: Duno why but I can't play Ahri whatsoever, must be some sort of innate hate I got for the champion or something but I really feel bronze playing her. The rest is pretty good, yeah. Diana and Ekko are tempting on the list, I'll give you that. Might give a look to Katarina as well. Thank you!
Just don't forget to enjoy yourself a bit when learning a new champ =)
kmph2mps (EUNE)
: > At some point you'll find yourself hard stuck on elo you cannot possibly climb with your skills and knowledge This is the definition of Elo Hell and I get there's a consensus there is no such thing as elo hell
Who says we agree with your definition of ELO hell. Or are part of that consensus.
: People building tanky on ARAM
>because in my opinion, What if in their opinion building tanky to annoy you is fun? It seems we are at an impasse of conflicting interests. Also, are you suggesting that a team shouldn't be able to consist of AP champs? That kind of takes the All Random out of ARAM. ARAM is what it is, a little champion lotto, no use in making a point out of it.
kmph2mps (EUNE)
: Why does Riot reset ranked ratings & honor on season start?
Well, to shake up the division of players a bit. You can get yourself to a high rank and play 1 game, to stick onto your rank for a really long time. Those people get shook loose from their safe position. There's place that are thick as molasses. Players have gotten better but are stuck and can't carry themselves out quite well. They've got a bit of a better chance with a slate that's been cleaned a bit. (as it's not a hard reset). so it's a test for the higher ups, and it's a small stepping stone for the lower players. Also, from a business standpoint: Getting your players active again. Active players = bigger chance of spending money.
: Choosing my champion pool for S8
{{champion:103}} Solid, alllround, got some dashes, a sustain, true dmg. She's just generally pretty good. I consider her to be more of an assassin than a real mage, due to her mobility and pin point accuracy. Dashes, Q's and E allow for some mechanics, but not the most difficult. {{champion:131}} She's a pretty good assassin, that's got a bit of a tough early game, but gets fairly brawly late game. Will delete squishies and is a serious threat. Just not mechanically very challenging (not the same as easy to play). {{champion:245}} More of the same as Diana, but with a different flavor. Not the most high mechanic intense champ, but when he gets rolling he's a pretty good mage assassin. Can build tanky, or can be fairly safe when you have to play from behind. {{champion:84}} Bad early game, but enemy has to focus you, or lose the teamfight. Meanwhile you sustain all the dmg they try to get onto you. Only having a dash in means you'll have to consider your moves quite a bit...but the effecive threat range, and sustain makes up for a lot. Can definately solo carry if not taken care of by the complete enemy team. {{champion:238}} It's zed. Has a few mechanics with the whole shadow thing, but the payoff is stupid high. nuff said. I hate this champ. {{champion:91}} CAN BE GOOD. Though I have a feeling he might have a difficulty curve or situational viability like running into a brick wall. {{champion:7}} See her do pretty well occasionally. Needs a nice degree of mechanics since the rework. But could be a bit on the weak side atm. I think you'll have to judge that on your own.
Pelmorr (EUW)
: Should i wait to play provisionals?
First day / weeks always feel like there's more technical issues. It feels a bit more toxic than later in the in the season I've tried both early and late. In the end they're both crapshoots that don't differ much from another in terms of your team skill levels. Just the general experience around it. Usually it ends up in something like 3/7 or 4/6 for me. But by the end of the season i've carried myself to diamond anyway. So... it's just 10 shitty ranked games before you get to the real meat imho, which is slightly less horrible. I've got nothing to back this up, other than how i've experienced it. So take it with a grain of salt. I've got enough of that ;)
: why do ppl get so ... angry and offended when we ask for simple solutions?
Because entitlement/greed is not a thing people from most cultures and backgrounds find a respectable trait. I'd go as far as it's frowned upon in most if not all. If people are more easily stating their entitlement / greed online, the same goes for people with dismay for it. They'll state it easier as well. >ok so why do ppl get soo butthurt and angry when somone is asking questions about free rewards? >like there are some ppl that acts like we have demanded money from them Dude...really? You're really not seeing what you're saying? I think that's a second irk some people have issue with: The sloth and unwillingess of other people to think or do a bit of research before they ask / beg / flaunt their not thought out ideas.
Infernape (EUW)
: You know when you get happy about earning a chest, open it and...
well at least it's an expensive champ. But yea, this happens a lot to me as well. I have all champs, a ton of blue essence. Meanwhile, my GF gets a heap of gemstones XD Lady luck never much liked flirting with me.
