: That you're on drugs
*Stares at the ground.* All these squares make a circle. All these squares make a circle. All these squares make a circle. All these squares make a circle. All these squares make a circle....
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Master Scar (EUNE)
: Learing trugh champioin quotes
{{champion:11}} has some good quotes to learn from
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Snowfox (EUW)
: Derek - The mountain sheep Passive - Shed fur - Derek leaves sheds fur when hit by an enemy, picking up shed fur gives a 20hp shield per piece for 3 seconds Q - Sonic Bleat - Derek sends a projectile forwards, damaging all targets hit. Derek is flung in the opposite direction W - Lock Horns - Derek dashes forward, stunning enemies for 2 seconds, stunning himself for 1 seconds and gaining a scaling shield E - Agility - Derek gains 1 stack per 30 seconds, max 2 stacks. Consuming a stack allows derek to jump forward a short distance. Can be used to navigate terrain. R - Herd - Derek summons the might of the herd onto an enemy target. The herd come from all directions, knocking up all enemies they hit.
Rivals/friends {{champion:12}} and {{champion:201}} ?
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Vurdσx (EUW)
: Rumble/Viktor still unavailable :(
RIP {{champion:68}} and {{champion:112}} , you will be missed.
: What is a good win rate?
Anything above 50% rly.
gaby1best (EUNE)
: You, sir, have issues. Serious issues.
: How many liters of CO2 gets made of 3,5g of propane when STP(T=0 celsius, P= 1 atm)
Idk 'bout chemistry man, but don't touch dry ice without thick gloves, ya hear me? That -80 degree Celsuis or whatever is gonna eat itself through your whole body if you not careful. {{champion:20}}
: Lets play a game : NAME THE FACTIONS
1. Ionia 2. Zaun 3. Noxus 4. Bandle City 5. Piltover 6. Ryze's Book Club? 7. Mount Targon? 8. Shadow Isles 9. Solari? 10. Whatever Kayle's followers call themselves 11. Black Rose 12. Darkin? 13. Kinkou Order? 14. Urtistan? 15. Bilgewater 16. Great Barrier? 17. Freljord 18. Demacia 19. Shurima Desert 20. Plague Jungle? 21. Apple 22. Pre-whatever-the-hell-happened Nautilus's Expedition? 23. Zed's Saturday Morning Cartoon Ninjas? 24. Fizzlanta? 25. Icathia/Void
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: When, WHEN THE FUCK, are u going to fix this fucked up client for once?
1. You won't get an answer as to when, or if, the issue will be fixed. The following is the closest thing you will ever get to an official statement from Riot Games: http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/announcements-en/ErvzMk1Y-increase-of-drophacks-may-2015 2. Consider your 3 LP dead and gone.
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: You dont get what he is trying to say. 'Broken' means that a champions has too much to offer. An 'overloaded' kit. Thresh is the perfect example of this. Damage isnt relevant. Its the fact that his kit is simply too much. A hook with stun, a sweep with slow, a lantern thingy that provides a shield, can also be used to pull yourself to safety, muh auto attack damage thanks to his flay passive, an ult that can slow enemies for 2 whole seconds (which is a lot in the heat of battle) by 99%!!! Thats basically a stun! I wont even mention his passive, which is pretty neat too. Thresh is broken because even if you change the values of all of his skills, his kit will always be overloaded. You cant properly balance him, without actually taking something away from his kit. And then you dare to use that poor cow as example to prove your point? Whats he gonna do with his knockup and knockback?? Ay lel.
You don't seem to get what I am trying to say either; all points of OP may or may not be valid, but that's not the issue here; the term "broken" has been around for a very long time and it has a (albeit a bit wonky) definition that by most players is something among the lines of: Broken = so overpowered that it breaks the game However OP, defines broken more or less as: Broken = overbloated kit that will net great results regardless of numbers and thus hard to balance Now if you combine the power of math with the power of linguistics you will come to the result that: overbloated kit that will net great results regardless of numbers and thus hard to balance ≠ so overpowered that it breaks the game Broken ≠ overbloated kit that will net great results regardless of numbers and thus hard to balance You don't just take defined term X and give it a new definition Y and hope that it sticks, that's not how language works; you can call the sun moon but most people will still call it the sun.
Sunhallow (EUW)
: only number one is true riot has confirmed this number 2 and 3 are not part of the ghostgames.
: Difference between "Broken" & "Overpowered"
"Broken" doesn't mean that a hero's kit is always effective regardless of numbers; By your definition, Alistar would be a broken hero because Pulverize and Headbutt will always be relevant even if they did no damage. "Broken" is when a hero/item is so overpowered or suffering from a severe glitch (in rare cases, the term is also used refer to extraordinarily underpowered) that using that hero/item makes the game virtually unplayable, hence "breaking the game".
: Ashe is so fucking broken right now.
It got reworked, so it must be OP, right?
: Remove reports alltogether.
What if I told you that I haven't been punished a single time yet? So far I only got a warning by courtesy of salty premades fake reporting me. But I am wasting my odem anyway; after all, it is better to hold on to the illusion that there is a system that avenges the wrongs against you so you can sleep better at night, is it not?
wvalk (EUW)
: Easy Account Hack
Rioter Comments
: champions that can invade and get kills at level 2
Also if you are looking for the only hero who can withstand most cheese attempts and come out victorious or at least live through the ordeal: {{champion:80}}
Riioll (EUW)
: I bought SSW skin and it didnt come
Try SSBBW instad, that will make you come, I guarantee it ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)
: I had 65 armor lvl 1 vs. Riven..
