Wazzi (EUNE)
: ✅ What does Setta's business card contain? 2/2
: Ooooh oooh don't forget that the world is ruled by Lizards and the US Airforce is hiding aliens in area 51!
What are you talking about?...
Eîskâlt (EUW)
: I mean it's preseason so not many people are actually playing ranked games. I'd rather have a short que then playin into exactly my elo and tier every game. It won't hurt to play into someone 3 tiers above yourself anyways if u want to climb and improve. I'm more surprised about the matchmaking in normal games. Yesterday I played into a premade group of 5 - all in flex due plat and in solo que even some diamond. That is annoying! I'm playing ranked now so I can play into people again, that are at least similar to my elo. {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
Why did you even bother replying to this...your answer is a mess. The whole point is we are NOT playing with people around our elo. ANd nobody cares about normals really. In what world is shorter queue better than playing in a team much lower skill level than you. Whatever you are smoking, to get you this confused, it's probably illegal.
Shamose (EUW)
: Does it increase cup size though?
If you are a male yes, it does indeed
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Xaveria (EUW)
: Literally every game has a smurf or someone going AFK - why isn't Riot taking any action?
Why isn't Rito taking any action? Because it doesn't affect their money. As long as something isn't affecting their money they will not do anything at all about it. Literally babies could be dying and they will do nothing. That's why I have vowed not to spend any money on Rito until they fix their problems.
: Terrible Matchmaking
Everybody knows that the matchmaking is rigged and it's made to make you bounce up and down, take more points than you earn and make you stay the same so you can play more. It's basic business - they don't need satisfied customers they want playing customers.
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Wen294 (EUW)
: As mentioned by the other dude, Loss prevention was in effect for your game due to some issues from riot's side. This means that all LP gains are decreased (I think by half? correct me if i'm wrong) And all LP losses are prevented. (because yeah that's why it's called loss prevention) A bit unfortunate for you but it's not a bug or anything, that's just the way the system works in case of issues from riot's side.
Rito with their %%%%%%ation, at it again XD
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: > [{quoted}](name=TheToysTracker,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=pXzIZ0fa,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-02-04T13:01:39.082+0000) > > Why you don't make posts like this when you win against them? Go cry to another door or make fair posts. If OP is anything like the vast majority of this playerbase (not saying that they are, mind you) it's because when they win it's deserved because they're _that good_. Losing however, well that must be somebody's fault because there's no way they'd lose normally.
"the vast majority" so you do admit there is elo hell. At least you agree with that
: Why you don't make posts like this when you win against them? Go cry to another door or make fair posts.
Well tbh the only reason I stay afloat is because very often there is a monkey on the other team as well. Don't try to be a smartass, not cute
: It does my friend. Those who say it doesn't are people who had enough luck to swim through it or have never been there. Nowadays its mostly about "not catching the wrong guys" rather then being good. Its mostly caused by Riot focusing on making the game more "team reliable" so a single carry players are not in advantage. On one hand its cool, cause league is more about team play and not solo actions but.. in low leagues like Bronze or Silver? Bro, you just can't rely on most of those guys. I feel you. PS: The only way out is playing a lot my friend, I believe you (and everyone else) can make it if you have strong will and some free time
Nowadays I'm scared of my teammates, not the enemy.
Nacre (EUW)
: In every game you had less kills than deaths. Start winning lane and get a positive score before focusing on your teammates.
This is the end result, love. Obviously the game can't be contained in a single lane. If one lane if disgustingly fed there is very little you can do. There is no scenario where you have a good score and lose the game.
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It's people like you who ruin ranked games with your "I want fun" bullshit :D
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Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Ranged point click damage abilities in 2018?
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Riot listened
Ofc they listened. Money speaks super duper loud. Screw toxicity, balance, technical issues or the state of the game. As long as fools purchase our skins we will keep doing it !
