Doesn't the content concern you, or do you like all kinds of long posts?
LifeOf (EUW)
: [ Skin concept ] Capt'ain Jhin.
It would be nice and funny if sh*t came out of jhins gun with monkey helping him. Just like this: >
: Do you have a problem with gay people? i am actually kind of gay, i am BI Sexual, do you wan't to beat me up now or what?
do you like long posts?
: Your platinum 3 with almost 700 ranked games this season. So i don't know what you are trying to say or show since your mmr is probably worth silver since the players i see you vs is easily below average skill level. Honestly if your trying to get yourself recognized, your doing it the wrong way chum {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: I really like the skin idea. But where is his shoulder armor, holding the machine to improve the speed of his bullets. :O
fkin monkey is controlling the bullets
: Voices
nahh man those are voices in your head..... Btw, do you read? reading is good for health you know. Read stuff, when you open up the client....
: How can I see that I'm on the EU server? On the upper right corner?
If you have confusion, see the link in your open tab if it's **boards.euw.league......** then its euw if it is **** then its na
Deeze11 (EUNE)
: Don't listen to this, this guy lives in an imaginary world where everything is purple. No, most of the time you cannot come back from a 5v4 unless the enemy is incredibly stupid or you have an amazing team with a bit of split-push. It is rare, it ain't about you being "in-experienced" like this dude says. He's just delusional
Sorry mate its not purple its fkin '**BLUE**' >
Helblindi (EUNE)
: You will lose around 25% of the games without being able to win. Same as you will get carried 25% of your games on average (you will win even if you do nothing). This guy explains it quite nicely
Ty, was a great tutorial to 'How to fk your ex-gf's mom'. Don't know why he was beating around the bush so much. Should have focused on the main issue from the start.
Colactic (EUW)
: Let's play a game
vayne doing vayne things. getting caught and losing game. that's why i ban vayne....
: Brothers and Sisters! Hear hear!
: > [{quoted}](name=Batman or Joker,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=uwAQA73L,comment-id=000700000000,timestamp=2016-09-10T18:46:25.753+0000) > > Man just trust me, I know. You don't need no luck, all you need is energy. Eat good food, exercise and you won't have problems cuming back. I don't think he gets it. Neither does the comment below XDD
true, eu boards is a place where everything is taken seriously....
: In lower elo this **WILL** depend on luck, or more likely on enemy team going yolo and giving freekills indefinitely till it's too late. I witnessed quite a number of such cases. And yes, it should NOT be counted as normal full game.
Man just trust me, I know. You don't need no luck, all you need is energy. Eat good food, exercise and you won't have problems cuming back.
: I find it generally disgusting that Games like this judge my MMR
> They Enemy team had a way easier game for Ezreal beeing afk and we had **no chance of cuming back**, how can this represeent ones skill. Remember there is always a chance to cum back, you are just in-experienced, with experience you will learn. You just have to wait patiently, sneak behind, push all your energy into it and it's all good.
Davidegzz (EUW)
: ***
a22, he was taking your side. Reply to other dude...
Infernape (EUW)
: What's an a22? PS: the new yorick is strong, you just can't play it.
You don't need 's in _what's_ which makes it, what is. I was also wondering _what is an a22_. Then I got it ~~just a secret b/w us I like a22es~~.
: Help Please
: That's why Yasuo is hated. Not only Yasuo actually
gj, losing a 4v5. It is really hard to lose 4v5 but you did it.
