Etherim (EUW)
: Im desperate
You play ranked or normals cause I'm smurfing now and not lvl 30
LordMilan (EUW)
: League of Nice People (day 2)
i'd love to join the club if you accept smurfs 30< don't have any people to play normals with.. IGN Destination Mid.
: Do you see any of the pros insulting each other? Nope. Do you see any pro tennis players go "GG easy, you are such a noob Federer, hahahahah, ebay account fo sho" after a match? Nope. It's called SPORTSMANLIKE BEHAVIOR. And it's not just recommended.
Its a freakin video game not a real life sport :D And how do you know tennis players dont trashtalk eachother?
Buttcramp (EUNE)
: Can we get a tip saying "Saying "Easy" is considered negative attitude?"
No? Because this is considered trashtalking, and trashtalking is a part of a competitive game! I love how you girls get offended by everything you see. :)
Arcadeath (EUNE)
I dont understand why... Why is it cool? Yeah maybe taric new voice would be worth it but you dont understand anything! Whats the point of that... Are you a weeaboo?
wisso911 (EUNE)
: i main thresh, so im guessing i have to switch to leona now? :p
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: Report for being from Poland.
lol people really hate polish people
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Eambo (EUW)
: As mentioned by Fajerk, the biggest risk is if you save your credit card details and your account gets compromised. If you're highly concerned, I'd recommend unchecking "Save this credit card for future use" when purchasing - this way the details are not stored on your account for future use :-)
When it comes to helping people spending their Money on skinz rito is always here to help! (its a joke dont take this seriously)
Nerebis (EUW)
: Everyone Can Use Wards - Vision Is Not The Support's Job
Thanks for reminding us about this for the 1298472350145927509371209571230547592759363912986574091739594581491851298571529872758135th time pal {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
meowsuo (EUW)
: What a reasonable response just to not accept your inability to use the wards correctly. {{champion:157}} meow
Lol what can you discuss with me if you have zero knowledge about warding because you dont ward at all ? All of your games are blind team death matches where the most fed team wins.
meowsuo (EUW)
: Sounds more like you aren't using the cooldowns and the charges well enough to do that, because it's still possible to do it. If you are throwing down wards just everywhere, you don't need to be surprised if you don't have one left for a special purpose. Just get used to it and it works. Many complain about how bad every change is until they got used to it and suddenly it's not horrible anymore. What changed? Nothing, people just took their time understanding the changes that were made and are suddenly okay playing with them. {{champion:157}} meow
I checked and i know why warding is not a problem to you because you place 1-2 wards per game average lol.
meowsuo (EUW)
: You said you are the jungler, just buy this thing {{item:3711}} and you also have your Trinket, which should be enough. Pinks were restricted to 1 and still are, so nothing changed there. They are even cheaper now and when you're behind you couldn't protect them before and you can't protect them now. Nothing changed. The Support is also supposed to still ward with {{item:2049}} Commonly the players that actively ward switch to {{item:3341}} but you don't have to if you feel like you need more wards. Roles that are not Support or Jungle didn't really ward except from placing Pinks anyway, so nothing changed there too. It even got better with the new yellow Trinket. The duration of wards is shorter now, but that only means you need to use your wards more effective than before. The sightstone changes are 150 seconds lifetime of wards compared to 180 seconds before. No big deal, the yellow trinket wards were impacted the most but they got 2 charges now and are completely free to use. People just need to learn how to use them, that's all. It's not related at all to the ward changes, it's some people not having learned yet how to use the new wards. The lifetime of the yellow trinket wards scale with time. So the longer the match goes, the more important constant vision becomes and the longer wards last because of the champion level scaling. Overall the new warding is more of a team effort now and that's just how the game currently develops and i think it's good this way. One person was never supposed to ward for the entire team, but now with the changes people actually have to realize this now and need to adapt. A lot have problems with this, but it's not the changes. The changes just emphasized the problem. Everyone got a Trinket that store up to 2 wards for free and people need to learn how to use it. Before some players would bear the burden of warding for the entire team and the changes made a cut to that. The changes are trying make people understand that if you want vision you need to help. If i forgot something or you have some more questions, go for it. {{champion:157}} meow
Exactly the new warding is more of a team effort now. Good job climbing solo queue.
meowsuo (EUW)
: You don't need to buy any specific Smite, it's up to you to decide what's more important. And if you decide that chilling smite is more important than vision, then it's your fault and not the warding changes. You can also just keep your Yellow Trinket and it should be fine in combination with a pink. {{champion:157}} meow
You know im not talking only about jungle. Top lane and mid is the same thing! Now i cant push or splitpush at all as a toplaner because i have no wards.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > 1 pink ward and a trinket which cooldown is so high and after the nerf of farsight the map is so black. According to your match history you tend to purchase Tracker's Knife when you jungle: This item works like a sight stone and holds two wards that refills when you visit the shop. So you don't only have to rely on your trinket.
