: > [{quoted}](name=willbossde94,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=z01dgdVi,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2017-09-13T20:51:38.800+0000) > > 10 000 viewer was able to see how bad you really are with zerath https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DJUVuKSWAAErkqV.jpg:large > 43 minute and only 160 cs Oh please, look at my daamge, I usually have the highest in the game. Idiot. cs isn't everything. My win rate is high with Xerath and I often outplay my opponent so yeah your opinion is simply wrong.
The point being made is you're saying you are helpless in being able to carry your team, but if you learned how to cs properly, especially on a ranged poke champ like xerath, you could literally 1v5 people with the damage you had from all that farm.
Bazzo (EUW)
: How long does it take to learn how to do the fast riven q consistently
Hi just another question, I've been told that using a move click (which i had bound to spacebar from playing adc) means that the combo will be faulty sometimes, is this true and should i use regular right click for the combo? just to be clear, with the movement command i still use right click, but to attack i use the a click
RoadCoaster (EUNE)
: Riven in general does take a lot of time to master, Look up [This](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPyuq5awIN8&t). As a riven main myself (400k in total) it took so many games for me to master her.
Hi dude, thanks for the reply! I had actually seen this video with a bunch of others haha, it's just taking me so long to getting close to learning all these things. The fast q seems 10 times harder than all the other stuff like double cast, and I don't even have 400k mastery on any champ yet, so that's kind of worrying ^-^' Do you think i could get away with just cancelling part of the auto and not the q in normals right now? I've spent a good deal of time in customs but am too scared to go into a game right now...
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Four Star (EUW)
: I feel like ive been getting really bad teams in ranked
: How2Counter Zed
It's a good job no one in 5v5 games plays AP champs
Charibasa (EUW)
: I'm going to main yasuo, he's really fun etc, but i'm not really good with him.
Blind picking him is not the best idea, if you don't have any form of knock up on your team outside of yourself I would recommend just going someone else.
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Because Lucian is stronger for the first 30 mins of a game and has armour pen, there is no reason to pick vayne anymore when you still shred tanks better with Lucian
Wilkatis LV (EUNE)
: Supp players want to play other roles too
And you know when you put support as secondary, and get into a game ONE SECOND after you go into queue - You can clearly tell the queue didn't even try to search for a game for your primary role, it's ridiculous
Joyi (EUW)
: gg adcs it's over
nvm just play jinx
: Playing Zed feels like he doesn't use energy.
Keep in mind most Zed's build a lot of CDR too
: and heal would save her so much ? vayne would be fed before teamfights even start and with smite she could 1v1 anyone easily
No like you're brushing off a big weakness of hers by saying "just farm" when any competent player wouldn't let you do that, so I was trying to undermime that by saying it's easy to just cc her to death.
: also, smite on vayne will help secure drakes, really good in this objective control meta
Also helps her secure deaths without a second defensive summoner
: what about it ? just farm and wait for your jungler to gank, rush botrk and 2nd buy bloodrazor
Wow, why not in team fights just chain cc her, problem is solved since everyone can apparently do that in all elo's of solo queue wow easy!
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: He isn't a Mage, you will likly build him as a bruiser getting tanky stats with damage on them to survive cqc. The W is also a toggle so you won't be without it. And you have an ult and Q to stay safe
Riot Games: "He’s a medium range **mage**" Tear/ROA/Rylais all seem like core items also, I fail to see how he will be anything other than a mage. Ulti and Q will probably have a long cool down, and being skill shots aren't suited to CQC, especially given narrow width of ulti. W being a toggle just adds to the difficulty of the champion in adjusting to range so quickly, given the speed the passive expands and contracts.
Bazzo (EUW)
: I'm not one to usually judge off of first sight but...
It's especially weird to consider the interaction between his two damage moves (outside the ulti), Q and W. So, Sol needs to use his Q and then follow it to get closer to the opponent, and then detonate it. When he hits the stun, he has two options. a) Run back DESPITE being slowed by his own E, and then use what remainder of the stun you have to hit them with W b) Go close range and use the passive, which then leaves you vulnerable to AD champs, bad positioning, etc How is this champion supposed to lane as a mage?
Cypherous (EUW)
: " Total experience required to reach summoner level 30 reduced by half"
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: Did euw crash again?
I've logged back in idk about u guys
: Did euw crash again?