JakiStow (EUW)
: I like the fact that flamers compare themselves to Ronaldo or the Real Madrid, as if they were the best players ever and never made any mistakes to justify their right to be assholes xD
well they have the full right to be assholes when they are performing in THAT particular game, giving their ALL. And similarly when They are under-performing and making mistakes they deserve to be flammed at. Btw, making mistakes is one thing(like missing a skill-shot, missing smite, missing ONE or TWO kills) but feeding like a re+ard sh't, and doing same thing over and over again knowing full-well what it will result into, DESERVE TO BE FLAMMED at. Doesn't matter, even if Ronaldo, is being a re+ard and missing 10 goals in line he either needs to be replaced or flamed at, WHY? cuz he fkin deserve it. Issue is, sure flaming need a ban only when the fkin feeder/afk/troll is also getting banned. (Btw, not permabann, because its harsh in both cases)
JakiStow (EUW)
: Nobody is getting offended by flamers
> Imagine playing football, and having in your team a guy that constantly insulting his teammates. Even though you don't care about the insults, would you keep him in your team indefinitely ? Now imagine a goalkeeper who did 3 own-goals and isn't stopping on his re+arness(i.e; 0/10/1, 15 mins into the game, btw I am not exaggerating, I can post, my experience, if you like). Many people on the team keep quiet minding their own business, but one star player like Ronaldo or Messi (who is performing well, working his heart out, balancing the game), had enough. He has the full right to to talk some sense into that re+ard feeding sh't. And if that sh't goes afk to clear his mind _WORTH_ at-least now the resources won't go to waste. Support/Jungler or some one else can take those resources and try to win the game.
kurnubego (EUNE)
: What is IQ to begin with? The parameter itself is very dubious to begin with. And generally in the field of research on human cognition, neuroscience of psychology this isn't treated seriously. It's like MBTI or some other make believe system which somewhat makes complex issues simple for generally ignorant of the field folk. As for decision making - the less decisions one has to make, more effective it becomes, just as in real life. On the other hand, the greater the number of decisions one has to make to achieve a goal correlates with subjects ineptitude within the field. This is very evident in computer programming, but also many other fields. Also, anyone can reach mid diamond by just mechanics and game knowledge alone, that's common knowledge by most high elo players like LS for example. There is also common myth between players who are inept in mechanical skill, that they are great at macro.That's just good old bullshit yourself mode to feel better about yourself really. Most of the time same people don't even understanding what "macroplay" is and commonly mistake it for game knowledge. General knowledge that I need to destroy Nexus to win or ther similar goals like when to take dragon or when to accelerate a lead. When do I base from lane, when do I roam is also game knowledge. Player is not dealing with unknown information here, he just reads the map and game pace and do accordingly. There is no "what if" within the though process to find the answer, unless of course he lacks game knowledge, when it becomes decision making, which as mentioned previously, is sign of ineptitude. Example of macro would be, what happens to bot lane, when you need an escort mid in relevance to junglers positions at given time on the map due to monster camp resp timings. Thing is, silver, gold, plat, diamond players shouldn't even bother themselves with this information. These only come into play, when fundamentals are sorted. First, because they already making to much decisions about simple things and there is no time to process this information without bleeding, secondly, because due to unsorted micro, there is too much variables to make any decisions on macro part. Say you can't assume that Zilean will beat Malz in mid due to low mechanical skill of players playing the match up.
