: Uninstalling League of Legends
best post in my lyfe {{sticker:leblanc-funny}}
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: The Poros escaped! - ❄️Volunteer Event❄️
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: Only a few more days... - Volunteer Event [Merry Christmas!]
Please please me! No totally not the Beatles reference! ^^ {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Smerk (EUW)
: random with the expection of 3 new ones
Thank you, then it not makes sense to buy for people who were already collecting PROJECTs sadly :(
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: it says disenchanting so getting rid off the shard and gaining BE not upgrading the shard
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Rismosch (EUW)
: 1. Open them now 2. Disenchant expensive championshards 3. Reroll cheap championshards 4. Desenchant all skinshards, except the ones you really want
..but I will get less skinshards/red essence this way?
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: I have a better idea, all the times in the 10 bans one team is forced to ban {{champion:157}} if none team ban {{champion:157}} , the match will not start and both teams lose 10 LP
Taco (EUNE)
: Still haven't gotten the Pulsefire Ezreal icon?
It was approximately June 3rd by my calendar
: No Ban system is back?
What did I say month ago? I said new ban system will cause toxicity. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Where does it say that you can chose "no ban"?
> "We’re adding an option to select “No Ban” if you want to live dangerously. We also wanted to add a failsafe in case two or more teammates rush to ban the same thing in the last few seconds – you’ll default to “no ban” instead of incurring dodge penalties." > "What happens if two or more players try to ban the same champ on my team?" "As soon as one player locks a ban, the champ is no longer selectable for that team. If this happens in the last few seconds of the ban phase and two teammates try to lock at the same time, the second player’s lock will default to “no ban” as a last resort to avoid dodge penalties."
Wen294 (EUW)
: banning and picking in draft just takes waaay too long. It's the reason i play blind way more than draft. So 10 ban system will be a bit shorter so that's cool. Also i'll gladly sacrifice my ban right just to make sure i will never see a yasuo again.
well right thx for comment, if there's alot of people with such opinion.. I think Riot had to try
: "I prefer to wait more" "i'm willing to wait more" and the like are rapidly becoming the hallmarks of every troll thread these days...
And why is that? You really can't waste another minute to get more clear and friendly game for another 40+ minutes? I don't get this kind of people. Also think about, that 30x5=150 seconds is not exact timer, its **maximum** timer. People rarely wait till the last second to ban So looks like some1's trolling, but that's not me *)
: Yes it is, you said there would be 4 wasted bans on yasuo on the same team, that can't happen. If someone doesn't lock in anything the game just goes back to queue like it does now.
Read the Riot announcement again m8. They said it clearly, if people try to ban one champ simultaneously it results in "No Ban" for everyone but first, thus "wasted ban".
: No, it won't, because you can't ban the same champion in one team. The duplicates can only happen between the two teams.
That's completely not what I was talking about
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: I love this week
Very nice to abuse the thing that new client periodically bugs and crashes for everyone but u
Jackom1 (EUW)
: I understand
Its nice that u finally understood it.
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: "Diesen Anlass feiern wir vom 21. April um 09:00 Uhr MESZ bis zum 24. April um 08:59 Uhr MESZ mit einem „DOPPELTE EP“-WOCHENENDE." What now? German site says 21.4. 9am. 'smartass'. source: http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/de/news/champions-skins/champion-release/xayah-and-rakan-available-now-launch-promotions
And?.. I missed the moment when german language became main international language of Europe sry. English always was afair
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: well i read that this patch double IP weekend will happen and weekend events ussually start already at friday, but i see you have a more precise information, which didnt match with my assumptions. I would assume Riot jsut made a mistake or something and just did like the ussual instead of like announced (or announced wrong date), in the end it's just a one day %%%% up from the ussual. But i guess you have an explantion why a guy got double IP one day earlier than promised besides just calling random people smartass.
no i just have same issue as him and also would like to hear actual answer, instead of some smartassy people pointing us on obvious things and assuming we dont know how to read :S
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ThePikol (EUNE)
: What is the point of Boots of Swiftness?
some champs relie on ms way too much; same way you could say "what the point of ms runes since u could add 15 ap and have a powa instead"
: EUW is dying...
Hi and welcome, dying since S3
tortsY (EUNE)
: And you think somebody will gift you anything? When somebody wants to help you learn new things you just trash talk them... And you made this board for getting free champs...
well ye, except that guy didn't really want to help, reread what and how he's talking, hes obviously here to troll/showing smartasiness/have fun; thus anything but "help" xD
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: This weekend we're geting having double IP weekend. The reason for that is because Xayah and Rakan were released and you can gift them with IP for icon reward so to get those icons Riot is giving us more IP.
take a look at what Rito said smartass: > To celebrate, we're running a DOUBLE IP WEEKEND from 08:00 BST April 22 to 07:59 BST April 24 . **DOUBLE IP WEEKEND from 08:00 BST April 22** Dont know what planet u live at but in EUW 22 April is **tomorrow.**
T13NK13 (EUW)
: ip weekend
yes, if u didnt receive by 17 april u should send ticket by 24 april ONLY
: Yeah, annie makes every game feel different. I really love how much variety there is to that no counterplay flash tibbers engage. /sarcasm
< insert 90% champs of league instead of Annie >
GLurch (EUW)
: How can "get cancr idiot" be playful? If you feel the need to insult your friends and they somehow find it funny, go to Discord, Skype, Teamspeak or anything else. Writing stuff like that might be funny for your friends, but others may feel affected and their mood may be ruined as well. If you see someone next to you get hit by someone else out of nowhere, you just don't continue on feeling all happy and walking down the road. On another note, there is no way to see if something is meant playful or not on the internet. While in real life, you know how people mean something based on their voice, you can't do that on the internet. If I write to my friend "you suck", there is literally no way at all to see how that was meant, so the normal thing to do is to take it seriously.
its simple! u just cant take seriously all ppl say about each other performances in game. Just dont. Its games. And your example? ;D ur friend tells u "u suck" and u take it seriously? U get offended, u realy do?? :DD was he ur actual friend then or u secretly hate him inside and want to torture and kill him? pff such relationships, never thought they exist. And u even talk about happiness after that :D All communication ingame is playful and obviously each game has part negative and part positive communication, wont be other way ever in any game, especially teamgames. You either have fun from ingame communication (like ppl usually do), both negative and positive, or "have fun" from "/mute all" and playing like alone surrounded by AI (except abit smarter). Your choice. About "c***er" and other keywords: I dont know maybe we play in different dimensions? I dont remember last time hearing any keyword after ban system rework, and that was 3 years ago afair. Bcos now people know that any keyword in chat is automatic +1 to twisted game count, no matter if 1 person reported u or 9. Ur example is totally invalid. **also, post above about kids isnt for joke - i dont remember childhood that well, but yeah, maybe when playing waterguns with friends in the garden and somebody told me "u suck" i could get offended and literaly go home and cry. Probably, yeah, idr.
: Banned
Dude i feel u much even though im not toxic; but see, way too much kids are playing leage of legens - and kids are bad at differentiating actual dangerous toxicity from ingame playful toxicity - so Riot cant let kids cry much and ban u
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wingzerzzz (EUNE)
: You might have got your four chests You could already have gotten a chest from that champ Or you have had chat restricts or bans idunno
No No No chat or suspends for several years
: Did you get a chest with the champion you played that game THIS season? If yes then that is why.
Yeah, I got chest with my champ, but I didn't get S that game, my friend did. Is it like new restriction? I dont remember Riot said it.. **ye thanks if thats the case i need test it
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