 1 you're dead. EXACTLY.THE.SAME. And what's worse? she doesnt have to hit it cuz it zones you automatically even if she misses it. The hate on zoe is 100% justified. That champion breaks the game in 2 ways: The W and the E. Needs to be heavily nerfed before its too late
send riot support a ticket and if he this before they will manually ban his ass
Saibbo (EUW)
: It may come back next year as they said they probably will open the BE Shop once a year for the players that don't have any use for their BE having all the champs unlocked.
and they made it unavailable for those who have less than 10 non-owned champs lol thought that i can get zoe then got rekt by rito so whatever
: You must have a strange or funny life then if they call you like that. :D Like srsly, i never read or saw something like that before.
It's a actually quite a common name in the middle east. Just like some western names are actually insults in local arabic language (slangs too) or better yet both for some asian names "Nguyen Phuc Nam"
: Seems like a fun idea. Though I guess after a week or two it would just go to the place where Banner of Command and Ohmwrecker are, with virtually nobody buying it.
actually i dont think so. The stats themselves are almost cost efficient and the item has both an active and a passive. Imagine that passive on a 4k hp sion with demlish
: Balance idea - "Smooth Legends"
dont take this personally but your items and lifesteal/healing changes are utter garbage, except for Dark Cuirass. Then again that item item has no place in league. Its 2am rn so i dont have much time to type. If u want me to explain why they are bad reply to this comment and we'll talk in depth
Valabh (EUW)
: Missions
i have 5 project skins out of the potential 9 skins i can get from the project skin shard. Wanna hear sth funny? I got 4 of them from free chests and 1 from a capsul i bought with rp in the lunar even that cost me 700rp and got a 1350rp for what i paid. wanna hear any funny thing? I have another project skin sitting in my loot that i got from a free chest. Thats 8570rp and i i paid only 700 to get one of those. Wanna hear how much that costs? 48€ and this is not even counting the other skins i got for free Time to stop being too greedy mate.
Erdeiu (EUNE)
: Pormo Code not working
send support a ticket for garen-tris and alistar they should be able to help you
ElRodi (EUNE)
: is there is a way to get more orange essence since champion shards have lower values now?
i'm pretty sure they said that some missions and events in 2018 will give wards, orange essence, and skin shards as well. i read it in a boards post but i dont have the link rn. U can always send player support to ask them about stuff they are quite friendly
: I don't know what about this topic is hard to understand for you guys, smurfing, or having a second account should NOT be a thing. You can rage and talk whatever you want, your point is non sense, again because your friend doesn't need you to play games and he's choosing to play with you and against people higher than him. Choosing. CHOOSING. Let me know if you still can't get it.
I choose to create a new account I choose to smurf I choose to get lvl7 riven-yasuo and i choose to make you cry and spam "?XD" everytime i kill you and spam my lux laugh and lvl7 every time i kill you problem ?XD
: Grades after the game
Here's another one, Hi i play kata. I have full items at 26mn but i dont want to go in because the enemy jinx has 2 items she can kill me Let's wait until our cait drops the enemy team's hp to 200each so then i ult I did it 3 times in a game. i have 20/0kda I got an S+ I carried i deserve that 15Lp
: Grades after the game
Hi i play split push trynda i have 2/3 kda and 5k dmg to champion I have 35k dmg to turrets. I got 10Lp because my team carried me
Titor (EUW)
: Help, what can I do to climb out of here? (Silver 2-3)
play split pushing champs. You didnt have success with them cause you didnt play them correctly. Supports wont carry you if your adc is dumb and keeps throwing. Just play {{champion:23}} top take ignite and warlord so that way you have kill pressure and you never have to go b. I know everyone says fervor is so much better but you're playing for push not dueling. You just want to stay in lane as much as possible. {{champion:55}} needs some skills and a lot of map awareness and roaming which makes her not ideal for your elo. {{champion:67}} has a bad ealy game and if your support feeds you cant do anyhting about it. {{champion:122}} isnt a very good teamfighter if the enemy team has a lot of cc. But the enemy team are most of the times potatoes then play him. I havent visited silver in a while so i dont know what's meta right now {{champion:131}} is actually a bad champ in a sense because all she does is kill others. She can obviously split push with {{item:3115}} and {{item:3100}} but this build cant 100 to 0 an adc with a shield. Also you dont have the mechanics because if you did you could'be gotten out of your elo with {{champion:16}} top which you obviously cant do. Always know your actual skills. Your mechanics seem ok in your elo but if you truly mastered a champion you could've carried with it. You can climb with any champion up until plat3 then you need to be actually good at the game and so far you're not mechanically good nor you are at the game. You know what you should do like shoving the wave or building a slow push but you're not doing it right or use it incorrectly (supports dont build a slow push they even the wave to hold it or backoff when the wave it pushing cuz it will bounce off when you come back into lane)
: There are no sides of this coin, if you're bronze and queue with a Diamond that's your choice, if I'm bronze and queue for a ranked I expect that NO ONE is Diamond. Period.