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neropa (EUNE)
: Its weird that i havent experienced this. Well I mainly play normal draft so that might be te reason. If you feel like ranked isin't fun anymore switch to normals they are almost always chill. My latest pvp game was lose because i had afk (i know this kinda ruins the thing what i said earlier about not experiencin this but it was random trust me) but i didnt care i ment nothing for me. I know I played semi-well that game and thats all i really care
Well yeah I get what you mean but I really try to climb and play better, and I like being competitive. League in itself isn't a fun game, winning and improving and climbing (at least for me) is. And to see my efforts are futile no matter what because of someone's terrible personality. It's so frustrating.
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Xinyuo (EUW)
: Yes, its luck, and thats why good players have 10 accounts in dia+ Luck is only a thing if you play like 20 games max a year +jesus, when do lux mains realize their champ=KDA machine
You're talking about pro players who play the game FOR LIVING. Like comparing a professional sniper with a kid with a beebee gun. Ofc pro players won't have much of a problem climbing when that's literally what they do all day.
: This is bullshit. I am plat supp main and still can get 80% winratio on smurf when i help my friend to get gold from s1. I also easily climb from s4 to plat this season as a SUPP which is most irrelevant role in this meta. You just dont play that good.
It's not hard to have a good winrate on EUNE in silver...
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: Improving Gameplay: Recommended balance changes (Season 2018) Part 2
: Not super helpful..
I can't really be helpful when there is a bug m8. I'm giving you the why not the solution
: "You must own 20 champions to play ranked" ... I own all.
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: Some will come and tell you that its you and only you etc. But i kinda agree. Has a 9 game winstreak, now last 2 days all games are bad. Im sure when i keep grinding i eventually get a streak again. As long as i keep playing my best every game it will happen. But yeh regardless of what the high elo people say, having a bot lane that lost tower after 9 minutes and the jungler afk farming getting caught 0/10, then the next game after 10 minutes top disconnects, then the next game top and bot get owned. Games are just random, and atleast in my elo verry hard to solo carry unless you a challenger smurf.
What 9 min b**ch got wrecked 2 times before min 3. So true.
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Terra (EUNE)
: Yup. i made a thread about that too. and guess what. rito deleted that threat
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: Viable champs bot right now: Literally anything. You can pick goddamn amumu and make it work somehow. Meanwhile adc meta a year ago: Caitlyn, caitlyn, caitlyn, oh, and have I mentioned caitlyn yet? So yeah, I simply don't see where you're coming from. There has never been a time when more than 1 or 2 champs per role were consistently good across all elos. The different elos often have different playstyles and metas of their own, what works in bronze won't work in master (and the other way round for that matter).
Tbh bot is pretty much Yasuo , Vlad, Heimer, Zyra, Pyke, Morgana, Velkoz, MF, Kaisa and Jhin. Cait can barely be compared to that
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: My opinion about the current botlane meta
"turnaround every teamfight lategame since playing " meanwhile the majority of the games are now decided in the first 5 minutes. 8 minute 3rd tower is not late game ok
: >But I dare you to try to play Tristana AP again see what happens. So you're mad because you can't play things that there's a 90% chance it won't work? It's like saying, go build pure tank on adc and get mad at riot for not having enough damage. >Also in order to survive in these gimmicky games you have got to have to be on the same level as your teammates. No dude. You actually don't have to be. Tell that to all the people I carried when I was getting out of bronze 2 years ago. They are still stuck there. I don't think I am. You need to be the most decent teammate ever and you will get carried from time to time. If I met a challenger player in my team, he's gonna carry our asses so your point is moot. >This current state is not a change, it's a problem from purely competitive point of view. what? Look dude, it's just a patch, you need to adapt. Improvise, adapt, overcome! You're probably on tilt or something.
It's not gonna work now after Riot declared they don't want Tristana to be played as mage and only as an adc. She used to have ap scaling you know. Same as MF.
