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: Stuff. We have stuff in store. Now you know :P
Guess we won't get more info? :( I better ask ekko to go to 2017 december!
Coxis (EUNE)
: Wait to see what we got in store for the next year. ^.^
Now you have to enlighten us!
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Woo, virtual snow is best snow. Happy snowdown!
I don't even have real snow, they said it was gonna be the coldest winter in years I think, but nope, no snow. Just 13 C° on a december day ok.
: windows 10 wifi issue, could it be a setting i dont know about?
I'm not sure but I'd ask how a colleague does it if they do? Or ask the tech guy if you have one. I do know windows 10 wifi is just a mess, but I moved to powernet LAN when I got windows 10.
: New ranked requirements
"noobs" Well I was almost ranked gold last season and I don't have 300 normal wins (considering they don't count teambuilder lel.) Yeah you'll most likely clena up 90% of low ELO resulting in plats been stuck in bronze hahaha
: Garen's Buff - Thoughts so far
What? You want his silence buffed? please. Garen is too strong right now imo. He was fine before he got that E and now.. well.
DaveOneGo (EUNE)
: First, I got all of them sadly. And second, on these two I didn't get an S so yeah :/
Dw you can still get chests on them, just need to score another S rating haha.
Zlothify (EUW)
: sooo Vayne is "balanced"
Well... LS item -> 45% armor pen + her E + botrk = Get rekt armor. Its been like that since forever.
Moody Jazz (EUNE)
: I cannot believe
Uh... what am I looking at? :D edit: oh lol haha that rare moment there are no double calls in blind pick :D
DaveOneGo (EUNE)
: Oh. Oh. Oh. OH!' DOH!
You ran out of boxes you could get (max 4, refills 1 by each week) or you already got an S rating on said champs this season.
: I am srsly crying right now this is just Beautifull
Fmoro17 (EUNE)
: where do i need to press to make one ?
from this page check top then press support -> click submit request at the top on the new tab. Then choose the issue you have, I assume unauthorised charge is for you in this case. After that fill it in and submit then wait probably a few hours and check back if you got an response, don't bump it up because you get dropped back to bottom of the Q. You sure you didn't get an email? Checked the right one? Nothing in spam folder? Hope this post helps.
: Lobby/play, Shop, IP, RP everything gone
It happened once to me yday, I was like: wth happened o.O? restart solved it for me too after that didn't have it again.
: Is lee sin 7.1 dead?
Well champions get nerfed on a number of data riot collects being: 1. Ban rating 2. Pick rate 3. Winrate if 1 or more of these numbers go over a certain number the champion is considered too strong and should need a nerf. In my opinion lee sin is right now too strong or I'm facing too many gold lee sin mains xD thing is like 10 ranked games 6 or 7 times I see a lee and that's kind of unhealthy for the game (I think?). After all if achampion is played way more then others it means generally that champion is just flat out stronger/more use. some insight into how champion buffs and nerfs occur. Also rito, remove that garen buff for cyring out loud, he already has an execute and now you give him a free black cleaver? Please we don't need Darius 2.0 *ends exaggeration*
íGengar (EUW)
: Soooo placements
Well it is your first placement so you could be placed into high gold with 10/10 placements. So the game matches you vs opponents in that tier but those are plats from previous season ;)
Valinari (EUNE)
: What I should do with this ?
Lol, yes report the flame, about the drunk guy, 1 of my friends plays LoL and is most of the time stoned/high xD
: Division skipping maybe?
lose LP per win? what? U gain LP per loss? XD I lose 15-16 LP so don't hope on a division skip man.
Thespy71 (EUNE)
: I know but im having a hard time getting fed since they're hard to gank with and my teammates most of the times have no idea how to lane and usually would just push the crap out of their lane. :C
Add me and we can Duo from time to time, I main top nasus, and you know, nasus doesn't push his lane xD
Thespy71 (EUNE)
: How do i carry myself out of Silver?
Play an heavy snowball champion/lane. Things like Yi/xin/jax jungle and go full hard carry and carry ur teams asses.
Hi Im Domi (EUNE)
If ur browser behaves strange I suggest adwcleaner, best malware cleaner out there by miles! I'd however follow Declineds suggestion. An easier thing is to go back to a restore point before all the mess began. system restore in windows 8:
: Did i am a trash player?
Lol Thats sound like my experience! :P just keep playing and if your lucky enough you'll win enough games after each other to promote out of Bronze. That's my strategy and I'm getting there ;)
: Don't 😡 if your account permabanned!
So you tilted and got banned? Well seems the trolls got the better of you, sad.
: but I won like 7 of 10 maybe they should put me b3 or b2 NOT b5 it don't make sense
Then you should have climbed higher last season. I got B2 with 5 wins and I was S2. 2 wins difference isn't gonna put you 2-3 divisions higher.