I am the first one to tell you that Riven is horrendously overbroken but unless you go full granite statue mode / full berserk mode I don't quite see how you can eat a full 6 hit combo from RIven at level 1...
: The only individual who truly works with Black Cleaver is Lucian
You leave muh momma out of the game I let yours out of the basement.
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: champions that can invade and get kills at level 2
{{champion:64}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:20}}
: Today I finally realised I am one of the best players in this game
> [{quoted}](name=Bronze Draven,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=Oe74cHXm,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-05-15T02:10:19.777+0000) > > I am a legend 100% Agree, you baged in that prize money at EVO 2016, some mad disrespect moves and awesome full screen supers, Mike Wong got BODIED.
: Please enlighten us! Look what you have done to the sithlord bronze nami! She is losing her mind!
> [{quoted}](name=Bronze Draven,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=z3Ej6Tsu,comment-id=00050002,timestamp=2015-05-14T22:27:40.358+0000) > > Please enlighten us! Look what you have done to the sithlord bronze nami! She is losing her mind! You do not fully understand what is going on here; this world we live in, it is an illusion, a mirage; we are trapped in this samsara, this vicious cycle, when you are thrown into the pit they tell you that there is a way out, but tho think that there is happiness is the greatest lie of all; we die and are reborn into one of the realms only to die and be reborn over and over again: bronze, silver, gold, platinum, master or challenjour, but even in the highest realm one's wishes cannot be truyl fullfilled as desire is the root of all evil. The only way to truly put an end to this martyrdom is to attain enligthenment, to tie the fetters that bind us to this world, to let our mind and soul leave the ELO circle alltogether. But most of us are bound to this hellish contraption by their lust for trivial things, oh, we have truly met with a terrible fate, have we not? I feel a sensation of dread looming over us, like a black cloud blotting out the sun; is it what they call fey, the feeling of impendent doom? Is it the moustache? Who knows?
: The truth behind League
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Rayz019 (EUNE)
: BotRK vs Cleaver on Xin?
Jungle enchant: Cinderhulk technically "works" by virtue of being an overbroken item, not because it has any synergy with Xin. I'd go with warrior for that reason, all stats are good for Xin and you don't have to charge it up like feral flare. Devourer. Whatever. Cleaver vs. Botrk: Why not both: Because unless you are so overfed that it doesn't matter anyway, you don't have the cash to build more than one major offensive item (aside from jungler item), unless you enjoy being blown up in 0.1 sec in the crossfire. I prefer Cleaver, it gives a nice chunk of HP and the 20% CDR is just too good to pass up. Also you can apply the armour shred quickly, which, combined with your passive marks an enemy for death which is amazing considering that teams pack as many tanks in their comp as they possibly can atm.
: The two signs on a Riven lane opponent that I have to be careful with,.
You're only fooling yourself by making assumptions based on prejudice, don't look up the enemy summoner on {{champion:48}} , don't think it'll be easy because they chose a certain skin and have a juvenile summoner name, just think what can my hero do, what can his hero do and play accordingly.
: tetris gets my blood boiling every time. you should try it.
> [{quoted}](name=The Black Leaver,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=rEu006sU,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-05-14T19:25:34.919+0000) > > tetris gets my blood boiling every time. you should try it. Ikr, have you seen Tetris 3 the Grandmaster on Awesome Games Done Quick? Now that was INTENSE. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ViwDUiCzPVU
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Akoh (EUNE)
: Quting LoL for WoW?
Don't play WoW, that game may or may have been fun at one point in time but atm on full cash cow status, go with Mortal Kombat X.
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Riot tmx (EUW)
: Increase of drophacks - May 2015
Oh boi, they go full SPANISH INQUISITION on their scumbag cheating butts, get rekd by the boss himself filthy drophackers!
: "riven op nerf" post!!!!!!!!
The 5 ms nerf will make her balanced Kappa.
: Get assist if the enemy damages you
How can the game possibly make the difference between someone running into the enemy fountain and gettng tagged by an enemy hero along the way or someone who body blocks a skill shot? What about a 1 vs 1 situation? I get an assist for dying?
Rioter Comments
: The numbers on Ekko's ultimate are insane!
Well obviously all newly released heroes are overtuned so that they sell better Kappa. {{champion:432}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:161}}
Rioter Comments
: When will LCS continue?
Come on boys, don't leave me hanging here, I need my daily dose of EUW Gragas barrels, that's my fix.
: Ekko abilities revealed
I stopped reading after assassin.
: Honestly, stop with the death threats and cancer wishes.
Just let them flame to their hearts content. Just wait until the lifeline of their parents' money runs out and then see if they get a job with that attitude. Homeless? Jobless? No friends? Can't play LoL anymore? Rekt by god pathetic flamer, what goes around comes around, now it's too late to repent, you treated others like dirt and now you have to deal with the consequences.
: Elise or ziggs ?
I go with {{champion:115}} because I think he overall brings more to the table than {{champion:60}} . While {{champion:60}} can smoke somebody in the blink of an eye, {{champion:115}} has more impact in team fights with his huge AOE damage and control of the battlefield plus he can push/depush easily and take down towers fast. Furthermore he can do these things while hanging in the backline while {{champion:60}} has to go into zoan form eventually to execute somebody, putting herself into the line of fire. Also hitting things with volatile spiderling is a pain in the backside. Horribly formated; didn't read: {{champion:115}} wonned!
: Riot logic: Let's nerf Zed but ignore Katarina who has been broken for over a year now
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