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Silent Note (EUNE)
: That would be way too overpowered. You could reroll 3 450 BE champion shards, and get a 6300 champion permanent. Also, with the Random Champion Shards, it's really easy to get champions. You will either get a 4800 or 6300 BE champion shard just for 50 tokens. Event pass doesn't cost as much as a Premium would most likely, and you can farm around 5k-6k BE a day by afking in TFT and not even playing the game. And that's if you disenchant all champion shards. If you take into account that you can get up to 2500 BE discount from a single champion shard, you are up to 5k-12k BE profit a day while afking and not even grinding actively.
how do you think to earn BE from TFT when TFT doesn't give you any? what are you talking about?
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Before the BE system we have now, it was possible to reroll 3 champ shards into a champ permanent And people who had all champs would use that to get a new champ But now we get a lot of champ shards for free, so those players could just take some 450 BE champ shards and reroll them into a 7800 BE champ
even if you get champ shards you wouldn't get before almost 300lvl all champs. that's the point of this.
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