I have a friend who started playing league less than a year ago. I was gold 5 at the time and i helped him level up then started playing draft games. His first impression was why are those people so good it's so hard to play against them, and those were gold5~3 players Up to this day he still struggles when we play together. The thing is if i keep playing with him when i usually get queued up against high diamond players and sometimes even master and challenger players he gets frustrated and stop playing after 1 game. If i didnt create a new account and play with him he would've stopped playing the game and i would've lost a friend. Now tell me , what is worse loosing a friend or ruining your games? I WILL MAKE YOU RAGE QUIT EVERY TIME YOU PLAY AGAINST ME WITHOUT THINKING IT TWICE. >Period
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: Xin ult and damage over time
I once had a suprise attack by a talon. He full combo'd me out of a bush and proced his passive-ignited then faded away. that was until i pressed ult and cucked all of his dmg "xin op" he said
noisiVehT (EUW)
: Why smurfing is allowed?
so you're not allowed to have 2 accounts? boosting is obvious. if someone plays vayne the entire season and has a 50% winrate with her and suddenly in the last 20 games he has 90% winrate that means it's a booster. Smurfing is someone who's gold-plat with 15 games and has 80% overall winrate
: > [{quoted}](name=Barrels of Doom ,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=zk9laAVG,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-10-30T23:33:33.143+0000) > > the NA forum is a lot more active than the euw counterpart even tho more people play on euw. That's why some ideas on the boards get by unnoticed. Would love seeing this it would actually be a big motivation to people who main a certain champ probably because NA playerbase mostly speaks english, whilst in EUW a big part of playerbase doesnt.
I've seen a lot spanish posts and comments. The language isnt the real problem here it's how important the game is to the players
: Thats where you are wrong, after I posted this I have gotten 4 peepole who are offering me to help me get better. 1 who is offering to take money to help me
what's their elo tho they are probably D3 max while the ones asking for money are probably D1+ unless they are D5 delusionals
: Rewards Mastery Points Champions
the NA forum is a lot more active than the euw counterpart even tho more people play on euw. That's why some ideas on the boards get by unnoticed. Would love seeing this it would actually be a big motivation to people who main a certain champ
learn to speak english on the english this isnt the french forum
: Yea, Over all these years I have played leauge I have only seen toxic no matter where I go to find someone help me get good. Now if the community would not be so toxic I might have learned the things that a dimond player thought me the other day, If I would have met a good enoth player that would have thought me that earlyer I would most likely be challenger now. but sence the community is so toxic I was playing 5 years withou anyone helping and I could not find out why I was so bad becus no one was willing to help. So litirally I can blame the leauge community for being too negative and djudgmental. But sence after a dimond player actually showed me how to play propperly I have ceen diffrence in my skills. So I would say there is perhaps 1% of the entire community that is worth being players in this game that actually help others up insted of pushing them down
some people teach others how to play the game those people are high elo players those players are mostly streamers those streamers will not do it for free and will ask for money as a compensation. It's called coaching do u now understand why no one is helping you? it's sth u r supposed to do for money and not for free
l NoiZ l (EUW)
: Well, I might be a little late, but I lifted your 20 minute ban! Enjoy the game! No need to thank me.