They acknowledge there's ranked problems but haven't discovered bad login times yet http://status.leagueoflegends.com/#euw
Bazzo (EUW)
: Logging in but there's a big queue
: Did euw crash again?
Logging in but there's a big queue
: Someone at riot games unplugged the toaster
Put a waffle in the toaster and it broke
: Just a Small Idea for Thresh
Playrate and utility are both through the roof, I think he's fine
Iao (EUW)
: Bot lane as of now (Patch ~6.2-6.3)
Good guide dude :) You did put Janna and Vayne twice in combos though
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: But then I find myself with Support/Fill not supporting in more than 50% of the games since DynamicQ is up. xD
That's because you're open to all four other roles rather than just one role, so your chances of not getting support are greatly improved.
: why is there plats and golds in silver 2?
: You and your win rates.... how many players did you meet that really understood the strengths of the new mordekaiser? How many players are still maxing E first or building him full AP? Most players don't even know what he does and are not able to play against or with him.
Unless you're playing against intro bots, the redistribution of his Q damage now means he needs multiple Q hits for it even to be worth maxing. A champion with low base MS, no CC, and one very unreliable ms buff. How the hell is he meant hit Q vs melee champs, let alone ranged?
: You can say the same about Skarner....
Skarner is sitting on a 53% win rate though, at least he plays well
Alex3995 (EUW)
: well he wasnt directly after the rework. his nerfs but him back there
Yeah I mean they were trying to change his design from either having busted numbers or being useless, but just ended up with the same problem :/
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Solash (EUW)
: "Jhin and Lux useless as f*ck"
Talon has 96 cs in 27 minutes ok
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Ebola san (EUNE)
: New Zed nerfs on PBE
Recieving buffs from new item, POSITIVE win rate for a supposed "High skill cap champion", general buffs to AD assassins recently... It's not hard to guess
duckarp (EUNE)
: If people know they have connection issues and still decide to play, they're not ruining the game only for themselves, but EVERY SINGLE TIME for 9 other people. Sorry, but that is just utterly selfish. Fix the connection or play a game that isn't so heavily dependent on all people be present and playing. I know it's harsh, but it's the only way.
I mean unavoidable issues like power cuts and stuff, or if someone has afk'd due to a real life issue and then has to return to people getting mad at them for something they can't control
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: Pathing is still so bad
Rito's subliminal messaging telling you to stop playing Rengar
W1cKe (EUNE)
: About Zed and Rengar
Zed is reasonably easy to counter. not very useful when ult isnt up, and not the best at teamfights if you know how to peel. His ult always go behind you, so Charm, Dark Binding etc can root him easily. Build zhonyas. Rengar can't be countered tho, sry
Alorg (EUW)
: High Ping
Do the riot basic connection problem thingy
: > [{quoted}](name=MLG Neko,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=2ABVhPEN,comment-id=0020,timestamp=2016-01-09T16:52:50.623+0000) > > Do you ever feel like you don't have serious enough problems to be "allowed" to be depressed? This isn't having a go at you, I'm generally curious because I had a similar thing Well, for the longest time I felt as if I was completely normal, but just 'shy' since alot of people stated that whenever I met someone I didnt really know.. My feelings of sadness, I would think it was just a hormonal thing that would go away soon.. But feeling like absolute crap almost every day for 5 years? that isnt normal
Damn dude, I don't wanna sit here and say all the cliche things but hope you get past this eventually
: I Got Diagnosed With Depression AMA
Do you ever feel like you don't have serious enough problems to be "allowed" to be depressed? This isn't having a go at you, I'm generally curious because I had a similar thing
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Hiroyuki (EUW)
: UK/ Scotland - Lag?
Yesss I use plusnet and i have consisten ping spikes even though my ping outside of league is fine. Please could we have some help wit this?
: How much have you spent on RP since the making of your account?
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: Playing vs Miss Fortune is all about -Positioning -Having the right support -aggressive playstyle in the early-phase... And no, Miss Fortune isn't "OP", she has some weaknesses for sure -No Escape -No CC/defskill -Ultimate can easily be interrupted -Her lategame is shit compared to sth like Vayne/Varus/Kog or Tristana
Leblanc is at a low winrate dude, i'm not saying she is op, just a really annoying laner. That being said, having that kind of laning power and then such great teamfight potential is hard to come by, you have to admit she is a little too strong rn
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