: That moment you pick support and get autofilled jungle...
XD I'm a support main right, so i always take "fill" because it's like taking support twice but with fewer clicks IT'S NOT LIKE THAT ANYMORE now i always get jungle or adc lul
Etherim (EUW)
: [Giveaway] Any skin at 975 RP Giveaway ! ;D
good luck xD ta'ameya :3 dem beans make all da difference
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Hello Currently your not having any issues? Next time when this happens to you, make a new thread and provide us your LeagueClient log. > * Go to "C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Logs\LeagueClient Logs\" > * Select the latest "LeagueClient.log" file > * Open it using notepad or a similar program > * Select everything (ctrl + A) and copy it > * Go to [pastebin.com](https://pastebin.com/) and paste the content there > * Set the expiration date to 1 week > * Submit it > * Share the link with us >
Hey, it's been working fine since about 11pm last night ^^ I forgot to mention that I ran the repair tool as well, it did the "checking for corruption" all the way to the end then said "repair failed" and the "click here for more info" link wasn't clickable ^^ Next time it happens ill be sure to remember that, thanks
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: A Volunteer's contest - The Useless Contest
I HAVE AN IDEA LET'S GIVE RIFT SCUTTLER AN AD STAT :D oh wait... I'VE GOT IT let's give turrets a movement speed stat :D gg boys I win, thanks for participating {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} For realsies though, I actually look forward to participating in this, thank you to the team who was bored enough to sponsor this :D
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Zantonny (EUW)
: I'm more shocked you know 200 people. I know like 5, 6, tops. But yeh fair enough, is EUW really your best server, is there nothing closer at all?
We have like 50 clubs just for SA people xD, I'm in RSA.B Yes EUW is the best, EUNE I got 190, not a big difference but we're mainly on EUW. All the other servers were completely unplayable.
Zantonny (EUW)
: I've actually never encountered that, but as if what you say is true, then they likely wouldn't have spoken in chat and I'd have been none the wiser. Are there actually enough players to warrant an entire server?
I'm from South Africa and I know over 200 people who play here, and thats just that I know about. We have 180ms. I imagine there are many more in SA and the rest of Africa in general.
: Can I run LoL with this PC?
Hey APTHY, my PC build is similar to option 2, except i have a Nvidia GT 730 (yours is actually better lul) and mine runs league on max graphics with 150fps. You should be fine :D
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Lower than Bronze? What do you want? Wood 7 players?
XD I laughed at that too. Omg it actually made me lol. he should say "lf b5 0 lp xayah players" good times. Here's a cookie for OP {{item:2054}}
Hamze2011 (EUW)
: Well...these 3 champs aren't that much expensive, but anyway, can help new players a lot👍
champs AND skins for freeeeee xD everyone should know about it
: But ignite isn't helping, doesn't it have grievous wounds? But what about late game?
When she falls behind its easy to poke her down in a teamfight, i always get hard focused in temafights. They dont actually try to kill me they just want me too low to be useful XD kills are just fun bonuses. if shes too strong try keeping enemy jungle (or wherever theyre likely to be) warded, if you ever spot her alone kill her and then try to force a teamfight while shes dead. i dont rly have other advice. I started building tanky with her after redemption and so far there hasnt really been a counter play lul Soraka ftw. Im bronze mate good luck
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MewKitten (EUW)
: i lost again{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
take my offer or stop complaining xD ill teach you how to win then you can delete me. theyre botting to farm xp/ip.
: How to deal with Soraka?
im a sup main, mained soraka for a while. things that messed me up were when enemies built items that inflicted grievous wounds ( like {{item:3123}} ) , always dodge sorakas Q's, bully hard early game, if she gets {{item:3301}} (she shouldnt but some people still do) punish hard when she goes to get the drops and send a LOT of poke her way so shes less inclined to spam her heal. most of this has to do with early game and if youre top or jungle its harder but anyway hope it helps.