: > according to you my rank corresponds to the validity and quality of my thoughts Pretty much yea. It's the same as asking a 16 year old kid for life advice, over a dad in his mid 40s. Not comparing these 2 examples to you and me, just making a point. Differences do matter, a lot actually. Take this game : https://imgur.com/evDzkEY `you picked a troll comp vs a traditional one. You played brand, that every one is crying about on the forum, of how broken he is. You had taric yi, the OP korean high elo strat. You lost. 31 minutes passed without you buying a single (75 gold) control ward. Take this game : https://imgur.com/wzliU6K You again had a no ADC comp, vs an ADC comp. You haven't purchased a single control ward this game either.You lost. How can you tell me, after these performances, that this new "meta" is killing the game. How is riot's fault people trolling? Look at NA challenger Imaqtpie's match history a bit : https://imgur.com/Y4nozGt 90% of his no ADC comp vs ADC comp games are lost, due to him hard or soft inting 24/7. How can you tell me, this new "META - MOST EFFECTIVE TACTIC AVAILABLE" is actually effective. Every single game that I saw, that involved bruiser bot vs ADC, they lost. People saw this shit, irelia botlane, due to irelia being absolutely busted. Then NA players came up with the absolute most genious idea. WHY NOT TAKE THE MOST KITEABLE JUGGNERNAUT THERE IS, AND PLAY IT AGAINST RANGED CHAMPS, IN LANING PHASE, OFTEN PAIRED WITH AN AFTERSHOCK FIDDLE SUPPORT. You know why was irelia busted? Because koreans who invesnted this crap, actually know how to play her. Put it in the hands of a gold player, it's a disaster. Caitlyn will just chill under tower, and click you once every 10 seconds, you lose lane. A gold won't land the stun, will throw the ult in a wrong direction, will enable dmg reduction where there is no incoming dmg, and will jump on the wrong minion. I've seen it all buddy...it's a literal parody of real LOL gameplay. But noooo.... a guy that doesn't have the concept of what exactly a control ward is, definitely understands the complexity and viability of the current "meta" ...cmonBruh . Just play the freakin game, you can 1v9 in gold, and win games even when you have a DCd player, after remake window passed. Don't overthink the comps, no matter what meta champ you play, if you're bad at it, it's not meta...not in your hands. Get 2-3 comfort picks, practice them, and win games. You're gold for the 5th year now, having more than 400 games and a sub-50% win-rate. You obviously are doing something very wrong...no offense. Perhaps use the energy you're putting into this topic, to improve a bit, your game quality will get better as you learn the game. Good luck.
You made a complete fool out of yourself. You got big anger issues and too much time on your hands. 1. Brand game - the Elise and Taric were premade afk farming the bot lane, feeding and ignoring the rest of the team. It was basically 3vs5. I have no idea what are you on about 2. I had no mid lane opponent, Taric and Trynd were using the cheese jungle+support strategy very effectively because I had no tools to depush as Kassadin, while my bot Sona 1/7 and Brand 0/7 were completely destroyed. Also most of the pros have given their opinion on the matter and they also dislike the current state. WHAT ARE YOU ON ABOUT?!? I'm sureyou tried and thought you were onto something. You failed {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: To be honest it shows that most of the community don't create their own play style and make unique choices, to the majority of the player base they always play what is strongest, what is "META" but this was not what Riot intended when they created the game, They have specified is multiple Q&A's and videos in the past that they always want to push players into creating their own unique play styles and strategy's and once someone discovers a play style or strategy that is dominant in the game it is Riots intention to change it over time to encourage a change in strategy because that's what makes the game fresh, Sure certain champions will be "OP" at times but the game has the tools for you to learn and find a way to counter either through itemization or through team composition, You should never expect the same champion/strategy/play style to be strong forever as too much of something is unhealthy and will get stale fast because the game is all about adaptability and strategy.