You know sir i cannot always buy trackers knife on some champions because for something like volibear, skarner, udyr i need chilling smite or red smite. That smite is not viable on these because you lose a lot of Power.
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Agidyne (EUW)
: The FF20 starter pack.
You forgot "oui oui oui"
: A champion designed around using exploits and spamming invisible spears sure was fun
yeah fk invisible spears
Eveninn (EUW)
: When you start heading down the road of toxicity, ...
Whats the point of this long text? There is a mute button for girls like you.
: THIS IS MADNESS. Ranked games are no longer playable on Gold division.
Another excuse on why im losing games. Git gud.
Savage Devi (EUNE)
: Actually Bloodstone Taric looks quite good.
Its just a color that looks good. But its the same shitty taric skin.
: {{champion:44}}
But taric doesnt have Visual update Taric skin
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Vuks (EUNE)
: I'll just point out that a EQ reset allows you to sneak in an additional auto or 2 if it was the knockup. The aoe+lifesteal benefit from AS and armor pen from ult. Far easier teamfighting because of that. (And 1vX)
Bloodthirster gives better stats for 1v1..
: The hydra is an interesting choice, but BotRK helps achiwve with static shyv high AS for yasuo and I forgot to mention that when Yasuo has max cooldown on q (1.33 seconds) I can keep spamming q but is it a wise choice in late game?
Never go hydra on yasuo pls... Just dont. You dont need aoe on yasuo he already have tons of it to clear waves and since when hydra is good for dueling? Its active only gives you a damage of 60% of your AD. Not worth it.
Tundrá (EUW)
: The Legend of the Poro King 2016!! YAY
You think euw is any better xD?
Antony9 (EUW)
: Annie,heimer,riven or ahri to carry solo q?
: Unfortunely everything i know about computers is the high end graphics card like titans, R9 390, GTX 970 etc. same for cpu like the intels i3, i5 etc.. However rest assured you dont need a 1000$ PC to run this game on max graphics.. my macbook which is over 10/12 years old can play League at Lowest Graphics with about 30 fps and dips below 20 in teamfights, and thats like 10 year old technology :D what i highly reccommend you to go is make a quick account on: " " very nice forum and there all geeks nowing perfectly every compenent at the best price for your gaming needs.. and they anwser ratehr rapidly i would go for 4ddr ram, also are you planning on playing other games rather then league? i can help you out on that build..
Would be nice to play new game too but i play league only.
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Mawaii (EUNE)
: Battle Bunny Kalista
Imagine kalista with that bunny suit... Ugly as fk right?{{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
Grammos (EUNE)
: Should I buy J4 ?
I don't know about season 6 but in s5 It was bad (atleast for me) too squishy for a fighter...
: Today, WE are France!
All the facebook profile pictures, all the posts like this on the internet will really help france and it will really help fighting against terrorism :) kappa
Kibibi (EUNE)
: Went on Holiday, returned to see account has been perma-banned
Account sharing. No need to say anything else.
: Yes, there is a time when the jungler needs to take a break from farming.
If you wouldnt suck and engage the gank first i would gank bot but if i have to engage first with squishy khazix i get killed.
Durfain (EUW)
: Adorable Riven
What is adorable riven?
: Not only you guys like to play LoL i think :)
I thought girls only use computer to use facebook and others websites.. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: what to build on olaf? (so much choice)
{{item:3006}} 2 of them because 2 legs. {{item:1051}} 2 because 2 hands {{item:1031}} for some armor {{item:3713}} and an axe.
: Usually i dont participate in such a events, but why not i guess. Before leaving home [IMG][/IMG]
Mystech (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=BenasBr,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=361OzEwm,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2015-11-06T18:40:18.322+0000) > > I dont have a freakin zhonyas at lvl 6.. You're just salty on 1 game. Try to build Seeker's Armguard into Zhonya. You SHOULD survive if you PLAY WELL.
Play well? Hug the tower? I dont believe that amount of armor helps. In season 6 it will be nerfed so rip mages...
: Talon is very vulnerable when his Cutthroat is on cooldown. Try to take advantage of the situation when it is on cooldown. Also his early damage lvl 1-3 is really low, try to use this in your advantage, and harass him.
But usually his one cutthroat is enough if i dont have flash
Mystech (EUW)
: Annie is great for harrasing early, poke him with Q's and autos then rush a Zhonya. You should have enough armor and utility to survive Talon's burst without compromisng too much on damage. Hope this helps :3
I dont have a freakin zhonyas at lvl 6..
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: not fun at all....
Didnt say it will be fun i just had no ideas for the animation mr riven main.
: Well, I would like to believe so that more people can read this and know that they are appreciated. But it's just an educated guess.
There are a lot bug reporting threads that dont get to see the daylight and hot section is just full of pointless posts like this it makes me mad.
: Thank you community!
Why do people upvote this
NinjaCowLoL (EUNE)
: What is Riot's official stance on this, should you have Flash on D or F?
You shouldnt have flash. Flash is for nabs who get caught everytime :]
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