MewKitten (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=BellaBear776,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=7mg2hkfE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-05-29T05:56:34.267+0000) > > add me, ill help you :) mew would not add strangers plus its happening again...
haha im offering to play a few bot games with you until you're a higher level. I love playing with feeders in AI, i get fed faster that way :D when you're a higher level there will be less bots. You can delete me after. Just an offer
subhaNoo7 (EUW)
: Rp
draw a picture for riot, send it to player support and ask for 1RP xD only works once as far as i know though.
MewKitten (EUW)
: about co op vs ai
add me, ill help you :)
LeonBlemo (EUW)
: script used in AI mode
xD my advice: pick an adc, i use ashe. start q. run to the bush behind enemy turret as soon as you can. kill the adc. kill the supp too if possible but if theyll get away dont hurt them enough that they back and then wait by the bish again until they pass and kill them. you can do this until about 4 kills. back and buy stuff. go kill top. let mid get fed with the scripters and shut em down after every 3 or 4 kills. Annie bot in my one game had 32 kills XD i managed to get rich off her so that was nice. hard push for first turret. if you still lose youre probably just bad, good luck
Tennouji (EUW)
: I don't think the issue is bug splat but corrupted files
: Can we get a Random button for a class in draft pick?
ImJanemba (EUW)
: 80 MS (I lag).... LOL, i play with that ping in my daily bases... That means i deserve Plat instead of Silver 2?? O_o
XD i laughed at this too, i peaked at silver 5 with my 220ms (viva africa), am i secretly plat too?!
Tennouji (EUW)
: Basically, It went well for the first few games then randomly in game it kicked me out of game and said bug splat then said "Sorry! We've detected some possible data corruption in your installation." What is this issue? and how would one fix this. I had this one windows 7 and tried formatting my pc then upgrading to windows 8.1 to then try to see if it worked. I still have that problem :( Do you know any way to get rid of this curse?? Could It be Defective RAM? Thanks for your time!
Try the repair tool. My internet is slow as all hell and it takes about 20 mins, it generally fixes all the problems I have.
Lfcdave96 (EUW)
: Aram problems
hey Lfcdave96, Aram tends to be a lot "busier" than the usual SR game because all 10 players and a bunch of creeps are almost always on the screen at the same time and everyone's spamming abilities. My pc struggles with it sometimes, maybe yours does too? I managed to get it completely playable by enabling Low Spec mode, but my brother has to tone down the graphics a bit, too. Maybe try it? good luck
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: FPS Issues - Gathering Info
Hihi, > Approx when did the issue begin? around patch 7.2-ish? give or take 2 patches > Are you using the updated client, or legacy client? I used the legacy client until the day it phased out XD > Have you tried using the other client? Yes, tried a few times but the problem persisted, > If so, do issues persist? lul i didnt read ahead huh, Yes. > Are you using a laptop or desktop? Desktop. > What was your FPS generally before? 120+ What is your FPS now? 22-60 > Please also upload a DXDiag to somewhere such as Pastebin for us to work with https://pastebin.com/s2hgWd1J > If you have a Player Support ticket open, please also list the ticket number here N/A > Any additional info you feel may help us repro this issue? It happens completely randomly. Sometimes in base, sometimes teamfights, I've had it everywhere regardless of whats actually happening on the screen. I notice it less when nothing's really happening but I have seen it at least. I do have slow internet but it hasn't changed at all over the past few months so I don't think it's my internet. When i play on my laptop it's perfectly fine and then I'm on wifi, not even plugged in.
Tennouji (EUW)
: Hiya That's quite Interesting I'm going to try this out right now without running the installer. Does the new Riot games have to be in the documents folder? I've completely deleted every single file/trace of League of legends using Revo Uninstaller I'm not sure If this will affect the game in any way like some missing files because the Riot Games folder might not have every single file required as the installer probably installs some other crap we don't know about like registry files. Which Is why I was thinking of running the Installer but I'll go ahead and try without it.