Rismosch (EUW)
: 10 to get everything.
10 league games. Who would put thhemselves through such hell and purgatory. Oh wait...wait! Ranked is the same as normal, except the skill level of the ones involved is more balanced, and people are a bit more serious. No, yea, that does sound terrible!
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Full ranked season of only teemos!
: No honor from teammates
I hate it when people want to be rewarded, for not being a complete peice of sheit. Thats a way of reasoning that children often hold. I don't know about you, but I hope most (young) adults are above that way of thinking.
Junan Dao (EUW)
: QUESTION about season reset placements
in my opinion and experience, placements are always a shitshow. w4 l6 but at the end you'll still do fine. Btw, i'm going to burst your bubble a bit: You want a clean winrate, you'll only have that if you're playing UNDER your level. When you go up in rank, you'll play against better players and you'll win less. Until it equals out at 50 and you're "locked" in the rank you should have.
Shukr4n (EUW)
: no, IF any kind of RL issue force you to AFK it means that RL>> game, which means that WHO WOULD CARE about afk punishments if there was a srs issue? no, if team ask you to afk and game find u afking, even if team asked gently, u risk a puinishment. anyway, if u are really feeding that much farm under tower. if they dive better to cs, bo back rinse and repeat.
>RL>> game, which means that WHO WOULD CARE about afk punishments if there was a srs issue? Family member falls and breaks an arm, have to take them to hospital. They recover after a month or two. My account is permabanned, with tons of money sank into RP, and time to unlock champs. Imediate emergencies might take priorities, but after those are gone and normal life resumes. I'd be pretty upset if it'd had lasting consequences.
: Season 8 Ranked Placements - I am beyond stressed.
The story feels relatable. I don't feel stressed about placements. But one thing is sure, I haven't looked forward to doing them for seasons on end. More often than not it feels like the "special que" for special people. If normally ranked games are bad, especially on friday and in the weekends, then placements feel like twice as bad. People that call me degenerate I always have a good old laugh at. No need to censor it, it's just a word. A normal word, picked up and popularized by the altright and now used by toxics xD But i'm perfectly fine with my moral decay **looks at Shadman artwork poster on the wall** Every season i'm stuck with this huge issue of..do I want to play from the get go, and get a head start? Or do I want to play when the dust settles a bit? To be fair, placements are always terrible, I just feel that later in the season there's less technical issues and general weirdness. Feeding, flaming and mucking about will always be aplenty in provisionals..or so it seems. Also, I always end up in dia as well. But my placement results are much of the same 4:6 or even WORSE sometimes. I'm pretty sure at this point that those are less me, than the world trying to work against me. Gl on your season man.
Wen294 (EUW)
: Let's not. That'd be too confronting.
Sometimes, when I have a laugh with friends or colleagues or what have you, i'll say that when i'm on my death bed, ill, or just decrepid and old... That i'd wish I could have all those hours back that i've spent on playing games. oh well. **boots up league for a game**
Unlocated (EUW)
: What Time, What timezone does the EUW server go offline so the new season starts and...
early morning, it said in the patchnotes. Already a topic about this too.
: Dear Match-making system.
Well, let the diamond players feel good for a bit will ya? It's no fun being told by everybody and their mother that you got your account from ebay. But in all seriousnes, working as intended as explained by SirDarts.
: euw bronze come trash talk a non native english speaker lol, go to school kid
Was about to say 8/8 bait. But no, this is low quality bait, not even worth the irony.
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: vayne runes
Both work just fine. It's a matter of taste, mobility and sustain, to have an easier early / mid game. Or press the attack for a more dmg oriented midlate - lategame. Basically it's a utility / power debate. Don't let any one tell you one is neccesarily better than the other. It's a matter of taste and playstyle. Try them, form your own conclusion on what works for you ^^ I find the inspiration tree a bit odd. Boots will keep you out of boots for 10 minutes, but it will pay out in a bit of extra movement speed. It hamstrings you a bit early game, but it does forego to spend the gold on boots, and use it on other item instead. But if you can get some kills / assists early, you'll get your boots earlier as well so, it could work. Personally I think i'd go for transcendence and maybe the ultimate hat. Or the Leap - armor pen and something else from the red tree.
nesfir (EUW)
: ***
Yea. Well, at least league made it so that I never have to actually put any effort into "going" anymore. With the dossage I've been getting and keep coming back for. I just sit down and it falls out. Lmao. But in all honesty though. I've taken breaks because I couldn't deal with the loss of agency and all the energy I put into it resulting into nothing, that I could do anything about. There's just periods where the matchmaker will rough you up a bit. Then sometimes you'll get the unicorn amazing teams for a while.
iSneez (EUNE)
: Commando Skins
>Rambo and Predator era :P https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcIjFeWE4fE
: is it time to quit league maybe?
