TreeFall (EUNE)
: We want you to play with us
Looks like a bureaucratic community like Tactical Gaming. Would not recommend joining any community's that have the CoC system
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: Looking for girl player to soothe my rage problems
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Simmy3k (EUW)
: LF plat team to scrim Sunday (euw)
i am also in need for scrim partners, we are not available this but its more for future scrims we are plat-dia aswell
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: PLAT+ Serious team is looking for players
Allright my friendslist is no longer full i cleared like 20 spots.
: ***
oh shit im fixing that right away Thanks for the heads up
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;) Hows your attitude lately interested to trial for my plat team in mid?
: D mid/jung lft
Hey how you doing thunder long no see :D Remember me?
: [EUW] [Compete League] [Draconian Gaming Lf Top and Mid Laners! Gold - Plat]
Name: Maksim Age: 18 IGN: BattleBunnyHaze Rank: P5 Role: Top/Jgl Country: Netherlands Hours/days available (GMT) : every day except thursday and wednesday 16:00- 23:00, wedneday from 17:00-23:00 and cant play on thursday Champion Pool: Poppy > Fiora > Gnar > Trundle> Maokai > and whatever i need to learn for a teamcomp Why you would like to join: I have alot of experience in teams, and basically you learn and improve faster in a team, besides its fun as %%%%.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
iFabulous (EUNE)
: Fiora Riposte bug
I ve had the same today, riposte didnt change color every time i blocked his w
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Andersom (EUW)
: Searching for toplaner around Plat 4+ For team Aqua Sapphire
Main champs: Riven/trundle/Poppy Champ pool: (can always learn more) Ekko, Fiora, Maokai, Vladimir, Yasuo, Rumble, Chogath Yes Recently started playing serious again, looking to reach around plat 2 Yes and i got lots and lots of teamexperience so i got that going for me. cons: plat5 66 lp atm (too much fukin around) but i expect to be plat 4 within the week My toplane weakness is olaf. Seriously fuck that champ :p
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: Hello i am currently a Gold 2 scrub (i just don't have luck these days solo Qing.) i main mid but in solo Q i queue up as Jgl/Adc So you can say i kinda main those roles too :). I try to be online everyday except wednesday(cause i never can). i
Gácho (EUNE)
: Hi i am plat 4 jungle main player on EUNE but i have silver 2 account on euw. I am very seriously, online alot except for today and when i have school. If you are interested add me on skype: gachoman2 and we can talk about it
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: Helaas ben ik te druk met mijn politieke partij anders had ik deze kans zeker aangegrepen! Hoogachtend, Geertje
Luddoro (EUW)
: plat 4 adc LFT
We're looking for an adc for a serious team, cant add you tho because of your maxed out friendlist :/
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Luz1d (EUW)
: U should add ure Elo to this comment ;)
We're all plat but if you re good at analizing it shouldnt matter
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: 1 At what days in the week can you usually play? example: monday afternoon, tuesday all day etc. Everyday :D 2 Can you want to participate in tournaments? (sundays around 11 pm mostly)- Yep 3 What is your main role? ADC/Mid/Jngl 4 What other roles are you confident in? Can play everyrole 5 Do you have more than 100 champions? nope :( 6 Are you able to shotcall? Yes 7 Are you able to play champions we assign you? Or are you a one trick pony? i can play most champs 8 What is your main champion pool? Every ADC Plus Tanky Jngl and assasin mids :D 9 Would you like to coach this team? no 10 Are you okay with being a sub? yep 11 Do you have a mic? yep 12 Do you have the programs curse, skype, ts3? all 3 13 Can you speak english well? really well :) i live in UK since i was 6 :)
I am sorry but bronze 1 is a bit too low :/
: PLAT + Serious Team Recruitment -- Toxic Tigers
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