heya (xD) The folder can be anywhere, i just keep it there because it's more convenient for me. Lemme know how it goes ^^
Tennouji (EUW)
: Hey There BellaBear776, I have indeed tried this method with my brother however, we both had different OS Systems as I previously had windows 7 Ultimate and he had Windows 8.1 on laptop. Of course I'm on PC :D I upgraded to windows 8.1 and yes indeed I had such an annoying time as I kept on getting bug splats and I wasn't sure why therefore I upgraded windows from 7 to 8.1 and I am going to try again using your clean copy method. Also, Just to make sure I'm following correctly I firstly run the league of legends installer then delete my version of League of legends then I copy over the new copy of League Via USB then just Paste into the Riot Games folder correct? How often do you do this method In particular? Every time there's a new patch? And What if I do get bug splats (Not continuous but random) eg. 3 games no bugsplat then next game bug splat. Sorry If this is annoying or something I just really want to get back to playing League of Legends again ^_^
Hey again, I do this every time there's an update >100mb HAHA I'm cheap. So at least once every 2 weeks. Running the league installer is completely optional, I don't do it at all. I literally just take the folder and paste it into my Documents library then pin the launcher to my taskbar. Sometimes when i copy over a new version and i don't put it exactly where the previous one was my graphics card doesn't automatically pick it up and i have to go add it to my list of games manually, so if your game suddenly lags in fps and stuffs that's possibly why (if you have this problem too at any point and don't know how to fix it just ask and I'll explain haha) You'll likely only get bug splats if you don't copy or delete properly, I used to get them when i copied over the folder and merged but since i started just deleting and pasting from scratch I haven't encountered any problems. I've been doing this since about December 2015. Good luck, hope it helps
Tennouji (EUW)
hey Tennouji, i have capped wifi so my friend always does the patching then i just copy from him, works 100% fine no problems. We have very different PCs just the same OS so i dont think that matters too terribly much. Let it download and patch on his pc, then just copy the whole folder and paste it on yours. I generally delete the previous version i had completely (or move it to a different place until you're sure the new version works and THEN delete it) and just move the screenshots to another folder so i can keep them, i used to paste over it and just merge the files but i got an annoying bugsplat fiesta a while ago and then switched to this clean copy method. Good luck
: Help me
> any advice on how to flame without getting punished? XDXDXDXDXD i actually lol'd. i dont flame in game but i have a particularly adorable poro plush that has undergone severe abuse to help me avoid flaming. punching yelling and throwing is advised ^^ edit: also i played with a guy once and in champ select he asked everyone to mute him when the game starts XD obviously i didnt but i couldnt report him bc in his defense he did ask us to mute him. idk maybe that helps XD
Helblindi (EUNE)
: Hey guys! I've a few questions about the the client now that I've been forced to use it. How do you block people? How to see the recently played list in champion select? How do I turn off profanity filter in game? In the launcher it's off and works, but in game it still censors the words? It's quite important to know what "profanity" someone used because it's hard to see sarcasm in ****. Since there are no longer chat rooms, where do you guys find people to do the party quests like the now newly added dark star icons etc.? I'm not complaining, but now that I'm forced to use this new client I would like to know where these options are since I can't find them or if they have been removed.
> How to see the recently played list in champion select? idk about champ select but when you start a game and youre in your lobby where you invite ppl, you have to click "invite" at the top right and it shows everyone youve played with since youve been online. resets everytime you exit league.
AstralDream (EUNE)
: High Ping Idiots in every game
shouldnt it be bull%%%%? also in game "idiot" is censored with language filter so shouldnt that be %%%%%? (btw why is it censored but stupid isnt? and why can people call me cancer but not idiot? idk instead of **** or %%%% it should censor as "i suck" or "sorry" or anything lame idc) random post about censoring xD scroll along.
: Minor spelling mistake in Queen's Tribute tooltip.
XD thanks i wanted to report it too {{item:2052}} a cookie for beating me to it
Mabons (EUW)
: What champion can you just not play?
{{champion:55}} im just terrible at her and i feed like im trying to save africa whenever i get her in aram
MadLife (EUW)
: everyone who experience FPS drops from latest patch please comment here.