>after losing 2 games in a row i started crying and sulking instead of being angry, Yes. What are hobbies for? Enjoyment. Now if you enjoy having a good ol' cry and mental breakdown, be my guest. I mean, i've been getting some doki doki literature club into my system, and it's like a trainwreck i'm voluntarily not just watching, but driving. League is a game that if you are a serious person, is gonna sap and drain your energy. You are going to be put in situations where your effort, energy and focus can be nulled in .1 of a second, or from the get go when your team gives out 8 kills in 5 minutes. Now there's a quote that I can't quite find or remember, that without chance of failure there can be no feeling of reward. My point is that, that feeling that you are having such a problem with (at least how I gather it) is interwoven into league, as part of what makes it so rewarding and fun (if you are a serious sort of player). If you can not deal with it being that tightly woven into league, and you aren't enjoying the masochistic nature it can have, if it's taking a mental toll on you. Then wisen up, and stop playing. Or learn to deal with it better, change your mindset so you can keep playing. Anything else will rekkt u.
: Thanks for destroying this game
Thanks for destroying the english language.
: "Chances of you encountering them again are fairly slim, barring certain circles of ELO." Well, I am encountering a lot of toxic players for several times, also because I usually play at night. "Ignore lobby chat and /mute all in game. Problem solved." Enlarged block-list: Problem solved. "Then I think you might have some fragility/ ego / emotional, issues that won't be solved with an expanded block list. Get some help, thats not normal." How comes you are being toxic now? It's not about not being able to handle anything, but that doesn't mean I want to read the mental garbage of toxic players. Can I handle Star Wars: The Last Jedi? Yes. Do I want to see it again? Hell, no. "There is no reason for Riot to listen to anything you say, it's their game, not yours." What are you even talking here? This boards ARE for player suggestions aswell. How do you even dare to talk in Riot's name? lmao Please just don't response to any posts if you have no clue what you are talking about anyway. ;-)
Yea, you're not encountering the same 9 other people every night you play. Gl on convincing anybody about that actually being the case. Enlarged block-list: Problem solved. Causes work and possibly other problems, the status quo is fine. Why put energy in something thats not neccesary. but that doesn't mean I want to read the mental garbage of toxic players. You won't get out of that completely all the time. Gl on dealing with that. And being unwilling probably is more of being uncapable of dealing with it. That is indeed not normal. That wasn't even a toxic statement by me, just you unwilling to be honest with yourself. "There is no reason for Riot to listen to anything you say, it's their game, not yours." See above, the status quo. If it ain't broke don't fix it. From what I gather its a personal problem. I don't talk out of Riot's name. I'm talking out of common sense. But i'll be honest with you, that never works well on a board. "How comes you are being toxic now?" "Please just don't response to any posts if you have no clue what you are talking about anyway. ;-)" Yea. It's personal issues and self disilusion. No you don't encounter the same people every time. No you can not deal with the slightest of what you perceive of as negativity, and are hiding it behind not wanting to. (Don't worry, we all have days like that, most people just don't ask, suggest or demand others should solve that issue for them.) No you aren't willing to actually put in the slightest amount of effort. No Riot is not obliged to help you out on your personal flaws and issues. They literally aren't obliged to you about nearly anything. No I do not speak for Riot, but it's all rather common sense and not hard to observe. No you definately aren't the person that's the problem, if you complain about toxicity but start stinging as much as the thing you don't want to deal with.
: Christ almighty, what's cheesed you off? Catch-up exp is gone, meaning you can't eat up the enemy jungler's lead which they will have gotten from having a faster clear speed and a more farm focused playstyle. You can no longer be constantly ganking (and that doesn't mean you'll be successfully getting kills) and hope to then catch up to your enemy jungler if they have been diligently farming away and ganking less often than you have. Jungle camps now give less exp for catch-up. You are one champion. One jungler. By sheer logic, you ganking one lane will not hamper the progress of the other 2 lanes and the enemy jungler. If you did, I'd worry that Riot has released a bit of an unfair champion to be able to effectively gank all 3 lanes at once.
