: WTF even is jungle now
I'm glad I'm not the only one experiencing this. It seems like s10 has thrown my playstyle out of the window completely and is forcing me to powerfarm 24/7
: single tip for playing master yi (low elo)
I think it depends on what comp you're dealing with. If the enemy team has a Rammus, Nautilus and 5 stopwatches there's literally no point in team fighting. Just splitpush and when they come to catch you, go for the 1v2 or 1v3. If you play it well you can probably get a double/triple kill.
: those were good and original tips, dunno why you got downvoted +1
JustClone (EUNE)
: Just wanna point out, that the performance of the lvl 25 is comparable to the one in challenger, master and grand master.
That's obviously a smurf account
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: Love Azazel's Answers in the casting desk. (TL vs DWG)
This happens to all the casters. You'd be surprised on how hard it is to come up with answers in the heat of things, especially with like 200k viewers watching
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Blitzz (EUNE)
: League Of Comebacks
I might sound a bit cocky here, but literally, no one in gold and below knows how to end a game. When we destroyed two inhibitors and baron was up, they generally dance around each lane by themselves until they get picked off one by one, then rinse and repeat until someone says 'MAYBE WE SHOULD TAKE BARON", which is generally myself and rarely, a support. This often happens at the 22-25 minute mark of the game, and always delays the game to 35+ minutes which is incredibly frustrating.
: Disclaimer: I will only judge YOUR performance, no matter how dodgy your teammates looked. Because your performance is what you can change and work on, not the others. (and yes, I saw some dodgy stuff from them and how they could play better, not the point though) - gank earlier instead of farming so long in early levels. consider taking E second after Q, going from Buff to Buff to a lane. You will very likely gank while the enemy jungler is still occupied with a camp and one lane will already be pushed towards your side - could have ganked the closer and overextended botlane at around 4:50 - at 5:50, the lane would have pushed towards Shen and you %%%%ed it up - ganked top too much indeed; it's a countermatchup for Shen for sure, but it's not like Shen will ever be able to turn around this matchup or rather it is not worth the effort. Shen is supposed to farm, get tanky and use ult to help other lanes, then TP back to his tower if necessary. So unless you were premade with him and know you can rely on him, I wouldn't gank him (that much); (though admittedly, he then got to the point he could fight darius) - buy as many Control Wards as you can whenever you go back and use them as you see fit, especially at key jungle entrance areas or objectives, or to help your laners see enemies coming - at 11:20; your botlane was pushed very far up and susceptible to a gank. Lee had just ganked mid and was likely back to base, dragon was up, so there was a very good chance he would show up botside. You should have warded dragon or river, be ready to countergank bot or farm the krugs in the meantime - at 14:00-14:10 there is a very fed Lee Sin and you just wasted your ult trying to chase Morgana. You also knew this guy wasn't entirely stupid so staying in the river, taking/contesting the scuttle without ult nor Ignite was too risky Watched until 18:00 now. By that time the game has already swung a lot. Can watch some more if you want but tell me first what you think of this.
Thank you for your reply and advice. I think the major problem of that game was that I was blinded by the Shen, who has been complaining since Champion select that he will get destroyed by Darius, and so I tried desperately to help him instead of my side lanes. I will probably switch to camping bot/mid every game like how I used to play Hecarim, and either way, ty again for your reply.
Tekenis (EUW)
: I am a lazy gold 4 support player (lazy as in: I got gold, I want to get other queues there too before continuing my soloQ journey.) You started red into raptors, wolves, blue and the gromp. I think you could've gone top immediately after blue as darius had pushed the wave already without warding yet. Around 5 minutes into the game you cleared most of your jungle and both scuttlers (nice) when Shen pinged for help. Their bot was shoving the wave hard without vision or sums while ez was making his way over there. You let the scuttler move around freely and ended up near raptors. It is generally faster to keep the scuttler in some corner or near a wall while moving around it to stop it from fleeing while killing it. The baron/dragon pits are excellent places to do that. After killing the second scuttler you killed raptors and went towards top to try and countergank lee. You don't have to be where the enemy jungler is, just try to punish him for showing his face on the map: if you are on the other side of the map, try to counterjungle, take an objective or gank a different lane. After clearing the botside scuttler I think you should've ganked bot. Don't feel bad for waiting a while in a brush while the enemy lane pushes/your laner is travelling towards his/her lane. After killing darius twice you backed while lee was visible in bot lane, darius had used tp on cd and morg stepped in the botside brush of the midlane. You knew exactly where all the members of the enemy team were. The dragon was just a cloud drake so that is not really a high priority: I think you should've gone for some plates with Shen. At 9/10 minutes in, lee ganked bot securing a double for himself while you killed scuttler before recalling. There was a pink in topside mid bush. Given the fact you wanted to go for some shopping, you could've help morde chunk morg (who had no f) if not kill her. Around 13:30 you walked into the botriver, straight past the pixel bush. ez was dead so going for a quick gank bot wasn't a good option. I suppose you wanted to go for scuttlecrab? It is a healthy habit to walk through the pixel bush if you walk through the river. You couldn't seen the ward and the crab a lot earlier. If you take the herald before 14, try to use it as quickly as possible. That way you get the plate money and probably first turret. Don't feel shy about asking your teammates to ward objectives, they should do so themselves if there is no ward on it. In fact, you are helping them improve by asking them to ward. (support mindset kicking in {{item:3361}} ) At some point, try to change your vision trinket into a sweepers if there are sufficient wards around. This might sound a lot, but that is just because I focussed on things I think you could've done better. You made some great plays in this game. I hope I helped you :). Good luck on the Fields of Justice! {{sticker:galio-happy}}
Thank you for your reply and advice. I think the major problem of that game was that I was blinded by the Shen, who has been complaining since Champion select that he will get destroyed by Darius, and so I tried desperately to help him instead of my side lanes. I will probably switch to camping bot/mid every game like how I used to play Hecarim, and either way, ty again for your reply.