Smerk (EUW)
: They give us SR missions because majority of players play it. They are trying to improve missions system to allow OR conditions. That way they potentially can make missions that can be completed in different ways. Also TT is in no way dead map, take a look at this season ranked rewards. You can get most rewards by playing 3v3, the only exception is ward, you need to rank up in one 5v5 queue in addition to 3v3. Plus there is victorious chroma for TT and in my opinion it is the best one
I agree. The best chroma is the one you get from TT. The map could benefit from some quality of life changes like jgl camps spawn animation and small tweaks to the vilemaw buff cuz it's not as impactful as it should be.
Bawjaws (EUW)
: Dodge the troll - Get penalty .... plz
>implementing a button to vote on a troll pick during champ select this is a good idea, the problem is that riot said that it would increase pre-game toxicity and not allow off meta picks. Imagine how the first ez jgl's teammates seeing it. There's a very thin line between trolling and off meta picks cuz simply the feedback system is an algorithm, not a real person that can judge based hovers-summoners-runes and masteries
: My champ pool isnt limited to these, i can play every single character in league at least at a basic level. Also i assume by cancerous you mean that they are annoying to deal with for the enemy?
>i assume by cancerous you mean that they are annoying to deal with for the enemy correct if you think that you can play every champ even at a basic level then you're greatly mistaken. what some otp players consider basic level is already high mechanics for others. for example take gp-lucian-riven If you think that you can play gp with correctly connecting the barrels at max range 99 out of 100 times then you're a really bad gp. If you cant do animation canceling consistently with riven then you're not even a decent riven player. If you dont know how to reset your E with your passive effectlively then you dont anything about lucian you're just right clicking like every other adc. And those are only 3 champs out of 134 other champs, some other interactions i dont even know about. You might go to the practice tool and think "ah that's it im connecting the barrels" but in game when you are focusing on cs, not being poked, looking at the map consistently to know where the enemy jungler is and at the same time trying to poke the enemy with barrels then you will obviously miss a few if not a lot of them
: NEW 5th ELEMENTAL DRAKE (IRON) - my thoughts
a drake that benefits tanks is a good idea but increasing the armor of a 500 armor malph is gonna be really insane.
: "You cant get out of B5 my teams always suck"
your champ pool is very cancerous, luckily you arent abusing it fully In bronze-gold3/4 you can play anything and still climb. The only requirement for climbing is actually being good at the game
: I understand perfectly. The fact that the new rune pages are editable in champ select and the old ones were not does not change the fact that Riot are giving you 1v1 swap old for new rune pages. It's fair. I also know that a total rune rework has been on the table since at least september last year. So all of season 7. Anyone who bought them this year should have known about them, and made an informed choice to buy the rune pages. Knowing there was a total rework coming, I chose to hold off on purchasing either runes or rune pages until I had more information. You did not. That was your choice. One it sounds like you now regret, but we can't go around compensating everybody for dumb ass decisions they later regret. I think you are probably bullshitting that you bought 7 rune pages this season. I mean You really went from making what you had work to needing 7 more in one season? And you made such a crazy, rash purchase without being informed of upcoming changes to the game, or reading any of the news Riot published? I mean, if you did and are telling the truth, sounds like some really dumb moves there.
first of all: r u 12? second: I said i bought them with ip and i already have full champs so i couldnt care less about it. did it occur to your little brain that i finished buying all champs this season and had nothing better to do with the 40k Ip i had from all the bonus ip weekends? ofc not because "let's insult people for no reason" attitude is what defines you as a person. You have to prove yourself by degrading others and looking down on them, pathetic third: i was fully aware of the runes overhaul since last season and it was scheduled for mid season7, regardless am i supposed to sit on 3 rune pages i had since i started playing? they are not enough and the ip weeksends were mostly on april and back then nothing was scheduled or revealed . compared to my champ pool 10 rune pages sometimes feel like they are not enough So i am still tempted to buy more with my 15k ip atm
Smerk (EUW)
: 1 skin per 4 pages rounded up, so 14 runepages will give 4 1350 skins, total value is 5400, more than spent on pages, plus runepages won't be taken away. Personally I would be very happy.