Nothing cheesed me off. I'm just stating that, your feels are just that, feels. If you can't back them up with some numbers, then you'd just not be convincing anybody that had a bit of critical thinking. I'm a bit taken aback, how asking : "back that up with some fact and numbers pls, or else it's a really weak case you are making." Somehow makes me angry. Sure it's challenging your statement, but not unfairly or unreasonably so.
Lord evil1 (EUNE)
: I can't pass gold 4
You'd think that sometimes Riot is just pulling cutting off your eyelids and telling you to blink. When it comes to the teammates they can give you, and expect you to keep your chin up. I have streaks of this as well, where I get stuck in a place. I play fairly constant as a person. While my team fluctuates highly around me, very good players, or fairly bad players. On AVERAGE you should get teams that average out pretty well..so you kind of have to make your pressence a good one, that tips the scales to the positive. Theoretically if you keep on giving it your best, and your teams on average give you a 50 / 50 in how well they perform, you should be able to climb still. Ofcourse that's all statistics and the real deal is never quite like it. Personally i've had a lot of trouble climbing flex que, out of gold. Then I went ADC and found that role WAY more effective to climb. When I reach a certain rank i'll go back to my main, because the skill shown by teammates, and the need to fill up a certain role decreases due to quality of teammates. If you want to forego this random teammate BS, find a flexteam, flexque with the guys you like. TL:DR League matchmaking feels terrible. Just keep soldiering on. If you're good you WILL climb. The keyword is FEEL.
: I am more talking about the time and effort needed to get 1 (or 2) kills is beaten out by the enemy jungler (and other lanes) farming up minions.
Well i'd love to see the numbers you have to back up that include, but might not be limited to: The free farm your toplaner / you get Farm the enemy loses Kill / assist gold you and your laner get. That as to compared to the solo gold of an enemy jungler just farming up. Ofcourse this all layed out next to time. Effort is not something you can measure or account for really. Ofcourse if you'd like to factor in a succes chance with the insane amount of posibilities and factors involved, be free. I'm ready to be impressed by that. And if you're unwilling to go through that, that's fine. But can you be sure that your opening statement is actually true then?
: How to play on NA from EU without high ping
"I cannot change the laws of physics" - Scotty
: Farm Jungle Meta
>You can't really sustain on ganks alone. Ganks work threefold. You gain exp / gold Your laner gains exp / gold Your opponent loses exp / gold when you say " (((I))) Cannot sustain on ganks alone. I think you might have a bit of a misconception on how teams work or what ganks actually do / are for...
: Because they gonna be automatically muted in future games, even lobbys and I honestly don't want to read their garbage over and over again. Toxic people rarely change their behaviour. The bad thing about muting people is that you already read their insults before you can actually do anything against it. Also .. there is no reason to limit the block list. It should be the player's decision who he wants to talk with, not riots.
>Because they gonna be automatically muted in future games Chances of you encountering them again are fairly slim, barring certain circles of ELO. Ignore lobby chat and /mute all in game. Problem solved. But if you can't handle a single remark from a random person you'll never see again...muting them and being on your merry way... Then I think you might have some fragility/ ego / emotional, issues that won't be solved with an expanded block list. Get some help, thats not normal. >Also .. there is no reason to limit the block list. It should be the player's decision who he wants to talk with, not riots. There is no reason for Riot to listen to anything you say, it's their game, not yours. Thats a really shitty thing to say, but I feel you need to be pointed out how large your sense of entitlement over a non problem is. Or in which in worst case you can have an influence on being your own solution.
: When can riot start a sound based chat for the whole team instead of writing it??
If it ever gets there, i'll mute it every game. watcha gonna do bout that brah? =]
: I feel like the game isn't that balance atm
*whispers in ear* In an Asymetrical game there never can be true balance
: > [{quoted}](name=Basura Nephilim,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=qoYn5Js7,comment-id=000100000001,timestamp=2018-01-11T15:07:18.699+0000) > ezrael. GET OUT
: Yeah... Sometimes I'm hesitant to play with skins on champions I'm under Mastery 4 or I'm rusty with. I don't remember when I last got someone telling me so, though.