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GodyrIsLove (EUNE)
: Trying to win more
Voli and Jax is decent for low elo, but Yi is always the best. Pick him up and keep spamming him and you will probably hit silver, AND THEN you can focus on warding. Bronze players have no map awareness in the first place, so even when you place wards they don't seem to care.
: Ranked Games in Silver/Gold , can they actually be won ?
Just quit playing J4 and keep spamming Master Yi and Kayle, Maybe Tryndamere as well. You can probably splitpush your way to at least high gold. You seem to be pretty good at jungling so I suggest not to play junglers that fall off late game and requires a team around him (which is probably why you struggle to close out games) at this elo. I sometimes have this problem as well. Some players (especially adcs) have no idea how to end the game. I once got baron, then my bot lane decides to camp a brush near the enemy base and end up feeding a double kill, throwing us the lead immediately. Yi can be unstoppable in a side lane with the correct build (bloodrazor + Guinsoos + wits end) and single handedly win games.
: You're asking a computerized system to evaluate someones mental status before placing them with others. That's just not possible.
it's totally possible imo. If someone has a massive loss streak in ranked, then obviously he's tilted or boosted, which means they shouldn't be a candidate for the player in their promos to carry. A person with a normal winrate, but at a lower rating e.g. at Silver III when the Promo player is at his Gold IV promos, should be the perfect candidate to be matched. I think most people should agree that it is rather unfair for a person in their promos to carry someone who simply does not have the right mindset to win, especially when that player (in his promos) has worked so hard to get to that point, only for it to be ruined by someone like that.
Devrost (EUW)
: Why are promos hell?
I think the system should differentiate between 'tilted' players and players at lower mmr. In promos it is intended that the system pairs the player in promos with lower rated players, not tilted players who just don't want to win
ExarKunz (EUW)
: Because you feel it's unfair. Teammates feeding, trolls, afks... I can deal with Smurfs, but not with feeders. It's not ok to die 10x while the rest of the team died max 5x. I don't get why a system to punish this kind of behaviour with extra lp loss is not put into place. In some games you can rank up with a loss IF the system detects that you have outperformed the players in that certain match you lost.
Yes. On top of that, you tend to spend a lot of time for a game, typically 30+ minutes per match and losing it feels like your time has been wasted
Shamose (EUW)
: No it didn't. But they were fun games to watch either way.
I'm glad you are a civilized human being. Unlike those %%%%%%ed TSM fans lol
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Shamose (EUW)
well this didn't age well huh
: autofill why even ..
what's more tilting is: Sits in Queue for 4 minutes as Mid or Jg into champ select, gets support
: If I go AP Master Yi support, is it trolling?
In my opinion, any pick in normals is completely fine, as long as you're not intentionally trolling the game with it. I once played Nasus support and almost carried the game with a 12/6 score, but most of my teammates reported me for it and found no luck in getting me banned. A video game is supposed to make the player have fun, not a stressful experience from the get-go
: Someone stealing my role in ranked
Well make sure that you've reported them because of that racist remark, it's probably a permanent ban
Inaphyt (EUW)
: Nerf Viktor
I was a Viktor main last season, and in this season his playstyle has completely changed from a burst mage to a mid-ranged AP fighter. Due to the nerfs this season he has gotten a lot weaker imo. Viktor mid does laughable damage compares to other mages e.g. Cassio and Ryze and it takes forever for him to scale. I don't think he needs anymore nerfs.
: My games when I am in Silver III
lol, I had these games before, 3 to be precise. This is what happens when "the coin flip lands on its edge" and you get all inters on your team
: Yeah I get you, teemo is annoying with his blind because it takes me like 2 more seconds to kill him with talon. Totally annoying champ and talon is kinda underpowered right now. He needs a buff and nerf tenmo.
You may as well marry Talon at this point. Get your ass off of this forum and arrange a wedding already lmao
ban ryze (EUW)
: I need some advice (soloq)
judging by your ign, you should be/ were/ a support main? Have you played on an older account before this one? Anyways, as a jungler you tend to receive a lot of unjustifiable flame from laners. When they lose lane, they will try to blame it on you for not ganking to make themselves look good, even though they are fully aware that they never got ganked by the enemy jungler. What I tend to do is to /mute all, if not /fullmute all to completely focus on my own game. There is no point in listening to them since what tends to happen is that they will somehow bait you into a very bad situation where you will just die for no reason.
: Why do I keep getting higher ranks in my games?
I'm sure if you can play with Golds and Silvers well when you're bronze, you should be intelligent enough to know why you are placed with them...
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Do you ever have those days when you're playing incredibly bad, no matter how much you're trying?
After I got promoted to Silver II my win rate literally plummetted from 60% all the way down to like 25%. Not sure what happened, but eventually I broke out of it.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Which level 18 enemy champion on 6 items do you fear the most and why? :)
Obvious Susan...or Veigar bc they are basically super Saiyan at that point
: I just checked your op.gg very quickly and your warding is very bad. You don't put enough wards and only buy 1 control ward maximum in your games. You also need {{item:3364}} as a jungler. You can't win games without providing vision to your team and denying vision to the enemies and secure objectives.
ah I see(no pun intended). I will definitely try to ward more ty for the advice
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: Remove Karthus from ARURF
Urf is meant to be dumb and full of broken champions in the first place


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