"their own play style and make unique choices" "They have specified is multiple Q&A's and videos in the past that they always want to push players into creating their own unique play styles and strategy" mate you're delusional, or you just haven't seen what happens when people find their unique playstyle only to have Rito smash it with the nerf bat just because it's not what they have intended. A quick example comes to mind Fizz/Ekko tanks or Tristana Ap, MAster Yi AP, Kog'Maw rework, LeBlanc rework, Malzahar support, Blue Build Ezreal, Soraka mid, Lulu top etc etc. Clearly Riot has a problem when people invent something unique. The problem is not about changes that I refuse to accept. It's about changes that were a mistake and unintentional, that promote cheese plays and toxic gameplay, and also slash champion diversity completely. In the current state the game is built so adc to exist as a role. Without it the game balance is completely broken. Before if you chose to replace your adc with let's say strong early/mid game champ like Irelia you were risking that the enemy team would be able to stall and get to a point where your team adc-less comp fall off. Atm the game is decided in the first 10 minutes so any champion that has no waveclear, sustain or strong early game is trash. I only see Tarics, Irelias, Vlads, Graves, Yis and Tryndameres in like 90% of my games. How's that for diversity.
: Hmmm, is this a player who can't adapt to the changes? Complains how every role is locked to champions then when they unlock that everything is a "shitstorm" Besides the {{item:3060}} fiesta, this patch is okay.
I literally never said a role is locked to a champion. But I dare you to try to play Tristana AP again see what happens. Also in order to survive in these gimmicky games you have got to have to be on the same level as your teammates. That works pretty much only with a premade. This current state is not a change, it's a problem from purely competitive point of view. It's not skill that wins, it's who can pull off better cheese.
: Don't you just love it when gold ELO players who can't adapt, want to play the same broken picks as ADC was 2 patches ago, or just clear the wave in 1 spell at + autos at lvl 3 and roam, forever? I do. The game is fun, it's finally fresh again. If you can't adapt to it, you stated very well, there are other choices as well. You know what to do.
Since according to you my rank corresponds to the validity and quality of my thoughts, pros hate it too and think it's shit. And by fresh you mean the diversity has been slashed to even smaller champion pool. Ok ...
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: get a beer and stop giving a shit if u win or lose, just have a good time PLAYING the game.
Well it's not really fun PLAYING the game if you are trying to win and get better and at the end of a 45 min struggle you trying you are literally dragged back. Season 2 I recall when I lost a game I would know I messed up and my lane opponent or jungler was just better. Tbh I fear my teammates more than my enemies. I pray every game please don't %%%% up please don't %%%% up. When a team game is at the state where your team is bigger enemy than your enemy something is very wrong.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: I would say that heavily depends on you if your games are mostly stomps then it suggests you easily give up on games if any minor mistake happens. If you want to have some close games then you have to fight every game to its bitter end without giving up and constantly looking for those rays of hope. Consider playing support role more. According to Riot supports are less likely to surrender. This is because as a role they never really ahead, but because of how support role is they're also never completely useless either.
well when I say stomp I don't particularly mean myself, if that's what you mean. I'm talking about one team has either one or two players severely underskilled. And I've noticed it's never the other way around. I've never had an opponent or a team mate who is so skilled that dominates due to being overly skilled for the game. It's always one who goes 0/6 in minute 5.
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: RIOT, once again, fix your matchmaking in Normals
"RIOT, Fix that matchmaking!! It is just normals, yes, but personally I play normals for 2 reasons: For fun and/or to improve." It's not just normals, the matchmaking in the past year has been complete %%%% up
TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: Someone got op by a nerf. Wow
You clearly don't understand anything. It's not a nerf, they simply tried to shift his power from lane to jungle even more by reducing his minion damage to increasing his damage to monsters. What it did is allow Fiddle to spam his E without the fear of overpushing or stealing farm. It's basically unavoidable poke that silences and bounces around.
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