: > [{quoted}](name=Bensback,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=73pji8LJ,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-12-12T08:06:48.779+0000) > > I will point you to my comment describing how placements work: > > following my explanation B5 makes total sense for you. Thanks! I just played my first game after the placements and got 30 lp off of the win. I hope it stays the same. Thanks again.
yw, and I wish I got that much LP from a win haha xD
Eveninn (EUW)
: Oh my, monday again :c
Ah my week was well... hm shit? I started with the hell thats called high school exams (lel) screwed math and biology over but not like I care, its just a number and I'll live. I decided to play a lot of league this week (its actually the only game I've been playing damn.). Did my placements, went form S2 to B2 no biggie. So time to climb again right? Nope. I keep getting teams that make me wonder how they're even my mmr, really. I have a game my lane opponent goes afk, so we're 5v4, and my team just can't win it! we lost and the darius who was afk even got 26LP FFS. There's 1 positive thing and that's I still got 50LP and 1 guaranteed win for my promos so lets just hope this afternoon will be better and I finally get into B1.
: Provisional Ranked Game Placements
I will point you to my comment describing how placements work: following my explanation B5 makes total sense for you.
: A placement issue
almsot everyone gets 1 league dropped, considering you were S5 then B5 makes sense.
: ranking
If you were ranked last season in low ELO tiers then your wins matter little to determine your placement. I only won 5 and got in B2, dropped 1 whole league from S2 and now I'm 2 wins away from B1. so lets breakdown how placements work: 1. High ELO players (plat+): For them wins matter more? to determine placement 2. never ranked before: for them wins do matter a lot as most people know 10/10 placements as unranked can get you gold. 3. low ELO players (bronze-gold): Wins matter little and most likely you drop between 3 divisions and 1 league. also its early in the season!!!! plat players spawn in silver. Even dia5 spawn in S1 so fair enough right? Just keep calm and climb out of it like I'm doing ;) peace out! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: My FIRST and LAST ALL-STAR experience (/ALL CHAT, ThePeacePigeon, SEXpeke)
Glad u got so much fun man! :D {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Too Much Of Trolls In Low Elo Leagues
x9 him and move on I'm afraid, or send a ticket about him?
N3ssUs (EUW)
: No more Motivation
Most certainly bad luck bro and just continue! We can"'t let the darkness control our hearts and minds ;) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Kimmaz (EUW)
: why do opponents help eachother out and my team does not?
1 thing: Welcome to elo hell, enjoy your stay and enjoy watching your teammates make the most silliest mistakes u can imagine. You'll have a blast during your stay for sure! {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
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: > [{quoted}](name=Bensback,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=wHW3Mwok,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-12-09T12:02:23.512+0000) > > shop -> gameplay and there it should be, would check right now but I'm in champ select > > btw there's right now a deal that you get 2 pages for 7.3k IP It was in bundles because it's for 2, thanks for the clue. :)
StarClay666 (EUNE)
What did you expect? Plat? vbbecause you kn ow thats gonna be full with chakllenger and masters and high dia. Be glad u got S1, just like the rest of Plat form S6.
: Can we have Normal Draft?
Wait... they removed draft pick? what?
: How to buy runepages?
shop -> gameplay and there it should be, would check right now but I'm in champ select btw there's right now a deal that you get 2 pages for 7.3k IP
: Give Fiora a buff? She can already 1v1 any champion ingame and you want to buff her? Are you fucking serious?
MaxvL024 (EUW)
: But i won 8 out of 10 games, and we got in the same league. why do we even play placements when it doesn't matter how many games you win?
I'm pretty sure a different factor is way more critical then wins when your previous season rank was bronze/silver. I thnik the wins are mainly important for the gold+ and new ranked guys to determine placement. At least that sounds like a feasible explanation. Or you really get ranked by MMR x) edit: I just tuned in at, this morning my mmr score was B1 and now it is S3. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Bronze 5 - Duo Que
You can add me, Bensback, I do top/mid and perhaps jungle if I feel up to. I landed in B2.
Tiichu (EUW)
: Some tips for lower elos trying to climb higher!
This list confronts way too hard how bad I am! NOOO! another tip: - Say loud up before eahc game: I will not be greedy, I will not be greedy till it sticks in your head, it will save you :P also I upvoted
MaxvL024 (EUW)
: silver 2, but i didn't play for about 6 months
I got also form S2 into B2, but I only won 5 out of 10, so balanced.{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Best Side for Guides / Builds ?
I use mobafire, less chaotic and more detailed then LoLking if your looking to gain insight into a champion and a build imo. Others say mobafire is garbage, each to their own opinion.
: You realise that nunu and warwick can both do that as well... do they deserve nerfs... no of course not. If xin is against you just ward baron when it spawns and when he tries to do it (which would be painfully slow so plenty of time) just collapse on him and kill him easily then finish baron off. It's only an issue if you refuse to play around it, which is the case with literally everything in this game.
WW baron 20 min? seeing is believing...
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: So about that IP Boost?
Hextech crafting, then you won't need ip boost for lots of premades :)
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: My ping used to be 130ms, now it's 370ms? (playing from middle east)
Support page has an article on ping, go take a look there and do what they suggest (switching to wired if you aren't is a good help). And if issue persist just send a ticket to support who got techs who know all about ping issues I suppose lol.
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