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SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest series nr 32 - Syndra's Art Contest
if i do it on paint it counts as digital right :|
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest series nr 32 - Syndra's Art Contest
Hi, just want to make sure xD can players from euw compete?
lorkini (EUW)
I've wondered about aram a lot, and the only half decent suggestion I have is this: tank, fighter, support, marksman, mage In my idea for aram all champions are playable, not just owned/free to play champs to allow for more variation. When you play aram each teammate randomly gets assigned one of those roles, so that each class is present. Rerolling would just get you another champion of that class. Trading with a teammate would trade classes. That way each team has something of everything. Obviously it can still be unbalanced, but less so I think. Thoughts? Improvements?
Atila28 (EUW)
: Be honest everyone flame in some moments of rage , but 3 warnings is too much ... My advice , smash keyboard and left q w e r and rest ... :D
how to rage acceptably - scream autistically at your screen until you feel better xD SavedFromBan
: > [{quoted}](name=Hide on küsh,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=g8v2WL62,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2017-03-24T10:40:28.918+0000) > > You are not a customer. League of Legends isn't %%%%ing Tesco or Walmart. > > You are a user. You are using a service that Riot Games is providing you. It's the same thing as your internet provider, your cable company, your electrical company, etc. They provide you with a service and in exchange they make you sign a contract with them, with said contract including the terms of their service. You only receive that service if you fulfill the expectations of that contract. > > If you break those terms and violate your contract, you stop receiving that service. > > When you installed League of Legends and clicked "I Agree" on the EULA popup, you agreed to Riot Games' terms in exchange for playing their game. By clicking "I Agree", you, you personally, agreed not to exhibit any toxic behavior. > > If you flame, that means you're violating the contract you signed with Riot Games, thus they are terminating your service. > > I don't see what's so hard to understand here. thanks for describing the meaning of "customer". banks call their help services "customer care" telephone help services are called "customer care" i don't get what your problem is. Why are you so worked up by a small comment that wasn't even directed to you? I didn't say anything to you and you reply me with such manner. I'm not even going to talk to you anymore so don't bother replying. Good day to you good sir.
I don't think he was replying specifically to this comment, but rather to the reasoning behind it that everyone seems to have ^^ We don't pay to play League, we have the option to spend money on the game but that's entirely optional and up to us whether or not we want to, nobody is forcing us. In exchange for playing the game, we agree to their terms of use. That's the currency we use to play league. If you offend and don't get perma banned instantly, that's Riot being nice. That they give as many warnings as they do is VERY nice. If someone wants to cry about being banned or restricted or punished for doing something against said terms of use, they're basically crying that they got free ice cream, maybe bought some toppings for it (optional toppings) and then threw it against a wall and now demand a refund for the free ice cream :| "dude gtfo" ammarite? "yeah but our purchases pay their salaries" - toxic communities make people leave games - permanently, so by keeping the game clear of toxicity (or trying to at least) they're actually making it possible for MORE to people to join the game and stay long enough to buy stuff, keeping their income more steady. I'm quite bad at explaining things but that's how I see it XD sorry if i sound mean {{item:2052}}
: Hotel? Trivago.
logged in to give you a point XD
: they must be of different values ! a 1.23 and 1.13 ..... coz they nerfed down quiet a few runes compared to the earlier ones which packed a punch on its own.
I logged out and back in again and it was fixed xD just a little bug. sorry but thanks for the reply
Mada (EUW)
: There are many, _many_ bad adc, try not to let it get to you. But in their defense, I have to admit it's easy to be bad as an adc. There are just _so_ many things they can mess up. Just try to keep doing your best and eventually you'll get to silver. Silver is no different from bronze at all. Except when you're out, you'll be in gold which is no different from Bronze at all, except that I didn't make it out of Gold to check if Plat is also no different from Bronze at all.
XD thanks. I was silver last season but only played my last placement match at the end of the season so i didnt get to check it out properly. Good to know im not missing much XD I'm getting way more LP than I'm losing so hopefully I'll get there soon.
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: dont flame again and all is fine. as long as you dont go horseshit when flaming a single time should not have to big of any consequences
It's not about me flaming it's about how bad I feel :( it was my first ranked game where my adc tried this hard to troll me and i just didn't understand and I feel so bad
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gumbas100 (EUW)
: This honestly sounds hilarious.
would have been but five minutes of ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol-ol... will give you a crazy headache
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