> What is IQ to begin with? The parameter itself is very dubious to begin with. Lets not go into, whether IQ really/truly judges one's intelligence correctly or not. I mentioned it here just for the sake of differentiating between a brain-dead and a normal person. > As for decision making - the less decisions one has to make, more effective it becomes. Totally agreed. > commonly mistake it for game knowledge. General knowledge that I need to destroy Nexus to win. Example of macro would be,... Sorry, but there is a 'what if', a perfectly straight forward, reasonable, insight objective can be viewed by two persons differently. And it doesn't matter how much experience one has, a person in bronze with 1000 games would see it differently than a person in 50 gold games. That is where intelligence comes, a brain-dead would be not learn from his past mistakes and making the wrong decision again and again. > Thing is, silver, gold, plat, diamond players shouldn't even bother themselves with this information. Sorry, but macro, experience and decision-making all fall under game-knowledge which is not bound to a particular game. It can be transferred and applied to other games dota, smite, etc. Just for the sake simplicity exclude macro out of the improvement routine, its not lcs, for a soloQ'er who is diamond or low it doesn't matter as much. Lets make it simple and divide the game into two parts, this isn't 1v1 based game like Street Fighter so its not all about skill: 1) Game Knowledge 2) Skill Your recommendation for a normal person to climb is that he should focus more on skill while having a reasonable game knowledge. Which I do not agree, although it would improve his rank, but the process is hard and slow. My recommendation on the other hand is one should focus more on game-knowledge and than on skill, which is much faster and easier way to climb. Lets take an example, two streamers both junglers, Nightblue and Trick2g. Nightblue is highly skilled and is good on various champions, so he basically relies more on skill than on game knowledge. On the other hand Trick2g literally has -9000 skill, he can only play 2 champions to their potential(still is not a beast he often loses 1v1's because he doesn't know 1v1 matchups), but what he mainly relies on is game knowledge(which includes decision-making, experience etc.) Udyr and Volibear aren't that hard to master, you have to master the game knowledge which is the easier way. > because due to unsorted micro, there is too much variables to make any decisions on macro part. Say you can't assume that Zilean will beat Malz in mid due to low mechanical skill of players playing the match up. Most OTP rely more on game knowledge than on skill, because if you are laner, match-up is not always in your favor. Also if one is intelligent enough that he knows that is low skilled (even if the match-up is in his favor but he still can't beat the opponent), all he has to do is push and roam which comes under game knowledge(when, where and how?). Skill will be improved gradually, but the main focus should be game knowledge.
Axisdeus (EUNE)
: Salty?! Good! Enjoy leveling up that account. Next time think before you act, think how you made others feel. Enjoy your reward!
> Next time don't ASSUME. I thought how I made others feel and it felt good. Have multiple accounts and never been permabanned. I am just against permabans, because the way things are going any and every thing is offensive to everyone. So, if some thing is written in chat then there is a good chance any one could be banned. And I don't want that, this guy also prolly thought he would never get banned, but he did got banned. A couple of bad words here and there, one or two arguments and baaaaam, permaban will hit you and it will be hard...
: Undeserved permaban
wow Xtreme toxicity. buhahahahaha.... down-vote my threads and comments you white knight FzhgUhlfdbgffChKggzzuEzuRudSu, writing it here because they like to judge any and every person who makes a thread like this. I opened up a thread 6 months ago against perma-ban from flaming. Recently made another one, got down-voted and removed for offensive language. bfdjfjjdhuhduhs here don't see the material/post, they just want to downvote any and everyone who is permabanned or is against perma-bans for flaming...
: Dude IQ says nothing about your in game skill lol... If it did I'd be challenger now :-D Like really mate, you can't mean this seriously. Also I looked you up. Your runepage is utter mess, so fix that up. Don't blame others - try to find mistakes in yourself first, otherwise you won't improve. You play only 2 champs - Xin and Raka. With THAT SMALL champ pool, you wont have the opportunity to outsmart/counter your enemy in champ select or will be counterpicked in most games. Next point: Learn to CS. You have slightly under 30 CS per 10 Minutes. Sorry to say that, but that is complete garbage... So, if you want to climb at least to silver: 1) Get your runepage complete (no tier 2 runes, also you have heavy scaling pages, try going for some flat stats, if you play bully champs like xin) 2) Practice last-hitting to achieve at least double of what you have now on average. 3) Stop crying here and thing where is the real problem.
Sorry but I don't agree with your opening statement, IQ does play a role: 1) League is not all about skill, 40% is skill, 60% is decision making. when, where and how? 2) Decision making is dependent on experience and your IQ. If some-one is brain-dead or a newbie towards this game he will land in bronze. 3) A person with a moderate gaming experience will always land in silver or reach silver with in two weeks of playing ranked. I will state it again, a person has to be fully re+ard, troll or don't wanna improve(that includes the usual playing for fun) if that person is bronze. It has nothing to do with skill. I have seen many bronze with better skills than silvers yet they are still in bronze why? because their decision making is out of this world. For a normal person, with moderate gaming experience and reasonable decision making, should at-least be in high silvers, like SI or SII. If he is any lower it means he doesn't want to improve or has not tried to improve or put in time to improve.