I still have this joke with a bunch of friends. We all have this observation and bias about Pulsefire ezrael. Because the skin is so flashy, it's really popular. A a lot of people hardly ever played ezrael and were really bad but got the skin and started playing him. So, we always say that the way to spot a bad EZ player is to see if they have the pulsefire one. I always play on a smurf to practise champs i'm rusty with ^^
Blitzz (EUNE)
: `sell ur skin plz``
You're missing the point. There used to be the "conception" in league's baby stage era, that people with skins would be really good because they invested money into a fairly new game that had an uncertain future. Ergo that player must be really invested and try hard. With league becoming more settled and having more people enjoy a stable game that would be around, people would buy skins for champs they liked and played a lot. So the conception is: You like a champion you get a skin for it. If you like the champ you must play it a lot. If you play that champ a lot you have to be good with that champ due to experience. Some one telling you to sell your skin is telling you, you made a terrible investment into a champ you supposedly play a lot, because they think you're terrible with it. It's irony (you can't sell your skin) rolled in with an insult (you suck at the champion you put money in).
: Looking for Rioters on EUW!
Rip the time when this still happened. I miss Tecumseh.
: Battlecast illaoi skin opinion
Its starting to look better than I thought it would. Illaoi main here. It seems fairly normal, pretty inoffensive, bit sexy even. Heck, nothing wrong with that, Illaoi is not beyond a bit of the nasty. But how is a normal top, a tit window? Do you go around on the street during the summer, shouting to every woman in a fairly high end top; COVER YOURSELF YOU HARAM WH*RE! The perspective is just a bit top down, the piece of cloth is just casual normal stuff *shrugs* >Cuz if i remember correctly, most people (including me) asked to remofe the titwindow from the battlecast illaoi skin You cannot actually show any relevant or real numbers. Most people simply don't care much about it. That's the real fact. A vocal group pretty much always is a minority. Content Mayorities never speak up. So feel free to keep your non factual facts to yourself next time. It all depends on how the tentacles turn out. The initial flat hands were so fugly xD Also, it's still in the battlecast "line / universe" The name denotes a theme, what is or is not inclusive in this theme is what the maker of it decides and keeps internally consistant to it. To me the theme screams: Post apocalyptic robots. Apearantly there's still humans around, and they use parts of those robots for whatever reason.
Galabel (EUW)
: RP price REadjustment in Europe
Sharp eye man. Riot is not EA. But I still don't assume they have this kind of level of integrity, to actually do it.
: But i already use my other fingers for other things, and it would be to hard to get used to
>it would be to hard to get used to Life must suck with that mentality. Or Life must be amazing with such a blissfully unaware mental state. League already takes a lot of effort, why bother at all?
GLurch (EUW)
: >That is kind of a bizarre statement to make about yourself, over something in which the net result would be the same. Nexus destroyed or surrender. Either way is a loss. Depends more on how you act during / after the game that defines if you can or can't accept it. In the past, I used to be a really bad loser. Giving up in the middle of a game because you're about to lose just ruins the fun for everyone involved, so I can't really stand giving up, even if it's in LoL and not some card-game. >What if 3/5 people already voted yes, would you begrudge their want to just get it over with on a surrender, in a clearly lost game? (You define what a clearly lost game is for yourself, as it varies per person). tl:dr: Basically would you put 3 - 4 people through the potential humaliation, to give 5 others the satisfaction? Yes, I would. I did multiple times, even if those people were in voicechat with me. I kind of made a vow with myself to not give up that easily anymore. Of course, there are times when even I still get tilted and give up, but lets say it's rather rare and getting me to actually give up is also kind of hard. If all the enemy is doing is standing at our nexus and bming though, I won't hold back the team to surrender. Although, depending on the situation, it's possible you'll also still ace these enemies and finish since they bmed instead of finishing, but those are things you need to judge while in-game. I just think that most of the time, giving up is not worth it, both because of this kind of vow thingy I made with myself and because there may always be the slight chance of victory left, even if it's just like 0,1%. I mean, there are people who rely on even worse odds and they even spend their money just to get these odds, so I may as well accept them for free.
GLurch (EUW)
: If the enemy is right before my nexus and I have to choose between surrendering and letting them finish, surrendering makes me feel like someone who can't accept that he lost. I rather let the enemy have the deserved satisfying feeling of destroying our nexus.