i thought it was a skin per 5 not 4. that makes things a lot more different, mb
Altiverse (EUNE)
: I agree, rune pages are less valuable than they used to be. And yet, they still provide convenience. Not to mention, you still got value out of buying them in the old system. Despite that, Riot is STILL giving out free skins, and people still find room to complain? And I'm one that bought rune pages with RP.
do think that those who spent 5200 rp on runes (14 pages) are gonna feel happy when they get 2*1350rp skins (1skin per 5 pages) are gonna feel happy especially that they now just need 1 page?
: Not at all. They could just take your old rune pages, and give you new rune pages. That seems more than reasonable. Throwing in a free random skill as a bonus is a nice extra.
u dont understand. it's not a bonus it's a compensation and not a fitting one at that The old runes are NOT editable you need a rune page for everything u need. In the new system they are editable so u just need ONE page not 10 or 20... If i knew they would be changing the rune system i wouldnt have bought 7 pages this season alone even though it was with ip. Those who bought them with RP are feeling scammed now, it's not fair at all for them
Doomley (EUW)
: This comes down to riot being a business. By giving random skins, they are giving you something of value while still not losing the possible profit they would get if you buy the skin you want. Note that you aren't losing anything here as you will still keep the rune pages you have bought. You shouldn't complain about this.
>By giving random skins, they are giving you something of value while still not losing the possible profit they would get if you buy the skin you want. Exactly. Opportunism and exploitation of "flexible rules" that usually benefit the one setting them, Also check my comment above.
Altiverse (EUNE)
: Oh Riot is giving out free stuff let's complain sob sob
Every time i see such comments i will type this again >the old runes are not editable during champ select. the new ones are so theoretically u need just 1 page. You'd feel scammed if that happened to you. you will not "be happy and shut up" Also players knew what they were buying so it's only fair to give them sth they want. Riot is doing its best to stay away from refunding the rp to players who bought runes with IT. I mean if you create a new account would you even buy new rune pages? it's not worth the waste of money when u can edit it whenever u want. I bought my runes using IP so i'm not biased towards any side here.
: Getting added by rly strange Accounts.
i'm interested in this as well. I never accepted those i dont know but it became more and more frequent nowadays
: Info on Wave management As Support ?
twitch has a very bad wave clear before runaans and has to use W E and auto every creep when the enemy adc and supp are b and the enemy jungler isnt in lane you obviously want to push and make the enemy team lose as much xp and gold as possible What i want to say is, just use 1 fully charged tornado at the wave and if u take some cs type "oops". Generally no adc will rage if u take 2 or 3 creeps but if u do it often u will get lot of mia pings. I usually do it with karma, mantra Q even if i take half the wave
Heartrule (EUW)
: Find the teemo
"find the teemo" _writes his post in german_ Use english when on this forum
Ìxeas (EUW)
: It's either something like the personal shop you get (skins of champs you played quite a lot [doubt it tho]) or completely random. You are keeping your rune pages AND getting skins, be happy how it is.
the old runes are not editable during champ select. the new ones are so theoretically u need just 1 page. You'd feel scammed if that happened to you not "be happy and shut up" Also players knew what they were buying so it's only fair to give them sth they want. Riot is doing its best to stay away from refunding the rp to players who bought runes with IT. I mean if you create a new account would you even buy new rune pages? it's not worth the waste of money when u can edit it whenever u want. I bought my runes using IP so i'm not biased towards any side here.