PPR Indi (EUW)
: lol what elo is that? is this seriously plat,? even gold plays better, that morg ultied way to late...
she is silver 5, the morgana that is... and jhin prolly wanted to try a new champ...
: Don't pick Morgana into Vayne
: Can Rengar be reworked ?
just buy kha zix and chillax...
: SARCASM IN RANKED wasnt toxic got 14 day ban
You shouldn't tell others in-game about you health condition, it makes them lose focus. In game you told you are autistic and have cancer, by telling that to enemy team do you want sympathy from them? so that they feel guilty and lose knowingly? Sorry but that is no way to play legos...
: Perma Ban
: Dont lose yourself.
Change is good, say no to status-quo. Just look at Jason Bourne, he lost his fkin way and became a BEAST. Just ask yourself would he been this awesome if he was his old self? . . . Don't stress over this hard question, I will answer it for you. No, he would have been lame if he wouldn't have lost his self. Einstein once said, _You better lose yourself in the moment, you only get one shot, do not miss your chance, some opportunities come once in a lifetime_
Doomley (EUW)
: the game can be remade if the dc player has been dc for the last 90 seconds before 3 min mark. With the fb exception.
Thanks for the correction. In my game the guy dc'ed at 1:32 so, I assumed it counted only from start.....
raps1355 (EUW)
: The only time i blame the jungler is bot lane 4v2 tower dives. Thats solely on him.
Why are you even there? when you know for sure that its a 4v2, the tower is lost just give it up..... And no its not junglers fault even then....
Doomley (EUW)
: FB prevents remake only if it happens BEFORE someone disconnects.
it doesn't matter, if its FB or not. If every one logged in without disconnection the game cannot be remade. Even if someone dc's 30 sec, into the game, doesn't reconnect the game CAN NOT be remade. On the other hand it doesn't matter if they give FB or 3 deaths, if someone is dc from start of the game, the game can be remade.
: what does that have with league
OFF-TOPIC, he has all the right to post whatever stuff he wants....
Sisenis (EUNE)
: New champion teser!!!The friend of the jungle
Antfany (EUW)
: Vayne: how to play against her?
Best way to counter vayne is BURST damage. Either long range or short range. For short range : Annie is a good option, very low skill requirement. For long range consistent damage : Velkoz is a nice option. But since you are a support you won't be doing as much damage, but mid to late, I don't see you having any trouble. Btw. any Juggernaut, tank, berserker will get kited by vayne. So either its hard cc like from Annie Or consistant long range dmg like velkoz, azir, xerath or damage from a burst assasin like rengar, khazix, zed, talon or lb.
: > [{quoted}](name=Gay Charisk Porn,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=V6sksuH2,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-08-30T04:37:54.403+0000) > > I don't want to blame anyone, i wan't to win in those games tho, and so i can only do by motivaiting my team The more you flame the higher elo you are. True story
I don't agree with that. its about quality not quantity. The classier the flame is the higher the rank, the simpler cancer/death wishing flame is usually in the lower ranks...
yakakuzo (EUNE)
: Nerf this little cat rengar ffs!
Chillax assassin rework is coming soon. Now, for reaction you will have 0.5 sec instead of 0.007 sec.....
: Riot ranked drama vol.9999
I will up-vote you but dude you will only get down-voted from onwards, just like my thread. > And only one commenting will be some random db, who will take the discussion to some irrelevant topic. Blaming it all on you, when YOU aren't even the topic of discussion... P.S. No one cares about feeding/trolling/afk. ONLY one's who write are the one's getting banned.