>makes me feel like someone who can't accept that he lost. That is kind of a bizarre statement to make about yourself, over something in which the net result would be the same. Nexus destroyed or surrender. Either way is a loss. Depends more on how you act during / after the game that defines if you can or can't accept it. >I rather let the enemy have the deserved satisfying feeling of destroying our nexus. What if 3/5 people already voted yes, would you begrudge their want to just get it over with on a surrender, in a clearly lost game? (You define what a clearly lost game is for yourself, as it varies per person). tl:dr: Basically would you put 3 - 4 people through the potential humaliation, to give 5 others the satisfaction? Yea I know this all doesn't matter, you just piqued my interest with your way of thinking.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: I think that would be a good feature actually. I can't see much abuse potential with this.
Last player in my team highlights broken op wtf champ. I can't ban it. Enemy team picks it before him / he switched to other champ, op wtf broken OP champ is picked by enemy. Easy fix is, don't declare your champion, they they can't ban it to spite you. If they ban it anyway, apearantly you've decided to play a fairly popular ban champ, which means the enemy might've banned them just as well. If it's a rare ban, it's not even an issue, and prevents you from being an OTP. There is no problem.
: Does MMR reset when the season begin?
(your mmr + Average mmr ) / 2 = starting mmr next season VERY ROUGHLY. However in terms of placements you can not be placed higher than Plat, not sure if it's plat V or anywhere. Around silver / low gold is average. So you'll either go up if you've ended lower, and you'll start lower if you were higher than that.
: Names For Jhin mains?
Jhintelectual Jhinius Jhinie - clubtag - 3wishes or wish4death < Get it 4 shots? yea, smart right? Jhinpressedyet Jhinteresting Jhinovawitness Jhinyneutron -clubtag- jhinbo 2jhinfinity -clubtag- andbeyond UJhinferiorADC Or i you wanna go crude / toilethumor Vagjhina Jhinecologist
: You think Riot will listen to the reports of a non-customer?
Lmao, the catch on his double think, or the lifting of his trolly veil was priceless. Wp dude.
: Well, wanted to practice that stuff in 5v5 situations, so I went in Poro King and already got S- and chest after few games. Figured out quickly that {{summoner:32}} + {{item:3143}} + R = Win-win. Huh... Still probably I'll try hitting Mastery 5 with Illaoi. What's average CS for S in SR map by the way? Charts online show it's pretty high, ADC-ish even.
>What's average CS for S in SR map by the way? Charts online show it's pretty high, ADC-ish even. I wouldn't know. But yes, her clear is REALLY good after BC (my first item) already. Her AoE spells allow het to farm quite well. So I think you're not wrong when you say ADC levels of farm.
Ryoma (EUNE)
: Illao's E
E-'s dmg transfer INCREASES with lvl. So at lvl 1 it's like 30% of the dmg the clone takes goes to the enemy champ, and at max lvl it's 60% or such. So that could explain a lot. Late game in teamfights / skirmish before those it's illaoi's job to pull out souls for that massive prep dmg with a well lvl-ed E. it's basically her only tool for poke / setup as well. So is it strong? Yes, but it's the only thing she has, mana intensive at some point, hard to hit and fairly low range. You can get a lot of return fire as a tradeoff. Also, a if you and the clone get hit simultaneously with like a Q, that's always a big chunk that people don't seem to expect.
Pyrosen (EUW)
: Name a champion that's actually >fun< to play
Illaoi, kled, lucian, jinx, alistar, fiddlesticks (sup), zilean (sup), viktor, zyra. I all enjoy them for their own reasons and different playstyles, which might be their mechanics, but they're not all complex. I just really like the specific things they do.
: Klepto makes {{champion:420}} kinda more forgiving, that's what I've noticed. My E accuracy is decent enough, I think, but my R timing is kinda off. Like I'm not always sure if I should E>R>W , E>W>R>W , W>R>W or just R>W.
I run Glacial on her myself. now THAT is forgiving. Nothing like a quaranteed E or Q after whacking some one in the face with a W ;D R timing is important idd. Did you know you can use it's animation to go through certain cc for instance? Or that poppy W can completely negate your ult? X_X What I would do: W, E, Q or R depending on the situation and positioning. If your opponent is running and you are going to kill them: do R. Tentacles will hit the clone, for the dmg. It might even kill it. Your W is up every 2 seconds, and your tentacles slap faster, so it's a nasty chase. Especially if they run out of their E range and they start spawning tentacles as well. If they're cruising for a bruising, E into Q onto his clone and him for a good chunk of dmg and heal, then ult for the mega dmg.
MrJournal (EUW)
: Season 8 when does it start?
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