: Bullshit surrender concept
i voted/started so many 15mn surrender vote, and most of the times someone votes no and types "i can carry". We loose that game On the other hand, somtimes i get people saying "we got the late game, split push and use tp when baron is up or when we fight". Suddenly the 12-4 team score becomes 13-12 My motto used to be "never surrender" and after the 15mn vote i forgot about it, now i rarely vote yes
: How works Hextech Mystery Champion Permanent?
you get 1 random champ you dont have to craft it/waste BE you get it immediately
: Ping abilities
joke's on you i had a game where i died because taric Q me and you know what taric's q does? it heals him and does 0dmg the death recap is bugged and only shows 3 sources of dmg that dont even explain anything
: I listed a Video as well to explayin my problem.
ive never seen anything like this bug sadly i can't help u with this one {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: should there be more mastery levels to get
but that would encourage otp to play one champ instead of trying new ones and we all know that yasuo,rivens,zeds and vaynes are gonna be in eevry game which would kill the fun imo lvl7 is good since it requires 3S to achieve so plebs with 20/0/0 kda and 100cs wont be getting anything.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: The problem with balancing is that you don't get enough data to suggest if the balance is a success or not before it hits the live servers. There simply nowhere to test balance. Minor changes that seem insignificant can have a huge unexpected impact. Riot tests things internally, and on PBE: but neither of these places give anywhere near enough data to suggest if something is balanced.
are you telling me that the latest ardent change needs to hit the live server to test how much effect ti would cause?cuz i'm pretty sure that most pro player are NOT happy with the current state of the item and it was supposed to be nerfed not buffed. some things make no sense in the game like maokai's passive with his base stats and most of the tank items. Ancient coin provides the most gold out of all 3 support items and still its line is 400gold cheaper than that of relic shield, why is it like that? You can invade the enemy jungle, kill the jungler, take 2 camps. 2 mn later he gets a kill/assist and gromp and he already caught up to u in level, like how are you even supposed to show your jungling skills vs the enemy? the catch up xp is stupid. i remember 1 game where Tarzaned had 5/1/2 kda as olaf with 82 cs and the enemy reksai was 1/4/3 with 38cs. Olaf was lvl 8 and reksai was lvl9.... LS even showed a trick where u get red, all raptors except for 2 small ones and rush blue then gromp. this way you should be 20 or so xp behind in the game and u get the catchup xp bonus and get a higher level than everyone in the game. WTF???? does it take an entire season to understand that catchup xp, ancient coin and ardent are broken? and maokai has been like this for like 3 seasons now it's not even funny anymore and at the same time nautilus who is supposed to be the best CC machine and a similar to maokai has a negative winrate in every role he's in with 0.7 and 0.8 play rate. It means that even nautilus mains are doing poorly. It's like some champions are allowed to rise at the expense of others. Why do we even have that many champs when the meta is practically the same in top jgl and mid since the season started?
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Artists probably don't know much about balancing either. People don't know everything, you know. I wouldn't expect a janitor at a hospital to also be a qualified surgeon, would you?
as if the balancing team actually know what they are doing lol maokai ardent thonmail and bramble vest janna camille on release the current state of ryze and ornn Im not saying put them in charge of balancing. the were hired to do emotes. why not hire a team to fix this mess and add in some quality of life improvements? i mean most of the players were asking for a tab to show all of our skins but we got a tab to show us "emotes". And even then it's not unheard of in riot games for someone to go from world building to champ designing
Perilum (EUW)
: If they fight a 4v5 it's their own problem. Tower is more valuable than a drake. It's a bad trade off. And when they see that they can't fight, they shouldn't fight.
what i consider important objectives worth sacrificing your T2 turret are: second infernal or denying it for the enemy third mountain or denying it for the enemy elder baron ofc anything else and it's not even worth having a second thought. I had like hundreds of games where my team throws to secure a cloud at 35mn. Is it even worth spending 20seconds doing it? ofc not. One more thing, if u r the jungler and you are 100% sure you can outsmite the baron let your teammate push. The baron debuff and the cooldowns wasted on doing it might be enough to balance the fact that you are 4v5, however it's too risky that's why u never see it in pro play
: Can't open Hextech Chests
restart the client if you dont find a skin-champ shard in your collection it means that u got an icon so check that too It sometimes bugs out and i have to restart the game to find my loot. If none is to be found, send support a ticket and they will help you.
: How long does honor 1 last
after unlocking honor it took me an average of 15 days to get honor 1 and 15 days for every rank of honor. However it was a 14 days ban and it was the first i ever got so i don't think it's exactly the same for everyone
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