Smerk (EUW)
: Yi becomes untargetable during Alpha Strike, but can still get hit by aoe and skillshots, that's intended mechanic
**Alpha Strike:** Active: Master Yi blinks to the target enemy, dealing physical damage to it and up to 3 nearby enemies, to then reappear next to his main target. Non-champions receive increased damage. **Additional Information: ** Alpha Strike can be used to dodge and avoid skillshots and area of effect abilities. Some dodgeable spells involve the damage instance of Time Bomb, Absolute Zero and Requiem. Since V3.13, Alpha Strike can be used to dodge targeted abilities, with some exceptions such as Fizz Urchin Strike. **Untargetable:** Untargetable refers to units in a state where targeted spells such as Rammus Rammus's Puncturing Taunt.png Puncturing Taunt and LeBlanc Sigil of Malice cannot be cast on the unit. Nontargeted spells such as Karthus Requiem will also have no effect; an exception being Soraka Wish. Additionally, they cannot be targeted by auto attacks. ** Dashes** Projectiles (autoattacks or abilities) that are mid-flight when the character starts dashing will hit when the dash completes. They still take damage from DoTs while untargetable. Master Yi's Alpha Strike makes him untargetable for a short time while in flight. > > > And no its not an intended mechanic.
Sinestic (EUW)
: [GAMEPLAY] Master yi hitted during alpha strike
its old man, it has been there for ages now....
Deeze11 (EUNE)
: It's a new era ladies and gentlemen !
also add zed, vayne, talliyah and ryze into that list
S0kaX (EUNE)
: Why you should play League during night.
Nahh, the most optimum time for me is in early mornings like '6am to 11am', though queue times are longer but the games are good. I have tried playing in night doesn't work for me irrational/illogical egoistic re+ards playing, mostly feeding, going afk or trolling like (double mid/double jungle/double top).
Noodz (EUW)
: where is flaming him going to get you? honestly.
Him going afk to get his head clear or something, and jungler or support using those wasted resources[cs] at top lane, to get back into the game. HONESTLY. P.S. the game is already lost if the enemy top laner knows how to snowball, at-least get the best out of the remaining game instead have to worry about a re+ard on the team.
ProTeam49 (EUW)
: I'm not sure, in last 3 out of 4 games i had afk. Unlucky? Nah.
Riot hates you and they targeted you. Your account has been marked.....
DW Chris (EUNE)
: Rendering animations with CPU?
i just kill the client when ever i go into game, the only downside is I cant go into post-game lobby since you got to restart the client. In a way its healthy you report any one and don't see bs in post game chat...
Noodz (EUW)
: Message to flamers..
how the fck top lane 0/10/1 mundo 15mins into the game will do worse after my flame?
Diamond Ace (EUNE)
: A guy that trolled 80 ranked games is not banned yet.
Thank you for this great idea, I will use teemo for this purpose..... Btw he has to be re+ard to choose secondary as a support role. I guess he is a hardcore Troll who chooses fill and trolls... dnt knw why some ppl cant wait 5 mins for Q
: > [{quoted}](name=Batman or Joker,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=j9xhiAA7,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-08-25T05:10:19.524+0000) > > TLDR: Tanks/Juggernauts are suppose to do damage over longer period of time but they aren't supposed to have high damage per Have you ever got oneshot by garen with BC+4tank items? Coz its true reality, which doesnt conform to your ´damage over time´ concept. And pls, do not answer such as ´can only happen in bronze´ ..
> Here you go, that's called kiting, if you are mage you missed your spells for him to get in your range. If you are adc, its YOUR FAULT you are hugging him. And no I haven't been 1 shot by Garen. I would do that if I was bronze and would be running 0 armor runes, playing an adc, without kiting him, with 2 items less than him, and decided to 1v1 him then yes.
Leptyx (EUW)
: Never saw a single bot in like 2 years, maybe your account is flagged as "let's put him with bots" lol
how about this? 2 people 3 bots, against bots > Took me about an hour to win against bots, our bots were so fkin retarded.
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